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An Inventory of Its Records

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Creator: International Association of Y's Men's Clubs
Title: Y's Men International records
Date: 1920-2012 (bulk 1970-2000)
Collection Number: Y.YMN
Abstract: Records of Y's Men International, an inter-denominational group partnering with and supporting the mission of the YMCA. Material documents the founding of the organization, its leadership, and international expansion and include material such as biographies of presidents, international conventions, meeting minutes, reports, studies and surveys, photos, clippings, publications, audio-visual materials, and memorabilia. The collection includes extensive information on international and domestic clubs, especially the North Central Region of the United States. The organization's women's auxiliary, the Y's Menettes, are also represented in the collection, with newsletters, reports and correspondence.
Quantity: Approximately 96 cubic feet (225 boxes)
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


Y's Men International is an independent organization affiliated with the Young Men's Christian Association. It is an adult service organization in partnership with the YMCA with programs focusing on fellowship and the spiritual and mental improvement of its members.

Y's Men International had its beginnings in 1920 when a men's luncheon club, led by Judge Paul William Alexander, was established in support of the Toledo, Ohio YMCA. The opportunity to combine community service with fellowship proved attractive. The idea spread to YMCAs throughout Ohio beginning in 1922, and an association of clubs, later named Y's Men, was organized to link one with another in service to the YMCA. Before that year ended, the concept expanded into nearby states and into the Maritime Provinces of Canada, beginning with Sydney, Nova Scotia. Within a few years, Y's Men clubs could be found throughout the world. The first club outside North America was formed in Shanghai, China in 1924. International expansion continued when a club was chartered in Brisbane, Australia in 1926. In 1928 clubs were founded in Osaka, Japan, and Tallinn, Estonia. Expansion continued to South America with a club formed in Valparaiso, Chile in 1935. Africa's first Y's Men's Club was chartered in Durban, South Africa in 1936.

From 1925 to 1962 the headquarters of the international organization was located in the basement of the Massachusetts home of Henry Grimes, who first served as the volunteer secretary-treasurer of the organization and later became the organization's first full-time employee. Following his death, Y's Men International moved the headquarters to rented facilities in Downer's Grove, Illinois, near George Williams College. The need for a permanent headquarters building was ascertained by the leadership and a capital campaign was undertaken to raise funds for the building that was eventually constructed in Oak Brook, Illinois. As the organization grew into a worldwide operation, the leadership and members made the decision to relocate the headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland at the John R. Mott building already serving as the headquarters of the World Alliance of YMCAs. The international headquarters remains today in the Geneva, Switzerland YMCA.

The first reference to women in Y's Men came in 1923 when a North Carolina club inquired if there was a group for wives of Y's Men. The idea took hold and the first Y's Menettes Club was established in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1924. While encouraging the establishment of Y's Menettes clubs, an association was not seen as advisable by the leadership of the Y's Men. It was not until years later that Y's Menettes were officially added to Y's Men International as an auxiliary. When the Y's Men's constitution was revised in the early 1970s, the new rules for membership included women. Although Y's Menettes clubs continue in many places around the world, many areas, particularly in the United States, opted to combine the sexes in one organization. In recognition of their mixed membership, these clubs frequently (but not always) adopt the name "Y Service Clubs" (there are some instances of Y's Men's Clubs where women comprise the entire membership).

Throughout its history Y's Men International faced a series of crises beginning with the Great Depression of the 1930s and followed closely by war in Asia which spread worldwide by the end of the decade. Totalitarian governments sprang up in many nations which made it impossible for local Y's Men's Clubs to operate over varying periods of time. In 1942, the International Secretary-Treasurer's office reported 255 active clubs in 22 countries; the following year the number had dropped to 150 active clubs, with 29 on leave of absence and 32 whose status was unknown. The clubs that remained active played a part in relief efforts during World War II. In the United States, clubs supported the war effort by raising money in bond drives, promoting programs for military personnel and conducting scrap metal drives. Clubs in mainland China struggled during the war and post war years with several clubs disbanding. In later years the Chinese government relaxed restrictions concerning Y's Men's Clubs, resulting in the revival of some clubs and formation of new clubs.

The Y's Men continued to grow and expand its reach around the world in the years following World War II. By 1951 there were a total of 411 clubs around the world, with most of the growth occurring outside the United States. As of 2012, there are nearly 1,600 Y's Men's Clubs in more than 70 countries with a membership of over 30,000. The organization has taken a leadership role against discrimination regarding race, religion, gender, and ethnic origin and has been a consistent supporter of programs to improve interracial relations throughout the world as well as providing financial support to those in need.

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International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs. A Fellowship of Service : 75th Anniversary Edition. Geneva, Switzerland : Y's Men International, 1997.

Keitel, George W. A Topical History of Y'sdom: The Story of the International Association of Y's Men's Clubs-the Service Club of the YMCA. Oak Brook, Ill. : The International Association of Y's Men's Clubs, 1972


The Y's Men International collection consists of historical records; correspondence; reports; biographical information; financial records; photographs of individuals, events and projects; newspaper and periodical clippings; recordings and video tapes; microfilm; and assorted memorabilia of Y's Men and Y Service Clubs dating from the organization's official beginning in 1922 to the present. Material documents include the history of the original luncheon club idea; how the name "Y's Men" was selected; early Ohio clubs; the internationalization of the organization; development of the emblem; administration of the organization; and extensive files of staff leadership and elected officers. The collection includes files and photos of all who have served as president of Y's Men International from founder Paul William Alexander to the present. Also included are the original constitution and by-laws and several revisions of these documents. There are several studies and surveys dealing with long range planning, membership, organization, service, and leadership. International board and executive committee rosters and minutes (1924-1973) along with International Committee rosters and minutes, as well as mid-year and annual reports from the General Secretary (1974 to present) provide comprehensive documentation of the organization's administrative history. The collection also contains material from all international conventions from 1922 to the present, including programs and other related materials. The various locations of the international headquarters of the organization are documented in the collection. Several published histories, the most recent commemorating the 75th anniversary of the organization in 1997, provide additional background information.

Material documenting the international development of Y's Men International is organized into sections according to nine administrative Areas: Africa, Asia, Canada/Caribbean, Europe, India, Korea, Latin America, South Pacific, United States, and then by Regions within these Areas. The United States Area has the most extensive material in the collection, including conventions, council meetings, events, studies, reports, and projects, plus information on past and present Y's Men's Clubs, especially clubs within the North Central Region that includes the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, greater Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin.

The collection also includes, under the heading of YMCA Services, information about services performed for work with youth and young adults, the Paul William Alexander Educational Scholarship Fund, and Y's Lings. Services performed for clubs include public relations manuals and brochures, education, brother clubs, fund-raising manuals, leadership training, World Outlook manuals, and reports (1939-1998). Under the heading of General Services, the collection includes material on the Brotherhood Fund established to underwrite travel expense; Endowment funds and the Golden Book records; youth exchange and intern programs; the Time of Fast program, which supports needs in developing countries such as refugee and human crisis projects; and interracial advance and humans crisis efforts during the period from 1967 to 1973.

Publications in the collection, which include those from Areas, Regions, and some individual clubs, are international in scope. Significant titles published by the international organization include Y's Men's World (1939-2008); Y's Hoots (1939-1952, 1956-1972); and Y's Men Now (1972-1977); as well as various manuals, bulletins, and newsletters. Other major publications in the collection are the U.S. Area's Y's Alliance (1972-2008) and the North Central Region's Polaris (1949-2007).

The women's auxiliary, Y's Menettes is also documented in the collection. Material includes rosters, newsletters, publications, and reports on international projects.


These documents are organized into the following sections:
Background and History
Organizational Leadership
Y's Menettes
International Conventions
International Areas
United States Area
International Publications
Audio and Visual Materials


Use of Materials:
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The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding box number.

Background and History

Includes information on the origins of the Y's Men's clubs.
Box 1 Luncheon club idea.
The Y's Men name.
Early Ohio associations.
Y's Men become international.
Organization incorporation.
Emblem trademark, 1923-2005. 2 folders.
Box 15 Organization history and historians, correspondence. 7 folders.
Archival history, 2008.
Box 119 History, 1920-1953, 1972. 3 folders.
Congressional record salute for 50th anniversary, 1972.
Historical record booklets, 1844-2008.
Box 120 75th Anniversary History, 1997.
Contains master copies of the book.
Box 113 75th Anniversary History, 1997.
Box 114 75th Anniversary History, 1997.
Purchase of first 75th Anniversary book, photograph, undated.

