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An Inventory of Its Records

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Creator: YMCA of the USA. International Division.
Title: Records of YMCA international work in Hong Kong
Date: 1900-1990 (bulk 1901-1978)
Collection Number: Y.USA.9-2-7
Abstract: Correspondence, reports, financial records, and printed material documenting YMCA international work in Hong Kong, including work with both the Chinese and European populations.
Quantity: 4.2 cubic feet (11 boxes).
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


In 1899 Walter J. Southam was assigned to Hong Kong by the International Committee of the USA and Canada. By 1903, Chinese- and English-speaking branches each operated separate premises but were governed by a single board of directors. In 1908 they became two completely independent associations. The work in Hong Kong was closely associated with the work in China up to 1949. In 1961 the Council of YMCAs of Hong Kong, which joined both the Chinese and European YMCAs in Hong Kong, was officially inaugurated.

The following is a list of individuals who served as YMCA secretaries in Hong Kong, along with their dates of service, if known:

Amsden, Lynford C. (1967) Kreitner, Joann (1973-1974)
Brunger, Harry (1950-1961) Mohler, Frank Martin (1964-1974)
Coleman, Katherine M. (1970-1974) Ortmeyer, Richard Arthur (1964-1974)
Drake, Matthias (1960) Patterson, Terry (1963-1964)
Drury, Clifton M. Reid, John M. (1959)
Eng, Homer Wone Yee (1956-1959) Rutledge, Carl Clyde (1903-1907)
Epperson, David Ernest (1961-1962) Southam, Walter John (1899-1906)
Fong, Matthew Stange, Karl Henry (1962-1966)
Glenn, William Walter (1964-1970) Stewart, Ronald (1972-1974)
Gribe, Douglas (1962-1963) Twesten, Steven R. (1975-1976)
Ketcham, John D. (1970-1971) White, Frederick Glover (1921-1914)


Records of YMCA international work in Hong Kong consist of correspondence, reports, and financial records of the YMCA work in general, but also of the European and Chinese branches and of the YMCA Training Institute of Hong Kong. A significant amount of material relates to the construction of the YMCA's new building on Waterloo Road, which opened in 1966.


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The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding box number.

