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An Inventory of Its Records

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Creator: YMCA of the USA.
Title: YMCA religious work records,
Date: 1814-1984. (bulk 1870s-1970s)
Collection Number: Y.USA.49
Abstract: Minutes, correspondence, conference materials, reports, pamphlets, and other printed materials documenting the YMCA's religious work.
Quantity: 25 cubic feet (25 boxes).
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


While contemporary Americans tend to associate the YMCA primarily with fitness and recreation, the organization's roots are firmly embedded in the missionary movement of the mid-19th century. A child of evangelical Protestantism, the YMCA at first considered itself a specialized agency for bringing young men to Christ. In 1855, eleven years after the founding of the YMCA in London, Ys from around the world met in Paris and adopted a statement of individual commitment as a basis for membership. Called the Paris Basis, it pledged the Y to unite young Christian men who "regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Savior according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to be His disciples in their faith and in their life and to associate their efforts for the extension of His kingdom amongst young men." Initially and for much of the Y's history, religious work was primary and all other features were intended to contribute to it.

Although the early Y's mission was unabashedly religious in nature, the organization focused on method rather than doctrine or philosophy. Dominated by business men rather than professional religious leaders, the movement tended to emphasize facilities, expansion, practical usefulness, and specific influence. Early work included not only the distribution of tracts, Bibles and other Christian literature, but the creation of lists of respectable houses and places to obtain employment, community relief projects, and care for members who were ill. As early as 1857, the Brooklyn (N.Y.) YMCA added physical work to its programs, basing its effort on the belief that "bodily health is intimately connected with mental and spiritual activity and development." The YMCA saw physical work as a means of attracting to its Christian program young men it could not otherwise reach. In 1866, the New York association expanded its statement of purpose to include the word "physical," thus defining the fourfold purpose of the YMCA: "The improvement of the spiritual, mental, social, and physical condition of young men." This concept was formally endorsed by the Y movement as a whole at the Baltimore Convention in 1879.

The YMCA went on to pioneer such programs as vocational education, recreational camping, and support services to men and women in the armed services, invent the sports of basketball and volleyball, and become a key provider of recreation and social welfare services in cities across the country. Still, religious motivations, influenced heavily by the Social Gospel movement with its call for compassionate Christian response to issues of social justice, remained at the heart of YMCA programs. As YMCA leader Robert McBurney stated, "the primary object for which these societies have been established is the binding together of Christian young men and the leading to the savior of those who are ignorant of him. All other services, no matter how good, how great, or how desirable are but collateral and subordinate and should be engaged in only as they tend to secure this primary object." Until 1931, representation at conventions was limited to YMCAs that accepted the Portland Basis. This test, established in 1869, affirmed tenets held by most conservative Protestant churches of the day, such as the inerrancy of scripture, the divinity of Christ, and the centrality of the atonement using widely recognized scripture texts and statements of faith.

The International Committee (the governing administrative body of the YMCA in North America) formed the Religious Work Department in 1902, focused on Bible study and evangelistic work, with Frederic S. Goodman as its secretary. It published the first complete YMCA handbook of religious work methods and principles. Larger city YMCAs increasingly added religious work secretaries to their staffs. Although a separate department had been established, however, religious emphasis was expected to permeate the work of all departments of the International Committee and all local associations. A year later, Laurence L. Doggett, president of the YMCA-founded Springfield College, helped found the Religious Education Association, which dealt with problems of philosophy, methods, leadership, and materials in the field of religious education. Through this organization, many YMCA leaders first learned the concept of character building by way of educational and group activities. The YMCA's physical, social, and educational work seemed an ideal laboratory for testing these new ideas.

Following the vote in 1931 by the delegates to the 43rd International Convention to eliminate the Portland Test, the YMCA abandoned formal theological identification of any kind, adopting a more general statement of purpose: "The Young Men's Christian Association we regard in its essential genius, a worldwide fellowship of men and boys [changed in the late 1950s to "persons"] united by common loyalty to Jesus Christ for the purpose of developing Christian personality and building a Christian society." The delegates also proposed "a program of social and Christian education with the view of helping to educate public opinion for the purpose of reconstructing our social order in the light of, and upon the basis of, the teachings of Jesus." In 1937, a committee on Christian Emphasis and Method, chaired by Dr. Rolland W. Schloerb, was established by the National Board. The committee was charged with "specific tasks connected with preserving the Christian emphasis and with devising methods of infusing it into the program as a whole."