Organizational Leadership

Consists primarily of biographical files on all of the presidents of the organization, starting in 1922 through 2008. The files include photographs, correspondence and related materials. Also included are materials on other leadership positions, including international councils and committees; organizational materials, including constitutions and revisions; club statistics; and a variety of surveys and studies.
International Officers:
Box 2 International officers and elections, 1971-2002. 20 folders.
Nominating committee, 1959-1973.
International Presidents:
The files contain biographical materials and photographs. The presidents are listed by the dates of their presidencies; the entry also provides the years of the presidency as well as the person's hometown at the time of their presidency. It was not until 1957 that the start of a term became normalized, starting on September 1 and ending on August 31 of the following year. In 1974 this changed so that the year ran from July 1 to June 30.
Box 3 Paul William Alexander. 5 folders.
Toledo, Ohio; Served 1922-1924.
Glenn B. Beers.
Waterloo, Iowa; Served 1924-1925.
Harold W. Bennett.
Camden, New Jersey; Served 1925-1926.
Box 7 Chester C. Schneider.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Served 1926-1927.
Box 5 Edgar J. McCoy.
Canton, Ohio; Served 1927-1929.
Box 8 Newton W. Thompson.
Belleville, Ontario, Canada; Served 1929-1931.
Box 5 Richard H. McCleery.
Washington, Iowa; Served 1931-1932.
Box 3 R. Edger Fisher.
Wakefield, Massachusetts; Served 1932-1934.
Box 5 Earle W. Lyman.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Served 1934-1936.
Box 7 Douglas L. Smith.
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Served 1936-1937.
Lewis A. Warren.
Washington, Iowa; Served 1937-1938.
Box 3 James A. Betts, Jr.
Richmond, Virginia; Served 1938-1939.
Box 5 John L. Madden,.
Monroe, Louisiana; Served 1939-1940.
Box 4 F. Stanley James.
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada; Served 1940-1941.
Box 5 George W. Keitel.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Served 1941-1942.
Box 4 Oskar Grunow.
Dallas, Texas; Served 1942.
Box 6 Joseph Connell.
Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada; Served 1942.
Box 3 Hugh E. Chance.
Muscatine, Iowa; Served 1942-1944.
Box 5 Charles L. Miller.
Paterson, New Jersey; Served 1944-1945.
Box 7 William M. Redditt, Jr.
Shreveport, Louisiana; Served 1945-1946.
Box 8 Hubert M. Weaver.
South Bend, Indiana; Served 1946-1947.
Box 3 David J. Coughey.
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; Served 1947-1948.
George Goold.
Temple City, California; Served 1948-1949.
Box 7 Rollo G. Smethers.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Served 1949-1950.
Box 5 Jacob E. McColly.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Served 1950-1951.
Box 3 Royal H. Frost, Jr.
Shreveport, Louisiana; Served 1951-1952.
Box 5 Gordon F. McClary.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Served 1952-1953.
Box 4 Lester W. Humphrey.
Long Beach, California; Served 1953-1954.
Box 7 Gordon Stow.
Lansing, Michigan; Served 1954-1955.
Box 3 Malcolm S. Bowman.
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada; Served 1955-1956.
Box 5 Edward S. Miller.
Millville, New Jersey; Served 1956-1957.
Box 7 Robert J. Sherman.
Minneapolis, Minnesota; Served 1957-1958.
John Paulson.
Whittier, California; Served 1958-1959.
William Pletcher.
Detroit, Michigan; Served 1959-1960.
Box 8 Charles S. Thompson.
Steubenville, Ohio; Served 1960-1961.
Harmon S. Wilkinson. 5 folders.
Whittier, California; Served 1961-1962.
Box 5 E. Jason McCoy.
Canton, Ohio; Served 1962-1963.
Garnet W. McKenzie.
Acton, Ontario, Canada; Served 1963-1964.
Box 7 Myron A. Sturm.
Elmhurst, Illinois; Served 1964-1965.
Box 6 Roy E. Naylor.
Santa Monica, California; Served 1965-1966.
Box 8 Laurence C. Wright.
Buffalo, New York; Served 1966-1967.
Box 4 Urban R. Johnson.
Oregon, Wisconsin; Served 1967-1968.
Box 5 Charles Linkletter. 2 folders.
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada; Served 1968-1969.
Box 8 Harold Westerberg. 2 folders.
Minneapolis, Minnesota; Served 1969-1970.
Box 7 John P. Price.
Indianapolis, Indiana; Served 1970-1971.
Box 5 Poul H. Jørgensen.
Frederica, Denmark; Served 1971-1972.
Box 3 Heinz Grabia.
San Diego, California; Served 1972-1973.
Box 4 Sherman A. Harmon.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Served 1973-1974.
Box 3 Harry Cummings.
Saint Paul, Minnesota; Served 1974-1975.
Box 7 Kensuke Suzuki. 3 folders.
Osaka, Japan; Served 1975-1976.
Box 5 James J. Mueller.
Gardena, California; Served 1976-1977.
Box 7 Bruce E. Price.
Ballarat, Australia; Served 1977-1978.
Box 6 Gotfred C. Nissen.
Vejle, Denmark; Served 1978-1979.
Box 4 Christian Bach Iversen.
Aarhus, Denmark; Served 1979-1980.
R. F. Gunkelman.
Fargo, North Dakota; Served 1980-1981.
Box 6 Yo-Sup Joseph Ohm.
Seoul, South Korea; Served 1981-1982.
Box 5 Max Larson.
Santa Monica, California; Served 1982-1983.
Box 3 Clare Graham.
Fullerton, California; Served 1983-1984.
Box 7 Toshiro Takeuchi. 2 folders.
Atami, Japan; Served 1984-1985.
Box 3 Joseph Anderson.
Bakersfield, California; Served 1985-1986.
Box 7 Patrick Sukumaran.
Trivandrum, India; Served 1986-1987.
Box 4 Kaj Steno Hansen.
Vejen, Denmark; Served 1987-1988.
Box 8 Lars-Gustav Winberg.
Malmo, Sweden; Served 1988-1989.
Box 4 Dal-Ho Hwang.
Seoul, South Korea; Served 1989-1990.
Box 6 Rachelle Reeg.
Saint Louis, Missouri; Served 1990-1991.
Box 3 Arthur Cowling.
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia; Served 1991-1992.
Box 5 Arvid Malme.
Østenstad, Norway; Served 1992-1993.
Box 7 Duarte Vaz Pacheco de Castro, Jr.
Sao Paulo, Brazil; Served 1993-1994.
Box 3 Kazuyoshi Aoki.
Chiba, Japan; Served 1994-1995.
Christian Friis.
Bakersfield, California; Served 1995-1996.
Box 5 David G. Morris.
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada; Served 1996-1997.
Bong-Hee Kim.
Pusan, Korea; Served 1997-1998.
Eric Kim.
Wilshire, California; Served 1998-1999.
Box 4 Ole Hansen.
Vejle, Denmark; Served 1999-2000.
Box 3 Dale Fotheringham.
Terrigal, Central Coast, Australia; Served 2000-2001.
Box 7 Paik Seung-ho.
Seoul, Choong Ang, Korea; Served 2001-2002.
William Ward.
Gardena, California; Served 2002-2003.
Box 3 Jacob Cherian.
Thiruvalla, India; Served 2003-2004.
John L. Choa.
Manila, Philippines; Served 2004-2005.
Benson Wabule.
Thika, Kenya; Served 2005-2006.
Box 200 Dr. Choi Han-Kia.
Pusan, Korea; Served 2006-2007.
Lasse Bergstedt.
Gistrup, Denmark; Served 2007-2008.
V.S. Bashir.
Kollam, India; Served 2008-2009.
Kevin Cummings.
Canada; Served 2009-2010.
Hirotoshi Fujii.
Japan; Served 2010-2011.
Finn Pedersen
Stavanger, Norway; Served 2011-2012.
Philip Mathai
Cochin, India; Served 2012-2013.
Poul Thomsen
Kjelle, Denmark; Served 2013-2014.
Box 9 Miscellaneous material, 1958-2004.
Includes information on duties of international presidents, the Unified Global Project, and the history of the International Presidents' Club; inaugural addresses of Presidents Harry Cummings, Ken Suzuki, Jim Mueller, Bruce Price, and Gotfred Nissen; and a list of deceased international presidents, etc..
Past International Presidents' Club:
Box 9 Organization, 1958-1986.
Inaugural addresses, reports, meetings, 1958-1993.
Minutes, meetings, 1994-2000.
Club rosters.
Newsletters, 1978-2012. 2 folders.
Themes of Presidents, 1932-2007.
International Presidents Elect/Vice Presidents, listing
Box 128 Photos and clippings of International Presidents, 1922-1999, 2008. 7 folders.
Past International President's wives,
International Executive Committee/Board:
Box 129 International Executive Committee/Board, 1924-1960. 8 folders.
Box 130 International Executive Committee/Board, 1961-1964. 7 folders.
Box 131 International Executive Committee/Board, 1965-1967. 10 folders.
Box 132 International Executive Committee/Board, 1968-1971. 8 folders.
Box 134 International Executive Committee/Board, 1972-1973. 3 folders.
International Council:
Additional International Council materials available in the audio visual materials section.
Box 134 International Council, 1973-1974. 6 folders.
Box 135 International Council, 1975-1978. 10 folders.
Box 136 International Council, 1979-1982. 10 folders.
Box 137 International Council, 1983-1985. 10 folders.
Box 138 International Council, 1985-1988. 13 folders.
Box 139 International Council, 1989-1992. 9 folders.
Box 140 International Council, 1993-1996. 10 folders.
Box 141 International Council, 1997-2000. 9 folders.
Box 142 International Council, 2001-2006. 11 folders.
Box 156 International Council, 2007-2012. 11 folders.
International Officers and Directors/Hall of Fame and Awards:
Includes files on Y's Men International Secretaries General, Treasurers, Regional and District Governors, and department heads, as well as material documenting the recognition of Y's Men leaders via awards and the Y's Men Hall of Fame.
Box 10 Henry C. Grimes, personal material.5 folders.
Served as secretary-treasurer, 1925-1962.
Special commission report, Grimes successor, 1962.
Box 176 Gerald H. Heyl.8 folders.
Served as Secretary General, 1963-1973.
Bruce Kimmel. 2 folders.
Served as Associate General Secretary, Gold Program, 1969-1971.
Box 11 Bjorn Pedersen. 6 folders.
Served as International Secretary General, 1979-1984.
Ingvar Wallin, 1969-1987. 7 folders.
Served as Associate Secretary General, 1970-1973; Secretary General, 1973-1978 and 1984-2000.
Box 12 Ingvar Wallin, 1988-2004. 11 folders.
Box 177 Rolando Dalmas, 2001-2002, 2008, 2010. 2 folders.
Served as Secretary General, 2000-2009.
Takao Nishimura.
Served as Secretary General, 2010-.
International Secretary General, reports, 1969-1973, 1977-1979, 1983-2004, 2006. 3 folders.
International Secretary General reports after 2006 are found in the International Council Minutes, beginning in box 156.
Professional personnel reports.
Secretary, Treasurer reports, 1948-1968. 3 folders.
Recent Treasurer reports are located within the International Board meeting minutes beginning in box 132 and continues in boxes 134-142, 156.
Box 13 International Treasurers.
G. T. Morrell, Henry Bruce, Willis Penalona.
Finance fiscal policies and other financial matters
Audit and financial reports, 1928-1991. 6 folders.
Box 178 Regions and sections, officer training
Awards, 1959-2011. 12 folders.
Includes material relating to the Elmer Crowe, Bennett, Alf Reynolds, and Ballantyne awards.
Y's Men's Hall of Fame Organization, members: Dave Elder, Augustan Turner.
District Governors. 2 folders.
Box 14 International regional directors and department heads, 1957-1992, 2001-2010.
Listing of area conventions, 1957-2003.
Coordinator reports, Club Service, 1961-1971.
Regional service directors memos, 1990-1992, 2001-2003, 2004-2010.
International Office Data:
Box 80 International Travel Committee, 1965-1968.
International travel insurance.
International office travel. 8 folders.
Travel pool, 1958-1970.
Box 81 Numerical growth of clubs. 3 folders.
Statistics of clubs, Regions and Areas, 1957-2002, 2010.
For statistics after 2002 see International Council minutes boxes 142, 156.
Box 86 Service Club Leaders Conference reports, 1968, 1972, 1982, 1984, 1986-1987, 1990-2000. 2 folders.
Miscellaneous International Reports:
Box 158 International real estate: Downers Grove; Oak Brook building, 15 folders.
Move to Mott House in Geneva, Switzerland, 1973.
Box 159 Constitution and by-laws, 1925-1932.
Organizational structure, regional and district, 1958.
Beginning revision, 1966.
President advisory committee, 1969-1970.
Constitution revision committee, 1970-1972.
New constitution, 1972.
Constitution transition, 1972-1973. 3 folders.
Includes transparencies for presentation on new constitution.
Revisions to 1972 constitution, 1975-2009.
Area constitutions, 1986.
Regional constitutions, 1988-1989.
Club constitutions and by-laws.
Box 160 International official family rosters, 1928-2011. 4 folders.
Box 161 International relationships with the YMCA, Leadership and Development team. 1981.
International meeting on apartheid, 1986.
Y's Men Liaison to World Alliance, 1976-1986, 1998. 5 folders.
Studies and Surveys:
Box 14 Sorenson study, 1941.
Weaknesses and successes of Y's Men movement served by U.S. and Canadian YMCAs.
Long range planning, Logos report, 1975-1978, 1986-2000, 2005-2008, 2010. 2 folders.
U.S. growth and development, 1973.
Box 179 City YMCA general secretaries study report of Y's Men, 1929.
Membership surveys and mortality studies, 1951-1987.
Stow commission reports, 1st and 2nd editions
Reorganization of Y's Men International
Structural study, Y's Men International, 1961.
Comparisons to other service clubs.
Research and study report, 1970.
A Guide to Action, Y's Men and Y's Menettes, 1970.
Dissertations on Y's Men from George Williams College, 1969-1970.
YMCA general executives interviews on Y'sdom.
Self-study reports.1969-1970.
Box 88 Saturation study, 1961.
Role and relations of area and state YMCA staffs to Y's Men.
Acceptance study, 1960.
Acceptability of Y's Men by U.S. area YMCAs.
Organizational relations.
General studies.
Principles of Partnership:
Box 157 International agreements.
International correspondence.
World Alliance.
Europe, promotion and agreements,
YMCA USA. 2 folders.
Y's Men, YMCA USA, 1970-1984. 2 folders.
Y's Men, YMCA USA relationships,


