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Creator: National Board of the Young Men's Christian Associations.
Title: Educational work records.
Date: 1885-1991 (bulk 1920-1960).
Collection Number: Y.USA.11
Abstract: Records documenting education programs of the YMCA, including material from the Educational Department, the United YMCA Schools, conference centers, such as Silver Bay, New York and Blue Ridge, North Carolina, and programs at the local association level. Materials include course outlines and syllabi, reports, information on local education classes, and papers of department secretaries.
Quantity: 15.6 linear ft. (17 boxes).
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


Education and edification has been at the heart of the YMCA's mission since its founding in 1844. Early associations frequently featured libraries and reading rooms and regularly sponsored lectures. By the late 1860s, evening classes had become a regular part of the program at most associations. Subjects were varied and included foreign languages, music, penmanship, physiology, Bible topics, and more. While these lecture courses were mainly recreational in purpose, during the 1880s, several associations experimented with programs more specifically oriented towards the improvement of young men in the trades and factory work. The 1890s saw the growth of these industrial education classes, offered in technical and vocational subjects.

The growth in educational programs soon prompted demand for guidance at the national level. The Educational Department was established in 1891 with George Hodge as its first secretary. The education work overseen by the department grew dramatically after World War I with the establishment of the United YMCA Schools in associations and colleges to provide vocational, business, and professional education to returning veterans. The Education Council (acting as the sponsoring committee for the Education Department) was created in 1919 to administer the work of the YMCA Schools. These schools continued until the late 1930s, when many of the colleges separated themselves from the YMCA and budget restraints limited programs at local associations.

The objects of the YMCA's educational efforts were not limited only to its members. The organization also established numerous training institutes and schools for its own staff. The first of these was the annual conference held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin beginning in 1884. The earliest YMCA training facility represented in these records is the Silver Bay Association for Christian Conference and Training, which was founded in 1902 by Luther Wishard and other YMCA leaders on Lake George, New York. Separately incorporated from the YMCA, it nevertheless functioned primarily as a place for YMCA education. Training courses for secretaries began there in 1903, and in 1913 the YMCA formally established the Eastern Association School there for professional education. A number of other training centers (often called summer schools) were established in the early twentieth century: Lake Couchiching (Canada) in 1905; Chesapeake Summer School Maryland (for African American secretaries) in 1907; Estes Park, Colorado in 1908; Blue Ridge, North Carolina in 1912; Asilomar, California (also called Pacific Summer School) in 1914; and Seabeck, Washington, in 1919.


Material documenting the YMCA's work in the area of education falls into two broad categories: records of the YMCA Educational Department and records of YMCA summer schools and training institutes.

The records of the Educational Department consist of annual reports and prospectuses (1894-1907); pamphlets and reports relating to educational programs at both the national and local levels; minutes of the educational service committee (1919-1923) and education cost studies. Also in the collection are records relating to the United YMCA Schools, including reports of the Committee of 146; minutes of the board of governors of the Education Council from 1919-1929; promotional pamphlets; coursebooks; instructors manuals; enrollment certificates and scholarship materials.

The records of the summer schools and training institutes relate primarily to Silver Bay. They include programs listing class offerings, annual reports, historical sketches, yearbooks, promotional materials, theses and professional papers presented at Silver Bay; also included are programs, itineraries and correspondence relating to an annual conference on industrial relations. There are also materials relating to other schools and institutes, including industrial relations conference materials from Blue Ridge, South Carolina, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and Estes Park, Colorado ; and conference pamphlets and reports from the Pacific and Chesapeake Summer Schools.

Also part of the education records are miscellaneous subject materials, consisting of publication files on adult education, drug abuse, communism and religious education.


These documents are organized into the following sections:
Educational Department
Councils and Commissions
Association of YMCA Schools and Colleges
Local Education Programs
Religious Education
Schools and Institutes
Conference Centers
United YMCA Schools
Adult Education
Resource Files


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Materials from the Silver Bay Conference on Human Relations in Industry have been removed from the Education Department records and added to the Industrial work records. The Silver Bay conference was sponsored directly by the Industrial Department and its subsequent organizations, better associating the materials with the Industrial work records.


The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding box number.