The 1931 statement of purpose was reaffirmed by the annual meeting of the National Council in 1963, and again by the National Council meeting in 1983. Even so, the Y did become increasingly ecumenical and pluralistic as the years went by. Throughout the years, local YMCAs have negotiated between the the Y's evangelical heritage and the desire (and in many cases, need) to broaden its constituency, accounting for the diversity that existed within their own membership but attempting to remain consistent with the spirit of the national statement. A 1952 study conducted by the Program Committee of the National Board on the basic characteristics of the YMCA reported that it was characteristic for the YMCA to "demonstrate what it meant to be a Christian in one's daily life and to welcome persons of various religions, provided they respected the Y's Christian purpose." In 1967, the same year that the National Council banned racial segregation in the YMCA, it also recommended "Guidelines for Ecumenical Education in the YMCA." These guidelines called for "laymen and staff to free themselves from religious prejudice and increase their knowledge and respect for diverse religious traditions," as well as that membership in YMCAs and boards "be open to qualified persons of all Christian affiliations, as well as to Jews and to persons of other religious faiths who wish to join." In 1983, the National Council amended the YMCA constitution by adding the word "religion" to the list of categories on the basis of which discrimination is banned. In 1990, the National Board approved the following positioning statement for the YMCA of the USA: "We will position the YMCA as a community service organization that meets community needs and is open to people of all ages, all abilities, and all incomes; that meets health and social service needs of the family; and that emphasizes the development of values -- the encouragement of moral and ethical behavior based on Christian principles"

Quoted largely from: John C. O'Melia, Jr, Christianity and the YMCA: A Review of the Significant Dates, People, and Events Related to Christian Development in the YMCA, (June 1992). Information also taken from C. Howard Hopkins, History of the YMCA in North America, (New York: Association Press, 1951).


Minutes, correspondence, conference materials, reports, pamphlets, and other printed materials documenting the YMCA's religious work. The collection includes administrative records from the YMCA's Religious Work Department as well as material documenting its work and programs, especially Bible study courses. Also included are records of later committees created to address the issue of the role of Christianity in the Y, such as the Committee on Christian Emphasis and the Committee on Christian Concerns and Ecumenical Relations. Much of the material documents the YMCA's relationship with other churches and organizations, particularly the Catholic church, and the World, Federal, and National Councils of Churches.


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The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding box number.

Box 1 Miscellaneous print, 1951-1955.
Includes pamphlets on YMCA of Taipei.
Miscellaneous print, 1951.
Includes: "Taiwan Today"; program of Handel's Messiah being performed in Taipei in aid of Happy Mount Leprosy Colony; business card of J. C. Lu, executive director of Taipei YMCA Education Department; Methodist Missionary Letter from Katherine Ward and Ralph A. Ward; "The Kuomintang Manifesto and Platform" booklet.
Bible Study:
Box 1 Minutes of Bible Study Commission and examinations, 1914-1915.
Includes: Biographies of St. George, St. Augustine, St. Nicholas, Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Shakespeare and Gladstone; use of the bible in Hi-Y discussions; summer bible study; outlines for voluntary study, statement of Special Commission on Bible Study; suggestions for new bible study courses.
International Examinations in Bible Study, 1901 and 1905-1914.
Bible Studies published by the Educational Department.
International Examinations in Bible Study, 1911-1912 and 1914-1915.
Includes: Honor Roll certificates; correspondence from M. A. Honline to Fred S. Goodman on "Characteristics of Early Adolescence"; Bible Study enrollment card; minutes of Committee on Bible Study Examinations; "International Examinations in Christian Education" pamphlet; correspondence from Harrison Elliott to the Executive Committee on Bible Study; excerpts from Henry C. King's "A Man's Problems"; minutes of the Executive Committee of the Commission on Bible Study and Other Christian Education Books; "Outline for Biblical Introduction to the Old and New Testaments for Men's Classes in Christian Associations."
International Examinations in Bible Study, 1920-1922.
Includes: Biblical Knowledge test; statistical material on YMCAs; "A Study of the Extent of Knowledge of the Bible Among Older Boys"; "International Examinations in Bible Study" pamphlet; requisition blank for questions; copies of examinations with topics including The Character of Jesus, Thirty Studies about Jesus, Scout Laws, Studies in the Life of St. Paul, Making High School Life Count, Jesus the Master, Heroes, The Manhood of the Master, An Older Boy's Problems, Jesus the Head Coach, Life Problems and Bible Study Discussions for Hi-Y Clubs, The Master Man, Master Men of the New Testament, Jesus and His Cause, Campaign of Friendship, Starting to Teach, Christian Teaching on Social and Economic Questions, Life and Works of Jesus, The High Calling, Athletes of the Bible, What Manner of Man is This?, Travels of Paul, Men Who Dared; correspondence from Fred S. Goodman to Secretary of International Committee; letters concerning Bible Study programs from Fred S. Goodman to International Committee; "Tested Courses of Bible Study"; "Plan for Gaining High School Credits for Bible Study", minutes of Commission on Bible Study; "International Examinations in Bible Study for Boys"; Bible Study "Jesus and His Cause"; minutes of Bible Study Examinations Committee; agenda and minutes of Committee on Examinations in Christian Education; "International Examinations in Christian Education" pamphlet; "Religious Education for College Boys" pamphlet; minutes of Bible Study Examinations Committee; correspondence from YMCA secretaries concerning Bible Study; list of associations taking part in Bible Study Examinations; Preliminary Announcement International Examinations.
International Examinations in Bible Study, 1921-1922.
Includes: minutes of the Committee on Examinations in Christian Education; membership card for "The Eye and Ear Club"; Bible Study completion certificates; status report on the YMCA Industrial Oriented English Training Program sponsored by the Taipei American Chamber of Commerce.