Services are performed by or for an individual club. Examples of services performed by clubs exhibited in this series include work with youth and young adults. Services performed for clubs include public relations, education, brother clubs, fundraising manuals and leadership training.
Services Performed for YMCA:
Box 82 Paul William Alexander Scholarship Fund.1954-1999. 9 folders.
For material after 1999 see International Council minutes boxes 141, 142, 156.
Box 85 Youth Work, 1953-1997. 2 folders.
Youth Work, general.2 folders.
Young Adult Work, 1941-1995.
YMCA Membership service.
Y's Lings.
Box 198 World Outlook, manuals and annual reports, 1939-1998.
Box 92 Major YMCA Services reports
Club Services:
Box 14 Coordinator reports, 1961-1971.
Box 92 Brother Clubs, history, 1980-1999.
Box 96 Civic/community service.
Christian Emphasis.6 folders.
Box 87 Extension reports, minutes, 1951-1998. 3 folders.
For material after 1998 see International Council minutes boxes 141, 142, 156.
Listing of new clubs; chartering qualifications, 1956-2011.
Extension/membership/conservation, manuals and promotional materials. 3 folders.
Box 122 Leadership training. 2 folders.
Box 89 Fundraising, manuals, projects, club financing.
Public Relations Manual, 1968, 1998, 2010-2012.
Public Relation Image: "Let Your Light Shine."
Miscellaneous public relations news reports and public service announcements.
Includes material regarding commemorative stamp project.
Family News Letters, 2010-2012.
Publicity handbook, art slicks.
Program manuals, reports, newsletters, 1953-1963.
Supplies, International and US area supply catalogs, price lists. 2 folders.
General Services:
Includes materials on the Brotherhood Fund, a fund established with the profit from conventions and the sale of cancelled postage stamps and used to underwrite travel expenses; endowment funds; youth programs; and the Time of Fast, a program where members would abstain from eating one meal and the money saved from this was used to support refugee and human crisis projects.
Box 92 General Service reports, 1959-1970. 2 folders.
Major Services, 1964-1965.
Box 93 Brotherhood Fund (Bishops Fund), 1954-1974. 9 folders.
Box 94 Brotherhood Fund, 1974-1989. 9 folders.
Box 95 Brotherhood Fund, 1990-2002. 7 folders.
For material after 2002 see International Council minutes boxes 142, 156.
Box 97 Endowment, 1958-1989. 8 folders.
Box 98 Endowment, 1990-1993. 6 folders.
Box 99 Endowment, 1994-1996. 2 folders.
For material after 1996 see International Council minutes boxes 141, 142, 156.
Box 100 Endowment Golden Book tributes, 1973-2001. 8 folders.
Box 101 Endowment promotional literature.
Endowment investments.
Endowment and bequests.1959-1962.
Box 125 Gold Program, 1970-2010. 3 folders.
Box 198 Interracial Advance and Human Crisis, 1967-1973.
Box 83 Time of Fast, 1973-1989. 9 folders.
Box 84 Time of Fast, 1989-2003. 6 folders.
For material after 2003 see International Council minutes, boxes 142, 156.
Time of Fast leadership development.
Roll Back Malaria project, 2010-2012.
For additional information, see International Council minutes, box 156.
Box 124 Youth Educational Exchange Program (YEEP), 1967-1998. 9 folders.
For material after 1998 see International Council minutes boxes 141, 142, 156.
Short Term Exchange Program (STEP), 1992-1996.
For material after 1996 see International Council minutes boxes 141, 142, 156.
Youth convocations, 1986-2006. 2 folders.
Youth intern and international headquarters.1993-2002, 2004, 2006-2009, 2011.
Youth Conference, North America, 1958.

