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Creator: Kautz Family YMCA Archives, compiler.
Title: YMCA Archives flat files collection,
Date: 1800-2009 (bulk 1850s-2001)
Collection Number: Y.USA.51
Abstract: Posters, maps, blueprints and other architectural records, artwork, and other oversized paper items.
Quantity: Approximately 2000 items.
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


The first YMCA to be established in the United States was in Boston in 1851, six years after the organization was founded in London by George Williams. Like Williams, many Americans recognized challenges and hazards created by the migration of men from the countryside to the city with the rise of the industrial revolution, and the movement quickly spread. With the onset of the Civil War, the expansion of the movement was reversed, temporarily, with many of the members leaving to join the fighting. With the backing of President Lincoln, fifteen of the northern Associations formed the U.S. Christian Commission to assist troops and prisoners of war. It marked the beginning of a commitment to working with soldiers and sailors that continues to this day through the Armed Services YMCAs.

Only 59 YMCAs were left by war's end, but a rapid rebuilding followed, and four years later there were 600 more. The focus was on saving souls, with saloon and street corner preaching, lists of Christian boarding houses, lectures, libraries and meeting halls, most of them in rented quarters. But seeds of future change were there. In 1866, the influential New York YMCA adopted a fourfold purpose: “The improvement of the spiritual, mental, social and physical condition of young men.” Activities soon expanded beyond the Bible study, lectures, and reading rooms of the earliest days to include broader educational programs, physical training, and social services. Gyms and swimming pools came in at that time, too, along with big auditoriums and bowling alleys. Hotel-like rooms with bathrooms down the hall, called dormitories or residences, were designed into every new YMCA building, and would continue to be until the late 1950s. Income from rented rooms was a great source of funds for YMCA activities of all kinds. Residences would make a major financial contribution to the movement for the next century. YMCAs took up boys work and organized summer camps. They set up exercise drills in classes. YMCAs organized college students for social action, literally invented the games of basketball and volleyball and served the special needs of railroad men who had no place to stay when the train reached the end of the line. By the 1890s, the fourfold purpose was transformed into the triangle of spirit, mind and body.

Through the influence of nationally known lay evangelists Dwight L. Moody (1837- 1899) and John R. Mott (1865-1955), who dominated the movement in the last half of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries respectively, the American YMCAs sent workers by the thousands overseas, both as missionary-like YMCA secretaries and as war workers. The first foreign work secretaries, as they were called, reflected the huge missionary outreach by Christian churches near the turn of the century. But instead of churches, they organized YMCAs that eventually were placed under local control. Both Moody and Mott served for lengthy periods as paid professional staff members of the YMCA movement. Both maintained lifelong connections with it.

When the United States entered World War I in April 1917, Mott, on his own, involved the YMCA movement in running the military canteens, called post exchanges today, in the United States and France. YMCAs led fundraising campaigns that raised $235 million for those YMCA operations and other wartime causes, and hired 25,926 Y workers -- 5,145 of them women -- to run the canteens. It also took on war relief for both refugees and prisoners of war on both sides, and worked to ease the path of African American soldiers returning to the segregated South. Y secretaries from China supervised the Chinese laborers brought to Europe to unload ships, dig trenches and clear the battlefields after the war. Funds left over from war work helped in the 1920s to spur a Y building boom, outreach to small towns and counties, work with returning black troops and blossoming of YMCA trade schools and colleges.

Forced to re-evaluate themselves by hard times and by pressure from militant student YMCAs, the Depression era YMCA became aware of social problems as never before and accelerated partnerships with other social welfare agencies. Programs and mission were reviewed as well. Some results were joint community projects, renewed emphasis on group work and more work through organized classes and lectures. YMCAs were forced to prove to their communities that both character-building agencies and welfare agencies were needed, especially in times of stress. Exercise and educational classes remained popular, along with vocational training and camping. Programs like the Leisure Time League in Minneapolis were created with the aim to “unite unemployed young men who desire to maintain their physical and mental vigor and wish to train themselves for greater usefulness and service to themselves and the community." The idea spread widely and YMCAs discovered they could survive handily if they served a large number of people and had low building payments.

During World War II, the National Council of YMCAs (now the YMCA of the USA) joined with YMCAs around the world to assist prisoners of war in 36 nations. It also helped form the United Service Organization (USO), which ran drop-in centers for servicepeople and sent performers abroad to entertain the troops. YMCAs worked with displaced persons and refugees as well, and sent both workers and money abroad after the war to help rebuild damaged YMCA buildings.

After more than two decades of study and trial YMCA youth secretaries in 1944 agreed to put a national seal of approval on what was already widespread in the movement to focus their energies on four programs that involved work in small groups. They became known as the “four fronts” or “four platforms” of Youth Work: a father-son program called Y-Indian Guides, and three boys' clubs -- Gra-Y for those in grade school, Junior Hi-Y and Hi-Y. (There would eventually be all-female and coed models as well.)

At the close of the war, YMCAs had changed. Sixty-two percent were admitting women, and other barriers began to fall one after the other, with families the new emphasis, and all races and religions included at all levels of the organization. The rapidly expanding suburbs drew the YMCAs with them, sometimes abandoning the old residences and downtown buildings that no longer were efficient or necessary.

The Vietnam War era ushered in a period rocked by turmoil that included the Vietnam War, the forced resignation of a U.S. president, the outbreak of widespread drug abuse among the middle class, assassination of major political leaders, and a loss of confidence in institutions. Long schooled in conciliation, Y people found themselves being confronted aggressively both at home and abroad. It was particularly hard to deal with and discouraging. Beginning in 1970 the fraternal secretaries serving YMCAs overseas were being called home. Some buildings in U.S. cities were shuttered and residences dosed for lack of clientele and insufficient funds for proper maintenance. Y leaders were urged to become more businesslike in both their appearance and their operations, a topic raised by Y boards since the 1920s.

After 1975, the old physical programming featured by YMCAs for a century began to perk up as interest in healthy lifestyles increased nationwide. By 1980, pressure for up-to-date buildings and equipment brought on a boom in construction that lasted through the decade. Child care for working parents, an extension of what YMCAs had done informally for years, came with a rush in 1983 and quickly joined health and fitness, camping and residences as a major source of YMCA income.

During the 1980s and 90s, the ideas of “values clarification” were slowly replaced by ideas of “character.” The YMCA movement had been involved in character development from the beginning, but in an implicit and practical focus rather than an explicit one. (George Williams stated this perfectly in his response to how he would respond to a young man who said that he had lost his belief in Jesus, by saying that his first act would be to see that the young man had dinner.) The YMCA movement studied the issue and emerged with four “core values” -- caring, honesty, respect and responsibility -- and promptly began to incorporate these in all programming in an explicit and conscious way.

During the 90s, a tremendous change occurred in the field of youth development. Emphasis shifted from a "deficit model," which focused on identifying what went wrong with the youth who got into trouble and correcting it, to an "assets model," which focused on healthy development and prevention of problems. The YMCA of the USA collaborated with Search Institute on studying this issue in depth and coming up with practical results. In July 2004 before a U.S. Senate hearing, Y-USA launched Activate America and the Healthy Community work, beginning a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the 21st century the Y remains a leading social service nonprofit. In 2010 it launched a major rebranding effort to highlight its renewed focus on promoting youth development, social responsibility, and healthy living in the communities it serves.

(Historical information taken from the YMCA of the USA's "A Brief History of the YMCA Movement" and the YMCA of the USA web site)


Posters, maps, blueprints and other architectural records, artwork, and other oversized paper items created or collected by the YMCA. Significant portions of the collection consist of architectural records, including plans and blueprints for YMCA buildings around the world. Other major sections of material include maps, many indicating the location or proposed locations of YMCAs, as well as published maps for areas the YMCA was active. Among the posters, a significant number relate to the YMCA's work with the armed forces, especially World War I and World War II / USO work. There are also many posters related to YMCA conventions as well as YMCA activities such as camping, aquatics, basketball and other sports, and character development programs.


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The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding drawer and folder number.