Life and Letters of St. Paul, 1895-1896. 2 folders.
Letters of Paul, 1898 and 1915.
Includes: "Philippians: The Model Letter" by William G. Ballantine; "Selected Epistles of Paul" by Edward Everett Nourse.
Letters of Paul, 1911.
"The Epistles of Paul" by Edward Everett Nourse.
Beginner's Bible Training, undated and 1889.
Includes: "Bible Reading Union Calendar"; "Suggestions for the Beginner's Meeting"; "Beginner's Bible Training Class."
Inductive Bible Studies, undated and 1899.
Includes: "Inductive Bible Studies: Luke, Jeremiah" by W. B. Ballantine; instructor's copy of "Inductive Bible Studies: Mark, Acts, Philippians."
Progressive Bible Studies, 1900.
Includes: "Specimen Pages from Progressive Bible Studies Course Number One"; "Progressive Bible Studies Course Number One for Elementary Classes"; "Practical Progressive Graded Bible Studies and Other Literature."
Progressive Bible Studies, 1900.
Includes: "Progressive Bible Studies Number One" by Fred S. Goodman.
Shop Bible Classes, undated and 1901-1915.
Includes: "What Will You Do About It?"; "Shop Classes and Meetings: When, Where and How Conducted?" by A. J. Elliott; "Community Extension: Shop Meetings" by David Latshaw; "Topics and Outlines for Use in Shop Meetings"; "The Sixth Message"; "Shop Bible Classes" by Cleveland YMCA; "The Pastor at the Popes"; Shop Bible Class questionnaire; letter from Harry Curtis of Minneapolis YMCA to F. E. Burgess concerning 'shop meetings'; letter to Mr. James Bain concerning the history of 'shop meetings.'"
Fred S. Goodman, 1904 and 1919.
Includes: Letter from Fred S. Goodman that concerns 'promoting Christian experience and propagating Christian faith.'"
Fred S. Goodman English tour, 1909-1922.
Includes: Papers from Fred S. Goodman's English tour; minutes of the Bible Study Examinations Committee and Sub-Committee on Examination Questions; correspondence from Goodman concerning Bible Study postwar plans; "International Examinations in Bible Study Season 1920-1921"; "International Examinations in Christian Education"; requisition blanks for questions; printed Bible studies; examination forms; Bible Study Examination certificate; minutes from Bible Study Examination Committee; Goodman correspondence; "International Examinations in Bible Study"; financial statement; statistical data; minutes of the Committee on Examinations in Christian Education."
International Examinations in Bible Study, 1923.
Includes: Minutes; Bible studies; requisition forms.
The Bible Study Forward Movement, undated and 1904-1905.
Includes: Pamphlets; cards; "The Bible Study Forward Movement" by Fred S. Goodman; "The Bible Study Forward Movement: The Campaign in Pennsylvania."
Bible Study pamphlets, undated, 1914, 1922 and 1927.
Includes: "What is There in it for Me?"; "Christian Teaching on Social and Economic Questions" by Clarence C. Robinson; "Daily Bible Readings from How Jesus Met Life Questions" by Harrison S. Elliott; "The Life of Jesus in 34 Weeks"; "The May Conference on Religious Work."
Bible Study booklets, 1887 and 1896.
Includes: "Leaves from a Worker's Notebook: Being a Manual for Bible Training Classes" by David McConaughy, Jr.; "Outlines of Bible Study for the Bible Training Class."
Bible Study Department prospecti, 1898-1912. 4 folders.
Bible Study Department annual reports, 1899-1903. 2 folders.
Class record, undated and 1908.
Bible Study course material, undated, 1878-1926. 4 folders.
Includes: "How to Promote the Study of the Bible"; "Is the Bible Adapted to the Young Men of Today?"; "Notes and Rulings on Bible Marking"; "Effective Leadership in Bible Classes"; "Things Which Make a Bible Class Effective"; "The Study of the Books of the Bible"; "The Study and Use of the Bible"; "Jesus the Leader"; "Intercessors: The Primary Need"; "Four Studies of the Acts of the Apostles"; "Jesus as a Friend Saw Him"; "Another Story by Dr. Luke"; "Studies in the Epistles of the Ephesians"; "Out-of-Doors: A Bible Study Course for Use in Boy's Summer Camps"; "The Pocket Gospel of St. John."
Conversational Bible class notes, 1890-1892.
Includes: "Life of Christ."
Box 2 Topics, 1893-1900.
Includes: "Topics for Young Men's Meetings and Bible Classes."
"Influence of the YMCA" by R. C. Morse, 1890 and 1896.
Principles and methods, 1906.
New Testament Notes, 1896-1900 and 1902-1905.
Bible Study pamphlets, 1892-1900 and 1902-1927. 4 folders.
Includes: "The Christian Soldier's Drill Book"; "A Short Course of Study for the Workers' Training Class"; "Bible Study for Personal Growth"; "The Public Use of the Bible"; "Boy's Department of the Sunday School"; "New Testament Ideals for the Present World Task"; "International Calendar of the Young Men's Bible Reading Union"; "Pontos Basicos da Biblia" in Portuguese; "¿Existe Relación entre la Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes y la Religión?" in Spanish.