Y's Menettes

Includes rosters, correspondence, newsletters, and bulletins from clubs.
Box 90 Women in Y's Men, history, reports, correspondence, mission statement choices, and publications, 1957-1997, 2002. 8 folders.
Box 91 Y's Menettes Areas. 8 folders.
Areas include Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Latin America/Caribbean, and United States.
Australian Region newsletters; South Pacific Area history, 1979-1998, 2002. 2 folders.
Box 203 North Central Region Y's Menettes bulletin, Polaris Powder Puff. 1967-1973.
Activities and Club Presidents,
Richfield Y's Menettes.
Downtown St. Paul Y's Menettes, Crackers' Barrel, 1987-1993.
Box 76 Pacific Central Y's Menettes.
Box 199 Pacific Northwest Y's Menettes.
Pacific Southwest Y's Menettes.
Box 78 Southeastern Y's Menettes.
The Southeastern Region merged with the Southern Region to become the South Atlantic Region.
Box 166 Downtown Minneapolis Y's Menettes scrapbook, 1938-1968. 2 volumes.
Box 167 Downtown Minneapolis Y's Menettes scrapbook, 1938-1969. 1 volume.
Box 168 Downtown Minneapolis Y's Menettes scrapbook, 1968-1977. 1 volume.
Box 169 Downtown Minneapolis Y's Menettes scrapbook, 1981-1988. 1 volume.
Box 170 Downtown Minneapolis Y's Menettes scrapbook, 1988-2002. 1 volume.
Box 172 Downtown Minneapolis Y's Menettes. 2 folders.
Includes 25th anniversary material, roster books (1945-2002), constitution, and garage sale project.
Box 201 Minneapolis Northwest Y's Menettes scrapbook,
Bloomington Y's Menettes scrapbook,
Box 173 Sister Clubs.
International newsletters, 1983-2002.
Club charters, 1949-2001.
International reports, 1963-1978.
International Service Directors' reports, rosters, 1970, 1983-1994, 2002, 2007. 2 folders.
International Annual reports, 1983-1998.
International Directors reports and correspondence,
International convention reports, 1963-1994, 2002.
Women in Y's Men, reports and correspondence, 1973-1975.
International manuals.
Box 188 International projects, 4 folders.
contains a listing of international projects from 1982-2008. See International Counci Minutes, Box 156, for project reports beginning with 2009.

International Conventions:

Contains material from international conventions, including programs and other background materials.
Box 143 International conventions, 1922-1943. 12 folders.
1922 Atlantic City, NJ; 1923 Canton, OH; 1924 Lynn, MA; 1925 Chattanooga, TN; 1926 Camden, NJ; 1927 Milwaukee, WI; 1928 Grand Rapids, MI; 1929 Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 1930 Wilkes Barre, PA; 1931 Cleveland, OH; 1932 Detroit, MI; 1934 St. Paul, MN; 1935 Silver Bay, NY; 1936 Silver Bay, NY; 1937 Grand Rapids, MI; 1938 Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 1939 Chicago, IL; 1940 Silver Bay, NY; 1941 Memphis, TN; 1942 London, Ontario, Canada; There was not an international convention held in 1943, instead a report from the International President, (located in Harrisburg, PA) was distributed.
Listing of international conventions, 1922-1994.
Listing of international convention themes, 1994-2008.
Box 144 International Silver Jubilee convention, 1947.
International conventions, 1944-1946.
1944 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada; 1945 Patterson, NJ; 1946 Bradford, PA; 1947 Toledo, OH.
Box 145 International conventions, 1948-1955. 9 folders.
1948 Long Beach, CA; 1949 Minneapolis, MN; 1950 Mexico City, Mexico; 1951 Cleveland, OH; 1952 Banff, Alberta, Canada; 1953 Davenport Iowa; 1954 East Lansing, MI; 1955 Philadelphia, PA; also includes World Council and Y's Men international meeting, Paris, 1955.
Box 146 International conventions, 1956-1960. 5 folders.
1956 Estes Park, CO; 1957 Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 1958 Santa Monica, CA; 1959 Green Lake, WI; 1960 Minneapolis, MN.
Box 147 International conventions, 1961-1965. 5 folders.
1961 Chicago, IL; 1962 Banff, Alberta, Canada; 1963 Buffalo, NY; 1964 Estes Park, CO; 1965 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
Box 148 International conventions, 1966-1970. 5 folders.
1966 Honolulu, HI; 1967 Green Lake, WI; 1968 French Lick, IN; 1969 Pittsburgh, PA; 1970 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Box 149 International conventions, 1971-1972. 8 folders.
1971 Fresno, CA; 1972 Athens, OH.
Box 150 International conventions, 1973-1975. 8 folders.
1973 Kingston, Jamaica; 1974 Washington, DC; 1975 Atami, Japan.
Box 151 International conventions, 1976-1988. 7 folders.
Starting in 1976 conventions were held every two years. 1976 Anaheim, CA; 1978 Melbourne, Australia; 1980 Stockholm, Sweden; 1982 Seoul, Korea; 1984 grand Rapids, MI; 1986 Aarhus, Denmark; 1988 Kyoto, Japan.
Box 152 International conventions, 1990-1992.8 folders.
1990 Minneapolis, MN; 1992 Oslo, Norway.
Box 153 International conventions, 1994-2008. 10 folders.
1994 Singapore; 1996 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; 1998 Helsinki, Finland; 2000 Hong Kong; 2002 Sydney, Australia; 2004 Cochin, India; 2006 Pusan, Korea; 2008 Henning, Denmark; 2010 Yokohama, Japan; 2012 Stavanger, Norway.