Drawer 1 Dix Hills and Huntington, undated. [Folder 1]
Talcott, undated. [Folder 1]
Quannacut, undated. [Folder 1]
Nick Bollehieri Tennis Camp, undated. [Folder 1]
Holiday Hills, undated. [Folder 1]
Camp McAllister, undated. [Folder 1]
Kingsbridge, undated. [Folder 1]
Camp Brooklyn, undated. [Folder 1]
Camp Custer, undated. [Folder 1]
Camp Greenkill, undated. [Folder 1]
Heights and Hills, undated. [Folder 1]
General camp design, undated. [Folder 1]
Book of architectural layouts for camps Greenkill, Talcott and McAllister, undated. [Folder 1]
Drawer 1 Miscellaneous, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Eastern Queens, undated. [Folder 2]
Staten Island, undated. [Folder 2]
Brooklyn Central, undated. [Folder 2]
Brooklyn Flatbush, undated. [Folder 2]
Henry Street Tower (Brooklyn), undated. [Folder 2]
Henry Street Condominium (Brooklyn), undated. [Folder 2]
Brooklyn map of Ys, undated. [Folder 2]
Subway and bus maps for Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, undated. [Folder 2]
Miscellaneous, undated. [Folder 3]
French Branch, undated. [Folder 3]
The Bowery, undated. [Folder 3]
Bronx, undated. [Folder 3]
Bedford, undated. [Folder 3]
Flushing, undated. [Folder 3]
Greenpoint, undated. [Folder 3]
Prospect Park, undated. [Folder 3]
Grand Central Railroad business and residence maps, undated. [Folder 3]
McBurney, undated. [Folder 3]
Vanderbilt, undated. [Folder 3]
West Side, undated. [Folder 3]
International Committee, Building Bureau "Colored/White Facility" with article from The Architectural Record "A Postwar Construction Program," 1916-1925. [Folder 3]
Enlarged photograph of George Williams Memorial, undated. [Folder 1]
George Williams College Camp plans, undated. [Folder 1]
Reproduction of "Peterhead Sentinal" newspaper, originally printed in 1856, article about "Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association," 1856. [Folder 1]
Early YMCA statistical information, 1853-1903. [Folder 1]
Daily News, London, 1846. [Folder 1]
The Sun, April 14th, April 17th, August 11th, September 30th and December 15th, 1800 and 1808. [Folder 1]
Newspaper clipping poster, undated. [Folder 2]
National Thrift Week poster "Forge These Links of Success into Your Character," 1920. [Folder 3]
"National Thrift Week January 17th-23rd," undated. [Folder 3]
"Why You Should Make a Will" poster, undated. [Folder 3]
National Thrift Week poster "Spend Time and Money Wisely," undated. [Folder 3]
National Father and Son Movement poster, undated. [Folder 3]
Article: "Young Men's Christian Association Congress, Chicago, October 7th," 1893. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Ohio Young Men's Christian Association District Convention: Lima, April 24-26," 1891. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Home of the Silver Bay Summer School," undated. [Folder 3]
YMCA plan of exhibit for "World's Colombian Exposition, Chicago," undated. [Folder 3]
Blown up article: "What Lt.-Gen. Baden Powell Saw in France," undated. [Folder 3]
Lesniak, Thomas A.: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree from Detroit Institute of Technology College of Engineering, 1947. [Folder 1]
Education Department sample report for association year May 1, 1904-1905 plus letter from George B. Hodge, budget for 1919-1920, "Grow Head and Shoulders Above the Crowd," 1904-1920. [Folder 1]
Large photo: "Scottish..." undated. [Folder 1]
YMCA Employment Bureau cards: Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin, Brown University and Railroad Men, undated. [Folder 1]
Illustration: H.B. Chamberlin, undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: "YMCA Magic," undated. [Folder 2]
Home Study Division poster: "What's Your Market Value?", and "Let the Postman Deliver Success to You," undated. [Folder 2]
Copies of maps of Boston, 1851. [Folder 2]
Map of U.S.: Chesapeake Summer School: Distribution of Students, 1908. [Folder 2]
Large posters: men's gymnastics and boys running, undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: "SportsWise: Is it Safe for You to Exercise?" undated. [Folder 3]
Poster: Vanderbilt Y, YMCA of Greater New York: "When We Came to 47th Street, They Said 'There Goes the Neighborhood...'" undated. [Folder 3]
Magazine article: "Street Railway Journal" Brooklyn YMCA building, 1902. [Folder 3]
"Call for Organization of the Brooklyn Association," 1853. [Folder 3]
Charts tracing membership finance: 1853 to turn of century, Brooklyn Y, undated. [Folder 3]
Newspaper article: Fiftieth Anniversary of Branch Building HPK October 9th, 1975. [Folder 3]
Newspaper illustration of Twenty-Sixth Ward Building, May 9, 1896. [Folder 3]
YMCA of Greater New York Posters:
Drawer 3 "Stretch Drive Winner 1980 Branch Current Campaign YMCA of Greater New York," undated. [Folder 4]
Posters for after school and summer camp programs, undated. [Folder 4]
"Knicks Basketball Clinic Hip Hoop Helpers" Flatbush YMCA, undated. [Folder 4]
"I'm glad There's a Y in NY...the Greater New York YMCA," undated. [Folder 4]
"You'll Find What You Want at the Y" Staten Island Y, undated. [Folder 4]
Summer membership poster, undated. [Folder 4]
Poster of New York, illustrated, undated. [Folder 4]
"Shape Up Week," undated. [Folder 4]
Wooden banner: "YMCA of Greater New York," undated. [Folder 4]
Newspaper poster: YMCA in Jerusalem, undated. [Folder 5]
"Parent-Child-YMCA Early Childhood Programs McBurney Y," undated. [Folder 5]
"Journey to McBurney YMCA Day Camp," 1986. [Folder 5]
"YMCA Day at Big Apple Circus," undated. [Folder 5]
"Run for Youth (10 yards or 10 miles) Jog-a-thon," undated. [Folder 5]
"War Prisoner's Aid" WWII National War Fund Ad, undated. [Folder 5]
"Tomorrow's Leaders are Made Today at the YMCA, Join Now!" undated. [Folder 5]
"New American Eating Guide," undated. [Folder 5]
Newspaper clippings concerning YMCA closing at Navy Yard in Brooklyn, 1965. [Folder 5]
Uptown YMCA, hand drawn with photo, undated. [Folder 5]
Mockup of "YMCA Information Center," undated. [Folder 5]
"YMCA Child Care," undated. [Folder 5]
"Give a YMCA Gift Certificate," undated. [Folder 5]
"The Y in NYC...You Can't Do it Alone," undated. [Folder 5]
"YMCA Baker's Dozen Membership Offer," undated. [Folder 5]
YMCA open house generic poster, undated. [Folder 5]
Membership ad poster: West Side Y, undated. [Folder 5]
Y on Wheels, undated. [Folder 5]
Illustration, undated. [Folder 5]
Drawer 4 Illustration of interior view of YMCA Grand Hall at the time of dedication, December 18th, 1869. [Folder 1]
Front page of New York Times from April 21, 1852. [Folder 1]
West Side Members Living or Working in Manhattan 1943 Survey," undated. [Folder 1]
Article: "Terrific Season Predicted for Holiday Hills YMCA," undated. [Folder 1]
Mockup for sign in Westchester-Bronx YMCA, September, 1952. [Folder 1]
Letter thanking Robert McBurney for his visit to Liverpool, October 1, 1872. [Folder 1]
Public relations oversize photos and proofs, 1985-1987. [Folder 1]
Calendar: Clinton Youth and Family Center, West Side Branch, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Financial Development Capital Campaigns booklet, 1962-1963. [Folder 2]
Awards: "United Fund of Greater New York Citation to Uptown YMCA for Service" and "Most Improved Block Contest of Manhattan," 1975 and 1979. [Folder 2]
World's Fair Posters:
Drawer 4 "See the Fair the Friendly Way...Meet Me at the Y," 1939-1940. 2 copies, one yellow and one blue. [Folder 2]
"Tuesday June 6th is YMCA Day at the World's Fair," 1939-1940. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Informational pamphlet: group tours of World Fair, 1939-1940. [Folder 2]
Certificate for YMCA exhibit in World Fair, 1939. [Folder 2]
"Actual Facts about Work of YMCA Overseas," 1919. [Folder 2]
Chart: "Program Trends 1877 to Date (1943) YMCA of New York," undated. [Folder 2]
150th Exhibit Poster Reprints and Artifacts:
Drawer 4 General Assembly Floor Plan, undated. [Folder 3]
Advertisement for U of M exhibit in Andersen Gallery, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
Newspaper advertisement: Martin Luther King, Jr., "Just Another Kid at the Y," undated. [Folder 3]
"America's Haven: The YMCA at 150, History Channel," undated. [Folder 3]
"World's Largest Run: June 2, 2001," 2001. [Folder 3]
American Daily Mail Paper, March 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 23 and April 1 and 6, 1919. [Folder 4]
WWI reproductions, undated. 7 copies. [Folder 5]
150th Anniversary Milestone posters, 2001 [Folder 7]
"District Resolution to Incorporate the YMCA of the City of Washington" signed Abraham Lincoln, 1864. [Folder 6]
Poster: "After 137 Years the YMCA is Right Back Where it Started" Proud Heritage, Exciting Future, undated. [Folder 6]
Blown up photo of Judge Paul Alexander, founder of Y's Men, undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: "YMCA Black Achievers Preparing for the 21st Century," undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: "YMCA Hotel, Wabash Ave. Near 8th St. Chicago, World's Largest Men's Hotel," undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: "Convention Headquarters, The Royal York, Toronto," undated. [Folder 6]
Oversize Photographs:
Drawer 5 10th North American Assembly on YMCA Work with Youth, East Lansing, Michigan, photographed by Roy D. Young Studio, undated. [Folder 1]
7th National Hi-Y Tri Hi-Y Conference, Oxford, Ohio - Roy D. Young Studio, Mount Vernon, Iowa, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
Fredricton, August, 1965. [Folder 1]
Pacific Southwest Region Convention Camp Seeley, October 1-3, 1954. [Folder 1]
"Estes Park," undated. [Folder 1]
Pacific Southwest Region Convention Camp Seeley, October 13-14, 1956. [Folder 1]
"Kansas City - Club Chartering," May 26, 1962. [Folder 1]
Bishop's Fund Progress, undated. [Folder 1]
"22nd International Convention, August 18th, 1947, Bradford Pennsylvania," 1947. [Folder 1]
International Convention, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
Triennial Assembly Transportation Department, YMCA, Congress Hotel, Chicago, November 10th, 1955. [Folder 1]
Transportation Department YMCA U.S. and Canada, Mayflower Hotel, Washington D.C., November 5-7, 1958. [Folder 1]
Conference Luncheon, Pennsylvania - New England Systems YMCA's Hotel, Pennsylvania, April 20th, 1944. [Folder 1]
Group photograph, Navy sailors in background, undated. [Folder 1]
"Little Falls New York," undated. [Folder 1]
George, Williams College: staff, faculty and students, undated, 1917 and 1942. 10 photographs. [Folder 2]
YMCA Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Congress, Blue Ridge, NC:
Drawer 5 "Southern Area Training Conference," August 22, 1946. [Folder 2]
"August 16," 1949. [Folder 2]
"August 15," 1950. [Folder 2]
"2nd Week, August 19th," 1952. [Folder 2]
"First Week, August 13th," 1952. [Folder 2]
"Leader's Congress, August 16th-22nd," 1953. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
"Congress I - July 28th-August 3rd," 1963. [Folder 2]
"Congress I - July 26th-August 1, 1964. [Folder 2]
"Congress I - August 1-7," 1965. [Folder 2]
"Congress I - July 24th-30th," 1966. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
"Congress II - July 31st-August 6th," 1966. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
"Congress III - August 7th-13th," 1966. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
"Congress I - July 28th-August 3rd," 1968. [Folder 2]
Y's Men's International Golden Anniversary Convention, Ohio State University in Athens, Ohio, 1972. [Folder 2]
Armory Hill YMCA in Springfield, undated. [Folder 2]
Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1887. [Folder 2]
39th Annual International Y's Men's Convention at Buffalo and Niagara Falls, August 5, 1955. [Folder 3]
YMCA Association College 53rd and Drexel Ave., Chicago (photo of building), undated. [Folder 3]
"The Faculty," Chicago, 1913. [Folder 3]
Group photo of young men, perhaps with George Williams, undated. [Folder 3]
First Kansas Older Boy Conference at Scottish Rite Temple in Wichita Kansas, February 6, 1915. [Folder 3]
Classroom with young men, and lecture hall with young men with lecturer perhaps being George Williams, undated. 2 photos. [Folder 3]
WWI Posters:
Drawer 6 "United We Serve" United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 1]
"War Work Week/Have a Heart for the Boys Over There" poster made of linen, undated. [Folder 1]
"'The Last Evidence that Anybody Cares' Says a Soldier Over There," undated. [Folder 1]
"Four Years in the Fight/The Women of France," undated. 3 copies. [Folder 1]
"Keep 'em Smiling!" War Camp Community Service, undated. [Folder 1]
"Every Boy and Girl Should Enroll to Earn and Give" United War Work Fund, undated. [Folder 1]
"All in One Hat" United War Work Fund, undated. [Folder 1]
"Morale Hastens Victory" United War Work Campaign, Nov. 11-18, poster and mockup, 1918. [Folder 2]
"The Salvation Army Lassie" United War Work Campaign, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
"Fires of Faith," 1919. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
"War Camp Community Service Bulletin," undated. [Folder 2]
"Grand Entertainment Contest," undated. [Folder 2]
"Grand Celebration of Independence Day, July 4th," 1921. [Folder 2]
"War Zone Home for Our Boys 'Over There'," undated. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
"Foyers du Soldat Union Franco Americain," undated. [Folder 2]
"YMCA Religious Service: Pat Brannon," undated. [Folder 2]
"Chateau Thierry: The Bridge Where Uncle Sam Stopped the Hun," 1915. [Folder 3]
"His Home Over There," undated. [Folder 3]
"Wilson, Taft, Roosevelt and Other National Leaders Endorse YMCA Work," 1918. 3 copies. [Folder 3]
"$170,500,000 for the Boys Over There," undated. [Folder 3]
"Surely You Will Fight for Your [Men] and [Country] Come Along Boys before It's too Late," undated. [Folder 3]
"Your Country's Call: Isn't this Worth Fighting for? ENLIST NOW," undated. [Folder 3]
"Queen Victoria Herself Gives a Building. Will You also Give One?" undated. [Folder 3]
"Rodney YMCA" event poster, undated. [Folder 3]
"Your Soldier Boy is Calling YOU," undated. [Folder 3]
"Good-Bye Mother Mine, I'm Going Away..." National War Work Council, undated. [Folder 3]
"The YMCA Is Taking the Best Care of Your Boy while He Is Away," National War Work Council, undated. [Folder 3]
"On to Victory," National War Work Council, undated. [Folder 3]
"An Appeal to You," undated. [Folder 3]
"YMCA War-Roll," undated. [Folder 4]
"Scotland's Flag Day," undated. [Folder 4]
"Happy Recollections of Service with the YMCA in German Southwest Africa," undated. [Folder 4]
"A Great Christmas Appeal," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
"Glimpses of the Wonderful Work of the YMCA for our Brave Troops," undated. [Folder 4]
"Ever Ready to Serve," undated. [Folder 4]
"YMCA Grand Concerts, May," 1915. [Folder 4]
"Each Recruit Brings Peace Nearer," undated. [Folder 4]
"Prisoneiros de Guerra Allemaes na Gra-Bretanha," undated. [Folder 4]
"Overseas Club Map and Guide" London, undated. [Folder 4]
Map: "Russian Work in France," undated. [Folder 4]
Reproductions of WWI Posters for 150th Anniversary:
Drawer 6 "Red Triangle Fund," undated. [Folder 5]
"Workers Lend your Strength," undated. [Folder 5]
"YMCA Woman Workers," undated. [Folder 5]
"War Zone Home," undated. [Folder 5]
"His Home Over There," undated. [Folder 5]
"One of the Thousand YMCA Girls in France," undated. [Folder 5]
"For your Boy," undated. [Folder 5]
WWI Newspaper Clippings and Newsletters:
Drawer 6 "Button, Button, Who Sews It? Y Women Do Motherly Mending," undated. [Folder 6]
"America Calls Big Business Chiefs to Fight behind Front Trenches," undated. [Folder 6]
"Your Sons Are Safe in Army Camps -- Message to American Mothers," undated. [Folder 6]
"Windy City Echo, January 13," 1919. [Folder 6]
"Comrades in Service, February and March," 1919. [Folder 6]
"Brittany Leave Echo, May," 1919. [Folder 6]
YMCA War Work, undated. [Folder 6]
"Plane News, March," 1919. [Folder 6]
"Watch on the Rhine, July 3," 1920. [Folder 6]
"The Broadside, March 1," 1918. [Folder 6]
Posters in Hebrew, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 7]
"The Selective Service Register," undated. [Folder 7]
"The Spirit of War Camp Community Service" United War Work Campaign, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 7]
"For Every Fighter a Woman Worker," undated. 4 copies. [Folder 7]
WWI Posters:
These posters were donated by Springfield College?
Drawer 6 "Help Us Help Our Boys," undated. [Folder 8]
"Lend Your Strength," undated. [Folder 8]
