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An Inventory of His Papers

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Creator: Urice, Jay A.
Title: Jay Urice papers
Date: 1891-1957 (bulk 1910-1930).
Collection Number: Y.USA.31
Abstract: Papers of Jay Urice, primarily from his early career with the YMCA, including his reference and research files.
Quantity: 3.8 cu. ft. (5 boxes)
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


Jay Adams Urice was born in Garrison, Iowa on March 13, 1891. He graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1912. He also studied at Union Theological Seminary and did graduate work in religious education at Columbia University. In 1937, he received an L.L.D. from Coe College.

Urice began his life-long connection with the YMCA as a member of the student association at Coe. After graduation he joined the staff of the Honolulu YMCA as one of the first men recruited for Association work on the Fellowship Plan. At Honolulu he served one year as office secretary, three years as educational secretary and the last year as associate executive secretary. From 1917 to 1920 he was on the personnel board of the War Work Council. In 1921 he spent a year in YMCA service in Europe. On his arrival back in the United States the same year, he was named the head of the personnel bureau for the International Committee, a position he held for four years.

When the National Council of the YMCA was established in 1925, Urice was appointed executive secretary of the Home Division and was charged with the organization of the program and research section, which was responsible for guiding and developing program activities for the YMCA. In 1934, Urice became the associate general secretary of the National Board and in 1954 the executive secretary, a post he held until January of 1957. After his retirement, he joined the faculty of Yale Divinity School.

In addition to his official positions, Urice held many other important YMCA-related posts: he was the director of the Silver Bay Association, a member of the Executive Committee of the World's Committee of YMCAs and a director of the United Service Organization.


Personal materials encompass Urice's professional YMCA output, including writings, addresses, and research work. Also included are materials from his studies at Coe College and Columbia University. During his time in Honolulu, Urice helped organize the Institute of Pacific Relations and the Pan-Pacific Conference, whose materials include correspondence and programs. Various subject files, including leadership, character building and the theory of the YMCA are among Urice's personal materials.

The Research and Reference series contains primarily articles and book reviews on a wide variety of contemporary topics, such as eugenics, sexual hygiene and education, as well as Christianity. All materials are arranged in numerical order according to a filing scheme devised by Urice.


These documents are organized into the following sections:
Personal Materials
Research and Reference


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The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding box number.

Personal Materials

1 Biographical material
Addresses and papers, undated.
Bound volume of collected materials.
Board of directors project, 1926.
Board of education materials, 1933-1935.
Board functions in the social work field, 1935-1936.
Board members handbook, 1940.
Character building, undated.
Charts of work by Urice, 1932-1956.
Bound volume of collected materials.
Coe College materials, 1911-1916.
Correspondence, 1932, 1943-1950, 1952-1957. 3 folders.
Columbia University Teachers College, 1924-1934.
Committees, 1928-1930.
Committee research, 1928-1933.
"A Constructive Study of the General Secretary by His Associates...", 1914.
Council member survey statistics, undated.
Council of war work, 1918-1919.
Defense community service extension, notes, 1941.
Education course examination, 1923.
Excerpts from YMCA literature, 1930.
Institute of Pacific Relations, 1922-1926, 1933. 6 folders.
Lay/Secretary relationships, 1933.
Lay organization paper criticism, 1933.
Layman, 1924-1930. 2 folders.
Leadership, undated.
Life of Christ study outline, undated.
Local association organizations, undated.
Memorial materials, 1957, 1960.
National Board statements, 1943-1946, 1956-1957.
Notes, 1930-1949. 2 folders.
Outline of a critique of conference procedure, 1937.
Pan-Pacific conference, 1924-1925. 3 folders.
2 "A Platform for America," 1952.
Press roundup, Pacific region, 1925.
Public opinion digests, 1925.
Projects, Lake Geneva summer school, 1931.
Report on program development, southern region, Atlanta, 1931.
School administration, 1934.
Study outlines, 1925-1937. 2 folders.
Sunday school lessons, undated.
Theory of the YMCA, 1909-1928. 4 folders.
University governance, 1933-1936.
Volunteer organization survey, 1933-1935.
World Conference of Older Boys/Girls, 1954-1955. 11 folders.
Contains primarily correspondence from regional offices concerning the conference, which was held in conjunction with the Worlds Centennial Conference in Paris.
Work file on appraisal, 1924.
Writings, undated, 1917, 1921-1956. 2 folders.
YMCA board work study data, 1933-1934.
YMCA papers, undated, 1924-1930. 5 folders.
Papers and presentations by YMCA secretaries.
Young men's assemblies, 1933, 1935.