Religious Education Association papers by Edwin F. See and L. L. Doggett, 1904.
Miscellaneous, undated, 1902-1904 and 1907-1928.
Includes: "Men of the Bible"; convention and dinner pamphlets; Report of the National Committee of the YMCAs in Sweden.
"Bible Study in Army Camps,"1917.
National tests, 1915-1927.
International examinations, 1899-1925. 2 folders.
Minutes and annual reports:
Box 25 Religious Work Department annual reports and surveys, 1900-1916. 7 volumes.
Box 2 Annual reports, 1900-1902, 1906-1907 and 1910-1911. 3 folders.
Annual survey, 1912-1916. 6 folders.
Religious Work Department minutes and reports, 1917-1931. 2 folders.
Committee on Religious Emphasis and Education minutes, 1901-1927.
Religious Work Department staff minutes and reports, 1914-1922. 2 folders.
Religious Work Bureau minutes and reports, 1917-1919. 2 folders.
Religious Work Manual Committee minutes, 1922.
Personal Work:
Box 3 The Christian Workers Record, 1887.
How Organized and Accomplished, 1891-1896. 2 folders.
Young converts, undated, 1891 and 1908.
General, undated and 1900-1925. 2 folders.
Evangelistic meetings, 1900.
Evangelistic work of Frank W. Smith, 1910.
Speaker's list, 1910.
"The Interview Method," 1916.
"The Respective Functions of the Church Men's Clubs and the YMCA in the Religious Life of Men" by C. R. Thomas, 1921.
Committee on Evangelistic Emphasis, 1925-1931.
Miscellaneous, undated and 1889.
Box 24 Pamphlets, undated and 1877-1925. 2 folders.
Miscellaneous print, undated.
Includes: "The Power of a Great Tradition" by H. E. Fosdick, "New Ventures of Faith," "The Practice of Prayer," "When I Pray" by Herbert Gray and Arthur Rugh, "A Tale of Five Cities" by George Irving, "New Ventures of Faith" and "How to Pray" by E. Stanley Jones.
"How to Win Souls" by Charles H. Yatman, 1885.
"Guide for Christian Workers" and "Guidelines to Personal Work," 1885 and 1902.
"Yokefellow's Band" by Frank W. Pearsall and records of General Secretary George Coxhead of St. Louis, 1885-1912.
Box 3 Miscellaneous reports, undated and 1925.
Includes: "Interfaith Declaration on World Order"; "A Community Message to the Brotherhood."
"Urgent Evangelism," 1927.
Program material, 1898-1920. 25 folders.
Personnel and work, 1912 and 1914.
Proceedings of the Ohio Conference on Character Education. 1946.
Box 4 Day and Week of Prayer, 1866-1974. 19 folders.
Topics for Prayer Meetings, 1877-1902 and 1907-1913. 5 folders.
Cycle of Prayer, 1898-1911. 3 folders.
"Developing Christian Personality and a Christian Society" by James W. McCandless. 1948.
Fellowship of Prayer, 1925-1968. 4 folders.
Box 5 Pamphlets, undated.
Association prayer topics, 1910-1913.
Devotional outlines, 1963-1967.
Easter Sunrise Service, 1947 and 1951.
Program staff meetings, 1944-1960. 4 folders.
YMCA objectives, 1965.
Resource material, undated and 1966.
Laymen's Missionary Movement, undated, 1883-1931. 6 folders.
Includes: Pamphlets; Centennial Commission; General Committee; Policy and Program.
Men and Religion Forward Movement:
Box 5 Contributions of the Men and Religion Forward Movement, undated.
Participating cities, undated. 3 folders.
Sociological and Religious Survey of Seventy American Cities, 1912.
Correspondence and YMCA materials, 1912. 2 folders.
Christian Work for Men and Boys, 1912. 3 folders.
Christian Conservation Congress, 1912. 2 folders.
Committee of Ninety-Seven, 1912.
1912 Study, 1912. 4 folders.
Smith-Robins Campaign, 1912.
Pamphlets, undated.
Print, undated.
Boys' Convention, 1912.
Silver Bay Conference, 1911.
Box 6 Points of Emphasis Series, undated and 1909.
Christian Emphasis, 1883-1963. 4 folders.
"Materials of the YMCA,"1923-1926.
Pamphlets, 1880-1952. 5 folders.
Questionnaire conducted by Glenn Porter Wishard. 1909.
Series of brochures by Robert Weidensall. 1881-1921.
Laymen's Missionary Movement in Canada, 1909-1914.
Church Relations:
Box 6 Addresses and essays, 1872-1921.
Correspondence, reports and news clippings, 1886-1929.
"The YMCA and the Sunday School" by Fred S. Goodman, 1913.
The World Alliance for International Friendship Through the Churches, undated and 1915-1925. 2 folders.
Reports, 1907-1939. 5 folders.
Report of the Commission on Approach to the Churches, 1922.
Correspondence, reports and memoranda. 1925-1927 and 1943-1967. 2 folders.