"Les Foyers du Soldat," template poster, undated. [Folder 8]
"For Every Fighter a Woman Worker," undated. [Folder 8]
"Foyer du Soldat," color illustration, undated. [Folder 8]
"Foyers du Soldat apres les Foyers de la Guerre," undated. [Folder 8]
"Foyers du Soldat -- Quand Tu Parles de la Femme Pense a ta Mere a ta Soeur a ta Fiancee et Tu ne Diras pas de Betises," (When You Talk to a Dame, Think of your Mother, Sister, Fiancee, and You Won't Say 'Stupid' Things), undated. [Folder 8]
"Le Travail Eloigne de Nous Trois Grand Maux: L'ennui, le Vice et le Besoin," (Work Distances Ourselves from the Three Great Sins: Boredom, Vice and Need), undated. [Folder 8]
"Le Foyer du Soldat Est le Trait D'union entre la Ligne de Bataille et la Vision de la Paix," (The Foyers du Soldat Are the Lines of Union between the Frontlines and the Vision of Peace), undated. [Folder 8]
"Les Foyer du Soldats et du Marin: Union Franco-Américaine: Baie du Bouley," undated. [Folder 8]
"Service for Relatives of Dangerously Wounded," undated. [Folder 9]
"Victory Boys," undated. [Folder 9]
"Today the Question is not HOW Good Are You, but WHAT Good Are You?" undated. [Folder 9]
"Stand behind the Country's Girlhood: YWCA," undated. [Folder 9]
"Back our Girls Over There" United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 9]
"Foyers du Soldat -- Quand Tu Parles de la Femme Pense a ta Mere a ta Soeur a ta Fiancee et Tu ne Diras pas de Betises," (When You Talk to a Dame, Think of your Mother, Sister, Fiancee, and You Won't Say 'Stupid' Things), undated. [Folder 9]
"The YMCA in the Field," from Canada, 1916. [Folder 10]
"YMCA War Work" from Canada, Ontario, 1918. [Folder 10]
WWI Materials:
Drawer 7 "For Every Fighter a Woman Worker," undated. [Folder 1]
"Verdun: Road to YMCA Canteen," undated. [Folder 1]
"Les Foyers du Soldat" template poster, Geo. Dorival, undated. [Folder 1]
YMCA sponsored event "Mischa Elman, World Famous Violinist," undated. [Folder 1]
Canada Red Triangle Fund "From a Soldier's Letter: 'I Certainly Believe...'," undated. [Folder 1]
"Les Orielles Ennemies Vous Ecoutent!" (Enemy Ears Are Listening), undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
"At the Sign of the Red Triangle: The YMCA Keeps the Home Ties From Breaking," National War Work Council, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
"This Synagogue Is behind the United War Work Campaign for the Boys Over There," undated. [Folder 1]
"This Church Is behind the United War Work Campaign for the Boys Over There," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
"The Last Evidence that Anybody Cares," National War Work Council, undated. [Folder 1]
"War Zone Home for Our Boys 'Over There'," undated. [Folder 1]
Red Cross organizational charts, 1917-1918. [Folder 2]
"Oh Boy, that's the Girl!" United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 2]
"Four Years in the Fight: The Women of France," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 2]
"Americans! Look Right Here!" Eagle Club poster, undated. [Folder 2]
"Palais de Glace, Paris YMCA," (Ice Palace), undated. [Folder 2]
"7 in 1 Give," undated. [Folder 2]
Navy YMCA: Great Lakes Weekly Calendar:
Drawer 7 January 12-19, (Vol. VI, No. 1), undated. [Folder 3]
January 19-26, (Vol. VI, No. 2), undated. [Folder 3]
February 16-22, (Vol. VI, No. 5), undated. [Folder 3]
August 11-18, (Vol. IV, No. 6), undated. [Folder 3]
August 18-25, (Vol. IV, No. 7), undated. [Folder 3]
July 28-August 3, (Vol. IV, No. 4), undated. [Folder 3]
August 4-11, (Vol. IV, No. 5), undated. [Folder 3]
August 25-September 1, (Vol. IV, No. 8), undated. [Folder 3]
September 1-8, (Vol. IV, No. 9), undated. [Folder 3]
October 20-27, (Vol. VI, No. 13), undated. [Folder 3]
November 10-17, (Vol. V, No. 16), undated. [Folder 3]
November 24-October 1, (Vol. V, No. 18), undated. [Folder 3]
December 1-8, (Vol. V, No. 19), undated. [Folder 3]
December 8-15, (Vol. V, No. 20), undated. [Folder 3]
December 15-22, (Vol. V, No. 21), undated. [Folder 3]
Price list for American YMCA canteen, November, 1918. 1 large and 7 small copies. [Folder 3]
"Religious Service YMCA" template, undated. [Folder 3]
"See Him Through" National Catholic War Council, November, 1918. 3 copies. [Folder 3]
"Patriotic League," 1918. [Folder 3]
"United We Serve," United War Work Campaign, undated. 4 copies. [Folder 3]
"The Facts," YMCA Canteen Service, undated. 2 large and 1 small copy. [Folder 3]
"Conversion Chart" Francs 5.25 to Francs 5.60, undated. [Folder 4]
"Attendez un Instant. Ca Chauffe!" (Wait a Moment. Things Are Heating Up!) Les Foyers du Soldat, undated. [Folder 4]
"Red Triangle Clip Sheet for the Religious Press -- No. 5," "From the News Bureau of the War Work Council of the YMCA," #326 press release, undated. [Folder 4]
"A Million Boys behind a Million Fighters," United War Work Campaign, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
"Honor Banner, 100%, For the Boys Over There," United War Work Campaign, 2 copies. [Folder 5]
"Consigne d'Alerte en cas d'Avion Ennemi ou Zeppelin," (Instructions in case of Alert of Enemy Planes or Zeppelins), 2 copies. [Folder 5]
"And a Thousand Fighters Call Him Dad!" United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 5]
"Give to the United War Work Campaign, Don't Worry! He's All Right!" United War Work Campaign, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
"High School Boys -- Hope or Democracy?" 7th Annual Kansas Christian Training Camp, 1918. [Folder 5]
"For Your Boy," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 5]
"Hut Week," undated. [Folder 5]
"Tabular Summary -- Leave Area Department," undated. [Folder 5]
"Sunday Services, Camp Dix, November 4," 1917. [Folder 5]
"Community Services, Camp Dix, December 2," 1917. [Folder 5]
"Field Work of the YMCA," Leslie's Weekly, 1916. [Folder 5]
"Student Army Training Corps," undated. [Folder 5]
"Sunday Services, Camp Meade, November 18," 1917. [Folder 5]
"Happenings at the Sign of the Red Triangle in Manay Lands," undated. [Folder 5]
"Sherwood Eddy of New York, Sunday, August 29," undated. [Folder 5]
"Giant Tank Captured from the Germans by the French," newspaper clippings from, "Midweek Pictorial," undated. [Folder 6]
"Reference Map and Data of Medical Department Activities," 1918. [Folder 6]
War Work Council, Million Dollar Fund, undated. 3 posters. [Folder 6]
"Army YMCA Camp Lee, Petersburg, Virginia," February, 1918. [Folder 6]
"Red Triangle Overseas, Paris, France," (Vol. 1, No. 1), August 3, 1918. [Folder 6]
"Special Church Services for Members of A. E. F." from AS-64 leave materials, France, undated. [Folder 6]
"Victoire et Paix, Fete Donee par le Gouverneur, Parc Public, Tientsin, Le 26 Novembre 1918," (Victory and Peace, The Governor Throws a Party, Public Park...), 1918. [Folder 6]
"Sunday Services, Camp Devens, Ayer, Massachusetts, September 23," 1917. [Folder 6]
"The Last Evidence that Anybody Cares," undated. [Folder 6]
Newspaper clipping: "Two Thousand Men Expected to Sample Life in the Army at Fort Benjamin Harrison," undated. [Folder 6]
"War Cry" November 2, 1918. [Folder 6]
Newspaper clipping: "United War Work Campaign," undated. [Folder 6]
"1500 Delegates to Baraca Convention," Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 11, 1916. [Folder 6]
"Special Peace Talk Newspaper Advertisements," United War Work Campaign newspaper ad, 1918. [Folder 6]
"5,500,000 War Prisoners Need Your Help This Christmas Time," Cornell University, undated. [Folder 7]
"War: Some Must Go, All Must Give," Illinois, undated. [Folder 7]
"The Boy's Fund Special," undated. 4 copies. [Folder 7]
"The Dream of an American Soldier," illustration by J. Franklin Caveny, 1917. [Folder 7]
"Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Newspaper," October 26, 1918. 2 copies. [Folder 7]
"Victory Boys," and "Victory Girls," undated. [Folder 7]
"National Council of YMCAs War Emergency Fund," 1918. [Folder 7]
YMCA template poster, undated. [Folder 7]
"Keep Them Smiling," undated. [Folder 7]
"Come on Boys" $10 each for YMCA War Work, undated. [Folder 7]
"The Red Triangle, Faith Hope Love," undated. [Folder 7]
Illustration: "A Typical Hut in Flanders," undated. [Folder 7]
"The War Department and Navy Department Express to the YMCA Their Appreciation for Patriotic Service," signed by Robert Patton and James Fourstal, undated. [Folder 7]
"Washington's Birthday," 1919. [Folder 7]
"War Zone Home for Our Fighting Men," National War Work Council, undated. [Folder 7]
Newsletter: "YMCA War Work," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 7]
"YMCA Army Work," undated. [Folder 8]
"Lend Your Strength," undated. [Folder 8]
"Every Girl Pulling for Victory," undated. 3 copies. [Folder 8]
"He Is a Patriot, Who Whether at the Front, Farm or Forge, Gives Himself to His Country's Service!" YMCA War Work, undated. [Folder 8]
Speech flyer: "Jean Alcide Picard," undated. [Folder 8]
Advertisement for campaign posters, undated. [Folder 8]
"Notice to All Members of the A. E. F." cessation of post services, undated. [Folder 8]
"Earn and Give," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 8]
"Industrial Division," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 8]
"For Your Boy," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 8]
United War Work Campaign cabinet member poster, undated. [Folder 8]
Speech poster: "Dr. Frank Crane '4 Great Delusions'," undated. [Folder 8]
"Dinner Club: The Spirit of War Camp Community Service," United War Work Campaign, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 8]
"Songs: The Spirit of War Camp Community Service," United War Work Campaign, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 8]
"Educational Lectures," undated. [Folder 9]
Posters in Hebrew, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 9]
"The Jewish Welfare Board," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 9]
"Back our Girls Over There," United War Work Campaign, undated. Multiple copies. [Folder 10]
"Help Us Help Our Boys," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 10]
"Put Fighting Blood in Your Business," American Red Cross, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 10]
Illustration: "Les Honneurs Sous le Feu," (Honor under Fire), undated. [Folder 10]
Illustration: "Coucher de Soliel dans la Plaine de L'yser," (Sunset at Plaine de L'yser), undated. [Folder 10]
Illustration: "Le Crepuscule sur le Champ de Bataille," (Twilight on the Battlefield), undated. [Folder 10]
Illustration: "Derniere Vision," (Last Sight), undated. [Folder 10]
Red Triangle poem, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 10]
"Go! It's Your Duty, Lad. Join Today!" undated. [Folder 10]
"The Y Has More than 2000 Such Homes for Our Boys," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 10]
"Morale Hastens Victory," United War Work Campaign, November 11-18, 1918. [Folder 10]
Drawer 8 United War Work Campaign, November 11-18, 1919. 6 posters and broadsides. [Folder 1]
Blue Series German Missions "A Proclamation by the King Relating to Trading with the Enemy," 1914. [Folder 1]
Ad for Bauer and Black surgical dressings, undated. [Folder 2]
"The Greatest Friendly Act in History," undated. [Folder 2]
"The First Hundred Thousand," National YMCA War Fund, undated. [Folder 2]
"YMCA War Work Comrades," 1917. [Folder 2]
"Mother's Day Sunday, May 12," Camp Kearny, undated. [Folder 2]
"Help Our Soldier Boys," undated. [Folder 2]
War, Some Must Go, All Must Give," Illinois Campaign, Indiana Campaign, undated. [Folder 3]
"Of Vital Military Value," United War Work Campaign bound advertisement, undated. [Folder 4]
United War Work Campaign Plan of Operation, undated. [Folder 4]
United War Work Council portfolio for newspaper ad campaigns, November 11-18 and October 15, 1918. [Folder 5]
"Keep Them Smiling," undated. [Folder 5]
"YMCA" blank template with illustration, undated. [Folder 6]
"America's Over-There Theatre League presents 'Sweet Home Folks'," undated. [Folder 6]
"Leslie Ross Presents 'The Live Wires' with a Cast Selected Particularly for the Doughboys," undated. [Folder 6]
"Doesn't Your Heart Tell You to Make a Little Sacrifice...?" United War Work, undated. [Folder 6]
"Join Now, Take Up the Sword of Justice," undated. [Folder 6]
"Attention American School Children!" flier from National Committee of Patriotic Societies, undated. [Folder 6]
"This Was Once Good Earth! Buy MORE War Bonds," undated. [Folder 6]
"American United War Work Campaign for $170,000,000, The Service They Give Actually Adds 10% to the Efficiency of the Men," undated. [Folder 6]
"Why You Should Give Twice as much as You Ever Gave Before!! James Cardinal Gibbons," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 6]
"Library War Service of the American Library Association" map of war libraries for fighting men, United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 6]
"'Hey Fellows!' Your Money Brings the Book We Need When We Want It," American Library Association, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 6]
Poster template: "Attractions at the YMCA," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 7]
"The YMCA Presents an All-Star Syncopated Jazz Company," 1920. [Folder 7]
"Foot Ball A. F. in G League, At Carnival Island," undated. [Folder 7]
Photo: General Pershing, undated. [Folder 7]
"A Sense of Obligation for the Varied and Useful Service Rendered to the Army in France by the YMCA..." Pershing, United War Work Campaign, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 7]
Blank template with illustration: "YMCA," undated. [Folder 7]
Blank template with illustration: "YMCA," man with hut behind him, undated. [Folder 7]
"7 in 1 Give," undated. [Folder 8]
"If We Hadn't the 'Y' Out Here We Would Enjoy Hardships Proper..." Red Triangle Fund, undated. [Folder 8]
Banner: "YMCA, YWCA, His Home Over There," undated. [Folder 8]
"All in One Hat," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 8]
"3 A.M. in a London Station Hut," undated. [Folder 8]
"His Home Over There," United War Work Campaign, undated. [Folder 8]
Drawer 9 "The Dickensonian," Chapman, Kansas, December 4, 1950. [Folder 1]
"The Dickensonian," Chapman, Kansas, October 21, 1939. [Folder 1]
Railroad Department:
Drawer 9 Poster: "Golden Jubilee, Are You Going?" Railway Y, undated. [Folder 1]
Railroad YMCA map: "Growth of a Decade: 1900-1910," booklet attached, undated. [Folder 1]
Drawings of and article about the Booth-Kelly YMCA Camp Car, 1916. [Folder 1]
"Get on the Right Track, Join the Railroad YMCA," undated. [Folder 1]
Railroad YMCA map: "Points in North America Where the Railroad YMCA Is in Operation," 1917. [Folder 1]
Blank treasurer's cash book for Railroad YMCA, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Railroad Department, revised April, 1896. [Folder 2]
Map of the Railroad Department , revised May, 1898. [Folder 2]
Photo: 75th Anniversary, International Transportation, YMCA Conference, Cleveland Ohio, April 24-26, 1947. [Folder 2]
Railroad YMCA Map: "Growth of a Decade: 1900-1910," undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: "30,000 New Members Wanted, November 14-24, 1916, Railroad Department, YMCA, Why not Get in Line?" 1916. [Folder 2]
Poem: "The Construction Corps, U.S.M.R.R.," by Robert Weidensall, 1863. [Folder 2]
Photo: "Banquet RR YMCA First Regiment Armory, St. Louis, Missouri, May 27, 1909, 13th International Conference," 1909. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Railroad YMCA map: "Points in North America Where the Railroad YMCA Is in Operation," 1917. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Booklet: "The YMCA Goes Every Step of the Way from/to Home...Goodbye Broadway, Hello France..." songs and morale, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of the Railroad Department, revised January, 1892. [Folder 2]
Map of Railroad Department, revised May, 1894. [Folder 2]
Calendar: "Railroad Men's Building, Season of 1891-1892," 1891-1892. [Folder 2]
Map of the Railroad Department, revised January, 1901. [Folder 2]
Leaflet: "300 Railroad Associations Linked Together in Aim, Purpose and Program -- For All Time..." undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: "Bulletin No. 2: Fourteenth International Conference, Railroad YMCA, Chicago, Illinois," October 3-6, 1912. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Bulletin No. 3: Four Striking Features..." 1912. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
Railroad map from 1890, Rand McNally, 1890. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