Research and Reference

2 "Problems Confronting Boards of Education,"1944.
Bible, undated.
Bible study, 1911-1914.
Rural interests, 1909-1924.
Charity, 1911-1923.
Philanthropy, 1912-1925.
Responsibility, 1911-1914.
College, undated.
Reading course in the gospels, undated.
Church, undated.
Teaching of Bible classes, undated, 1919.
Comparative religions, 1912-1924.
Wisdom, undated.
Amusements, undated, 1912.
3 Sexual instruction, undated, 1905-1922.
Eugenics, 1912-1926.
Evidence of Christianity, 1912-1924.
Gospel team campaign, 1912-1924.
Hawaii, 1912-1925.
Immortality, 1917-1925.
Immigration, undated.
Social gospel, undated.
Personal guidance, undated.
Poetry, undated.
Prayer, undated.
Sunday school, undated.
Sociology, undated.
Socialism, undated.
U.S. civics, undated.
Zoology, undated.
Education, 1915-1923.
Anecdotes, undated. 2 folders.
Creed, 1909-1922.
Efficiency, 1912-1915.
Feminism, 1909-1915.
YMCA, 1904-1915.
Concept of God, 1922-1928.
Psalms, undated.
Jesus, undated.
China, undated.
Japan, undated.
War and peace, 1918-1928.
Secretaryship, undated.
Power of the Bible, 1907-1929.
Venereal disease, 1913-1921.
Personal work, 1891-1922.
Philosophy of spiritual life, undated, 1913.
Synoptic gospels, 1913-1928.
Talks to boys, 1924-1927.
Choosing a vocation, 1916-1924.
Books and reading, 1922-1926.
Lyman Abbott sermons, 1916.
Young men 18-21, 1916-1918.
Foreign work, 1916.
Teaching, 1927.
Sabbath, undated.
Rotary club, 1915-1917.
Christian endeavor, 1915-1920.
Hawaiian royalty, 1916-1924.
Amos, 1913.
Employment, 1917-1923.
Adolescence, 1920-1926.
Intellectual growth, 1924.
Jesus' teaching, undated.
Habits, 1915.
Revivalism, 1915.
Holy spirit, undated.
City manager, 1916.
Education, 1923.
Memory, undated.
Industrial education, undated.
Judaism, 1916.
New testament, 1924.
Romans (Biblical book), undated.
Faith, 1916.
Apprenticeships, 1924.
Cooperative schools, undated.
Office etiquette, 1917.
Science and religion, 1926.
Success, 1915.
College education, 1914.
Church, 1927.
Religious education, 1923.2 folders.
Social work policy, 1919-1921.
League of Nations, 1917-1923.
Time efficiency. 1913-1916.
Presbyterian Church General Assembly, 1925.
Scientific method in education, undated.
National Education Association meeting, 1916.
Worship, 1925-1927.
Manual arts, 1916.
4 Higher education, 1918-1926.
Study, 1916-1920.
Religious interviews, 1924.
Secretary training, 1916-1917.
The Pilgrim Teacher, 1917.
Religious music, 1917-1922.
Religious education, undated.
Conferences, 1925-1927.
Woodrow Wilson, 1918.
Labor, 1918.
Bible discussion groups, 1918-1919.
Bolshevism, 1919-1920.
Secretaryship, 1926.
Soviet Union, 1918-1919.
Peace negotiations, 1918-1919.
Teaching Association history, undated.
War work studies, undated.
Christ's second coming, 1918.
Community through brotherhood, undated.
Labor, 1924-1928.
Sex education, 1926-1928.
Public opinion, 1926-1928.
Instinct, 1925.
Far East, 1925-1926.
5 Weekday religious education, 1922-1923.
Psychology of religion, 1921-1922.
Industrial relations, 1923-1924.
The Forum Bulletin, 1921-1923.
Evolution, 1923-1926.
Personality and character tests, 1920-1927.
Eugenics, 1922-1925.
Religious education, 1922, 1924-1926. 2 folders.
Intelligence testing, 1922-1927.


Photographs of Urice can be found in the Kautz Family YMCA Archives Photograph Collection.
The following related materials and books authored by Urice are catalogued separately in the Kautz Family YMCA Archives:
Armed Services United Service Organization-Related Records, 1932-1980: As associate general secretary of the National Council, Urice played an integral part in the establishment of the YMCA USO.
A Catechism of Army Young Men’s Christian Association Methods
Teaching in Association Summer Schools
The Theory of the Young Men’s Christian Association: Outlines for Discussion Studies in Principles and Policies


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