Social Issues and the Churches, undated and 1928-1945. 3 folders.
International Missionary Council correspondence and reports, 1928-1954.
"Manual on YMCA Relations With Churches Around Boys' Work," 1933.
Woodrow Wilson address, 1914.
Legal rulings concerning the YMCA as a religious organization, 1936-1959. 2 folders.
Box 7 Committee on Church-YMCA Cooperation in Recreation Activities, 1927-1931.
Commission on Approach to the Churches, 1921-1928.
Commission reports, undated, 1913, 1919 and 1922.
Religious affiliation, 1959.
Memos and reports of Paul B. Anderson, 1959-1965.
"Dawn" error and retraction, 1949-1952.
This folder concerns the misunderstanding by Southern Baptist Radio Hour and numerous Southern Baptist magazines that the YMCA would drop the "C" from there name.
"The Composition of YMCA Boards of Directors and Committees of Management,"1952.
"The YMCA and the Church in War-Industry Communities," circa World War II.
Includes: "The Churches, the USO, and the YMCA."
"The Churches, the USO, and the YMCA," 1949.
Committee on Church-YMCA Cooperation in Recreation Activities, 1927-1931.
Commission on Church Cooperation, 1929-1945. 2 folders.
Christian Emphasis, 1938-1939 and 1942-1955.
Christian basis, emphasis and purpose, undated and 1963-1984.
"Christian Expression of the YMCA in the U.S." by John R. Fisher, 1977.
Print, undated and 1910-1959. 2 folders.
Pamphlets and tracts, undated.
Interchurch World Movement:
Box 7 Reports, 1919-1920.
Letter defending John R. Mott, 1920.
Origin, development, handbook, organization, 1919-1920.
Galleys, 1919.
World survey, 1920.
Survey, 1920.
Periodicals, 1919-1920.
Pamphlets, undated. 4 folders.
Print, undated.
Box 8 "The Religious Orientation and Ecumenical Outlook and the YMCA Today," 1967.
"Why Wait Till Marriage," 1965-1967.
Regional reports, 1965-1967.
American Jewish Committee, 1969-1970.
Pre-Council Consultation on Ecumenical Developments, 1966. 2 folders.
Ecumenical consultation, 1966-1968. 2 folders.
The Interchurch Center, 1967.
Ecumenical Affairs and Christian Emphasis Committee, 1963-1968. 2 folders.
Protestant relationship, 1967-1968.
National Council, 1967.
Jewish relationships, 1964-1969.
Pamphlets, 1954-1963.
"A Day of Dialogue," 1964.
General, 1955-1973. 6 folders.
World Alliance and ecumenism, 1962-1967.
Membership policies and Christian purpose, 1950-1966.
Prayer fellowship, 1968.
Christian Committee on Christian Concerns and Ecumenical Relations (CCER):
Box 8 YMCA and ecumenism, 1962-1967.
Capital punishment, 1968-1970.
Cambodia, Kent and alienation, 1970.
Drugs, 1970.
Ecology, 1970.
Fair housing pledge, 1970.
Gun control, 1970.
Homosexuals, 1970.
Lowering the voting age, 1970.
Population control, 1970.
Selective service, undated.
Smoking in public carriers, 1970.
United Nations, 1970.
Violence, 1970.
Positions and responses, 1970.
Voting age, 1970.
Positions, exhibits and James Bunting files, 1970.
Committees, 1965-1970.
Correspondence, commission and miscellaneous, 1970.
Box 9 National Council position on Selective Service and "Congressional Record," 1970.
General, 1971-1972. 2 folders.
Local YMCA reports on ecumenical relations, 1966-1970. 5 folders.
Committee on Christian Purpose and Ecumenical Affairs (CPEA):
Box 9 Herbert P. Lansdale mailing, 1963.
YMCA/YWCA Week of Prayer ecumenical opportunity, 1964.
YWCA and ecumenism, 1965.
Correspondence and papers, 1966-1968.
Ecumenical, 1967-1969.
National YMCA Consultation on Ecumenical Affairs letters, 1966.
Objectives and goals, 1967.
Catholic Church Relations:
Box 9 Correspondence, memoranda and reports, 1920-1967. 8 folders.
Reports, 1919-1962.
"A Day of Dialogue," 1964.
National Council of Churches, 1953-1962.
"The YMCA and Its Roman-Catholic Members," 1964.
"The Protestant Peril," 1928.
General materials, 1920-1965. 5 folders.
News clippings, 1952-1964.
Lorain, Ohio news clippings and reports, 1956.
Box 10 "Study of North American YMCA Secretaries who are Roman Catholics" by Gerrit B. Douwsma, 1956.
"Roman Catholicism and Religious Liberty" by A.F. Carrillo de Albornoz, 1959.
"The Nature and Task of the YMCA in Confessional Perspective" by Sir Frank Willis, 1961.
Consultation on the YMCA and Its Roman Catholic Members, 1964.
YMCA publications, undated and 1962.
"Catholics in the YMCA," 1915.
Catholic publications, 1919-1965. 6 folders.