U.S. Military Railroad map, 1866. [Folder 5]
Ron Kinnamon Poster Materials:
Drawer 9 Assorted photos of Ron Kinnamon, black and white photocopies, undated. [Folder 6]
Sioux Falls Family YMCA, "Character Counts" event flyers, October 25, 1997. [Folder 6]
Large photo, girl in tree, undated. [Folder 6]
"Character Counts," bios and photos, undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: "Imagine...a Future Generation...Generation Y," undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: "They're the Kind of People Who Know It Takes More than Just Exercise to Strengthen a Heart...Generation Y," undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: assorted "Generation Y" promo, undated. [Folder 6]
Rusch Collection Reproductions of Posters and Stamps:
Drawer 9 Stamps: "Ministry of Communications Republic of Korea," 1982. [Folder 7]
Stamps: "Ministry of Communications Republic of Korea," 1991. [Folder 7]
Stamps: "Pilipinas, Diamond Jubilee, Manila, YMCA," 1978. [Folder 7]
Poster: "Lend Your Strength," undated. [Folder 7]
Rusch WWI Collection:
Drawer 9 "Ladies Home Journal...The YMCA Girl Over There," October, 1918. [Folder 8]
"The Ladies Home Journal...The YMCA Goes Every Step of the Way," August, 1918. [Folder 8]
Sheet music: "The Meaning of YMCA, You Must Come Across," and inscription: "6-5-1982 Delbert Gabel's Auction Sale, Alice M. Robinson," 1918 and 1982. [Folder 8]
Photo and description: "From Here Came Hot Coffee, Prayers and General Good Cheer -- U.S. Christian Commission in Washington," undated. [Folder 8]
"The Ladies Home Journal...The YMCA in War," July, 1917. [Folder 8]
"The Times, Tuesday December 12, 1916, The Finest Christmas Gift of All; Send Them a YMCA Building," 1916. [Folder 8]
World Service:
Drawer 10 Booklet: "Work of the YMCA in Czechoslovakia, Steady Growth of the 'Old Associations'," 1922-1924. [Folder 1]
Graphic: "YMCA World Service, In Ever-Widening Circles Helps People to Help Themselves," 1960s. [Folder 1]
Photos and article: "The First World's Committee, The Plenary Meeting of the World's Committee," 1878 and 1903. [Folder 1]
World Alliance map, 1967. 3 copies. [Folder 1]
Small poster from Estonia, box 2, Tallinan (Reval) reports, 1923-1929. [Folder 2]
Poster: "World Tours," 1938. [Folder 2]
"Supplement to the Evening Recorder, Brockville, Ontario, January 1900, YMCA Progress," 1900. [Folder 2]
"Map of YMCA World Work," (removed from Latourette, Kenneth S. box 3), undated. [Folder 2]
Photo: Manila custom house, Pacific building and Masonic Temple, undated. [Folder 2]
Map: Haifa-Jerusalem (removed from Records of International Work in Palestine and Israel), undated. [Folder 3]
Broadsheet: Youth in Old Jerusalem (removed from Records of International Work in Palestine and Israel), 1933. [Folder 3]
Poster: "The Israeli Occupation of the West Bank Gaza Strip," 1990s. [Folder 3]
"City of Jerusalem Town Planning Scheme," 1918. [Folder 3]
Lithograph: "Jerusalem, the Old City," undated. [Folder 3]
Watercolor: "Jerusalem," by Maureen Fain, undated. [Folder 3]
Black and white photos: The Jerusalem YMCA, the swimming pool, main entrance, athletic field, visitors from a kibbutz, "A Sermon in Stone," undated. [Folder 3]
Watercolor: Jerusalem with dancers and musicians, undated. [Folder 3]
Jerusalem YMCA plans, prepared in Geneva (removed from Records of International Work in Palestine and Israel), 1957. [Folder 3]
"Foreign Work Distributions of Administrative Expenses," 1908-1917. [Folder 3]
State Conventions:
Drawer 10 "Proceedings of 5th Annual Convention of the YMCAs of Indiana Held at New Albany, October 16-18," 1874. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Vacation Time YMCA of the Rockies," undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Local Conference Under the Auspices of the State Executive Committee, Illinois YMCA Association Workers Will Speak..." undated. [Folder 4]
Flyer: "24th Annual State Convention of the Illinois YMCA, Sterling, October 14-18," 1896. [Folder 4]
Flyer: "College Men Will Be Pleased to Know that Mr. F.S. Brockman Will Participate in Sessions of The State Convention Illinois, Sterling, October 14-18," 1896. [Folder 4]
Flyer: "16th Annual State Convention of the YMCA of Illinois, Rock Island, September 19-23," 1888. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
Flyer: "15th Annual State Convention of the YMCA of Illinois, Quincy, October 20-23," 1887. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
Photo: "19th YMCA Conference on National Affairs, June 29-July 4, 1986, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly," 1986. [Folder 4]
Photo: "23rd YMCA Conference on National Affairs, July 1-6, 1990, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly," 1990. [Folder 4]
Photo: "21st YMCA Conference on National Affairs, July 3-7, 1988, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly," 1988. [Folder 4]
NY State Convention poster, February, 1906. [Folder 4]
Massachusetts Posters:
Drawer 10 "First Annual Field Day of the YMCA of the Third District, Cambridge, Massachusetts," 1891. [Folder 4]
"Young Men YMCA Second District Conference at Gloucester," 1895. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
"A Reminder: Second District Convention, Gloucester," 1895. [Folder 4]
State Convention Posters:
Drawer 10 "Third Annual Convention, YMCAs of West Virginia, Fairmont, March 7-10," 1912. [Folder 5]
"32nd Annual State Convention, Illinois YMCA, Alton, Illinois, October 21-23," 1904. [Folder 5]
"George Edmund Foss, Member of Congress: 7th Illinois District, State Convention," undated. [Folder 5]
"First Annual State Convention of Montana, Bozeman, October 17-19," 1913. [Folder 5]
"500 Men Will Attend the 31st Annual State Convention, Ohio YMCA, Marion, February 19-22," 1898. [Folder 5]
"Ecce Signum! 26th Annual YMCA of Ohio, Lima, February 9-12," 1893. [Folder 5]
"En Avant a Genoux, 26th annual YMCA of Ohio..." 1893. [Folder 5]
"Interstate Convention, Carolina YMCAs, March 23-26, 1906, Charleston, South Carolina," 1906. [Folder 5]
"YMCA State Convention, Some of the Speakers, Hampton, Virginia, February 23-26," 1905. [Folder 5]
"State Convention, Virginia, YMCAs, The Virginia Male Quartette," 1908. [Folder 5]
"State-Wide Campaign, YMCA, October 20-30, 1919, Virginia Money for Virginia Manhood, GIVE," 1919. [Folder 5]
"A Great Laymen's Convention," Syracuse, New York, 1910. [Folder 5]
"Biennial State Convention," Kingston, New York, 1900. [Folder 5]
Boundary Waters and Quetico area maps, undated, 1890, 1963 and 1966. [Folder 6]
Boundary Waters and Quetico area maps, undated, 1930, 1935 and 1963. [Folder 7]
Map of natural resources of Canada, undated. [Folder 7]
"Map of the General Field Work in North America of the International Committee..." undated. [Folder 7]
"The Railway Signal Almanack," 1888-1890. [Folder 7]
Indiana Convention Posters:
Drawer 10 Indianapolis, 1899. [Folder 8]
Winona Lake, 1898. [Folder 8]
Terre Haute, 1895. [Folder 8]
Evansville, 1892. [Folder 8]
Indianapolis, 1893. [Folder 8]
Armed Services:
Drawer 12 Poster: "Don't Say 'No' to the U.S.O," undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: large and fragile, found with Spanish American War materials, 1898. [Folder 1]
Armed Services Work map and revisions, 1966-1967. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Keep 'em Reading!" Victory Book Campaign, undated. [Folder 1]
Centennial poster, 1961. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Attention Members of the National Guard of Connecticut...Reading and Recreation Tent," 1900. [Folder 1]
Norman Rockwell poster: "The Sunday Evening Post: C.S. Forester's New Navy Stories," 1942. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
Extra copies of Historical Exhibit Write-ups, 1899-1966. [Folder 1]
Poster advertising Armed Services and YMCA standard services in U.S. cities: "Welcome! Men and Women of the Armed Services," undated. [Folder 1]
Proclamation of laying the cornerstone of the Club House in Vallejo, California, "Dedicated to...Blue Jackets and Marines," signed by Theodore Roosevelt, 1903. [Folder 1]
Proposed plan of Armed Services Center hostess desk, designed by R. Fletcher, 1963. [Folder 2]
Photo of the Brooklyn Naval Branch, undated. [Folder 2]
"Navy 'Y' Bulletin," February and March, 1943. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
Map of USO locations, undated. [Folder 2]
Brooklyn Navy YMCA Events poster: "Clarence Anderson, World Renowned Fancy Shot, Pocket Billiardist," 1951. [Folder 2]
Poster: "U.S. Asiatic Fleet, Church Service," undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: "Soldier's Memorial, Spanish American War," 1898. [Folder 2]
Poster: "Postage Rates," 1923. [Folder 2]
Plan for public relations Army Exhibit, 1973. [Folder 2]
Poster: "American Red Cross Citation," 1943. [Folder 2]
Certificate: "War Department and Navy Department Express to the YMCA Appreciation for Patriotic Service," 1946. [Folder 2]
Poster rough draft: "When Ashore in New York, Special Fleet Day," undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: East Coast Navy YMCAs, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Poster: Brooklyn Navy YMCA, undated. [Folder 2]
Canvas poster: "Spanish American War Camp Thomas, Georgia," undated. [Folder 3]
Handmade posters: "1981 Annual Appreciation Dinner," "Salute to the Military Luncheon," "Armed Services Week, Kansas," photos and newspaper clippings, 1981. [Folder 4]
Handmade posters, newspaper clippings and photos, 1981. 5 copies. [Folder 4]
Posters of military insignia, "Vanguard Insignia," 1955. 4 copies. [Folder 5]
Poster: "100th Anniversary, YMCA's Service to the Armed Forces," 1998. 4 copies. [Folder 5]
Black Work:
Drawer 13 Poster: "Camp William Hunton for Colored Boys, July," 1921. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Twentieth National Conference, Colored Men's Department," undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: "King's Mountain Student Conference, July," (addresses about racial and religious problems), 1927. [Folder 1]
Certificate: "To Members and Supporters of YMCAs in Black Communities," November, 1975 and 1979. [Folder 1]
Program: "First Older Colored Boy's Conference, Orange, November 24th and 25th," 1916. [Folder 1]
Information sheet on Anthony Bowen, undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: "14th Annual State Older Boy's Conference, Dallas, Texas," 1935. [Folder 1]
Poster: "King's Mountain YMCA-YWCA Conference, Twentieth Annual Session," 1932. [Folder 1]
Poster: "King's Mountain YMCA-YWCA Student Conference," 1935. [Folder 1]
Poster: "King's Mountain Student Conference, June," 1931. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Two Southern Student Christian Conferences," (one for whites, one for whites and blacks), 1941. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Third Annual Session Southwestern Student Conference," 1921. [Folder 1]
Leo B. Marsh certificate, Second Annual Conference, black and non-white YMCA staff, Chicago, November 14-16, 1969. [Folder 1]
Poster: "King's Mountain YMCA-YWCA Student Conference," 1934. [Folder 1]
Poster: "150 Years of African American Service in the YMCA, Milestones," undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: Kautz Family YMCA Archives, 150 Years of African American Service in the YMCA, undated. [Folder 1]
Enlarged photo of Anthony Bowens, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
Women in the YMCA:
Drawer 13 Leaflet: "WAAC, This Is My War Too! Women Army Auxiliary Corps, US Army," undated. [Folder 2]
Large certificate: "The President of the United States and the San Francisco Branch of Women's Auxiliary..." cornerstone commemoration for Club House in Dallejo, California, 1903. [Folder 2]
Miscellaneous sketches by Marguerite S. Cockett, WWI artist, undated. [Folder 2]
Informational posters:
Drawer 13 Margaret Sage, undated. 4 copies. [Folder 2]
Winifred Colton, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
Ellen Brown, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
Xinia Brenes Jenkins, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Addie Hunton, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
Wilhemina Aveling, undated. 4 copies. [Folder 2]
Agnes Pall, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
Marguerite Cockett, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
Harlan, Robert: Souvenir papers from San Francisco fire, 1906. [Folder 2]
Drawer 13 Poster: "You Can Help Send a Kid to Y Camp And it Won't Cost You a Penny, Test Drive a Datsun!" undated. [Folder 3]
Photo commemorating Centennial Campers, World Camp, 1985. [Folder 3]
Photos from 1984 Estes Park camping, undated. [Folder 3]
Poster of YMCA Youth Camping postage stamps "Big Brothers/Big Sisters," undated. [Folder 3]
Pamphlet: "Send Him to Camp Dudley for the Summer of 1920," 1920. [Folder 3]
Illustration: "Lake George, the Most Picturesque Resort in America," found in New Jersey camping, 1907. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Summer Camp for Older Boys, Chesapeake Haven, Maryland, July 7-28," 1911. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Year by Year, the Indiana Y Camps," 1926. [Folder 3]
Poster: Camping, New Jersey, Wawayanda, 1907. [Folder 3]
Poster: Camping, New Jersey, Wawayanda, Employed Boys, 1907. [Folder 3]
Poster: "9th Year, Camp Wood, Kansas State YMCA Boys' Camp," 1924. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Help Wanted in USA," International Camp Counselor Program recruitment, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
Illustration: "Camp Tecumseh YMCA, Experiences That Last a Lifetime!" undated. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Peak Performance: Reaching New Heights as a YMCA Camping Professional," 1998. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Camp Hanes, Where Every Day is Special," undated. [Folder 3]
Blueprint for Camp Becket, Massachusetts and Rhode Island YMCA dining hall, undated. [Folder 3]
Newsletters: "Camping Today Owes Much to a YMCA Volunteer," Camping Centennial, October 7, 1985. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
USO Materials:
Drawer 13 Hand drawn poster: "The Snowball Dance for Service Men, Saturday, December 25," 1943. [Folder 4]
Blueprint: "Proposed Dormitory for Balboa Amador USO Club," 1942. [Folder 4]
Poster: "They're Giving a Lot...Won't You Give a Little?" undated. [Folder 4]
Calendar: "USO Clubs of Rockford Welcome You! Events for November," undated. [Folder 4]
Large blueprint: "Proposed Dormitory for Balboa Amador USO Club," 1942. [Folder 4]
USO YMCA City Histories, industrial map, Sheffield, Alabama, Muscle Shoals, undated. [Folder 4]
USO YMCA City Histories, Front Royal, Virginia, 1944. [Folder 4]
USO YMCA City Histories, industrial: Knoxville, Tennessee, undated. [Folder 4]
Drawer 13 Impact of industrial workers, undated. [Folder 4]
Housing in Knoxville, FHA Building Program, undated. [Folder 4]
Trailer camps, location and population, undated. [Folder 4]
White and Negro population areas, undated. [Folder 4]
Existing facilities for recreation, undated. [Folder 4]
Knoxville parks and playgrounds, undated. [Folder 4]
FHA Home Building projects in town adjacent to Knoxville, undated. [Folder 4]
Negro Community commercial recreation, undated. [Folder 4]
Schools and institutions within Negro community, undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives," undated. 3 copies. [Folder 5]
Poster: "Oakdale Welcomes Sagebrush Troops, USO," undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: "They're Doing a Lot...Let's Do Our Share," undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: "...and Remember USO Is a Big Part of the National War Fund," undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives," ship sinking, 2 copies. [Folder 5]
Poster: "Loose Talk Can Cause This..." American prisoner in Nazi camp, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
Poster: "1972 USO Golf Tournament, USO of Okinawa," 1972. [Folder 5]
Full-page magazine ads: "Liberty -- to Do What?" undated. [Folder 5]
Map: USOs in America, 1942. [Folder 5]
Full-page newspaper ads: "Zero Hour, Open Your Heart," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
Sign: "Liability Limited to $50 for Checked Articles..." to be posted in USO facilities, letter of purpose included, 1969. [Folder 5]
Proclamation: "USO Day," signed by Richard Nixon, undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: "USO for National Defense," sign up sheet, undated. [Folder 5]
Y's Men:
Drawer 14 Posters: Y's Men First YMCA World Urban Conference, Tokyo, November 4-9, 1979. [Folder 1]
Drawer 14 "39th Annual International Y's Men's Convention, August 5," 1973. [Folder 2]
"International Y's Men's International Convention, August," 1929. [Folder 2]
"15th Annual Convention International Association Y's Men's Clubs, August," 1937. [Folder 2]
"International Association of Y's Men's Clubs, 16th Annual Convention, August," 1938. [Folder 2]
"26th International Convention of the International Association of Y's Men's Clubs, August," 1950. [Folder 2]
"International Convention of Y's Men's Clubs, August," 1961. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
"20th Annual Convention International Association of Y's Men's Clubs, August," 1942. [Folder 2]
"21st Annual Convention International Association of Y's Men's Clubs," 1944. [Folder 2]
"International Convention of Y's Men Clubs," 1953. [Folder 2]
"Y's Men's International Golden Anniversary Convention, Ohio University, July," 1972. [Folder 2]
"1958 Pacific Southwest Region Convention," 1958. [Folder 2]
"19th Annual International Y's Men's Convention, August," 1941. [Folder 2]
"Y Men's Tree Lot, La Crosse Area Family YMCA," 1950s. [Folder 2]
"Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor, City of Toledo, Ohio, 75th Anniversary of Y's Men's International," 1997. [Folder 2]
Banner with International Convention name tags, 1960s and 1970s. [Folder 2]
Poster: "Y's Hoots, July/August," 1969. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Paul Williams Alexander -- A Eulogy 1888-1967," 1888-1967. [Folder 3]
Large foam board poster: "To Acknowledge the Duty 1922-1997, 75 Year History of Y's Men's International," 1997. [Folder 4]
Velcro board: "All New Chronological History of Y'sdom!, Buy Now!" 1998. [Folder 4]
Stack of posters: "Men, Women, Check Us Out!" undated. [Folder 4]
Handmade poster: Y's Men International and Kent area Y's Men, undated. [Folder 5]
Drawer 15 Vladeck Houses, Lower East Side, New York, undated. [Folder 1]
Mary K. Simkhovitch Houses, New York, 1956. 3 drawings. [Folder 1]
Children's playground, Riverside Park, New York, undated. [Folder 1]
Henry Street Settlement, large and small schematics, 1948. [Folder 1]
George William's College, undated. [Folder 1]
Central Branch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, undated. [Folder 2]
Untitled, undated. [Folder 2]
Marietta, Ohio, 1949. [Folder 2]
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1949. [Folder 2]
Proposed YMCA building in Omaha, Nebraska, 1945. [Folder 2]
Flat Rock Camp, Indianapolis, Indiana, undated. [Folder 2]
North Branch, Indianapolis, Minnesota, undated. [Folder 2]
Rockford, Illinois, undated. [Folder 2]
Flat Rock River Court administrative building, Indianapolis, Indiana, undated. [Folder 2]
Flat Rock River Court weekend cottage, Indianapolis, Indiana, undated. [Folder 2]
Flat Rock River Court caretaker's house, Indianapolis, Indiana, undated. [Folder 2]
Flat Rock River Court director's house, Indianapolis, Indiana, undated. [Folder 2]
Flat Rock Camp, Indianapolis, Indiana, undated. [Folder 2]
Camp Carson, Princeton, Indiana, undated. [Folder 2]
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1946. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
South Branch, Indianapolis, Indiana, undated. [Folder 2]
Marion, Ohio, 1950. [Folder 2]
Clinton, Iowa, 1960. [Folder 2]
Headquarters Building for International Association of Y's Men, Oak Brook, Illinois, 1967. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Omaha athletics club, interior and exterior, 1917. [Folder 3]
Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 1945. [Folder 3]
North Side Branch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1945. [Folder 3]
Waukesha, Wisconsin, 1948. [Folder 3]
Central Branch, Denver, Colorado, undated. [Folder 3]
Unidentified building, "Philip Duke West, Architect," undated. [Folder 3]
Waco, Texas, undated. [Folder 3]
Unidentified drawings, 1955. [Folder 3]
Newark, New Jersey, undated. [Folder 3]
Rockford, Illinois, undated. [Folder 3]
Downtown YMCA, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, undated. [Folder 3]
Webster Groves YMCA, undated. [Folder 3]
Scottsbluff, Nebraska, undated. [Folder 3]
Untitled, August, 1941. [Folder 3]
Central Branch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1946. [Folder 3]
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1945. [Folder 3]
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1949. [Folder 3]
Wausau, Wisconsin, 1960. [Folder 3]
Sanigaw, Michigan, 1955. [Folder 3]
North Branch, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1957. [Folder 3]
Waukesha, Wisconsin, undated. [Folder 3]
Park Cities Y Development Project, undated. [Folder 3]
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1946. [Folder 3]
Remodeling of 1901 University Ave, YMCA Building for U of M, Minneapolis Campus, 1981. 3 copies. [Folder 4]
Interior drawings, 1901 University Avenue, undated. 4 copies. [Folder 5]
1901 University Avenue, Building #93, undated. [Folder 5]
Building and site demolition plan for University Avenue SE and 18th Avenue SE, undated. [Folder 5]
Photocopy: "Plot Plan," fraternity house, U of M, August, 1924. [Folder 5]
Proposed building plan of Army Navy YMCA, Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1947. [Folder 6]
Design for the Copley: residences designed by Standard Homes Company, Washington, D.C., undated. [Folder 6]
Bremerton Armed Forces YMCA, Washington, 1969. [Folder 6]
Army Navy Building, Balboa Cristobal, letter included, 1947. [Folder 6]
Army Navy Building, Balboa, Panama Canal Zone, 1947. [Folder 6]
Army Navy YMCA plumbing, Shanghai, China, 1948. [Folder 6]
Drawer 16 Ground floor plan, USO YMCA Club in Neosho, Missouri, 1943. [Folder 1]
Great Lakes Navy YMCA School of Physical Training, Great Lakes Naval Station, Illinois, 1919. [Folder 1]
Flow chart: "Grand Central Committee: Oregon-Washington-Idaho-Western Montana," undated. [Folder 1]
Flow chart: "Headquarters, Portland," undated. [Folder 1]
Project #3, Army Navy YMCA, Balboa, Canal Zone, 1939. [Folder 2]
Project #2, Army Navy YMCA, Balboa, Canal Zone, undated. 2 sheets. [Folder 2]
"Additions to the YMCA Balboa Canal Zone," letter from L. Matinez to General B. Lear included, 1939. [Folder 2]
"Army and Navy YMCA San Diego, California basement extension plan," undated. [Folder 2]
"Army and Navy YMCA San Diego, California for 24 hour utility auditorium and gymnasium," undated. [Folder 2]
"Plat Survey of Block 'B' Middletown, San Diego, California," property letter attached, 1942. [Folder 2]
"Alterations and Additions to Bremerton YMCA, Washington," 1957. 3 copies. [Folder 2]
Preliminary sketch for USO Army Navy, San Diego, California, undated. [Folder 2]
"Plan Showing Rearrangement of Storage Lockers in Basement," Army Navy YMCA, San Diego, California, undated. [Folder 2]
"Armed Forces YMCA: Newport, Rhode Island," 1977. [Folder 2]
Booklet of specifications for alterations and additions to Army Navy building, San Diego, California, undated. [Folder 2]
USO Alabama Tuskegee Institute, Edward Miller, Architect, undated. 11 drawings. [Folder 3]
1st through 5th floor measured drawings for Armed Services YMCA, Washington Square, Newport, Rhode Island, undated. [Folder 3]
Army Navy YMCA San Diego, California, 1941. multiple drawings. [Folder 4]
Camp Induhapi building plans, undated. [Folder 5]
Layout building, designs and equipment, original drawings for plates, New York City, undated. [Folder 5]
Scans of plans for University YMCA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1922. [Folder 6]
Sketches: 1901 University Avenue, U of M YMCA, Minneapolis, Minnesota, undated. [Folder 6]
International Building Materials:
Drawer 17 Varajad, undated. [Folder 1]
Bangkok, undated. [Folder 1]
Vorachack, Bangkok, undated. [Folder 1]
Bangkok Hostel, undated. [Folder 1]
Camp Pharthya, undated. [Folder 1]
Camp, undated. [Folder 1]
Sathorn Road, 1969-1971. [Folder 2]
Rangoon, Burma, 1927. 7 sheets. [Folder 3]
Rangoon proposed rebuilding scheme, 1931. 4 sheets. [Folder 3]
Proposed additions to bungalow, Kollupitiya, Sri Lanka, undated. [Folder 4]
Transvaal, South Africa, 1979. [Folder 4]
YMCA Center, Tripoli, undated. [Folder 4]
Army Navy Building, Shanghai, undated. [Folder 4]
Nagasaki and environs, Japan, undated. [Folder 4]
Camping, Thailand, undated. 3 maps. [Folder 4]
Building Sketch, Krakow, Poland, undated. [Folder 4]
Constantinople, Turkey Building Project photos, 1925-1927. [Folder 4]
YMCA architectural drawings, St. Petersburg, undated. [Folder 4]
Athens, Greece map, 1959-1960. [Folder 4]
Salonika, Greece building folder, 1932. [Folder 4]
Map of Tokyo, Japan, undated. [Folder 4]
Istanbul, Turkey YMCA house, undated. [Folder 4]
Lisbon, Portugal blueprint, 1958-1962. [Folder 5]
Lisbon, Portugal, undated. [Folder 5]
Taiwan blueprints, undated. [Folder 5]
Map of Taipei, Taiwan, undated. [Folder 5]
India Blueprints and Plans:
Drawer 17 Central YMCA student hostel, sports stadium, boy's department building, undated. [Folder 6]
Leamington Road, undated. [Folder 6]
Rebesch Street, undated. [Folder 6]
Samagounder Road swimming pool and terraced hall in Tirupa Hur, undated. [Folder 6]
Drawer 17 Map of YMCA Centers, undated. [Folder 6]
Central YMCA, Lenotraph Road stadium, boy's club, second floor building and international student center, undated. [Folder 6]
Infantry Road Hostel, undated. [Folder 6]
Drawer 17 Vepery Branch building plans, undated. [Folder 6]
Royapettah building plans, undated. [Folder 6]
Kilpauk building plans, undated. [Folder 6]
Photo of building, undated. [Folder 6]
South Africa:
Drawer 17 Fort Hare, undated. [Folder 7]
Student's building, undated. [Folder 7]
Site plans, undated. 4 drawings. [Folder 7]
Krakow, Poland book of blueprints, 1929. [Folder 8]
Drawer 18 Campo Williams, undated. [Folder 1]
Chihuahua, undated. [Folder 1]
Tlalnepantla, undated. [Folder 1]
Monterrey map, undated. [Folder 1]
Chihuahua map, undated. [Folder 1]
Merida map, undated. [Folder 1]
Mexico map, undated. [Folder 1]
YMCA Mexico maps, undated. [Folder 2]
Brazil YMCA blueprints, undated. [Folder 2]
Uruguay YMCA blueprints, undated. [Folder 2]
Cristobal, Panama Canal Zone, undated. [Folder 2]
Beit Sahour YMCA (Field of Shepherds), West Bank, 1999. [Folder 3]
Jerusalem YMCA plans and surveys, undated, 1928, 1931, 1933 and 1946. [Folder 3]
YMCA Puerto Rico blueprints, undated. [Folder 4]
George William's College, 1972. [Folder 4]
Crestline YMCA, Cleveland, Ohio, undated. [Folder 4]
Drawer 18 McGill University blueprints, 1893-1902. [Folder 5]
Booklet: "Coming Through," Toronto, 1930. [Folder 5]
Poster: "Building Better Citizens," 1932. [Folder 5]
Poster: "Thirty Fifth Maritime Convention, Charlottetown, P.E.I., September 14-17," 1905. [Folder 5]
Flier: "Youth Marches On, May 1946," (removed from Canada-Ontario-Hamilton, Box 35), 1946. [Folder 5]
Poster: "A War Measure," (removed from Canada-Ontario-Petersboro, folder 29), 1916. [Folder 5]
Poster: "Young Men," (removed from Canada-Ontario-Ottawa, box 37), 1923. [Folder 5]
Blueprint: Merrick Center Day Care Center, Clinton Tower, undated. [Folder 6]
Blueprint: YMCA building, Pennsylvania College (to be named in honor of Robert Weidensall, '60), undated. [Folder 6]
Blueprint: Dining hall in YMCA Boy's Camp, Durham, North Carolina, (removed from bio file of Jenny, Arnold Eugene), April, 1930. [Folder 6]
Map: "Map Used by John R. Mott in Visitation of Colleges and Universities," 1888-1889. [Folder 6]
China Building Records, Blueprints and Posters:
Drawer 19 Canton Residence, 1925. [Folder 1]
Drawer 19 Map of Lieuku Estate, August, 1915. [Folder 1]
Lily Valley Kuling Conference property, 1926. [Folder 1]
Map of Chengtu, Szechuan, undated. [Folder 1]
Revised summary of final financial statements concerning China Association Building Program, 1922-1924. [Folder 1]
Amoy, undated. [Folder 1]
Map of Amoy, 1933. [Folder 1]
Drawer 19 Deed of perpetual lease, undated. [Folder 1]
Building site, 1924. [Folder 1]
YMCA Physical Director proposed residence site, undated. [Folder 1]
Building materials, 1911-1914. [Folder 1]
Provincewide Evangelistic Campaign, Fukein, 1914. [Folder 1]
Tientsin maps and blueprints, undated. [Folder 1]
YMCA property, Chengtu, 1926. [Folder 1]
Drawer 19 General plot, undated. [Folder 2]
Diagram of present site and adjoining site for purchase, undated. [Folder 2]
Plan of YMCA residence property, 1908. [Folder 2]
General plot of Foochow/Nantai residence lot, undated. [Folder 2]
YMCA building floor plans, undated. [Folder 2]
Drawer 19 Location of three residences, undated. [Folder 2]
Block plan YMCA building, undated. [Folder 2]
New building, future boy's building, 1916. [Folder 2]
Survey of building site, 1914. [Folder 2]
House for International Committee, undated. [Folder 2]
YMCA property, Chengtu, 1924 and 1926. [Folder 2]
Plan of new building site, Chefoo, 1916-1946. [Folder 2]
Plan of YMCA property, Foochow, 1907. [Folder 3]
Conference site, Kaignan, 1916-1929. [Folder 3]
Amoy, 1915-1948. [Folder 3]
Canton, 1917-1920. [Folder 3]
Darien, 1916-1929. [Folder 3]
Residence building records, 1924. [Folder 3]
Report on YMCA residence construction, 1923. [Folder 3]
Blueprint, 1933-1937. [Folder 3]
Revised summary of final financial statements, 1922. [Folder 3]
Drawer 19 Residences, undated. [Folder 3]
Army and Navy, undated. [Folder 3]
Teacher's room, 1914-1923. [Folder 3]
Plan of the Foreign Concessions and Environs, 1924. [Folder 3]
Chefoo, 1916-1946. [Folder 3]
Drawer 19 Southside YMCA plan, undated. [Folder 4]
Map and suburbs, undated. [Folder 4]
Map of provincewide campaign, 1914. [Folder 4]
International Committee property, undated. [Folder 4]
Drawer 19 Residence site deed, 1925. [Folder 4]
Residences, 1920-1959. [Folder 4]
Maps, undated. [Folder 4]
Mukden map, secretary's residence building site, 1931-1959. [Folder 4]
Map of southern part of Fukein province, undated. [Folder 5]
Drawer 19 Replies to Dr. Lyon's questions, 1920. [Folder 5]
Reports, August-December, 1938. [Folder 5]
Headquarters, undated. [Folder 5]
Frenchtown, 1924. [Folder 5]
Lot survey and blueprints, undated. [Folder 5]
Central district, 1918-1919. [Folder 5]
National YMCA building plans, 1926. [Folder 5]
Lot survey of International Committee Property, Chinese Central Association blueprint and drawing, 1916. [Folder 5]
Drawer 19 Additional areas of land, 1923. [Folder 5]
Proposed building drawing, undated. [Folder 5]
Map, undated. [Folder 5]
Paoting map, 1913-1924. [Folder 5]
Nanching deed to land, 1920. [Folder 5]
Drawer 19 Deeds and blueprints, 1924. [Folder 5]
Ceylon (removed from Edgar Torrence correspondence), 1970-1972. [Folder 5]
Maps and posters, undated. [Folder 5]
Tientsin maps and blueprints, undated. [Folder 5]
Kaifeng residence site and map, 1922-1947. [Folder 5]
Hankow sketch showing Boy's and Educational Department additions to Penman Hall, 1920. [Folder 5]
Hankow building records, boy's proposed additions, annual report and plan showing property sold, 1914-1923. [Folder 5]
Nanking map, undated. [Folder 5]
Chungking, 1925 and 1941. [Folder 5]
Drawer 20 Building and floor plans, undated. [Folder 1]
Proposed building, 1919. [Folder 1]
Present lot, undated. [Folder 1]
Buildings, undated. [Folder 1]
Building materials, 1926-1946. [Folder 1]
Map, undated. [Folder 1]
Drawer 20 Residence floor plan, 1934-1935. [Folder 1]
Survey of Land Northwest, 1903-1931. [Folder 1]
Residence site drawing and letter to Dalton F. McClelland, 1924 and 1948. [Folder 1]
Hankow Trade Area, Wuhan, 1911-1924. [Folder 1]
Drawer 20 Building site, 1916. [Folder 1]
Alternate building site, 1916. [Folder 1]
Map of streets, population, education and businesses, 1916. [Folder 1]
Secretarial Residence, undated. [Folder 1]
Armed Services Work, sale of Embassy Guard Property, Peiping, 1947-1948. [Folder 1]
Drawer 20 Residences, 1913-1950. [Folder 1]
Building site, undated. [Folder 1]
YMCA property, undated. [Folder 1]
Drawer 20 Map of suburbs and settlement, 1939-1947. [Folder 2]
Diagram of YMCA building, 1939-1947. [Folder 2]
Sketch of proposed building site, 1939-1947. [Folder 2]
Residence site, 1939-1947. [Folder 2]
Map, 1939-1947. [Folder 2]
Siam, 1939-1947. [Folder 2]
Wuchong, Hankow and Hanyang map, of three cities, undated. [Folder 2]
Drawer 20 West city building, undated. [Folder 2]
North China Union School, 1921-1926 and 1968. [Folder 2]
North China Union Language School floor plans, 1919-1920. [Folder 2]
Drawer 20 Deeds, 1946. [Folder 2]
Residence deeds, 1915-1946. [Folder 2]
