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Creator: YMCA of the USA.
Title: Physical education program records.
Date: 1887-2001.
Collection Number: Y.USA.5
Abstract: Records of the YMCA's Physical Department, Physical Education Committee, and other governing committees, as well as several of its prominent leaders in this field. Material includes minutes, correspondence, various physical education studies, publications, and convention materials, as well as program materials for various sports and fitness activities, especially scuba diving. Also included are records of related organizations, such as the Physical Education Society and the Athletic League.
Quantity: 79.6 cu. ft. (115 boxes)
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


Physical education as a means to separate young men from temptations to vice appears early in the history of the American YMCA. The earliest record of YMCA activity in this area dates back to 1856, when the Brooklyn YMCA appointed a committee to consider setting up a gymnasium. At the Montreal Convention of the Confederation of American YMCAs later that year, a committee was charged to report back as to "whether any means can be provided by YMCAs for the physical development and promotion of the health of their members -- by gymnasiums, baths, etc." Spurred on by increasing industrialization and immigration, the YMCA entered a period of rapid expansion during the late 1860s and 1870s. With the influx of young men into the cities came an inevitable increase in delinquency and crime. As the YMCA sought new ways to reach these youths, physical work increasingly proved an effective means of fulfilling the movement's goal to provide a wholesome leisure-time environment for young men.

The first YMCA gymnasiums were informal facilities, often located in church basements or lecture halls. The first purpose-built facilities appeared in 1869, when gymnasiums were included in new YMCA buildings in San Francisco, Washington D. C., and New York City. By the end of the century, at least 450 YMCA buildings featured gyms. Those that did not add them, noted Association secretary Sherwood Eddy, gradually "disappeared."

Among the earliest leaders in the movement to integrate physical education into the YMCA's movement was Robert J. McBurney (1837-1898), who in 1862 assumed the secretaryship of the New York YMCA. McBurney equipped the Association's new Twenty-Third Street YMCA building with one of the earliest, most well-equipped gyms. An even greater contribution to the cause was his "Four-Fold Plan," "the first clear rationale form combining athletics with evangelism. Proposed around 1869, it advocated ministry to all four aspects of a young man's life: bodily, social, spiritual, and intellectual" (Putney, 69).

The term "body building" was coined by Robert J. Roberts, a devout Baptist and former mechanic who worked as a gymnastic superintendent for the Boston YMCA during the 1870s. He went on to start the Leaders Corps in 1884 to select and train physical education instructors and was considered the first Christian physical director in the YMCA movement. In 1887, Roberts joined the department of physical education, organized earlier that year by Luther Gulick, the YMCA's first national physical education secretary, at the new YMCA International Training School (later known as Springfield College). It was Gulick who is credited with originating the YMCA's famous inverted red triangle symbolizing the unity of "body, mind, spirit." In 1891, this symbol was adopted as the YMCA's official seal. The year 1891 also marks the invention of basketball, the brainchild of James Naismith, a faculty member at Springfield, who was instructed by Gulick to come up with a game that would be "interesting, easy to learn, and easy to play indoors by artificial light" (Johnson, 87).

Volleyball, another YMCA innovation, was invented in 1895 by William Morgan of the Springfield (Mass.) YMCA. Patterned after an Indian game called minton and originally called "mintonette," volleyball was designed as somewhat less demanding alternative to basketball for middle-aged businessmen.

The YMCA also has a long-standing tradition in aquatics. The first YMCA pool was in Brooklyn, built in 1885. In 1909, by which time there were 293 YMCA swimming pools, the YMCA started a national campaign to teach swimming under the leadership of George H. Corson. In 1916, the Association Press published one of the first books on lifesaving by George E. Goss, a former physical secretary.

During World War I, the YMCA carried on a number of physical education programs for soldiers in the states and abroad. It also sponsored the Inter-Allied Games held in Paris in 1919 for Allied soldiers. With the departure of so many young men for service abroad, these years also saw a shift in YMCA constituency at home towards boys, middle-aged men and increasingly, women.