"Our Sunday Visitor," 1961.
Management audit, 1956 and 1960.
Pamphlets, undated, 1922, 1944 and 1965. 2 folders.
"The Dialogue," 1962.
Roman Catholic Church, 1929-1964. 3 folders.
Letters to and from Roman Catholic clergy, 1964-1967. 4 folders.
James Bunting files, 1967.
Second Vatican Council, 1964.
U.S. Catholic Conference and National Council of Catholic Bishops, 1970.
The Fairfield Experiment, 1927-1928.
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions occasional papers, 1965.
"The Winds of Change" from the New York Times, 1967.
"Educating for Ecumenism," 1966.
General, 1920-1967. 4 folders.
Box 11 Lagos, Nigeria, 1964.
Canada, 1963-1964.
Colombia, 1956-1964.
Europe, 1955-1964.
India, 1954.
Near East, 1964.
Latin America, 1927 and 1956-1964.
Mexico, 1927 and 1953-1954.
Pakistan, 1960-1964.
Philippines, 1953-1955. 3 folders.
Philippines source material collected by Gerrit B. Douwsma, 1954.
Poland, undated.
Puerto Rico, 1955-1956.
Russia, undated.
Spain, 1952-1954.
Vatican, undated. 2 folders.
Yugoslavia, 1953.
Pacem in Terris Convocation, 1965. 2 folders.
James Bunting files, 1964-1970. 3 folders.
James Bunting files correspondence, 1963-1970.
Catholic laymen's meeting on YMCA relationships, 1966-1969. 2 folders.
Roman Catholic relationships, 1963-1968. 5 folders.
Reports, memoranda and minutes, 1924-1959. 2 folders.
Correspondence and reports, 1962-1963.
Programs in Orthodox countries (in French), 1933-1936. 3 folders.
Box 12 Russian Orthodox Church litigation, 1957.
"A Study of Orthodoxy and the YMCA" by Paul B. Anderson, 1963.
Greek Orthodox relationships, undated.
Athenagoras, 1961-1970.
Correspondence between James F. Bunting and Orthodox leaders, 1968-1969.
YMCA Protestant church relationships, 1943-1945. 2 folders.
Laymen's Foreign Missions Inquiry correspondence and reports, 1932-1934. 2 folders.
World Council of Churches:
Box 12 Inter-Church Aid, 1944-1963.
Process of formation and reconstruction, 1946.
World Conference of Christian Youth, 1947.
Reports, 1952-1968. 2 folders.
Beirut Refugee Conference report, 1956.
U.S. Conference, 1955-1963. 3 folders.
East Asia Christian Conference, Bangalore, 1961.
Commission of Churches on International Affairs, 1962.
Fourth World Conference on Faith and Order, 1963.
18th Meeting of Executive Committee, 1963.
Central Committee report, 1963.
General, 1964-1966.
World Conference on Church and Society, 1966.
Periodicals, 1958-1966.
"Youth," 1962. 2 folders.
Pamphlets, undated. 3 folders.
First World Assembly:
Box 13 General, 1948. 2 folders.
Correspondence and reports, 1948.
Delegates and documents, 1948.
"Man's Disorder and God's Design," 1943 and 1948.
Second World Assembly:
Box 13 Print, 1954.
Handbook, 1954.
Study, 1954.
Reports, 1954.
Third World Assembly:
Box 13 Reports and publications, 1961. 4 folders.
Print, 1961. 2 folders.
Agenda, correspondence and reports, 1961. 2 folders.
Addresses, minutes and reports, 1961.
Handbook, visitor's guide and rules, 1961.
Documents, 1961. 3 folders.
Order of service, 1961.
Integration of International Missionary Council and World Council of Churches, 1961.
Miscellaneous, 1961.
World YMCA Sunday "...to Strengthen a Historic Bond," 1944.
Conference on Eastern European Culture, 1959.
Federation of Churches reports, 1899-1907.
Federal Council of Churches:
Box 13 Charter associates, constitution and by-laws, 1909-1930.
Box 14 Committees, 1922-1936.
Biennial meeting, 1950.
Fourth Annual Study Conference, 1953.
General War-Time Commission of the Churches, 1917-1918. 3 folders.
Reports, 1916, 1938 and 1950.
Handbook and reports, 1916-1928.
"Manual of Inter-Church Work," 1917.
"A Handbook for Inter-Racial Committees" and "A Report of the Southern Commission on the Study of Lynching," 1920 and 1933.
Minutes and reports, 1916-1933. 3 folders.
Commission on a Just and Durable Peace, 1941-1945.
Pamphlets, undated. 7 folders.
Print, undated. 2 folders.
"Goodwill" and addresses and reports by Rev. Sidney L. Gulick, 1914, 1916 and 1921.
Commission on the Church and Social Service, 1921.
6th Quadrennial Meeting reports, 1928.
Committee on Hotel Arrangements, 1931-1938.
General, 1918-1943. 3 folders.
Box 15 General, 1939-1954. 6 folders.
"Christianity and the Economic Order" series, 1942-1946.
Organizations, 1945-1954.
National Conference on the Church and Economic Life, 1947.