International Areas

Material in this section provides an overview of each of the international administrative Areas of Y's Men: Africa, Asia, Canada/Caribbean, Europe, India, Latin America, South Pacific, and United States. For Area President Reports to the International Council, beginning in 1972, see mid-year and annual work books and minutes contained in Council boxes 134-156.
Africa Area:
Box 16 Independent International clubs, 1960-1972.
Africa Area, miscellaneous. 13 folders.
Afro-European Area.
Dedication, Ghana Day Care Center, 1991.
Box 39 Africa Region, Northwest, 1971-1995.
Africa Region, Southeast.
Gambia, West Africa, development of Banjul Branch, 1985-2005.
Box 118 Y's Africa Briefs, 1982-2001.
Africa Area Convention, 1983. 2 folders.
Asia Area:
Box 17 Constitution, conventions and bulletins, 1974-2007. 9 folders.
RDE training manual.
Box 45 Japan Regions, general.12 folders.
Contains tape of 70 years of Y's Men in Japan.
Box 181 Japan Regions, general.8 folders.
Includes information on the 2011 Earthquake.
Box 46 Japan East.undated, 1997-2002.
Contains bulletins, constitution and conferences.
Japan East, roster, 1998-2006. 2 folders.
Japan West, 1997-2000.
Contains constitution, conventions and correspondence.
Japan West, roster of clubs, book, 1998-2006. 2 folders.
Japan West, bulletins, 1997-2006.
Box 182 History of Japanese Y's Men, books, 1929-1999.
Region history, 2 folders.
Contains photos.
History of Tokyo Y's Men Club, 1931-1961, 1980-1988. .
Journey of a Thousand Miles.
Box 52 Philippines Region,14 folders.
Box 185 Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, 3 folders.
Box 116 Singapore Beta Y's club bulletin (bound copies), 1974-1986. 6 folders.
Box 117 Singapore Beta Y's club bulletin (bound copies), 1987-1994. 2 folders.
Singapore Beta Y's club bulletin (unbound copies), 1995-2002, 2004-2010.
Box 53 Malaysia, IPOH Club, Smit District.
Taiwan, club charter dates,
Taiwan Region, bulletins and correspondence, 1989-1998-1993, 2003-2006. 2 folders.
Taiwan Region correspondence, 1970-1992. 2 folders.
Taiwan Region, translated Y's Men's Wold issues,
International Convention report to Taiwan members, 2006-2008, 2010-2011.
Box 186 Mainland China Region Y's Men re-established, 1990-1995.
Southeast Asia Region historical, 1938-2003. 5 folders.
Box 54 Sri Lanka Region, 6 folders.
See also India Area and Ceylon Region.
Canada / Caribbean Area:
Box 18 Canada Area: miscellaneous material.
Includes proposed US/Canadian merger, extension, publications.
Canadian history, 5 folders.
Canada Area National Council/Y's Men relationship.
Brotherhood Fund/ Medcalfe,
Box 55 Maritimes Region.5 folders.
Ontario/Quebec/Central Region.2 folders
Canadian Prairie/Western Region.2 folders
Caribbean Region material prior to 2008 can be found under Latin America Area listings.
Europe Area:
Box 19 Europe history, constitution, guidelines, and 75th anniversary book.
Europe Area Newsletter, 2010-2011
Europe Council minutes, 1985-1989, 1991-2000. 4 folders.
Box 180 Europe Area conventions, 1977, 1985, 1993, 2001, 2003.
Europe Area extension, Eastern Europe.
Europe Area extension, Czech Republic.
Europe Area extension, Poland.
Europe Area extension, Russia.
Europe Area extension, Slovakia.
Europe Area extension, Estonia.
Central-Southern Region:
Box 57 United Kingdom, correspondence and regional conventions, 1959-1970.
Box 56 Central-Southern Region, correspondence and regional conventions, 1959-1970
Central-Southern Region Conferences, 1972-1975, 1980, 1982, 1993-1998, 2000-2003.
German District Conferences, 1991-1992, 1996-1997, 2004-2006.
Central-Southern Region, history and reports, 1970-1991
Box 57 Hanham Y's Men (Bristol, England) newsletters, 1989-1993.
Kingswood Club (Bristol, England) newsletters, 1990-1995.
Kingswood Club (Bristol, England) roster and reports, 1997-1998.
Kingswood Club (Bristol, England) correspondence and bulletins, 1997-2002, 2006-2011.
Harry Cummings's evaluation of his visit to Ireland, Scotland and London, 1978.
Frankfurt, Germany, club newsletters, charter, and rosters, 1971-1976.
Central-Southern Region newsletters, bulletins, and other publications, 1990-1999. 2 folders.
Box 58 Denmark Region, history.
Contains 2 books.
Denmark bulletins, 2 folders.
GonGonGen, Regionmeddelelse.
Clubs, extension work.
Box 59 Norway-Denmark Region.
Norway Region, 4 folders.
Norway, bulletins, 1982-2011. 7 folders.
Box 60 Sweden-Finland, 1961-1980.
Finland and Finland-Balticum Region. 2 folders.
Sweden regional bulletins, 1984-2008. 2 folders.
Sweden, Regional conferences, history, rosters, 1979-1992.
Russia Region bulletins, 1999-2000.
Poland Region. 2 folders.
India Area:
See also material on the Y'slings program filed in the "Services" series under the heading "YMCA Services."
Box 20 India Area history.
Dr. Modi's Eye Camps,
See box 175 for slides and tapes.
Simon George Eye Clinic, other leadership,
See also Dr. Modi eye clinic tape in box 175.
English Medium Nursery School - Cochin Y's Men,
India Area convention, 2001.
India Area minutes, reports, 1987.
India Area publications, 1994-2002, 2005. 4 folders.
Box 40 India Central Region, 1975-2003. 7 folders.
Ceylon Region.
Box 41 India South Region.8 folders.
India Northeast Region.
Box 42 India West Region.6 folders.
India Northwest Region.
Box 43 India Midwest Region. 4 folders.
Box 44 India Southwest Region. 5 folders.
Korea Area:
Korea became an area in 2011
Box 162 Korea, district conventions, undated.
Korea districts,
60 Year History, Council of Korea Regions,
Council of Korea Regions bulletins,
Agreement Ceremony Brother Club,
Box 47 Korea region, 1961-1985. 2 folders.
Korea Central, correspondence, 6 folders.
Box 48 Korea Central, region conventions, 1962, 1985-2003. 5 folders.
Box 183 Korea books, Han Wang Club history, 1958-1988.
Box 49 Korea Central region, 7 folders.
Includes the Seoul Club re-charter, 1983.
Box 162 Korea Central, publications, 2005-2008.
Box 50 Korea East.1959-2004. 6 folders.
Includes Gwangju Alpha Y's Men's Club History,
Korea East Region convention, 2005.
Korea stamp book,
Box 51 Korea South Region bulletins and correspondence, 1976-2001, 2003, 2007. 3 folders.
Includes the Kyung-ki district.
Box 184 Korea West Region, 1984-2003. 6 folders.
Latin America/Caribbean Area:
The Carribean Region Clubs were assigned to Canada Area in 2008 by the International Council.
Box 21 Latin America/Caribbean Area, history, 1990-1992.
Bulletins, 1963-1992.
Manuals, 2 folders.
Regional Director memos.
Correspondence. 6 folders.
Regional newsletters.
Awards, Ballantyne, Service with Vision, youth convocation, historical information on awards.
Conventions, 1958-1995, 2005.
Box 61 Aruba Region.
Caribbean, correspondence, bulletins, 1955-2000. 2 folders.
Jamaica Region, 1968-1983.
Latin America East Region, 1964-1992.
Brazil Region. 4 folders.
Box 62 Argentina Region.
Bolivia Region.
Panama Region.
Peru Region.
Uruguay Region.
Chile Region.
Mexico Region.
South Pacific Area:
Box 63 South Pacific Basin Area, 1960-1972.
Box 22 Area club histories and correspondence, 1957-1986.
Regional convention, 1961-1986.
Y's Men of Saipan rosters and bulletins, 1997.
Bulletins, 1995-1998.
Box 63 Australia:
Australian Region, 1962-1977.
Australasian convention, 1957.
Reports and correspondence, 1985-2004.
Region newsletters, 1985-1999.
Bendigo Club 50th Anniversary, Echuca Club 20th Anniversary.
Australia/New Zealand bulletins, 1955-1996.
New Zealand:
Box 63 New Zealand history, newsletters, 1996-1999.
New Zealand/Fiji, newsletters and correspondence, 1976-2000. 2 folders.
Box 115 Publications, 1957-1990.