In the period since 1920 the YMCA has continued to support and improve its physical education mission with activities and programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. The YMCA pioneered the training and certification of fitness instructors and sponsored numerous competitive leagues for amateur athletes. YMCAs continued to be the launch pads for new sports and fitness activities, including racquetball, which was invented by YMCA volunteer Joe Sobek in 1950. Jazzercise made its debut at the McGaw YMCA in Evanston Illinois in 1969, and a year later inspired Jackie Sorenson to begin "dance exercise" classes at the Towson, Maryland YMCA, leading to the boom in "aerobics" in the United States and Canada. As of the beginning of the 21st century, YMCAs were collectively the largest provider and promoter of health and fitness programs in the country.

Historical information was compiled from: Discovery YMCA, Spring/Summer 2001; Elmer L. Johnson, The History of YMCA Physical Education (Chicago: Association Press, 1979); Clifford Putney, Muscular Christianity: Manhood and Sports in Protestant America, 1880-1920, (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard U Press, 2001).


Records of the YMCA's Physical Department, Physical Education Committee, and other governing committees, as well as several of its prominent leaders in this field. Material includes minutes, correspondence, various physical education studies, publications, and convention materials. A significant portion of the collection consists of reports, pamphlets, and publications collected or published by the YMCA. These cover wide-ranging topics including training of physical education leaders, specific physical education programs and initiatives, tobacco and smoking, safety issues, and physical work with particular populations, as well as reports from various conferences and conventions. Extensive documentation from YMCA programs such as the Heroic Service Awards and the Leaders Club can be found, as well as material on the many different sports and athletic activities and competitions that the YMCA ran, including aerobics, aquatics badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, handball, judo, softball, squash, volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, and wrestling. Material relating to the YMCA's relationship with the Olympic movement can also be found, including material from the United States and International Olympic Committees.

Of the many sporting activities taught in YMCAs, volleyball, basketball, and aquatics (including swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, water safety/lifesaving, and scuba and skin diving) are especially well-represented in the collection. In addition to material generated by the YMCA itself, records on volleyball include handbooks, official guides, and other material from the U. S. Volleyball Association.

Records of the Athletic League, formed by the YMCA in 1896 as the controlling body for inter-association athletic events and competitions include correspondence, minutes, and newsletters. Also in the collection are records of or concerning related organizations, including the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), the Youth Basketball Association, the Conference for National Cooperation in Aquatics (CNCA), Physical Education Society, the National Heath Council, the National Recreation Association, and American Association for Health Physical Education and Recreation (AAHPER).


This collection is largely unprocessed, but is organized into the following rough sections:
General Files
Marge Murphy Files
Ed Griffin Files
Harold Friermood Files
YMCA Scuba Files


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The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding box number.