Educational Department

1 Annual reports, 1894-1911
Reports 1901-1911 are in 6 bound volumes.
Minute book, 1892-1903. 3 folders.
2 Prospectus, 1898-1901. 4 folders.
Courses of study, 1908.
Annual reports and prospectus, 1896-1907. 3 folders.
The annual reports are duplicates of materials in box 1.
Papers and prospectus, 1893-1899. 2 folders.
Includes papers presented at educational conventions and prospecti for educational classes offered by the Department.
Organization and function: program for 1925, 1925.
Outlines, undated.
Principles, 1925.
Continental education conference, report, 1919. 2 folders.
Detroit educational conference, 1919.
Education philosophy, papers, 1927.
Educational aids, order forms, 1900-1902.
The Educational Function of the YMCA, 1927.
Educational Notes, 1912-1914.
Educational Secretaries Institute, program, 1928.
Educational service for de-mobilized men, undated.
General early materials, 1885-1937. 10 folders.
Includes reports, financial materials, letters soliciting financial support and background materials for educational conferences.
Informational materials, 1902-1912.
Professional development of secretaries, bulletin, undated.
Papers and addresses, 1890-1907. 4 folders.
3 Papers and addresses, 1908-1929. 3 folders.
Papers and addresses presented by education secretaries at conferences and gatherings.
Promotional fliers, undated.
Reports and statistics, 1903-1905, 1909-1925, 1929-1933. 4 folders.
Suggested plan for reorganization of school system of YMCA, 1919.
Survey of educational activities of the YMCA, 1923.
University extension in the YMCA, undated, 1891.
World's YMCA janitorial training institute, 1892.
YMCA and industrial education, undated, 1927. 3 folders.
YMCA program building and research bulletin, 1929-1931.
YMCA education work, external publications, 1890-1892.
Non-YMCA publication with articles about education work.
Overviews, 1892-1893, 1923.
Overviews of the work of the Education Department.
Pratt Institute, correspondence, 1891.
Educational exhibits, promotional material, 1895, 1897, 1899, 1901.
Exhibits of the educational work of local associations was displayed in conjunction with conventions.
International Committee, informational booklets, 1919-1920.
Meridan Study, 1931.
Results of a study conducted of the "needs and interests of adults" in Meridan, Mississippi.
Questions used in international examinations, 1897-1907. 8 folders.
International examinations materials, 1895-1915. 16 folders.
Includes regulations, instructions, test forms and drafts, announcements and awards.
Class record books, 1893-1898, 1902, 1921. 2 folders.
Blank books used by instructors to track the progress and attendance of students.
Social and literary clubs and studies, 1892-1920. 4 folders.
4 Print material on education directors and work, 1891-1910. 2 folders.
Information on the training and work of education directors.
Educational work for men and boys, leaflets and print material, undated.
Pamphlets and leaflets, 1895-1928.
Vocational and adult education, leaflets and print material, 1900-1911, 1933.
Educational work bibliography, 1959.
Educational unit cost studies, 1925-1932. 8 folders.
Studies and reports, 1920-1958. 3 folders.
Material for program and research committee, 1928. 3 folders.
Bureau of Education publications regarding YMCA education work, 1913-1923.
John Bouseman dissertation materials, 1951-1970.
Ph.D. thesis on the separation of colleges from the YMCA
Jay Urice resource files, 1918-1930. 2 folders.
7 Nicholas Goncharoff materials on communism, 1947-1963. 4 folders.
Materials of Education Department Secretaries:
4 William Hirsch, papers presented by, undated.
T. H. Nelson, papers presented by, undated.
J. Gustav White, study of the educational activities of the YMCA, 1920-1921. 5 folders.
Educational secretary, papers, 1920-1929, 1931. 3 folders.
Form letters, 1894-1914.
P. A. Weiting papers, 1885.

Councils and Commissions

4 Commission on administration, manual on administration of YMCA educational work, undated. 2 folders.
Education commissions, 1909. 2 folders.
5 Education commissions, 1911-1923. 4 folders.
Education Council, minutes and papers, 1919-1933. 1 volume and 19 folders.
Education Council, correspondence and papers, 1934-1935.
Education Council Bulletin, 1930.
General educational committee, minutes and papers, 1930, 1932, 1935. 3 folders.
National War Work Council, educational service fund, Landis report, 1923.
National War Work Council, educational service committee, scholarship fund records, 1920-1923. 2 folders.
National War Work Council, educational service committee, minutes and papers, 1919-1923. 2 folders.
National War Work Council, Educational Service Bulletin, 1919-1920.
6 National Council, Home Committee, Watson study, 1928-1930. 6 folders.
Study of experimental work with character education in Cleveland Y-prep day school.