United States Area

This material documents the United States Area, documenting especially the Y's Men clubs in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area, greater Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wisconsin. Also included are club rosters, council meeting materials, publications and reports from the various regions. The symbol [*] denotes a discontinued area.
Box 162 Club rosters, 1991.
Box 22 Eastern Americas Area [*].
Eastern Americas Extension [*].
Western Americas Area [*].
Western Americas Extension [*].
Box 23 Financial: tax returns.
Box 24 Financial: tax returns and exemption documents.4 folders.
Box 25 Correspondence, 1932-1936, 1981-1983, 1994-2000. 4 folders.
Box 26 General, miscellaneous, 1973-1977. 6 folders.
Includes correspondence, memoranda, financial reports.
Box 27 General, miscellaneous, 1974-1982. 6 folders.
Includes correspondence, memoranda, financial reports.
Box 28 General, miscellaneous, 1983-1994. 3 folders.
Includes policies and practices, reports, transition and planning records, YMCA "Family" listings, membership (1932-1983), financial reports (1985-1986), Sioux Indian YMCA correspondence, and material relating to the Realignment Task Force and the proposed merger of the U.S. and Canada areas.
Box 29 General, miscellaneous, 1990-1998. 5 folders.
Includes bulletins, reports, club charter dates, job descriptions, and material related to teams, Kids to Camp, and transition meeting (1992), U.S./Canada Area Convention photos, first U.S. Area Convention photos.
Box 30 Council meetings, 1973-1983. 16 folders.
Box 31 Council meetings, 1983-1991. 11 folders.
Box 32 Council meetings, 1991-1995. 11 folders.
Box 187 Council meetings, 1992-1993. 2 folders.
Contains corporate secretary's reports.
Box 33 Council meetings, 1996-2004. 9 folders.
Box 223 Council meetings, 2005-2009.
Box 34 Awards, 1981-1998. 3 folders.
Convention manual, revised, 1995.
Conventions, 1977-1985, 1991-1993, 1995-2001, 2003-2007. 14 folders.
The 2001 convention combined the U.S. and Canadian Areas. Also includes convention listings for 1977-2011.
Box 35 Elections, 1973-1977, 1980-1983. 3 folders.
Presidents, 1981-2000. 3 folders.
Also includes listings for 1973-2013.
Past U.S. Area President Club, rosters and meetings.
Past President Club newsletters, 2000-2011.
Box 36 Policies, practices, by-laws, articles of incorporation, legislative recommended changes, 1966, 1974-1999, 2009. 3 folders.
Legislative extension, 1981-1996.
Studies and transition minutes, regional boundaries, 1978-1979, 1993-1996. 4 folders.
Directory of YMCAs, 1996.
Secretary Task Force, 1998.
Box 37 Disabled Persons, Brother Clubs, 2 folders.
Regional reports, Time of Fast, 1983-1998. 2 folders.
Youth Educational Extension Program (YEEP), 1982-1983.
Box 38 Historian, miscellaneous history data, 3 folders.
Leadership training, membership classification, leadership teams, 1978-2009, 2011.
Club directories, 1991, 1997, 2011-2012.
Induction ritual proposal, 1961.
YMCA relations, 1982-1989.
U.S. Area Publications:
Box 115 U.S. Area President Club Bulletin, 1997-1998.
Box 115 Y's Weekender, (bound and unbound), 1974-1975.
Box 111 Y's Alliance, (bound), 1977-1996.
Box 112 Y's Alliance (unbound), 1977-2012.
Hawaii Region:
Box 65 Hawaii Region. 6 folders.
Box 66 Regional clubs: West Oahu, East Kauai, Kaimuka, Winward Maui, Hilo, Kalihi, Nuuanu, 5 folders.
Mid-America Region:
Box 67 Bulletins, 1976-1987, 1990-1992, 1997-1998.
Roster of clubs, constitution
Regional reports, conventions, 1971-1988, 1997.
Naperville club, bulletins, 1966-1976.
Naperville Lenten Devotional.
Box 202 Evanston Pancake Day scrapbook,
Mid-East Region:
Box 74 Ohio/West Virginia/Kentucky. 3 folders.
These regions became part of the Mid-East Region in 1988.
Toledo Central Y's Men Club. 2 folders.
North Atlantic Region:
Box 64 North Atlantic. 8 folders.
Also covers Central Atlantic, which became the North Atlantic Region in 1988. Empire Region preceded Central Atlantic and North Atlantic Regions.
Box 77 Pennsylvania region, rosters and conventions, 1943-2006.
The Pennsylvania region became part of the North Atlantic Region in 1988.
Box 74 Northeastern Region. 2 folders.
Discontinued in 1988 and became part of the North Atlantic Region.
North Central Region:
Box 68 Annual reports, 2004-2006.
Rosters, 1950-1999.
Constitution, by-laws and articles of incorporation.
Club charter date listings.
Newsletter, Polaris, 1949-2009. 4 folders.
Reports to International, 1997-1998.
Golden Book Membership,
Hulander Award.
For exemplary service by a YMCA staff person to Y's Men.
Policies and practices, leadership training, 1994, 2004, 2008.
Extension, 1993-1995.
Box 189 Regional conventions, 1940-2000, 2006-2009, 2011. 17 folders.
Box 190 Board minutes, 1958-1993. 8 folders.
Box 191 Board minutes, 1994-2005. 7 folders.
Box 165 Board minutes, 2006-2010. 5 folders.
Minnesota Clubs:
The symbol [*] denotes discontinued clubs.
Box 69 Southern Minnesota district,
Albert Lea [*],
J.M. Snyder Club, rosters [*], 1947-1957.
Austin [*].
Brainerd [*].
Duluth [*].
Pipestone [*].
Red Wing [*].
Rochester [*].
Winona [*].
Worthington [*].
Minneapolis and Saint Paul, annual reports, 2002-2003.
Minneapolis Clubs:
Box 70 Presidents' Council. 3 folders.
District Golden Book.
Christmas tree project.
Contains photos.
Bloomington [*].
Includes photographs of charter night 1960.
Commerce [*].
Crosstown [*].
Downtown Central [*].
Erling [*].
Roosevelt and Southtown merged and became Hiawatha, (July 1, 2002).
Hopkins [*].
Kingsmen [*].
Metropolitan [*].
Minnesota Valley.
Minnetonka [*].
Box 71 Northeast [*].
North Side [*].
Northwest [*].
Northwest Y Service Club [*].
Richfield [*].
Includes photographs of charter night 1957.
Roosevelt [*].
Saint Louis Park [*].
Southdale / Southdale Y Service Club.
Southdale Y's Women's Club [*].
Southeast [*].
Southtown [*].
University [*].
Washburn [*].
Includes photographs.
West Lake [*].
Minneapolis Downtown [*]:
Box 164 Formation of club, 1934. 2 folders.
Contains constitution, articles of incorporation, by-laws.
Club history, Leonard Ramberg Memorial Resolution.
Anniversaries, 1938-1939, 1941-1947, 1959, 1974, 1984, 1989.
Board meeting minutes.
Club photographs. 2 folders.
News clippings.
Box 133 Rosters.
News clippings.
Box 192 Y's Krax, 1934-1949. 15 folders.
Box 193 Y's Krax, 1950-1959. 9 folders.
Box 194 Y's Krax, 1960-1969. 10 folders.
Box 195 Y's Krax, 1970-1979. 10 folders.
Box 196 Y's Krax, 1980-1989. 10 folders.
Box 197 Y's Krax, 1990-2007. 10 folders.
Saint Paul Clubs:
Box 202 District and Presidents Council.
Contains photographs.
Downtown/Skyway Y Service Club.
Eastside [*],
Eastside Y Service Club.
Midway. 2 folders.
Tri-Town/South Branch [*]. 4 folders.
Widjiwagan [*],
North Dakota:
Box 72 Bismark [*].
Grand Forks [*].
Minot [*].
Minot, Colin Brown.
South Dakota:
Box 72 Aberdeen [*].
Mitchell [*].
Rapid City [*].
Sioux Falls.
Box 73 Appleton-Frank Harwood.
Beloit [*].
Fond du Lac [*].
Eau Claire [*].
Green Bay.
Janesville [*].
Madison [*].
Manitowoc [*].
Milwaukee Clubs:
Box 73 Downtown Central [*].
Northwest [*].
Wauwatosa [*].
West Allis [*].
Oshkosh [*].
Port Edwards [*].
Racine [*].
Stevens Point [*].
Pacific Central Region:
Box 75 Pacific Central Region.
Box 76 Pacific Central Region.
Los Altos Y's Men by-laws, original and amended, 1995.
Pacific Northwest Region:
Box 199 Billings, Montana.
Great Falls, Montana.
Helena, Montana.
Seattle Clubs. 3 folders.
Rosters, 1964-1995.
Region reports, 1973-2001.
Bulletins, 1975-2002.
P. W. Alexander's Convention Book, 1927.
Conventions, 1927, 1976, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1993, 1997.
Pacific Southwest Region:
Box 217 Bylaws and constitutions, 1962-2005. 4 folders.
"Not for Proft Corporation," 1990-2007. 2 folders.
Treasurers reports, 2004-2005.
Box 218 Minutes, 1970-2011. 9 folders.
Box 219 Annual reports, 1978-2009. 7 folders.
Club charter nights, 1947-2003. 2 folders.
Box 220 Bulletins & Y's Gatherings, 1957-2011.
Box 221 Pacific Southwest Books of Knowledge, 1977, 1981, 1997, 2010.
Pasadena Club 50th anniversary.
Graden Grove Club.
Gradena Valley Club 40th anniversary.
Pacific Southwest International Presidents' Dinners, 1969-2011.
Wilshire Club 20th anniversary.
Box 222 Convention listings, 1946-2010.
Convention manual.
Conventions / conference, 1942-2010. 9 folders.
South Atlantic Region:
Box 77 Southeastern Region, regional reports and bulletins, 1972-2000.
Box 78 Southern Region.
Reports, bulletins, Atlanta Omega Y's Men's club of Butler Street YMCA, conventions
Box 79 Southwest Region.
West Central Region.
Discontinued Regions:
Box 64 Central Atlantic, 4 folders.
Empire, 2 folders.
Box 67 Michigan,
Box 74 Northeastern,
Ohio-West Virginia,
Includes first roster book (Blue Book) of Toledo Central Y's Men's Club (TOLYMCA), 1922.
Box 77 Southeastern,
Box 78 Southern,
Box 79 Southwest,
West Central,