General Program Files

Box 1 Pamphlets, undated, 1888-1944.
Physical Training Conference report (non-YMCA), 1889.
Physical Training Conference report, 1915.
Reports on gymnasiums, 1891-1899.
Southern Summer School physical conferences, 1913-1922.
Miscellaneous physical education publications, undated, 1888-1916. 2 folders.
Physical department reports and minutes, 1907-1919. 1 volume.
Physical work bureau reports, 1917- 1919. 1 volume.
Box 2 Reports and correspondence, 1904-1914, 1917-1920, 1923-1942. 8 folders.
Box 3 Brown, John R.: Papers on YMCA Physical Education, ca. 1920.
Army and Navy athletic handbook, 1919.
Physical education department records, 1943-1970. 2 folders.
Policy statements, ca. 1940-1960.
Box 4 National board position related to health and physical education, 1968.
Historical articles and summaries, ca. 1950-1960.
Correspondence re: Elmer Johnson's History of YMCA Physical Education, 1953-1978.
Manuscript copy of History of YMCA Physical Education by Elmer Johnson, 4 folders. 561 pp.
Box 5 Reports and publications, 1913-1921, 1925-1939, 1948-1952. 3 folders.
"Scope, Aims, and Responsibilities of the Physical Education Department", 1924.
Congress and Sports championships, 1938. 2 folders.
Reports, correspondence, and meeting minutes, 1947.
Box 6 Memorandum, agenda, minutes, 1947.
Reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, 1947. 2 folders.
Notices, memos, agendas, Executive Committee, 1949.
Physical education committee, 1948.
Minutes, 1949. 3 folders.
Box 7 Minutes: Notices, communications, and agendas, 1950. 2 folders.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1950.
Minutes: Notices, memos, 1951.
Minutes: Agendas, 1951. 2 folders.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1951.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee minutes continued, 1951.
Box 8 Minutes: Committee members, working calendar, special problems for study, notices, agendas, 1952.
Minutes: Agendas continued, 1952. 3 folders.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee minutes, 1952.
Minutes: Committee lists, 1953 physical education projects, notices, agendas, 1953.
Minutes: Agendas continued, 1953.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1953.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee continued, 1953.
Box 9 Minutes: Contents, working calendar, committee members, 1954 physed projects, follow-up, notices, 1954.
Minutes: Agendas, 1954. 2 folders.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1954.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee, 1954.
Minutes: Contents, working calendar, committee members, 1955 projects, follow-up, notices, agendas, 1955.
Minutes: Agendas continued, 1955.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, 1955.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee minutes, 1955.
Box 10 Minutes: Contents, working calendar, committee members, projects 1956, follow-up, notices, 1956.
Minutes: Agenda, 1956. 2 folders.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1956.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee minutes continued, 1956.
Minutes: Contents, working calendar, committee members, projects 1957, follow-up, notices, 1957.
Minutes: Agendas, 1957. 2 folders.
Box 11 Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education committee minutes, 1957.
Minutes: Physical Education committee minutes continued, 1957.
Minutes: Contents, working calendar, committee members, projects, follow-up, notices, 1958.
Minutes: Agendas, 1958. 2 folders.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1958.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee minutes continued, 1958.
Minutes: Working calendar, committee members, projects, follow-up, notices, 1959.
Minutes: Agendas, 1959.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education committee minutes, 1959.
Minutes: Physical Education committee minutes, 1959.
Box 12 Minutes: Contents, working calendar, committee members, projects, follow-up, notices, 1960.
Minutes: Agenda, 1960.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education committee minutes, 1960.
Minutes: Contents, working calendar, committee members, projects, follow-up, notices, agendas, 1961.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education committee minutes, 1961.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee minutes continued, 1961.
Minutes: Contents, committee personnel, notices, agendas, 1962.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1962.
Box 13 Minutes: Contents, working calendar, 1963 Physical Education Committee, 1963 physical education projects, follow-up, notices, agendas, 1963.
Minutes: Agenda and Executive Committee minutes, 1963.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1963.