West suburbs residence site, undated. [Folder 2]
Map, undated. [Folder 2]
Sian residence, 1922-1923. [Folder 2]
Drawer 20 Chinese YMCA building block plan and floors, undated. [Folder 2]
Kunming deed, 1950-1952. [Folder 2]
Business section, undated. [Folder 2]
Residence site, undated. [Folder 2]
Yunnan residence, 1913-1925. [Folder 2]
Map of Tai Yuan Fu, Shansi, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
Correspondence and reports, January-February, 1908. [Folder 3]
Building records, Nanking residences, 1903-1931. [Folder 3]
Map of Nanking, 1931. [Folder 3]
Nanking building records, 1923-1924. [Folder 3]
World Youth Fund subject files and map of Nanking, January-June, 1946. [Folder 3]
Plans for Chinese YMCA in Binondo, Manila, Philippine Isles, 1924. [Folder 4]
Plans for conference site at Wofossu, 1916. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Regulations: 1925 National Essay Contest," 1925. [Folder 5]
Posters: "Four Education Movement" for juniors, Tientsin YMCA, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
Poster: "The Imperialism..." undated. [Folder 5]
Attendance chart for Public Health Campaign in Changsha, Hunan, 1915. [Folder 5]
Poster: "It Is Easier to Prevent then to Cure! Fight against Cholera," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
Postcards: "Health Habits," undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: "Hygiene of the Teeth," Canadian Mission Pres., Chengtu, undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: smallpox vaccination, public health campaign, 1920. [Folder 5]
Passport for an American Doctor issued by Hu Bei, Military Governor, undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: "Calling for Smallpox Immunizations," 1920. [Folder 5]
Poster: "25th Anniversary China YMCA, Tientsin YMCA," 1920. [Folder 5]
Poster: "TB Causes, How to Spread It, How to Protect Yourself," undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: "8th National Convention of the Chinese YMCA, Tientsin," 1920. [Folder 5]
Poster: "It Is Your Duty!...Tuberculosis Exhibition," undated. [Folder 5]
Poster: Health Education miscellaneous print about cholera, 1915-1931. [Folder 5]
Certificate: "Nanking YMCA Educational Department, Elementary Course in First Aid to the Injured," 1914. [Folder 5]
Public Health Campaign handbill in Chinese, undated. [Folder 5]
New year greeting letter to friends and family, 1915. [Folder 5]
Poster: "In Loving Memory of Roy L. Moeller, 1880-1927," (removed from bio file of Roy L. Moeller), undated. [Folder 5]
Unidentified poster, undated. [Folder 5]
Miscellaneous print about Chinese laborers in France, 1918. [Folder 6]
Letter from Hua Yany Yi Zhen Hui (Chinese Voluntary Association of Revitalization) to director of Tientsin Railroad Bureau, January 5, 1921. [Folder 6]
Unknown map, undated. [Folder 6]
Poster photo: smallpox vaccination, 1920. [Folder 6]
Open letter to students about essay contest on illness prevention, undated. [Folder 6]
Special newsletter for ceremony, marking completion of New Building for Tientsin YMCA, undated. [Folder 6]
The Navy YMCA, reprinted from the Shanghai Sunday Times, October, 1923. [Folder 6]
Poster: "The 8th National Convention of the Chinese YMCA of Tientsin," 1920. [Folder 6]
Poster: "China's Cultural Development," 1948. [Folder 6]
Illustration, undated. [Folder 6]
WWII Posters:
Drawer 21 Concert, George Enescu, Tuesday, January 29," in Italian, 1946. [Folder 1]
"A Tribute to Youth, Banker's Trust Company," 1944. [Folder 1]
"The Saturday Evening Post, October 4," 1941. [Folder 1]
USO, "Churches Welcome Service Men," (removed from Armed Services box 63), undated. [Folder 1]
"Tenants' Wartime Pledge," 1943. [Folder 1]
"United We Win," 1943. [Folder 1]
"Stamp Out Black Markets," 1943. [Folder 1]
"For Baby's Future, Buy War Bonds," 1945. [Folder 1]
"Allies for a Big Job: Cooperate with Your Local Defense Council," 1942. [Folder 1]
Hannover-Misberg "YMCA Flying Service II," 1944. [Folder 1]
"Special Exhibition 'For Humanity's Sake' from Sanitary Commission to Red Cross, USSC 1942," (U.S. Christian Commission), 1942. [Folder 1]
Boy's Work:
Drawer 21 "The Boy's Brigade Almanac," 1902-1903, 1907-1911 and 1913-1914. [Folder 2]
Map of US, Hi-Y Clubs marked, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of US, Hi-Y Clubs marked (only Western Region), undated. [Folder 2]
Logo: "Gra-Y," undated. [Folder 2]
Logo: "Hi-Y," undated. [Folder 2]
Logo: "Jr. Hi-Y," undated. [Folder 2]
Certificate: "American Heritage Foundation Award," to YMCA, 1964. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Mainstreaming Activities for Youth," undated. 4 copies. [Folder 3]
Newsletter: "Handbook of the Boy's Brigade," regulations, undated. [Folder 3]
Map, minutes and reports from Boy's Work Conferences, undated. [Folder 3]
Map from Boy's Work, 8th Assembly on YMCA Boy's Work, undated. [Folder 3]
Poster: "First Annual Art Junction," from Boy's Work, Metrocenters, Akron, Ohio, 1973-1974. [Folder 3]
Map: "Survey, Mexican Boy Life, International Committee," 1920. [Folder 3]
Request from public library of Boston for book "YMCA International Convention Proceedings, 1897-1899," 1903. [Folder 3]
Poster: "YMCA Counseling Conference," from Boy's Work Vocational Guidance, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1931. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Standing of the Canadian YMCA Boy's Departments in Bible Study," 1907-1908. [Folder 4]
Diploma: "Canadian Standard," undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "A Series of Lectures on the English Speaking Nations," undated. [Folder 4]
Map of Fort Worth, Texas, "Dots Indicate Approximate Location of Mexican Boys, Age 10-17," undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "The Hi-Y Fellowship," and mission statement, undated. [Folder 4]
Map: Oberlin, for 3rd National Hi-Y Congress, June 20-24, 1940. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Real Camping for Des Moines Boys," 1924-1926 and 1929. [Folder 4]
Cloth poster: "Forest Fires..." undated. [Folder 4]
Flow chart: "Flint Michigan YMCA Boy's Program Council," from policies on Boy's Work, undated. [Folder 4]
Chart: College town information and scholarships for state universities, undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Boy Scout World Jamboree," 1929. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Material to Aid Pioneer in Building Own Handbook," undated. 2 copies, 1 red and 1 white. [Folder 4]
Reprinted photo: "Canoe Building in the Summit, New Jersey YMCA," 1903. [Folder 4]
Reprinted photo: "Guitar and Mandolin Class, Minneapolis YMCA," 1890. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Vision," 1923. [Folder 4]
Poster: "1000 Boys to Attend Fourth Annual Older Boy's Conference, Austin, Texas," 1915. [Folder 4]
"Workers for Boys in Conference," (removed from New Jersey Boy's Work), 1914. [Folder 4]
Drawer 21 "The Essentials of Success," National Child Welfare Association, 1922. [Folder 4]
"Give Your Son a Honda, Give Another Boy a Chance," YMCA promotion and correspondence discussing program by president of Honda, 1971. 2 styles. [Folder 4]
"Work Shops '76,'" National Center for Youth Outreach Workers, undated. [Folder 4]
"Carry the Olympic Torch and Leave a Legacy to American Youth," undated. [Folder 4]
"Share Your Life," (removed from Boys Work: Metrocenters, Chicago), 1972-1973. [Folder 4]
"Even Nice People Get V.D." NBC TV special, 1972. [Folder 4]
State Conventions:
Drawer 21 "4th National Hi-Y Congress, Oxford Ohio, June 25-29," 1942. [Folder 5]
"10th North American Assembly on YMCA Work with Youth, East Lansing, Michigan," 1953. [Folder 5]
"Conference Members, World Conference on YMCA Boy's Work, Green Lake, Wisconsin," 1950. [Folder 5]
"9th Annual Texas State Older Boy's Conference," 1921. [Folder 5]
Map: "Indian Guides Reservation, Potosi, Missouri," undated. [Folder 5]
Program logos: "National Indian Guide Programs Month," mock-ups and ideas, 1985. [Folder 5]
Drawer 21 Reprint of "Vision," 1923. [Folder 5]
"28th Annual State Convention, Minnesota YMCA, Northfield, February," 1902. [Folder 5]
"An Inspiring Gathering!! Duluth, Minnesota, February 1910, 36th Annual State Convention," 1910. [Folder 5]
"30th Annual State Convention, Rochester, Minnesota," 1904. [Folder 5]
"Thirty Second Annual State Convention, La Crosse, Wisconsin, January," 1907. [Folder 5]
"Thirty First Annual State Convention, Beloit, Wisconsin," 1906. [Folder 5]
"Thirty Seventh Annual State Convention, Eau Claire, Wisconsin," 1912. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
"Wanted: A Million Young Men to Give the World a Lift after Our 'Sammies' Have Finished the Kaiser," 1917. [Folder 5]
"Training for Service," Topeka, Kansas, 1922. [Folder 5]
"Tenth Annual State Convention of Older Boys, Oshkosh, Wisconsin," 1913. [Folder 5]
"Thirtieth Annual State Convention, Hutchinson, Kansas," 1912. [Folder 5]
"26th State Convention, Denver, Colorado," 1914. [Folder 5]
"36th Annual Convention, Indiana YMCA, Muncie," 1905. [Folder 5]
"Hadn't You Better Go? 22nd Annual State Convention, Indiana," 1891. [Folder 5]
"20th Annual Rally, Bloomington YMCA, Illinois," 1892. [Folder 5]
"18th Annual Convention of Illinois YMCAs," 1890. [Folder 5]
"State Conference, Wichita, Kansas," undated. [Folder 5]
"17th Annual State Convention, Peoria, Illinois," 1889. [Folder 5]
Student Work:
Drawer 22 Poster: "Northwest College Men Annual Conference, Columbia Beach, Oregon," undated. [Folder 1]
Graphs/Charts: "Student YMCA Data," 1917-1922. [Folder 1]
Maps: "Possible Supervisory Areas," "Showing Present Supervisory Status," 1927. [Folder 1]
Template: "Today's Student YMCA," undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Third Canadian YMCA National Youth Conference," 1945. [Folder 1]
Pamphlet: "Serving Youth, 303,075 Pairs of Feet," undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Students' Movement, Opening Meeting, October 8th," undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: "See What the Schools Offer: Educational Convention," 1919. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Southern Summer School of YMCA," from Blue Ridge Conference, 1914-1915, 1919 and 1922. [Folder 1]
Poem from New York Times: "How Could We Lose with Nimitz and Halsey and...Me," includes YMCA ad, 1945. [Folder 1]
Religious Work:
Drawer 22 "Will the Finger of Scorn Point You Out?" Jewish War Relief Committee, undated. [Folder 2]
"Go Ye into All the World," Day and Week of Prayer, 1931-1946. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
"Come on, Join up!" WWI Bible Study, undated. [Folder 3]
"Mother - I Promised to Read it Every Day," WWI Bible Study, undated. [Folder 3]
"A Soldier's Postscript," WWI Bible Study, undated. [Folder 3]
"6th Annual Convention, Vancouver, British Columbia," Pacific Northwest Convention, 1889. [Folder 3]
"A Gathering of Christian Fellowship, Forest Grove, Oregon," Pacific Northwest Convention, 1913. [Folder 3]
Flier: Communion Services Every Sunday," 1917-1918. [Folder 3]
Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, September 19, buildings and furnishings dedications and openings, 1958. [Folder 3]
Photo from Dr. George T. Coxhead's personal collection, undated. [Folder 4]
Armed Services, undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "The Twentieth Century Secretary," undated. [Folder 4]
Certificate: "Recognition of 13 Years of Service: Leo B. Marsh," 1955. [Folder 4]
Miscellaneous photos, undated. [Folder 4]
Photo: "Hi-Y Retreat, Camp Alfred L. Wilson," 1940. [Folder 4]
Photo: "First World YMCA Assembly of YMCA, Toronto, Canada," (donated by Jim Stotz, President CEO Central Valley YMCA, Fresno California), undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "General Secretaries and Other Officers in Attendance at the 17th International Convention," 1887. [Folder 5]
Poster: "General Secretaries, 16th Annual Conference," 1886. [Folder 5]
Photo: John W. Hausel, undated. 2 sizes. [Folder 5]
Photo: "100 New Member Campaign Dinner," Washington, D.C., 1915. [Folder 5]
Turkey building plans, 1956 and 1966. [Folder 6]
Korea building plans, 1968. [Folder 6]
Pakistan blueprints, 1960 and 1962. [Folder 7]
Karachi, Pakistan blueprints, 1967. [Folder 7]
Mall Lahore, Pakistan blueprints, 1964. [Folder 7]
Pakistan proposed hostel, 1971. [Folder 7]
Map: Myanmar/Burma, 1916. [Folder 8]
Map: Turkey "Shell Touring," 1962. [Folder 8]
Map: Korea, undated. [Folder 8]
Map: Torino, Italy, 1946. [Folder 8]
Map: Italy "Foldex," undated. [Folder 8]
Map: "Bartholomew's War Map of Italy and Balkan States," undated. [Folder 8]
Map of Rome with YMCA locations and army barracks marked, undated. [Folder 8]
International Blueprints:
Drawer 23 Finland, 1947-1950. [Folder 1]
Handball and squash courts in Havana, Cuba, 1927. [Folder 1]
Bratislava, Czechoslovakia building plans, 1920. [Folder 1]
Czechoslovakia Student Work: International Student Situation and maps of religious dispersement, 1926. [Folder 1]
Czechoslovakia, January-March, 1923. [Folder 1]
France, October (removed from Gerrit Douwsma records), 1969. [Folder 2]
Lyon, France hostel plans, 1962. [Folder 2]
Le Havre, France, 1957. [Folder 2]
Geneva, 1948. [Folder 2]
Berlin, Germany, 1956. [Folder 2]
Germany, 1953-1954. [Folder 2]
Indian student union and hostel in London, 1916. [Folder 2]
Krakow, Poland building specifications and estimates, 1925. [Folder 2]
Originals from Italy, undated. [Folder 3]
"Progetto per la Nuouva Sede del YMCA Pianta della Sporaelevazione," undated. [Folder 3]
Alexandria, Egypt blueprints and map, undated. [Folder 4]
Assint, Egypt, undated. [Folder 4]
Cairo, Egypt, undated. [Folder 4]
Minneapolis YMCA:
Drawer 24 Painting: "University YMCA 1987, A Centennial Celebration," 1987. [Folder 1]
Photo: "YMCA Boy's Secretaries," 1929. [Folder 2]
Organization chart and blueprint, undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: Minnesota Youth in Government "Model United Nations," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
Minneapolis Sunday Tribune, "In Camp with YMCA Boys at Icaghowan, Chicago City," August 8th, 1915. [Folder 2]
Certificate: "One World, One YMCA Family, 1996 World Service Award to the YMCA of Minneapolis," undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: "Sports Night for War Production Workers," St. Paul YMCA, 1943. [Folder 2]
Poster: "YMCA at Work around the World Awards," October 24, 1996. [Folder 2]
Poster: "YMCA at Work around the World Awards," 1990-1992. [Folder 2]
Photos of Minneapolis Y Presidents (framed by Claus Victorsen):
Drawer 24 Carpenter, E. L., 1922-1923. [Folder 2]
Lyman, George R., 1922-1923. [Folder 2]
Dyer, C. E., 1922-1923. [Folder 2]
Dean, W. J., 1922-1923. [Folder 2]
Porteous, J. S., 1922-1923. [Folder 2]
Drawer 24 Community Fair News featuring "Dime a Dance New Feature in YMCA Auditorium," September 21-24, 1949. [Folder 3]
Community Fair News featuring "Plant Parties Will Highlight Y Season," and "100th Year for National Y Association," undated. [Folder 3]
The Evening StarThe Evening Star, Washington D. C. YMCA "Half Century Old Anniversary Jubilee of the YMCA," January, 1903. [Folder 3]
Large table of statistics from International Convention, 1868. [Folder 3]
The Amaroc News, fragments, 1919-1922. [Folder 3]
The Manica Times Fleet Edition, November 26, 1908. [Folder 3]
The Manica Times, August 7, 1908. [Folder 3]
Cover, replica "Ideal Men: Quarterly Jottings form the YMCA of Ontario and Quebec," 1899. [Folder 3]
The Interior article about the Christian Convention, October 10th, 1889. [Folder 3]
YMCA of Greater New York:
Drawer 24 Chelsea Clinton News, "The McBurney YMCA Story," June, 1965. [Folder 4]
Greenpoint Weekly Star, "The Garden Spot Salutes the YMCA," January, 1965. [Folder 4]
Amsterdam News Brooklyn Edition , "Scotch Rumor Bedford YMCA Is Closing Doors," August, 1966. [Folder 4]
The Woman's Journal, Boston, February 17, 1912. [Folder 5]
The Saint Paul Recorder, "Adlai Stevenson Will Make a Great Civil Rights President," October 31, 1952. [Folder 5]
The Saint Paul Recorder, April 7, 1950. [Folder 5]
The Saint Paul Recorder, January 17, 1947. [Folder 5]
The Saint Paul Dispatch, "Mothers and Students Aid Teachers in Strike," November 25, 1946. [Folder 5]
Student Voice, Atlanta, Georgia, 1960. [Folder 5]
National Council on the Aging Journal: Vol. 2, No. 1, May, 1966. [Folder 5]
National Council on the Aging Journal: Vol. 2, No. 2, October, 1966. [Folder 5]
The Catholic Worker:
Drawer 24 October-November, 1966. [Folder 5]
February, 1967. [Folder 5]