Minutes of Economic Committee, 1947.
Christianity and the Economic Order, 1946-1949.
Memoranda on the United Nations, undated, 1946-1947 and 1949-1950. 2 folders.
Church World Service minutes and reports, undated and 1946-1950. 9 folders.
National Council of Churches:
Box 15 Studies, 1951 and 1955-1972. 5 folders.
Constituting Convention correspondence, 1948-1950.
Constituting Convention portfolio, 1950. 2 folders.
Constituting Convention workbook, 1950.
Statements and discussions, 1951-1958 and 1960-1963. 4 folders.
Box 16 General, 1951-1963.
Statements and pronouncements, 1951-1968. 4 folders.
Abstracts of dissertations in religious education, 1952-1953.
Immigration, 1952-1961. 2 folders.
Handbooks, 1952-1969.
Christian social welfare, 1953-1955.
Bunting files, 1962-1970.
Reports, 1953-1963. 3 folders.
General Assembly annual meetings, 1954 and 1963-1964.
Church-agency relationships, 1954.
China consultation, 1958.
The Fifth World Order Study Conference:
Box 16 Study guides and reports, 1958.
Resolutions and reports, 1958.
Background papers, 1958. 5 folders.
1960 meeting, 1960. 2 folders.
Men and Women in Church and Society, 1962.
Leisure time witness studies, 1963.
"The Church Woman," 1963.
Print, undated. 6 folders.
Box 17 Interfaith Commission of the Student Christian Movement, undated.
American Baptist Foreign Mission Society reports, 1938-1940, 1945-1946 and 1949. 4 folders.
Northern Baptist Convention report, 1948.
Baptist Church Brotherhood, undated.
Congregational church literature, undated. 2 folders.
Congregational Brotherhood miscellaneous print, 1859-1910. 2 folders.
Episcopal Church World Conference on Faith and Order, 1913-1916. 4 folders.
Lutheran Church print, 1909-1911.
Methodist Church:
Box 17 Foreign missions report, 1943.
World missions report, 1957.
"Significance of Jesus Christ in the Modern World," 1931. 3 folders.
"Journal of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church," 1966.
Journal of 1972-1976 Quadrennium, 1972-1976.
Methodist religious societies print, 1907.
Presbyterian Church print, undated, 1867-1906 and 1918-1938. 4 folders.
National Brotherhood Convention of the United Presbyterian Church, undated.
New Zealand Presbyterian Young Men's Bible Class Union, undated.
Men's Brotherhood and Laymen's Missionary Movement, undated.
Central Men's League, Central Presbyterian Church, undated.
Presbyterian Brotherhood of America, undated. 2 folders.
Presbyterian Church literature, undated. 2 folders.
Protestant publications, 1958 and 1979.
Derry Street Young Men's Bible Class and United Brethren Church miscellaneous print, undated.
World Conference of Christian Youth:
Box 18 Promotion and list of delegates, 1939.
In 1939 the World Conference of Christian Youth took place in Amsterdam, Holland.
Amsterdam information, 1939.
Quarry articles I-III and plenary addresses, 1939.
"Youth in the Modern Maze" and "Youth Calls to Youth," 1939.
Worship services, 1939. 2 folders.
"The Christian Community in the Modern World," 1939. 2 folders.
"Further Studies on the Christian Community and the Modern World," 1939. 2 folders.
"Can You Say Christus Victor," 1939.
Reports, 1939.
Christus Victor, 1939.
Promotion and list of delegates, 1947.
In 1947 the World Conference of Christian Youth took place in Oslo, Norway.
Oslo information, 1947.
Packets given to delegates aboard ship, 1947.
Planning, 1947.
Pre-conference material, 1947.
"Youth in the World Church" and "Christianity as a Youth Movement," 1947.
Addresses, 1947. 2 folders.
Conference and post-conference material, 1947.
Program material, 1947.
Conference material, 1947.
Bulletin reports on conferences during the summer of 1947 in Oslo, Ljungskile and Edinburgh. 1947.
Reports, 1942 and 1947. 3 folders.
Report of planning meeting at Presinge, Switzerland, 1951.
Pre-conference material, 1952.
In 1952 the World Conference of Christian Youth took place in Travancore, India.
Publications, 1952.
Reports, 1952. 3 folders.
American Committee, New York, 1952. 2 folders.
Reflections forty years later," 1979.
Christian Youth Conference of North America minutes of the Committee on Strategy, 1947.
Box 19 Sermons, undated, 1814-1857, 1867-1897 and 1918-1925. 6 folders.
Christian Century, 1931-1964. 2 folders.
Commission on Message and Purpose:
Box 19 Statements by Dr. Hutchins, A.B. Nicholl and Dr. Brown, 1930.
Communications regarding pamphlets, undated.
Second Plenary Meeting, 1930.
Agenda, minutes and reports, 1929-1937. 2 folders.
General, 1930-1942. 2 folders.
Reports, 1931-1932 and 1938. 3 folders.
Authorization of purpose, minutes and reports, 1930.
Studies, 1931.
Message and purpose papers, 1932-1933.