Minutes: Contents, working calendar, 1964 Physical Education Committee, 1964 physical education projects, follow-up, notices, 1964.
Minutes: Physical Education Committee minutes, 1964.
Minutes: Contents, working calendar, 1965 Physical Education Committee, 1965 physical education projects, follow-up, notices, 1965.
Minutes: Agendas, 1965.
Minutes: Executive Committee minutes, Physical Education Committee minutes, 1965.
Box 14 Physical Education Committee minutes and reports, 1966-1968.
Physical Education Commission, 1972.
Physical Education Management Team minutes and reports, 1973-1980. 2 folders.
Physical Education Committee miscellaneous publications, ca. 1950-1960.
Physical education memorandums, 1948-1981. 2 folders.
Box 15 Physical education memorandums, 1948-1981. 2 folders.
Physical education appraisal, 1962.
Report by Martin I. Foss, 1925, 2 folders.
A New Look at YMCA Physical Education; A Challenge for Laymen, 1959.
An Analysis of Adult Physical Fitness Testing in the YMCA, 1964.
Box 16 Sex education studies, 1963-1970, 3 folders.
Clayton R. Myers Ph.D. dissertation at Ohio State University, 1976.
Physical Education in the YMCA, 1936-1938, 3 folders.
Box 17 Physical Education in the YMCA, 1936-1938.
YMCA physical education study, 1955-1960. 2 folders.
Richard Hamlin YMCA physical education study, 1957. 3 folders.
A Study of Errors Made in the Planning and Construction of Selected Features of Newly Erected YMCA Physical Education Facilities in Six States and Areas, Marion Richard Knight, 1958.
Lecture notes: Physio-therapy section- The College of Swedish Massage, undated.
Box 18 Health Service Directors Society: Reports on massage, 1929-1953.
Health Service Directors Society: Reports, 1930s - 1960s, 4 folders.
Outlines of health talks, W. A. Alldritt, undated.
Health education materials, 1930s - 1940s.
YMCA amateur sports, ca. 1930-1960.
Box 19 YMCA amateur sports, ca. 1930-1960. 3 folders.
Workbooks, 1950, 1955-1956.
P.E. eligibility, registration, reports, minutes, correspondence, 1943-1969. 4 folders.
Box 20 Fitness for Living, 1966.
P.E. leadership clubs: forms and questionnaires, 1969-1972. 6 folders.
Box 21 Heroic Service Awards, 1922-1936, 3 folders,
Heroic Service Awards correspondence, 1952-1965. 3 folders.
Heroic Service Awards, 1937-1951.
Box 22 Heroic Service Awards: Brian Piccolo Award, 1937-1951. 2 folders.
Heroic Service Awards, 1922-1956. 4 folders.
Heroic Service materials, undated.
From Golden Past to Shining Future, 1980.
Fitness for Living, 1966.
Box 23 Reinstatement of athletes, 1955-1959. 6 folders.
Box 24 Leaders Clubs reports and results of examinations, 1925-1961.
Leaders Clubs annual report: ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, central Atlantic, 1953-1954.
Leaders Clubs annual report: VA, 1953-1954.
Leaders Clubs annual report: OH, WV, 1953-1964.
Leaders Clubs annual report: NC, SC, MI, IN, IL, 1953-1954.
Leaders Clubs annual report: north central, west central, southwest, Pacific northwest, Pacific southwest, 1953-1954.
Reports and meeting materials, 1965-1966. 2 folders,
A Manual for Standard Leaders Clubs in the YMCA, M. Foss, 1927.
Leaders Club program, 1928.
Box 25 Conway, John R. Athletic Organization and Management in the United States Army, ca. 1925,
Curtis, Norman N. The Development of a National YMCA Standard Springboard Diving Test, 1961,
Croushore, Gerald H., Religious Emphasis Within a Leaders Club Program, 1953.
Cureton, Thomas K., Essentials of a Good Physical Fitness Program, ca. 1970.
DeBarbadillo, John, An Instructor's Outline For A Station-to-Station Method for Teaching the Crawlstroke, 1967.
Dunsworth, David W., Physical Fitness Test of Ashville, North Carolina, Elementary School System, 1965.
Edgren, Harry D., Social Programs for Young Men and Women, and Games and Stunts for Home and Church Recreation, undated.
Eggert, Delmar D., 1954.
Fenstmacher, William R., A Survey of Health Instruction for Adult Members in Selected YMCA's of Canada and the United States, 1956.
Filmer, F. S., Training of a YMCA Leaders Corps, 1927.
Fleming, Roy A., Junior Leader Club Primer, 1950.
Fox, George A., A Study of YMCA Indoor Running Tracks, 1962.
Fox, James H., Research as a Means of Providing a Factual Base for YMCA Physical Education, 1951.
Friermood, Harold T., The Contribution of the YMCA in Raising Standards of Athletics Throughout the Community (1948), and Highlights and Issues in YMCA Physical Education-Past and Present (1968). 1948, 1967.
Fulmer, Moulton, Should We Lift Weights?, 1957.
Box 26 Letts, John, Competitive Leaders Rally for Junior Leaders Clubs, 1963.
Laveaga, Robert E., Tests and Awards in Gymnastics, 1927.
Mantle, Harry W., Benefits Accruing to Boys as a Result of their Association Physical Education Program, 1931.
McVicar, J. W., Looking at Sex with Youth, undated.