July-August, 1967. [Folder 5]
January, 1968. [Folder 5]
March, 1968. [Folder 5]
March-April, 1970. [Folder 5]
May, 1974. [Folder 5]
June, 1974. [Folder 5]
September, 1974. [Folder 5]
October-November, 1974. [Folder 5]
Muscular Dystrophy News:
Drawer 24 March, 1971. [Folder 5]
Special Edition, Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, 1970. [Folder 5]
December, 1970. [Folder 5]
1st Quarter, 1969. [Folder 5]
May-June, 1969. [Folder 5]
September-October, 1969. [Folder 5]
Special Edition, 1969. [Folder 5]
First Quarter, 1970. [Folder 5]
May-June, 1970. [Folder 5]
August, 1970. [Folder 5]
Wisconsin YMCA Quarterly, 1877-1878. [Folder 5]
The Youth's Companion, with George Williams on cover, June 13, 1901. [Folder 5]
The Cottager and Artisan, with sketch of George Williams on cover, September, 1889. [Folder 5]
Life Magazine, with "The Y" building photo, 1951. [Folder 5]
Biographical Material:
Drawer 25 Limbert, Paul M. certificate: "Ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur," undated. [Folder 1]
Limbert, Paul M. certificate: "Republic of Liberia," undated. [Folder 1]
Mott, John R. photo of decorations conferred on him, undated. [Folder 1]
Alexander, Paul W. handbill for Y's Men's 33rd International Convention, 1957. [Folder 1]
Alexander, Paul W. sketch at Ontario Regional Sarnia, 1963. [Folder 1]
Lansdale, Herbert P. Jr. certificate: "Testimonial from the Hellenic Community of Rochester, New York," 1925-1939. [Folder 1]
Burwell, Warren Christmas cards, 1955 and 1957-1962. [Folder 1]
Wegener, Albert B. certificate: YMCA Training School of Chicago, Physical Department, 1892. [Folder 1]
Leslie, John W. certificate: 'Distinguished Service Award," 1969. [Folder 1]
Leslie, John W. letter of accession from David Stubbs to Mr. Turpin, undated. [Folder 1]
James Stokes:
Drawer 25 Letter for 10 years of service in St. Petersburg, undated. [Folder 1]
Handbill for YMCA Fifth Convention, Charleston, South Carolina, 1958. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
Handbill for 10th Convention, Philadelphia, 1865. [Folder 1]
Newspaper Clippings:
Drawer 25 Charleston, South Carolina, 1858. Numerous miscellaneous clippings. [Folder 1]
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1858. 2 clippings. [Folder 1]
New York, 1861. [Folder 1]
Boston, Massachusetts, 1864. [Folder 1]
Boston, Massachusetts, 1865. [Folder 1]
Montreal, 1867. [Folder 1]
Other large miscellaneous clippings, undated. [Folder 1]
Industrial poster: Pennsylvania Mining Institute, undated. [Folder 2]
Industrial poster: Fred Hamilton Rindge, undated. [Folder 2]
Sheet music for "I Can Always Find a Little Sunshine in the YMCA," by Irving Berlin, undated. [Folder 2]
Sheet music for "Silver Bay: A Song of Vacation Days," by Frank Speare, undated. [Folder 2]
International Division:
Drawer 25 The Christian, (removed from Japan records), May 20th, 1898. [Folder 3]
Community flow charts, blueprints and map of Rosario, Argentina, undated. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Stockholm," 15-20 August, 1888. [Folder 3]
Poster: "YMCA World Service," world map, undated. [Folder 3]
Calendar: "1976 YMCA Calendar," Osaka, 1976. [Folder 3]
Poster: "The World Movement Today," World Alliance, 1967. [Folder 3]
Poster: "United Nations," January, 1947. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Help Africa's Refugees!" United Nations, undated. [Folder 3]
Poster: "A Plea for Our Youth," YMCA of Ceylon, undated. [Folder 3]
Poster: "26 Youth Conferences," YMCA of the Philippines, 1956. [Folder 3]
Charts: YMCA Foreign Department, 1920. [Folder 4]
Miscellaneous removed from Japan, Osaka, 1920. [Folder 4]
Certificate: "In Appreciation to the National Council of YMCAs of the USA," Tokyo, 1980. [Folder 4]
Poster: Dutch Centennial Membership, 1950. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Mittragen," undated. [Folder 4]
Polish YMCA Bulletin, No. 4-6, 1945. [Folder 4]
Poster: "World Brotherhood of Boys," 1927. [Folder 4]
Poster: Krakow, Poland, 1930. [Folder 4]
Polish war posters, undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Henryk Majchrzak, Director of Polska YMCA in Great Britain," undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Boy's Camp: Polish YMCA," undated. [Folder 4]
YMCA World Service Posters:
Drawer 25 "She Counts for Democracy," Egypt, 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"Working Together," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"Where in the World is the Y?" 1960s-1970s. 3 copies. [Folder 5]
"YMCA World Service Trains Hands to Meet Needs of Spirit, Mind and Body," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"A Brighter Tomorrow for Today's Youth," 1960s-1970s. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
"Partners in Progress," 1960s-1970s. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
"The Earth Is One Country and All the People on It Are Its Citizens," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"Give a Man a Fish and He Eats for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish and He Eats for Life," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"Where We Work...and Why," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"A Time for Teamwork," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"YMCA World Service Build Brotherhood, and Brotherhood Is the World's Greatest Need!" 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"Help the World's Average Man...Support YMCA World Service," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"The Right Kind of Help," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"The Y Is in the People Business All around the World," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
"YMCA World Service IS World Development," 1960s-1970s. 2 copies. [Folder 5]
"YMCA World Service," 1976. [Folder 5]
"For Them...YMCA World Service," 1960s-1970s. [Folder 5]
International Division:
Drawer 25 Poster: Moscow, Russia, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 6]
Poster: "Religious Life in Poland," undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: "One World, One YMCA Family," 1991. 2 copies. [Folder 6]
Order form to corporate YMCA CEOs and branch executive directors advertising "One World, One YMCA Family," undated. [Folder 6]
World map of YMCA activity internationally, undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: "Eighth World Council of YMCAs, Estes Park, Colorado, YMCAs Include those with Disabilities," 1981. 4 copies. [Folder 6]
Poster: Japan, man hurling, undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: "YMCA World Service Helps Build a Better World," undated. [Folder 6]
Poster: Polish YMCA, undated. [Folder 6]
Map: "YMCA Centers in Czechoslovakia," undated. [Folder 6]
Saito, Japan, Internationally Youth Center letter, November 20, 1964. [Folder 6]
Booklet: "Review of the Conference on Limitation of Armament," July-December, 1921. [Folder 6]
Certificate: National Committee of YMCA of Sweden to International Committee of YMCA of North America, 1851-1901. [Folder 6]
"Jubilee Declaration of the World's Alliance of the YMCA, Adopted by XVIth Conference Held at Paris," 1905. 3 copies. [Folder 6]
Poster: "The YMCA at Work around the World," 1988-1990. [Folder 6]
Poster: "Working for the Rights of Others and Freedom for All Brings Peace," YMCA Peace Day, 1995. [Folder 6]
Poster: "Global Forces, Local Choices, Development or Militarization," YMCA Peace Week, in French in English, 1988. 5 copies. [Folder 6]
Poster: "YMCA World Service and the YMCA World," undated. [Folder 6]
George Williams College:
Drawer 25 Calendar: "The YMCA College," 1918. [Folder 7]
Poster: "George Williams College, Downer's Grove, Illinois 60515," undated. [Folder 7]
Plans: "George Williams Location Plans," undated. [Folder 7]
Physical Education:
Aquatics Poster:
Drawer 26 "Master Chart for National YMCA Life Saving and Water Safety Tests," 1951. [Folder 1]
Master Chart for National YMCA Progressive Aquatic Tests: Beginning Level," 1939. [Folder 1]
Master Chart for National YMCA Progressive Aquatic Tests: Intermediate Level,"1939. [Folder 1]
"Organizational Chart for the Silver Anniversary National YMCA Swimming Championships, York, Pennsylvania," 1952. [Folder 1]
"National Safe Boating Week," undated. [Folder 1]
"National Safe Boating Week: Safe Boating, the Real Family Sport," July, 1962. [Folder 1]
"Keep Boating a Safe Family Sport," undated. [Folder 1]
"Safe Boating is Fun!" undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
"Safe Boating Week, June 28-July 4," undated. [Folder 1]
"Safe Boating Week, June 30-July 6," 1963. [Folder 1]
"Flipper Says 'Safe Boating Is No Accident'," 1972. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
"Safe Boating Is No Accident," undated. [Folder 1]
"Swim the Y's Way for Fun, Safety, Service," undated. [Folder 1]
"YMCA Aquatic Training and Certification Flow Chart," undated. [Folder 1]
"The YMCA Aquatic Centennial Conference," 1986. [Folder 1]
"Bathers, Swimmers, Canoeists, Campers: Read and Heed," undated. [Folder 2]
"Can You Swim? Why Not? Learn at the Swimming Campaign," Red Cross, undated. [Folder 2]
"Water Safety Precautions and Suggestions," undated. [Folder 2]
"To Rescue the Drowning Row Throw Go Tow," Red Cross, undated. [Folder 2]
"Saving Life by Artificial Respiration," Red Cross, undated. [Folder 2]
"Be at Home in the Water," YMCA Swimming Program, 1932. [Folder 2]
"Eligibility Certificate of YMCA," Chicago, 1959. [Folder 2]
"Ahhhh! YMCA Aquatics," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 2]
"Gale Storm says...'As a Mother...'" undated. [Folder 2]
"Lynne Burke says..."I Learned to Swim at the Flushing YMCA..." Lackawanna, undated. [Folder 2]
"Learn to Swim in May at Your YMCA," Lackawanna, undated. [Folder 2]
"YMCA Scuba Program," undated. [Folder 2]
Basketball and Volleyball Posters:
Drawer 26 "Consecrated Backbone: YMCA and the Birth of Basketball, Wilson Library, U of M," 1992. 6 copies. [Folder 3]
"Basketball's 'Opening Night,'" undated. [Folder 3]
"International Championships: Aquatics, Badminton, Basketball, Gymnastics, Handball, Squash, Volleyball, Wrestling," Detroit, 1938. [Folder 3]
"Basketball: A YMCA Invention, Centennial Commemorative Edition," 1991. 4 copies. [Folder 3]
"Breakfast Souvenir International Volleyball Championships, Springfield College, Massachusetts," 1951. [Folder 3]
Photo: Unidentified basketball players, reproduction, undated. [Folder 3]
"I Don't Know What Kind of Game it Will Make...but It Will Keep the Boys out of Mischief," undated. [Folder 3]
"If You Think the Shorts Michael Jordan Wears Are Funny..." Basketball Centennial, Nashville, Tennessee, 1991. [Folder 3]
"United States National Volleyball Championships, Millington, Tennessee," 1957. [Folder 3]
"United States National Volleyball Championships, Scranton, Pennsylvania," 1958. [Folder 3]
"YMCA Basketball Classic 101," December, 1992. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
"Association Athletic League Handbook 1897 Volleyball," undated. [Folder 3]
Fitness Posters:
Drawer 26 "Health," undated. 6 copies. [Folder 4]
"Self Esteem," undated. 6 copies. [Folder 4]
"Values," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
"Environment," undated. 6 copies. [Folder 4]
"Family," undated. 6 copies. [Folder 4]
"Volunteers," undated. 3 copies. [Folder 4]
"Community," undated. 5 copies. [Folder 4]
"Cultural Diversity," undated. [Folder 4]
"World," undated. [Folder 4]
"Leadership," undated. [Folder 4]
"All You Smokers Who Plan to Quit Someday..." undated. [Folder 4]
Sports and Athletics:
Drawer 26 "Star Athletes Influence Youth...Spirituality: Opportunity of Your Lifetime!" 1957. [Folder 4]
Certificate: "The Athletic League of the YMCA," 1916. [Folder 4]
Certificate: "Physical Director's Society of the YMCA, A.K. Franklin," 1914. [Folder 4]
Certificate: "The National Physical Education Committee, Eligibility Certificate of the YMCA," undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Sports and Recreation," undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "Human Services," undated. [Folder 4]
Poster: "The National YMCA Consultation on Cardiovascular Health," 1975. [Folder 4]
Pamphlet: "Physical Fitness, Basis of a Program," 1961. [Folder 4]
Heartrate punch card: "Put a Punch in Your Paunch," from Research and Planning Studies, 1962. [Folder 4]
Armed Services:
Drawer 27 Map: YMCA USO locations, 1941. 3 templates and mock-ups. [Folder 1]
Map: Worldwide YMCA USO operations mock-up, 1952. [Folder 1]
Annual report pamphlet, 1970. [Folder 1]
Hand drawn posters: "Dream a Dream of Brotherhood..." "Go Let Me Know You Understand..." "Residents of this Sweet World..." "I Once Took a Trip to Another Land..." and "Love thy Neighbor..." undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: Roster of USO clubs, 1967. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Holiday Season at Chanute," 1958. [Folder 1]
Poster: "Personnel Services Activities Bulletin," 1958. [Folder 1]
Annual report of Committee of Management, San Diego Army Navy YMCA, 1939. [Folder 1]
Small folder of plans for 100th Anniversary of YMCA Armed Services, undated. [Folder 2]
Rough drafts of posters/displays for 100 Year Anniversary of USO/YMCA Armed Services, undated. [Folder 2]
Final drafts of posters/displays for 100 Year Anniversary of USO/YMCA Armed Services, undated. [Folder 3]
Saidapet Health Project, India, 1938-1939. [Folder 4]
Confidential Survey report, India, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
Associations list, offices and statistics of India, 1894. [Folder 4]
Harper's Weekly article about YMCA's Library in New York, December 11, 1869. [Folder 4]
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper article on new building of YMCA of New York, December 18, 1869. [Folder 4]
Letter from John Randle to James Zoellick, appreciation for transfer of Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1977. [Folder 4]
The Short Times (removed from Armed Services, box 38, Charleston, South Carolina), April, 1970. [Folder 4]
The Red Triangle Overseas, vol. 1, no. 1, 1918. [Folder 4]
"Army and Navy Register," of the Philippines, May 29, 1909. [Folder 4]
Artist sketches: Buena Johnson, Chicago, 1985. [Folder 5]
Handmade posters: Midwest IARD YMCA, "774 Years of Service," (donated by Herb Johnson, St. Paul), undated. [Folder 6]
Camp Widjiwagan:
Drawer 28 St. Paul, Minnesota map and plans, May, 1961. [Folder 1]
Sketches of buildings, undated. [Folder 1]
Drawing of campers, undated. [Folder 1]
Photo: Sigurd F. Olson, undated. [Folder 1]
Oversized black and white photos on board, undated. [Folder 2]
Miscellaneous YMCA Posters:
Drawer 28 "The Young Men's Christian Association at Work in the World: An Open-Ended Introduction to the YMCA," Chicago, 1977. [Folder 3]
"YMCA Office Bulletin Board," Chicago, 1977. [Folder 3]
"The YMCA World," Chicago, 1977. [Folder 3]
"The YMCA Spells 'Programs for People' in Many Ways," 1977. [Folder 3]
"The YMCA Program Guidelines," 1977. [Folder 3]
"Power is Nothing Without Control," Chicago, 1977. [Folder 3]
"The YMCA Has Something for Everybody," in English and Spanish, 1989. [Folder 3]
"What is a Healthy Kid?" undated. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
"In Tune Together, General Assembly of YMCAs, Nashville, Tennessee," 2006. [Folder 3]
"YMCA Arts Week," November, 2008. [Folder 3]
Gulick logo decals, "Spirit, Mind, Body," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
"YMCA" pennant mock-up on cardboard, with Teen Action Agenda small boards, undated. [Folder 3]
"What the YMCA Means to You, Now in Collier's," 1951. [Folder 3]
"Join Us for Healthy Kids Day: Put Play in Your Day," undated. 2 posters. [Folder 3]
"YMCA Mission: To Put Christian Principles into Practice through Programs..." undated. [Folder 4]
"YMCA Member News," July, 1999. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
"Order YMCA Holiday Cards: YMCA at 150 Years," undated. [Folder 4]
"Everyone Who Wants to go to New York City Raise Your Hand!" 2001. [Folder 4]
"The American Spirit," 1941. [Folder 4]
"Charter of the United Nations," 1945. [Folder 4]
"We Build Strong Kids, Strong Families, Strong Communities," Photo Posters:
Drawer 28 Man with basketball, undated. [Folder 4]
Family at park, undated. [Folder 4]
Older woman with child, undated. [Folder 4]
Kids at camp, undated. [Folder 4]
Kid with soccer ball, undated. [Folder 4]
Smiling kids, undated. [Folder 4]
Man and child at pool, undated. [Folder 4]
Child at playground, undated. [Folder 4]