Association of YMCA Schools and Colleges

6 Constitution, 1944, undated.
Reports, 1945-1966.
History of formal higher education in the YMCA, 1951.
Bulletins, 1939-1948.

Local Education Programs

Contains primarily course catalogs for educational work sponsored by, or completed at, local YMCA associations.
6 Bulletins, 1931-1955.
Boston, 1942-1949.
Chicago, 1951-1955.
Cleveland, 1933-1934, 1941-1942. 3 folders.
Cincinnati, 1940-1945.
Columbus, 1940-1942.
Dayton, Ohio, 1922, 1940-1941, 1945-1946.
Detroit, 1940-1942, 1953.
Hartford, Connecticut, undated, 1940-1966.
Houston, Texas, 1940-1944, 19501-1951.
Portland, Oregon, 1944-1945, undated.
Providence, Rhode Island, 1941-1942, 1951
Reading, Pennsylvania, 1964-1968.
Rochester, New York, undated, 1959-1963.
New York City, 1940-1950.
Seattle, Washington, undated.
Washington, D.C., 1940-1951.
Worcester, Massachusetts, 1944-1945.
Youngstown, Pennsylvania, 1940-1941, 1944-1946.
Miscellaneous cities, B-J, 1940-1967.
Miscellaneous cities, J-M, 1945-1953.
Miscellaneous cities, N-P, undated, 1953-1961.
Miscellaneous cities, S-W, 1944-1960.
Electrical night school booklet, Massachusetts-Rhode Island, 1911-1912.

Religious Education

7 International Council of Religious Education, report, 1938.
International Council of Religious Education, yearbook, 1938, 1939, 1942, 1949. 4 folders.
International Council of Religious Education, handbooks and guides, 1928-1934. 3 folders.
International Council of Religious Education, curriculum guide for Christian education, 1934.
International Council of Religious Education, abstracts in religious education, 1935.
International Council of Religious Education, study of Christian education, 1946-1947.
International Council of Religious Education, Christian Youth Movement, 1947-1950.
Christian Youth Conference of North America, conferences, 1935-1948.
Building an intermediate pioneer program, 1938.
A curriculum developed by Lucile Desjardins for the religious training of adolescents.
Guide to group study of New Perspectives, 1964.
A Primer on Church Unity, undated.
Federal Council of Churches, "Ministry for Tomorrow" series, 1946. 3 folders.
An informational series of booklets designed for men who were considering entry into the ministry.

Schools and Institutes

7 Prospectuses and bulletins, 1890-1925. 3 folders.
Association summer schools, 1892-1951. 3 folders
Association of summer schools, annual meetings of deans and principals, 1929.
Association of summer schools, pamphlets, announcements and studies, 1923-1936.
8 Reports of the Association's summer schools, 1924. 2 folders.
The Work of the Summer Schools of the YMCA, 1924-1925.
Permanent committee on the Association vocation, summer school investigation, 1925. 2 folders.
Conference on Association Summer Schools, report, 1928.
Association summer schools, reader's guide, 1928-1929.
Association summer schools, pamphlets, announcements, 1937, 1940.