International Publications

International publications include various publications of Y's Men's International, including periodicals, manuals, devotional aids and youth publications.
Box 102 Association Men, 1923-1926.
The Y's Executive, 1933-1935.
A Word to the Y's, 1931, 1934-1935.
Are You Y's or Otherwise, 1934-1953.
Box 122 Leaders in Action, 1979-1983.
YMCA World Communique, 1958.
Issue devoted to Y's Men International.
Box 121 Song sheets from International Conventions, 1935-1998.
Song books from International Conventions, 1930-1986.
Box 102 Y's Men's World, 1936-1944. 9 folders.
Box 103 Y's Men's World, 1944-1956. 12 folders.
Box 104 Y's Men's World, 1956-1970. 14 folders.
Box 105 Y's Men's World, 1970-1971, 1976-1990, 1993-1996. 6 folders.
Box 106 Y's Men's World, unbound, 1936-1953.
Box 107 Y's Men's World, unbound, 1954-1969.
Box 108 Y's Men's World, unbound, 1970-2012.
Box 127 Y's Men's World, 5 folders.
Different languages organized by areas: Asia, Latin America/Caribbean, European.
Box 109 Y's Hoots, 1939-1951. 4 folders.
Box 110 Y's Hoots, 1952, 1956-1972. 5 folders.
Y's Men NOW, 1972-1977.
Contains both bound and unbound versions.
Box 122 Why International, 1996.
Y's Man Vademecum.
Y's Man's Manual for International Officers, Governors.
Member Induction Charge, Officer Induction Charge.
Box 123 Policy and Practices correspondence, 1982-1992.
Policy and Practices bulletins, 1980-1999.
Policy and Practices, international manuals, 1975-1995.
Regional Director and Regional Director-Elect manuals, 1977-1989.
District Governors manuals, 1943-1999.
International convention manuals, 1967-1985.
Contains both English and Spanish language materials.
Club manuals.
Service Directors manuals.
Devotional aids, 1987.
Developed by Del Jay Kinney.
Box 124 Youth World, 1989-2011.

Audio and Visual Materials

Includes a number of formats, including microfilm, audio cassettes, VHS videotape, photographs and slides. The majority of the items cover international conventions, while some photographs document special events, such as the chartering of clubs.
Box 126 Photographs, international conventions, 1928-1986, 1990, 1994. 15 folders.
Box 154 Miscellaneous photographs by Areas,
Contains Areas: Africa, Asia, India, Canada and Europe.
Box 155 Miscellaneous photographs by Areas,
Contains Areas: Latin America/Caribbean, South Pacific, U.S..
Box 163 Fresno International Convention: Heyl and John Price, 1971. 1 audio cassette tape.
Seoul, Korea International Convention, 1982. 1 VHS videotape.
Kyoto, Japan International Convention, 1988. 1 VHS videotape.
Singapore International Convention, opening ceremony and opening dinner, 1994. 2 VHS videotapes.
South Pacific Area Convention, 1991. 1 VHS videotape, PAL format.
Banff, Alberta, Convention,1962.20 color slides.
Includes an accompanying letter describing the contents of the slides.
Northwest Africa Regional Convention, 1990. 1 VHS videotape, PAL format.
Minneapolis, Minnesota International Convention, videotapes, 1990. 13 VHS tapes.
Includes opening ceremony (7/25/1990), evening program (7/25/1990), general session (7/26/1990), YEEP forum (7/26/1990), lunch program (7/26/1990), evening program (7/26/199), general session (7/27/1990), evening program (7/27/1990), lunch program (7/28/1990), and general session (7/28/1990).
Recordings of presidents, 1963-1964, 1966-1972. 6 7" square vinyl flexi disc 33-1/3 rpm audio recordings.
Includes Garnet W. "Pat " McKenzie, Laurence Wright, Urban R. Johnson, Charles E. Linkletter ("Strength Through Understanding"), John P. Price ("Unitate Per Y'sdom"), Poul Jorgensen, and Heinz Grabia.
Nairobi Vocational Center, handing over ceremony, videotape, 1990.
Extension training tape for sponsor club, 1990. 2 tapes.
Regional Director-Elect training, videotape, 1990.
Story of Y's dom, audiotape, undated.
Time of Fast, Japan and others, 1988, 1993-1994. 2 tapes.
Time of Fast, promotional disc, 2006.
Compact Disc format.
75th Anniversary Canada and United States Joint Convention video tape,
International Council and Mid-Year Meeting minutes, microfilm, 1983-1993. 2 master negative reels.
Reel 1 includes mid-year meeting, Copenhagen, 30 January - 2 February 1983 through 14th International Council meeting, Lagos, Nigeria, 10-13 July 1987. Reel 2 includes January 1988 to July 1993. Original material also available.
Box 174 Banff, Canada International Convention, slides, 1952.
Banff, Canada International Convention, slides, 1962.
Estes Park International Convention, slides, 1964.
Fredericton, New Brunswick International Convention, slides, 1965.
Honolulu, International Convention, slides, 1966.
Copenhagen, Denmark International Convention, slides, 1970
Fresno, California International Convention, slides, 1971.
Athens, Ohio International Convention, slides, 1972.
Jamaica International Convention, slides, 1973.
Singapore International Convention, slides, 1974.
Atami, Japan International Convention, slides, 1975
Melbourne, Australia International Convention, slides, 1978.
Seoul, South Korea International Convention, slides, 1982.
Y's Menettes, slides,
Includes Time of Fast Projects-Amazonic, Trapeze; Conventions-Melbourne, Stockholm, Appelton, Denmark; Monterey, California charter night; Carlisle, Pennsylvania; miscellaneous California parties.
Oak Brook construction, moving, office dedication, slides with script,
International Council meeting, slides, 1975.
Gold Program, slides, 1972.
Secretary General Jerry Heyl trips, slides, 1957-1969.
Includes Panama; Green Lake, Wisconsin; Hong Kong; Mexico; Peru; Philippines; Uruguay; St. Louis; Florida; Norway.
Box 175 Secretary General Jerry Heyl trips, slides, 1960-1975. 5 slide boxes.
Includes Chile; Argentina; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Pennsylvania; international flag set; Uruguay; Hawaii; Taiwan; England; Bolivia; Ecuador; Aruba, Mexico (east club charter); Brazil; Denmark; Philippines; India; Scandinavia; Singapore; Switzerland; U.S. area office; Australia; Sweden; Tobago; Bangkok; Hong Kong; Japan; Italy; Korea; Panama; Jamaica.
Vocational training building, Kenya (Time of Fast), slides,
History of Y's Dom, slides and tape,
International Presidents Club, slides, 1974.
Seven past presidents at Paul Alexander funeral, slide, 1967.
Y's Men service banners, slides,
U.S. Area office opening, Long Beach, California, slides, 1974.
Dr. Modi's Eye Clinic slides and tape,
Club Photos
Minneapolis Photographs
Box 216 Y's Men Scholarship presentations, 1982-1995.
Lars Yinberg to Ridgedale YMCA, 1989.
Y's Men of the Year presentations,
Camp Christmas Tree 25th Anniversary observance,
Historical photo-naming of Camp Christmas Tree.
Downtown Y's Men's $40,000 check to Camp Icaghowan,
Make a Difference Day, 1994-1995.
Y's Men District Conference, 1992.
Minneapolis Y's Men Olympics, 1977.
Bob Sherman billboard,
Bloomington Y's Men's golf tournament, 3 folders.
Bloomington Y's Men's Christmas tree projects,
Bloomington Y's Men check presentations,
Bloomington Y's Men youth teen work projects,