Older woman at pool, undated. [Folder 4]
Woman at gym, undated. [Folder 4]
Woman and young child at child care center, undated. [Folder 4]
Girl on zip-line, undated. [Folder 4]
Character building posters, undated. 6 copies. [Folder 4]
YMCA Public Affairs Training: "Tackling the Tax Challenge," undated. [Folder 4]
"The Wise Family is a 'Y' Family: Join the YMCA Branch Nearest You," Colorado, undated. [Folder 4]
Child Care Posters:
Drawer 28 "Scientists Have Searched the World in Vain for an Inexhaustible Energy Source. Apparently They've Never Visited a YMCA Child Care Facility," undated. [Folder 5]
"Just What Will Your Kids Be Doing at YMCA Child Care? Well, That Depends on the Day," undated. [Folder 5]
"What She Does with Her Day Is Just as Important as What You Do with Yours," undated. [Folder 5]
YMCA activity poster, undated. [Folder 5]
Y Day Camp:
Drawer 28 "It's Been Said that Great Leaders Aren't Born, They're Made. Welcome to the Assembly Line," 2000-2001. [Folder 5]
"Unexplored Worlds. Strange Life Forms. Why Should Captain Kirk Have All the Fun?" 2000-2001. [Folder 5]
YMCA 150 Year Anniversary General Assembly:
Drawer 29 Layout map of conference area, undated. [Folder 1]
Stage mock-ups, undated. [Folder 1]
Cardboard pamphlet holder, undated. [Folder 1]
Certificates and proclamations, undated. [Folder 1]
Large illustration: "Docks at Bordeaux Where YMCA Supplies Where Landed," 1912. [Folder 1]
Framed poster: "His Home Over There," WWI, undated. [Folder 1]
Art Work:
Drawer 29 "YMCA" on building, painting by Shirley Steffen, undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: Far Eastern Games at Shanghai, written in Chinese, 1915. [Folder 2]
Illustration of mountainside and trees, signed by James D. Smillie, undated. [Folder 2]
Ink copy of an engraving of St. Demetrios, undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: "Make Way for the Original Tank, Neysa McMein," WWI, undated. [Folder 2]
Hand-drawn poster: "Neysa McMein is Accompanied by Miss Bulley..." WWI, undated. [Folder 2]
Illustration of "Library" by Vernon Bailey, undated. [Folder 2]
Poster: "Wilson, Taft, Roosevelt...Indorse YMCA Work," undated. 2 copies and 1 negative. [Folder 2]
Illustration: Man ushering soldier into YMCA hut, by Stockton Mulford, 1918. [Folder 2]
Hand drawn poster: "Independence Day Contests" with blackface cartoons, undated. [Folder 2]
Illustration: Crowd and trees by Stunstadvold, 1973. [Folder 2]
Unfinished illustration: "Post War Ambassadors to War Prisoners' Aid of the YMCA with My Cordial Good Wishes, C. D. B." undated. [Folder 2]
YMCA logo drawing, WWI, undated. [Folder 2]
Pastel illustrations by Helen Chauberlis, undated. [Folder 2]
YMCA of Pennsylvania Statistical Report, 1889. [Folder 3]
Photostats of The Companion, and The Quarterly Reporter, 1851-1857 and 1885. [Folder 3]
Harper's Weekly, article about YMCA, June 2, 1894. [Folder 3]
"Transfer Certificate of Title," for Baguio properties, 1920. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Saturday, September 21, Oneida Fairgrounds," 1889. [Folder 3]
Poster: "1852-1952 Celebrating a Century of YMCA Service," YMCA of Buffalo, undated. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Strength and Skill, YMCA of Chicago," 1916. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Lynchburg's Community Chest Campaign," Virginia, 1923. [Folder 3]
Directory of Chicago YMCA buildings, 1933. [Folder 3]
Celebrity YMCA Posters: Mickey Mantle, J. Edgar Hoover, George Gobel and Ed Sullivan, 1957. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Tomorrow's Leaders are Made Today at the YMCA, Join Now!" undated. [Folder 3]
Membership recruitment poster: "The YMCA Helps Your Kids Grow Up Happy and Healthy, Back it Up!" undated. 3 variations. [Folder 3]
Poster: "Your Investment in Youth...Pays Dividends," New Jersey, 1920. [Folder 3]
WWI Sketches:
Drawer 29 Tokuriki, Tomikichiro: Kyoto, Japan, undated. 2 paintings. [Folder 4]
Plowman, G.T.: "Y Hut, Soissons," 1918. [Folder 4]
Dumfort, W. Cecil: "Sketch of the YMCA with the Portuguese," 1918. [Folder 4]
Cotton: "Castle of Duc of Champaigne," "Markets and Secondhand Stores," "Reserve Park Hut, Langiro, Fireplace," "Deserted Camp," undated. [Folder 4]
Sladelman, H. L.: watercolors with pencil, undated. [Folder 4]
Brinley, Daniel Putnam: "Ruines de Guerre: Ligne Hindenberg, Soissons, Verdun, Arras," 1919. [Folder 4]
Unkown artist: "St. Aignan YMCA Chateau," undated. [Folder 4]
Drawer 29 "A 'Y' Entertainment at the Front," "Push-Ball in France," "'Y' Truck Returning from the Front," "Corner of the Cafe, Tours, France," undated. [Folder 4]
"YMCA Theater at Aix-les-Bains, France," "Homer Rodeheaver at the Palais de Glace, Paris," "'Y' Girl at Aix-les-Bains, France," undated. [Folder 4]
"Hot Chocolate and Sandwiches for an Advanced Division," "YMCA Girl in Costume at Aix-les-Bains," "A French Helper at Tours 'Y' Cafe," undated. [Folder 4]
"Beranger Gardens, Officers Club, Tours, France," "Starting a New 'Y' at the Front," "Comrades in Service Inauguration, President Wilson at the Palais de Glace, Paris," undated. [Folder 4]
"Smokes and Writing Paper for the Pioneers," undated. [Folder 4]
Drawer 29 "Liberty Hut, Kaisers Palace and Old Glory," "Officers Club," "Festhalle, Coblenz," "'Y' Mommerre," 1919. [Folder 4]
"YMCA Hangar Theater, " "Coblenz," "Columbus Field," "Is Sur Fille," "'Y' Rolandseck, Germany," "From the Window of the Y..."undated. [Folder 4]
"University Theater and Field, 'Y' Hut," "The Hut on the Rhein," "'Y' Tent and Movie Screen," "Cobbultz," 1919. [Folder 4]
Drawer 30 Chart: National War Work Council, showing 6 main military departments, September, 1917. [Folder 1]
Map of the United States showing location of the work of National War Work Council, undated. [Folder 1]
Diagram of organization of War Work of YMCA, September, 1917. [Folder 1]
Poster: "The Flag Hut, Place du Chateau, Brest," 1919. [Folder 1]
Chart: "The Recovery Course," 1929-1934. [Folder 1]
Statistical summary, 1868. [Folder 1]
"YMCA Amsterdam, New York: Bulletin!" undated. [Folder 1]
Poster: "State Championship Meet, YMCA of Missouri, Sedalia," bicycle race and basketball, 1894. [Folder 1]
Photostats from Library of Congress, "Washington D.C. Minutes, Standing Committee, Board of Managers, Meeting," 1852-1853. [Folder 1]
Duplicate copies of "Transfer of Title" certificates, undated. [Folder 1]
Charter for Chester, Pennsylvania, 1897. [Folder 1]
"International Committee of YMCAs: Chart 24, Suggested Organization, Plan One," undated. [Folder 1]
Organizational charts (removed from Buildings and Furnishings), undated. [Folder 1]
Writer's Voice newspaper clippings, 1999. [Folder 2]
Rough draft of article on Armed Services, undated. [Folder 2]
Oversized Miscellaneous Publications:
Drawer 31 "It Only Takes a Spark...To Get a Fire Going, Techwood Families Need a Community to Call Their Own," undated. [Folder 2]
"YMCA Whole Life Program and Membership Guide," undated. [Folder 2]
"We Build Strong Kids, Strong Families, Strong Communities: YMCA of Lincoln," undated. [Folder 2]
Presentation and Exhibit Boards:
Drawer 31 "Paul B. Anderson..." quote from Natalie Solzhenitsyn, 1982. [Folder 3]
Photo of Camp Custer Boys Choir, undated. [Folder 3]
"Health and Fitness...The YMCA Saw the Need for Health and Fitness Early On..." undated. [Folder 3]
Biographical Material:
Drawer 31 Warr, Samuel. Notice: Farewell reception, 1899. [Folder 3]
Warr, Samuel. Portrait, undated. . [Folder 3]
Warr, William. Diploma, Young Men's Christian Association College, Chicago, Lake Geneva, 1919. [Folder 3]
International Work Building Records, Maps and Plans:
Drawer 32 Kiffisa Branch YMCA, Athens, Greece maps and plans, 1964. [Folder 1]
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia maps and plans, 1963. [Folder 1]
Bridge St., Hong Kong plans, 1975. [Folder 2]
Lai Chi Kok Branch, Hong Kong plans, 1945. [Folder 2]
Stratchen Road Branch, Karachi, Pakistan, 1970. [Folder 2]
Geneva, Switzerland maps and plans, undated. [Folder 2]
Kampala, Uganda maps and plans, undated. [Folder 2]
Alexandria, Egypt maps and plans, undated. [Folder 2]
Drawer 33 Suggested Road Map, 1921. [Folder 1]
Map of Hangchow, undated. [Folder 1]
Postal Map of Hunan, 1915. [Folder 1]
Provincial Map of China, undated. [Folder 1]
Map of China and Japan, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
Map of Peking, undated. [Folder 1]
Maps of China, undated. Various copies. [Folder 1]
Map of China, undated. [Folder 1]
Japan and Korea, undated. [Folder 1]
Map of China Showing Flooded Areas along Yangtse River, Hwai River and Grand Canal, 1931. [Folder 1]
China Coast, undated. [Folder 1]
Map of Nanking, undated. [Folder 1]
The Foreign Settlement at Shanghai, undated. [Folder 1]
Nanking, undated and 1916. 6 maps. [Folder 2]
Peking, undated. 2 maps. [Folder 2]
Hangchow, 1916. 2 maps. [Folder 2]
Shanghai map, undated. [Folder 2]
Drawer 34 Map of Rio Grande, Brazil, 1916. [Folder 1]
South America, undated and 1909. 4 maps. [Folder 1]
War Map of Italy and the Balkan States, undated. [Folder 2]
The New Europe, 1925. [Folder 2]
A New Map of Europe, 1914. [Folder 2]
Drawer 34 General Map of Chosen (Korea), undated. 3 maps. [Folder 3]
Rengyang City and Province, undated. [Folder 3]
YMCA Residence Property, undated. [Folder 3]
Map of Seoul, undated. [Folder 3]
Drawer 34 The Illustrated Map of Lucknow, 1918. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
Site Plan of the Building Sites to be Sold on the New Sanitary Road, undated. [Folder 4]
Drawer 34 Madras Residency, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
Georgetown Division, undated. [Folder 4]
Triplicane Division, undated. [Folder 4]
Topographical Map, undated. [Folder 4]
Mess Hall, Saidapet building plans, undated. [Folder 4]
Esplanade Improvement Scheme blueprints, undated. [Folder 4]
Madura, undated. 2 maps. [Folder 5]
Topographical Map of South Canara District, Mangalore, undated. [Folder 5]
Map of Alleppey, 1919. [Folder 6]
Allahabad Future Use Map, 1920. [Folder 6]
Bangalore, undated. 3 maps. [Folder 6]
Benares Survey Map, undated. [Folder 6]
Benares and Environs, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 6]
Bombay Map Showing YMCAs in City, undated. 7 copies. [Folder 6]
Cawnpore Improvement Scheme, undated. [Folder 6]
Calcutta Headquarter's Reconstruction Plans, undated. [Folder 6]
Dacca, undated. 2 maps. [Folder 6]
Map of Nagpur, undated. [Folder 7]
Map of Punjab, undated. [Folder 7]
Rangoon building plans, undated. [Folder 7]
Rangoon, undated. 3 maps. [Folder 7]
Map of Salem, undated. [Folder 7]
Map of Simla, undated. [Folder 7]
Map of Trivandrum, undated. [Folder 7]
Map of Trichinopoly, undated. [Folder 7]
Karachi, undated. 5 maps. [Folder 7]
Drawer 35 East Jerusalem and Nazareth building plans, undated. [Folder 1]
Penial by Galilee, Tiberias building plans and drawings, undated. [Folder 2]
Drawer 35 Map of Greater Tokyo, undated. [Folder 3]
Map Showing Relation of Tokyo City YMCA to Other Institutions of Tokyo, undated. [Folder 3]
Map of Pengyang Station, undated. [Folder 3]
Location of YMCAs in Japan, 1919. [Folder 3]
Tokyo, undated. 3 maps. [Folder 3]
Map of Japan, undated. [Folder 3]
Factory Map of Greater Tokyo, undated. [Folder 3]
Association Map of Tokyo, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
Smyrna building plans, undated. [Folder 4]
Map of Roumania, undated. [Folder 4]
Map of Bucarest, Roumania, undated. [Folder 4]
Map of Lower Mesopatamia, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 4]
Tourist Guide Map of Jerusalem, undated. [Folder 4]
Tourist Motor Map of Jerusalem, undated. [Folder 4]
Jerusalem in Panorama, undated. [Folder 4]
Poland building plans, undated. [Folder 4]
Poland, undated and 1923. 2 maps. [Folder 4]
Drawer 36 Map of Siam, 1917. [Folder 1]
Plan of Bangkok and District, Siam, undated. [Folder 1]
Map of the Royal State Railways of Siam, undated. [Folder 1]
Map of Jaffna, Ceylon, undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
Map of the Municipal Limits of Galle, Ceylon, 1912. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
Map of Civil Station, Lahore, Pakistan, undated. [Folder 1]
Map of Asiatic Russia, 1919. [Folder 2]
Map of All Russia Showing Area in which the YMCAs Were Active During the World War, 1914-1918. [Folder 2]
Map of Siberia, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Russia, 1923. [Folder 2]
Czech Republic:
Drawer 36 Czech Republic, undated. 8 maps. [Folder 2]
Map of Kral Ven Mesta Hradce Kralove, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Kralolvskeho Hlavniho Mesta Olomouce, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Reichenberg, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Bratislava, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Beszterczebanya, undated. [Folder 2]
Proposed YMCA Building, Prague, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Rigas, Latvia, undated. [Folder 3]
Drawer 36 Map of Tartu Linna, undated and 1923. 2 copies. [Folder 3]
Map of Tallinna Linna, undated. 4 copies. [Folder 3]
Map of Estonia, undated. [Folder 3]
Cities of Estonia maps and graphs, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 3]
Estonia maps and graphs, undated. 3 copies. [Folder 3]
Drawer 37 Poland building plans, undated. 6 copies. [Folder 1]
Krakow, undated. 3 maps. [Folder 1]
Proposed YMCA Building in Lodz, undated. 4 copies. [Folder 1]
Wielkiej Warszawy, undated. 5 maps. [Folder 1]
Map of Poland, undated. [Folder 1]
Drawer 37 Osaka, undated. 6 maps. [Folder 2]
Map of Okayama, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Niigata, undated. [Folder 2]
Nagoya, undated. 2 maps. [Folder 2]
Nagasaki, undated. 4 maps. [Folder 2]
Kyoto, undated and 1919. 5 maps. [Folder 2]
Kobe, undated. 3 maps. [Folder 2]
Map of Kanazawa, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Kagoshima, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Fukuoka, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Sapporo, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Nagoya, undated. [Folder 2]
Japan and Japan cities (in Japanese), undated and 1926. 9 maps. [Folder 2]
Drawer 37 Map of Mysore, undated. [Folder 3]
Map of Delhi and Gurgaon District, undated. [Folder 3]
Ootacamund, 1916. 2 maps. [Folder 3]
Map of Patna, undated. [Folder 3]
Map of Poona and Kirkee Cantonments, 1919. [Folder 3]
Secunderabad and Bolarum Cantonment, 1919. 2 maps. [Folder 3]
Drawer 38 Kiffisa Branch, Athens, Greece plans, 1963-1964. [Folder 1]
Athens, Greece plans, 1950. [Folder 1]
Map of Dalny, India, undated. [Folder 2]
Dairen, India, undated. 3 maps. [Folder 2]
Alexandria, Egypt plans, 1957. [Folder 2]
Embassy Guard YMCA, Peking, China, undated. [Folder 2]
Map of Istanbul, undated. [Folder 2]
Rangoon, Burma plans, 1963. [Folder 2]
Pueblo Libre Branch, Lima Peru plans, 1957. [Folder 2]
Pusan, Korea plans, undated. [Folder 2]
Y-Arts Week, October 5-11, 2009. [Folder 3]
YMCA Character Development Posters:
Drawer 38 "Respect: You Never Find Yourself Until You Face the Truth. - Pearl Bailey," undated. [Folder 3]
"Respect: Respect Yourself and Others Will Respect You. - Confucious," undated. [Folder 3]
"Respect: The Most Sublime Act Is to Set Another before You. - William Blake," undated. [Folder 3]
"Caring: No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted. - Aesop," undated. [Folder 3]
"Caring: When God Measures Man, He Puts the Tape around His Heart Not His Head. - Guideposts," undated. [Folder 3]
"Caring: If You Sow Kindness, You Will Reap a Crop of Friends. - Unkown," undated. [Folder 3]
"Honesty: A Lie Has Speed, but Truth Has Endurance. - Edgar J. Mohn," undated. [Folder 3]
"Honesty: An Honest Answer Is the Sign of True Friendship. - Proverbs 24:26," undated. [Folder 3]
"Honesty: No Legacy Is So Rich as Honesty. - William Shakespeare," undated. [Folder 3]
"Responsibility: We Make a Living by What We Get. We Make a Life by What We Give. - Winston Churchill," undated. [Folder 3]
"Responsibility: You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World. - Mahatma Ghandi," undated. [Folder 3]
"Responsibility: You Have to Expect Things of Yourself before You Can Do Them. - Michael Jordan," undated. [Folder 3]
Enlarged WWI Photos:
Drawer 45 "A Railway Triage Hut," undated. 2 copies. [Folder 1]
"A London Rest Hut," undated. [Folder 1]
"The Shakespeare Hut, London," 1917. [Folder 1]
"The YMCA on Captured Territory," 1917. [Folder 1]
"A YMCA Hospital Hut," undated. [Folder 1]
"The Queen Mary Dugout," undated. [Folder 1]


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