Conference Centers

Silver Bay, New York:
8 Histories, general, 1925-1927.
Histories, YMCA, 1952.
Lake George Committee, tent city, undated.
Silver Bay Association, papers, 1905-1924..
Papers and correspondence, 1912-1977. 4 folders.
Silver Bay Association, annual reports, 1908-1911, 1948-1977. 3 folders.
Silver Bay Association, pamphlets and newsletters, 1910-1922.
50th anniversary, 1952.
YMCA events, 1902-1912. 2 folders.
Building dedications, 1909-1917.
Non-YMCA conferences, 1903-1927.
Conferences, 1911-1921.
Brochures and conferences, undated, 1934-1956.
Background information, 1975-1978, undated.
AOS conference, 1948-1952.
Miscellaneous reports, 1944-1991.
Property improvement study, 1950.
Quarterly newsletter, 1950-1963.
Bay Lights, 1957, 1962.
non-Silver Bay pamphlets, undated, 1903, 1925.
Leaders' school, 1956. 3 folders.
Silver Bay School, pamphlets, 1918-1921. 2 folders.
9 Silver Bay School, papers, 1919-1920.
Silver Bay School, The Bay Light, 1921-1922.
Eastern Association School, undated, 1913-1937. 8 folders.
Eastern Association School, history, 1922.
Eastern Association School, Army and Navy Department, 1915-1921.
Eastern Association School, country/county work, 1916-1921, 1923.
Eastern Association School, educational work, 1913-1921.
Eastern Association School, papers, 1932-1933. 3 folders.
Eastern Association School, theses, 1908-1917. 5 folders.
Boys work and older boys' conference, 1903-1923.
Religious work, 1907-1920.
Railroad/transportation work, 1907-1922.
Physical training, 1907-1925.
Industrial work, 1910-1926.
Railroad institute, 1906.
Summer school lectures, undated.
Religious education assignment, 1923.
Summer institute for education directors, 1906-1912.
Scout masters training school, 1911.
Secretarial/city work institutes, 1911-1920.
Industrial conference, program, 1918.
Conference programs and brochures, 1918-1939.
Blue Ridge, North Carolina:
9 Annual reports, 1952-1961. (incomplete)
Historical summaries, undated.
Conference of Southern Industrial Executives, 1935-1937.
Southern Industrial Conference, summary, 1920-1925. 4 folders.
10 Southern Industrial Conference, summaries, 1926-1927.
Human Relations in Industry Conference, summaries, 1928-1937, 1942-1945. 6 folders.
Southern Industrial Relations Conference, announcement, 1961.
Law and Order Conference, report, 1917.
Meeting program, 1924.
Miscellaneous materials, 1920-1964. 4 folders.
Out of Doors at Blue Ridge, 1912-1924.
Southern summer school, brochures, 1912-1927. 2 folders.
Southern summer school, industrial institute, programs, 1913-1921.
Southern summer school, physical education courses, 1913-1927.
Southern summer school, programs, 1928-1962.
Southern summer school, railroad department courses, 1913-1933.
Chesapeake Bay, Maryland:
10 Summer School Association, secretaries study institute, report, 1941.
Pamphlets and reports, 1914-1930.
Conference reports, 1912-1948.
Estes Park, Colorado:
10 Summer schools, brochure, 1922.
Summer school, philosophy of education program, 1930. 2 folders.
Conference materials, 1908-1917.
Conferences and papers, 1942-1952.
Human Relations in Industry, materials, 1922-1927, 1946-1947, 1949-1952. 8 folders.
11 Human Relations in Industry, materials, 1953-1955. 3 folders.
Lake Couchiching, Ontario:
11 Camp and conference pamphlets, 1908-1916, 1919-1933.
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin:
11 Industrial-Railroad conference, 1916. 2 folders.
Conferences, undated, 1916-1928.
Human Relations in Industry, 1929-1931. 2 folders.
Summer school catalog, 1923.
Asilomar, California:
11 Pacific summer school, pamphlets, 1913-1938.
Summer school programs, 1913-1921.
Conference papers, 1915.
Hollister, Missouri:
11 Southwestern Association school, pamphlets, 1912-1929. 2 folders.
Asbury Park, New Jersey:
11 Camp Wanamassa, 1892.