Box 1 Association building (Chinese branch), undated and 1912-1960. 7 folders.
Property, 1960-1978.
Title correspondence, 1913-1969.
YMCA Council, 1951-1973.
Correspondence, 1976-1981.
Land grant, 1979.
Miscellaneous printed material, 1956-1958 and 1966.
Box 2 Correspondence, undated and 1900-1973.
Student Hostel, 1908-9138.
Bridge Street YMCA (Rehabilitation), 1913-1963 and 1965-1970. 2 folders.
Kowloon (Chinese branch), 1923-1948.
Association Building (Chinese branch), 1961-1969.
Correspondence of Chinese YMCA, 1954-1956 and 1960. 2 folders.
Transfer of title (Chinese YMCA), 1965-1973.
Senior Secretaries (Chinese branch), 1957-1958 and 1962. 3 folders.
Harry Brunger "Study of Social Problems of Hong Kong YMCA,"1954.
Harry Brunger administrative report, 1955-1960.
Box 3 Administrative report, 1963-1964.
Richard Ortmeyer administrative report, 1972.
Roy Smail administrative report, 1972.
Correspondence of Chinese and European YMCAs, 1950-1955.
Basic File I, 1956-1966.
Basic File II, 1958-1960.
Box 4 Basic File II Project, 1961-1966.
Central Headquarters Building, 1957.
YMCA facilities, 1958.
Senior Secretary, 1960-1961. 2 folders.
Workshop on Development report, 1973.
Miscellaneous print, 1950s-1960s.
Chinese YMCA annual reports, 1959-1967 and 1970-1980. 2 folders.
Kowloon miscellaneous print, 1960s.
Kowloon Committee on Student Work Project report, 1956-1966.
Chinese YMCA miscellaneous print, undated, 1961 and 1967-1978. 2 folders.
European YMCA miscellaneous print, 1951-1967.
Box 5 Senior Secretary, 1963-1965.
Confidential Program Audit and financial reports, 1964-1971.
Annual reports of Richard Ortmeyer, 1965-1971.
Correspondence and reports, 1961-1970. 5 folders.
Annual reports of Roy Smail and William Glenn, 1966 and 1971.
Miscellaneous reports, 1960-1975.
Capital Assistance Program (CAP):
Box 5 Wong Yi Chau YMCA Camp, 1967-1970.
Portable swimming pool, 1967.
Box 6 General correspondence, 1964-1974.
Kwai Chung (Tsuen Wan), 1967-1969.
Mobile gymnasium, 1968.
Box 7 Waterloo Road Youth Center, 1966-1967.
Also includes request for supplemental funds to complete construction of the new Hong Kong YMCA building, two floors of which would be used for the Training Institute.
Box 10 Wong Yi Chau YMCA Camp, 1968.
Correspondence, 1968-1973.
Kwai Chung (Tsuen Wan), 1969.
Box 6 Correspondence and reports, 1969-1978. 9 folders.
General, 1969-1973.
YMCA Institute in Hong Kong:
The YMCA Institute in Hong Kong was established in 1964 as an advanced training center for YMCA secretaries in Asia. Karl Stange was its first director.
Box 7 Hong Kong Institute, 1962-1965. 4 folders.
Springfield proposal, 1964.
Correspondence and other material concerning a proposal in which Springfield College was requested to assist in the establishment of the new training school by providing a member of its faculty to serve as Dean of Studies, by developing a fraternal relationship to grant academic recognition of the work of the Institute, and contributing financial support.
YMCA Training Institute, 1962-1974. 5 folders.
Box 3 YMCA Institute progress audit, 1968.
YMCA Training Institute, 1967-1975. 5 folders.
Box 8 YMCA Institute Trainee yearbooks, 1968-1975.
YMCA Institute miscellaneous print and training catalogs, 1965-1974.
YMCA Institute report, 1968.
Box 10 YMCA Institute correspondence and reports, 1968.
YMCA Institute financial report, 1968-1969.
YMCA Institute report of auditions, 1968-1971.
YMCA Institute in Hong Kong, 1964, 1965-1973. 2 folders.
Box 8 YMCA Constitution, 1911.
European YMCA annual reports, 1950-1966.
Chinese YMCA annual reports, 1959-1977.
Study of program growth in the Chinese YMCA by Choi Lee, 1946-1961.
Box 9 European YMCA, 1918-1952.
European YMCA, Kowloon, 1907-1938 and 1950-1969.
Kowloon Student Center Building, 1956.
Kowloon European Association Building, 1958-1959.
YMCA of Hong Kong series, 1963.
European YMCA basic file, 1958-1959.
Chinese YMCA College Annual, 1956.
Chinese YMCA 60th Anniversary and miscellaneous print, 1901-1961.
Anniversary publications, 1961 and 1966.
"Servicemen's Guides Association History and Annual Reports", 1958.
Miscellaneous printed material, 1966-1974.
Box 10 Association Building (Chinese), 1912-1917.
Chinese YMCA, 1962-1963 and 1974.
Senior Secretary, 1964.
International Committee administrative reports, 1964 and 1968-1969.
Report on Chinese YMCA, undated and 1966.
Chinese YMCA report of Asian visitation, 1968.
World Alliance of YMCAs: South and East Asia Area, 1965-1968.
Correspondence and reports, 1968-1969.
Confidential Program Audit, 1968.
Gerrit Douwsma visit, 1968.
Annual reports, 1965.
Land grant, 1979.
National General Secretaries, 1969.
Box S4 Annual reports, correspondence, and print material, 1980-1990. 6 folders.


Additional material concerning YMCA international work in Hong Kong may be found in Records of YMCA International Work in China (Y.USA.9-2-4). Personal papers of Harry Brunger and Karl Stange are also available. Material concerning many of the secretaries who served for the YMCA in Hong Kong are available in the Biographical Files collection.


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Young Men's Christian associations -- Hong Kong.
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Hong Kong (China).
Kowloon (China).
Brunger, Harry.
Glenn, William F.
Moffat, Cody S.
Ortmeyer, Richard.
Smail, Roy.
Southam, Walter J.
Stange, Karl.
National Board of the Young Men’s Christian Associations. International Divison.
National Council of the Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America. Foreign Division.
YMCA of the USA.
YMCA of the USA. International Division.
YMCA Institute in Hong Kong
Young Men’s Christian Associations of North America. International Committee.