Print, undated. 2 folders.
Box 24 Reports, 1931-1934. 4 folders.
Box 19 Kansas-Soudan Movement correspondence and reports, 1890-1892.
Kansas-Soudan Movement newspaper clippings, 1890-1891.
Kansas-Soudan Movement printed materials, undated.
"The Kansas Pilgrim," 1891.
Christian Emphasis, 1952-1957. 8 folders.
Box 20 International Council of Religious Education (ICRE), undated, 1925-1927, 1930-1943, 1946, 1948 and 1950. 26 folders.
ICRE "The Christian Quest" pamphlets, 1927.
ICRE "Study of Christian Education," 1946-1947.
Box 21 The Foreign Mission Conference of North America, 1914, 1936-1937, 1942 and 1948-1949. 7 folders.
United Church Board for World Ministries 162nd Annual Report, 1972.
Studies in Missionary Giving, 1929. 2 folders.
World Missionary Conference, undated.
"Christian Horizons: Openings in Missionary Service," 1948-1952.
Missions miscellaneous print, undated. 2 folders.
Miscellaneous YMCA religious print, undated.
Home Division of the National Council pamphlets, undated and 1928-1929.
"Together Around the World," 1925.
"Forms and Varieties of Christian Worship," 1962.
Consultation on Church Union reports, 1962-1965.
Laymen's Movement for a Christian World Decline of Materialism Seminar, 1954-1963. 2 folders.
Universal Christian Council, 1925-1938. 4 folders.
United Christian Youth Movement minutes and reports, 1937-1950. 2 folders.
National Conference of Christians and Jews dialogue and background reports, 1962-1965. 2 folders.
Synagogue Council of America, 1970.
White House Conference on Children and Youth, 1970.
Miscellaneous religious print, undated. 3 folders.
The Prophetic Conference, 1878.
Ohio Evangelization Movement, 1901. 2 folders.
Evangelistic Committee of New York City, 1909 and 1912.
Church Work in State Universities report, 1909-1910.
Religion in the colleges, 1915 and 1940-1948.
Box 22 "Church-State Relations in Social Welfare" by William J. Villaume, 1958.
Miscellaneous undated pamphlets,undated.
Miscellaneous religious print, undated, 1901-1911, 1914-1936 and 1946-1956. 8 folders.
Miscellaneous religious education, 1915-1937.
Miscellaneous minutes and reports, 1935-1958. 2 folders.
Papers, 1960s,
Revival reports, Prayer Meeting Convention and Sunday School Convention, 1860 and 1889.
Billy Sunday in New York City, 1917.
Revival print, 1858-1931. 3 folders.
"Life of Christ" by A.J. Elliott, undated.
Jesus Freak or Jesus People Movement, 1970-1973. 6 folders.
Early history report by F. S. Goodman, 1908.
Box 23 Index cards, undated.
Portland Resolution, 1869.
"A Review of Opinions Concerning the Evangelical Test in American Associations," 1907.
Report of the Committee of Interpretation, undated.
Workers training classes, pamphlets and books, 1885-1891.
Field secretaries' reports, 1900-1915.
Railroad, 1887 and 1905.
Department reports, 1901-1919.
Secretaryship, 1903-1917.
Prospectus, 1902-1903.
General, 1910-1919.
Status report, 1922.
Correspondence, memoranda and papers, 1903-1923.
Pamphlets and tracts, undated and 1874-1899.
Pamphlets concerning Jesus, 1897-1913.
Life and Letters of Paul, 1904-1909.
Synoptic gospels, undated. 4 folders.
Bible Study Commission minutes and reports, 1913-1919. 3 folders.
Association of City General Secretaries correspondence and reports, 1923-1925.
History of the Bible, 1924-1925.
Evangelistic/Christian Emphasis, 1928, 1942 and 1963.
General, 1921-1925, 1930-1931, 1940-1942 and 1959-1962. 4 folders.
Box 25 Religious work conferences, 1897-1921. 6 folders.
Box 24 Conferences on relation of YMCA to the churches, 1920-1921. 2 folders.
Religious Work Conference, 1922-1926.
"The YMCA as a Christian Educational Movement," 1927.
Spiritual Emphasis Conferences, 1927-1930 and 1934-1935.
Council on Evangelism report, 1937.
Springfield College Conference, 1941.
Committee Conference on Religious Leadership, 1950.
World Fellowship of Prayer:
Box 24 Historical sketch, 1944-1961. 2 folders.
New York Group memoranda, 1958-1959.
Fellowship in Prayer, 1975. 2 folders.
"Things of the Spirit" and "United States Prayer Communique," 1964-1979.
Print, undated. 4 folders.


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Young Men's Christian associations.
Christian education.
Christianity and other religions.
Church and social problems.
Ecumenical movement.
Religious education.
Bunting, James F.
Goodman, Frederic S. (Frederic Simeon), 1858-
Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America.
International Council of Religious Education.
National Board of the Young Men's Christian Associations. Religious Work Dept.
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.
World Conference of Christian Youth.
World Council of Churches.
YMCA of the USA.
Young Men's Christian Associations of North America. International Committee.