Box 201 M Scrapbooks, Evanston, Illinois Club (Pancake Project).
Box 204 M Presidential jug, Kingsmen Y's Men's Club.
Heinz Grabia:
Box 205 M Testimonial of Friendship Plaque, Philippines, May 31, 1973.
Gavel Plaque, Inspirational Leadership President, 1973.
Plaque, Y's Men's Club, Hyperabab Andhra, Pradesh, India, September 9, 1971.
Aloha Key plaque, Hawaii, June 6, 1969.
Wood carving from Baguio YMCA, Philippines region, June 3, 1973.
City of Manila Key, Philippines.
Given by the Mayor of Manila.
Box 224 M James Mueller plaques, awards.
Box 206 M TolYMCA original club register.
Box 207 M Principles of Partnership, Y's Men of the USA.
Box 208 M Bob Sherman plaques.
Box 209 M Scrapbook of Paul Alexander and Wife.
Henry Grimes bookends.
William Rose bookends, International Convention, Davenport, Iowa, 1953.
John Price medallion, 1940.
Box 210 M Downtown Mineapolis Y's Men recognition plaques.
Downtown Minneapolis Y's Men Recognitions:
Box 211 M State Charter of club.
YMCA 100th year.
Sioux Indian partnership.
State proclamation of 50th anniversary of club.
Minneapolis Club Charters:
Box 212 M Washburn, October 11, 1947.
Downtown, June 29, 1934.
Crosstown, June 3, 1974.
Box 212 M Southdale, June 4, 1969.
Box 212 M Southdale Y's Women, March 29, 1977.
Club Banners:
Box 213 M Y's Women of Southdale (North Central Region).
Richfield Y's Men (North Central Region).
Washburn Y's Men (North Central Region).
Y's Menettes of Washburn (North Central Region).
California Convention Banner, 1971.
Northside Y's Men (North Central Region).
Downtown Y's Men (North Central Region).
International Presidents' Flags:
Box 214 M Harry Cummings, 1974.
Bruce Price, 1977.
R.F. Tod Gunkelman, 1980.
Max Larson, 1982.
Rachelle R. Reeg, 1990.
International Miscellaneous Flags:
Box 214 M International 50th convention.
Y's Men.
Africa Area Flags:
Box 214 M Kenya, Thika, Nairobi clubs.
Asia Area Flags:
Box 214 M Chiba, Hong Kong.
Includes flags for: Taipei, Taighung, Tainan clubs.
Japan, undated, 1975.
Includes flags for: 1975 International Convention - Atami, RD of Japan Tsuyama, Aobajoh, Fukuoka, Kikone, Kobe, Kyoto clubs, Nagoya clubs, Nara, Osaka clubs, Toyoko clubs, Wakayama, Yamate, Yokohama.
Korea, undated, 1968-1968, 1974-1975, 1980-1989, 2001-2003.
Includes flags for: 1982 International Convention - Seoul, Paik Seung International President, R.D. Hwa, R.D. Hwa Young Chun, R.D. Song, R.D. Lee- South Region, R.D. Yoon- East Region, International Council Member Sung, R.D. Suh-Center Region, R.D. Park-East Region, R.D. Kim-East Region, KOH, Eung Chin International Director, Korea Region flags, Cosmopolitan (Seoul), Deagu Alpha, Hang-Do (Pusan), Masan Club, Pusan Central, Sung AHM, Taegu Beta, Korea Club of Tokyo.
Malaysia, IPOH Club.
Philippines, 1947, 1975-1976, 1981-1982.
Includes flags for: Regional flag, R.D. Ibarrola, R.D. Ferrer, Manila Downtown, Manila Rizal Park.
Box 214 M Singapore, Beta Club.
Box 214 M Thailand, Bangkok Club.
Canada Area Flags:
Box 214 M International Council Member Rie Hamlin, 1985-1988.
Maritime Region.
Ontario-Quebec Region.
Calgary South.
North Calgary.
Saint John's.
Europe Area Flags:
Box 214 M Denmark, 1978-1981, 1984-1985, 1988-1989.
Includes flags for: International President Christian Back Iversen, Area President Asbjorn Poulsen, R.D. Arne Gadeberg, R.D. Hans Adolf Muff, International Vice-President Klaus Dietzel, International Council Member Klaus Dietzel, Area Convention Vejle, Birkeroed, Danmark, Essen, Frendal, Kobenhaven, Viborg.
Finland, Katajaiset.
Includes flags for: Arendal, Bodo, Oslo, Sandefjord.
Sweden, undated, 1988-1989, 1992-1993.
Includes flags for: International Clubs of Sweden pennant, Jarfalla, Linkoping, Orebro, Nassjo, Stockholm-Bromma, Sundsvall, Tranas, Vasteras.
India Area Flags:
Box 214 M A.S.D John Kachapilly.
R.D. Y. Namassivaya, Central Region, 1993-1994.
R.D. Ramesh Sarda, Central Region, 1990-1991.
R.D. E.S. Devasigamony, South Region, 1984-1985.
Latin America / Caribbean Flags:
Box 214 M International Vice-President Jose M. Alamandos, 1980-1983.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Amtofagasta, Chile.
Monterrico, Lima-Peru.
Amistad and Y's Menettes, Montevideo, Uruguay.
La Paz, Bolivia.
South Pacific Area Flags:
Box 214 M Australia.
Contains flags for Ararat, Bacchus Marsh, Ballatat, Benigo, Geelong, Eaglehawk, Echuca, Gosford, Kangaroo Flat, Kingsville, and Wangaatta.
New Zealand.
Contains flags for Christ Church, and Nelson.
U.S. Area Flags:
Box 214 M U.S. Area Presidents, 1984-1988, 1992-1993, 1995-1998.
Contains flags for Jim Mueller, Harry L. Frick, Fred Prewitt, Raymond Seto, Les Vaghn, and Art Weeton.
Contains flags for Iowa; Michigan; North Central (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Northwest (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Midway (Saint Paul, Minnesota); Pacific Southwest.
Contains flags for Anchorage, Alaska; Bakersfield, California; Bellflower, California; Helena, Montana; Kaimuki, Hawaii; Mexico; Northwest Valley, Pacific Central Region; Salem, Oregon.
Box 215 M Al Claque, cartoons.
Drawer 14 Large photos, posters,
Located in flat file drawer 14.
Box 225 M Miscellaneous buttons and badges.


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Alexander, Paul William.
Elder, David.
Dalmas, Rolando.
Grimes, Henry D.
Turner, Augustan.
Wallin, Ingvar.
International Association of Y's Men's Clubs.
Y's Menettes International.
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