United YMCA Schools

11 Board of governors, minutes and papers, 1921-1929. 12 folders.
Board of governor reports to John Mott, 1924-1925.
Study of financial characteristics of twenty-one larger YMCA schools, 1923-1924, 1927-1928.
Financial and statistical reports, 1923-1926, 1929-1930. 4 folders.
12 Extension division, lesson book, volume 1, undated.
Extension division, lesson book, volumes 2-5, 7, undated.
Catalogs, 1922.
Salesmanship, course material, 1915, 1920-1925. 8 folders.
Public speaking, course material, 1918-1921. 3 folders.
Traffic management, promotional material, undated.
13 Traffic management, course material, undated, 1921-1922. 5 folders.
Traffic management, instructor's manual, 1924. 2 folders.
Accounting, course material, 1919-1923. 3 folders.
Accounting, instructor's manual, 1924.
Accounting, syllabi, 1921-1923.
Engineering, promotional material, undated.
Foremanship, print material, undated, 1921-1922.
Foremanship, papers and manuals, 1921-1927.
Foremanship, course material, 1920-1921, 1928-1929. 4 folders.
Business English, course material, 1916, 1920-1921, 1927. 5 folders.
Real estate conveyance, practice course outline, 1926.
Real estate business course, outline, undated.
Real estate appraisals, course outline, undated.
Real estate education, course outline, 1926.
Real estate education sales service manual, undated.
Standard real estate courses, instructor's manual, undated.
Marketing, syllabus, 1924, 1927. 2 folders.
Public speaking sales service manual, undated.
Purchasing and storing , sales service manual, 1925.
Bond salesmanship, sales service manual, 1925.
Credits and collections, sales service manual, 1926.
Credits and collections, instructor's manual, 1927.
Building a career, instructor's manual, 1924.
Business letters and reports, instructor's manual, 1921, 1928. 2 folders.
Elements of land economics, instructor's manual, 1924.
Tax and business insurance, instructor's manual, 1926.
Principles, policies and sales methods, instructor's manual, 1925.
Purchasing and storing, instructor's manual, 1925.
14 Advertising courses, promotional materials, undated.
Advertising Fundamentals, 1922. 2 folders.
Advertising Fundamentals, 1922. 2 folders.
Advertising campaigns, instructor's manual, 1924.
Advertising campaigns and advertising fundamentals, sales service manuals, 1922, 1923.
Advertising course materials, 1922. 2 folders.
Automobile mechanics, course material, undated.
Automotive courses, syllabus and promotional materials, undated, 1925.
Modern sales practice, course material, undated.
Business letters and reports, course material, undated.
Business English problems, course material, 1924, 1929. 2 folders.
History of the YMCA, lessons, 1921. 2 folders.
Community organization leadership lessons, 1920.
Organization of the physical department of a YMCA, lessons, 1920. 2 folders.
Physical education practice lessons, 1920.
First aid course materials, undated.
Building a career, instructor's manual, 1922
Vocational guidance materials, 1922. 2 folders.
Business management for YMCA schools, sample forms and records, undated. 2 folders.
Promotional materials, 1920-1929. 4 folders.
Brooklyn, Bedford branches promotional materials, 1920-1929.
Automotive school, report, 1922.
Forms, undated. 2 folders.
Includes financial and student record forms.
Course lists and catalogs, 1920-1922. 2 folders.
Enrollment and completion certificates, 1921.
Scholarship materials, 1921.
Survey of extension division, 1922.
Analyses of Form One, reports, 1925-1926.
15 Meeting the Educational Needs of Adults by the YMCA, 1929.
Reports and papers, 1920-1930.
Agreement with YMCA, undated.
Reports and publications, 1920-1952. 2 folders.
Programs, 1926.
Educational Messenger, 1925-1929.
Achievement test materials, 1926-1927. 3 folders.

Adult Education

15 Adult hobby school, 1946-1951, 1958. 3 folders.
Informal adult education in the YMCA, undated, 1950-1960. 4 folders.
Social education, 1933, 1954-1956.
Ford Foundation Fund for Adult Education, discussion series material, undated. 10 folders.
Non-YMCA Education:
15 Youth education, undated.
Adult education, papers and reports, 1940-1969. 7 folders.
16 Adult education, papers and reports, 1940-1969. 2 folders.
Notes and Essays on Education for Adults, 1958-1961.
Booklets published by the Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults in Chicago.

Resource Files

16 Human relations education, 1955.
Occupational information monographs, 1948.
Experimental Designs for Research on Teaching, 1961. 2 folders
Draft of a chapter for a book entitled "Handbook of Research on Teaching".
17 Union College character research project, undated, 1951-1964. 3 folders.


Records pertaining to the YMCA's work with men working in industrial fields, including records of the Silver Bay Conference on Human Relations in Industry can be found in the Industrial Work Records, separately cataloged in the Kautz Family YMCA Archives.


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Adult learning.
Career education.
Industrial relations.
Professional education.
Religious education -- Study and teaching.
Young Men's Christian Associations.
Association of Y.M.C.A. Schools and Colleges.
Blue Ridge Assembly, Inc. (N.C.).
Canadian Summer Institute and Camp (Geneva Park, Ont.).
Chesapeake Summer School Association.
Eastern Association School (Silver Bay, N.Y.).
Educational Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations of North America.
Estes Park Conference.
Estes Park Conference on Human Relations in Industry.
Lake Geneva Conference on Human Relations in Industry.
International Council of Religious Education.
National Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States of America. Home Division. General Education Committee.
National Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States of America. Industrial Dept. Silver Bay Conference on Industrial Relations.
National War Work Council, Y.M.C.A. of the United States. Educational Service Committee.
Silver Bay School.
United Y.M.C.A. Schools.
Western Conference of the Young Men's Christian Association.
Young Men's Christian Associations of North America. International Committee. Educational Dept.