Melleby, Alexander, An Adult YMCA Physical Fitness Program for Office Buildings, 1972.
Meyers, Clayton, Development of a Total Fitness Program, 1959.
Middleswart, Kent A., Health and Physical Fitness, 1941.
Miller, Karl R., Women's Work in the Small City Young Men's Christian Association, 1931.
Minnerly, Francis S., Organization and Administration Ohio-West Virginia Area YMCA Sports Festival, 1959.
Mundt, L. C., Report of a Project in Recreation for Industrial Workers, 1943[?]
Orphan, Milton, Community Recreation for a City of 30,000 Population, undated.
Pallandi, Taimo, The New Canadian and his Areas..., 1959.
Pegg, Keith, Record Keeping, 1950.
Pesang, Veto M., Gymnasium Spot Lights, 1947.
Report of Survey of YMCA Business Men's Clubs and Health Service Departments, 1970.
Rule, Robert A., A Study of Backgrounds of Selected YMCA Secretaries, 1966.
Box 27 Veale, F. M., Senior Classes, undated.
Welch, J. Edmund, The YMCA Graduate School of Nashville. An Untold Story of One Early Doctoral Program in Physical Education, 1968.
Whitmore, J. Stewart, History of the Human Body, undated.
Wilde, William Glen, Attitudes of Journal of Physical Education Subscribers Toward a Merger of the Journal with the Forum and Sectional Journal, 1965.
Wison, Howard, Weight in the YMCA Health Program, 1955.
Amateur Athletic Association handbook, 1947-1954, 1958, 1961-1963, 1965-1966. 4 folders.
Box 28 Bulgarian Olympic Committee Problems of the Olympic Movement, 1976.
Tokyo Olympics, 1964.
USOC quadrennial report, 1957-1961.
USOC quadrennial review, 1961-1965.
Olympic miscellany, 1973; undated.
First Asian Games-New Delhi, 1951.
Sports Medicine, 1959, 1971.
Universal Sports, 1970s.
Physical education materials, 1962.
Box 29 Sagona, Russell, A New Approach to Physical Education Through the "Package Program", 1960.
Shinn, Gus, Health and Physical Fitness for Young Men, 1951.
Shotzbarger, Clyde W., Worship and Devotionals, 1950
Smith, Cliff, An Analysis of the Development of Intensive Volleyball for Men in the United States, 1956.
Snyder, Ray M., Christian Discipline in YMCA Physical Education, 1965.
Southwest Washington YMCA, Workshop on Physical Activities and Recreation for Those with Special Needs, 1972.
Box 30 Physical Education Materials, 1962. 2 folders.
Anthropometry, physical exam blanks, efficiency tests, health and exercises, dumbbell drills, 1892-1930. 2 folders.
Miscellaneous physical education studies and publications, 1936-1964.
Significant References for YMCA Directors and Laymen, ca. 1950.
International Sports Congress- Women's Work, 1938.
Box 31 From Bathtubs to Badminton- YMCA Sports, 1936.
World Alliance of YMCAs, undated.
Miscellaneous physical work, 1937 - 1960s,
20th annual meeting of National Conference for Cooperation in Health Education, 1958.
International Council of Sport and Physical Education, undated. 2 folders.
United States Olympic Committee Quadrennial Dinner, 1953.
Olympic Games, 1952.
Box 32 Leadership training materials, ca. 1950.
Box Hockey, United States Olympic Committee, undated.
Physical education, 1950s - 1960s.
Correspondence- H. T. Friermood, 1960s.
Correspondence with publishers,1965.
Physical education materials: Records and promotional materials, 1920s - 1930s, 2 folders.
Swarthmore College, 1938.
YMCA in health education, 1930s, 1960s.
Fitness for Living, undated.
Friermood, H. T., correspondence, health forums, 1938, 1961.
Box 33 Athletic League letters, 1896-1904. 2 folders.
Athletic League letters, 1896-1911. 2 folders.
Athletic League of North America: reports and minutes, 1911.
Athletic League constitution, 1897, 1923.
Athletic League: minutes, March 10, 1897.
Athletic League: minutes, executive committee, 1916.
Athletic League: newsletter, 1896-1911.
Athletic League: newsletter, 1911-1916.
Box 34 Championships-general, 1929-1968.
Athletic League: letters, 1896-1911. 6 folders.
Athletic League: letters- duplicates, 1897-1911.
Box 35 Athletic League: miscellaneous, undated, 1892-1932.
Athletic League of Canada: newsletter, 1908-1915.
Athletic League: handbook, 1897, 1900, 1901, 1906, 1913, 1907. 7 folders.
Athletic League: handbook- Army and Navy camp physical work, 1918.
Box 36 Amateur Athletic Union, 1971-1972. 2 folders.
Official Athletic Rules and Handbook of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada, 1937.
Olympic Games, Paris, 1924.
Athletic Research Society: proceedings, 1915.
Intercollegiate Athletic Association: proceedings, 1906.
National Collegiate Athletic Association: conference reports, 1910, 1919-1938. 2 folders.
Playground Association of America: proceedings, 1906.
National Recreation Association: conference programs, 1924-1930.
Box 37 Sunday School Athletic League- Springfield, MA: handbook and miscellaneous printed matter, 1909-1912.
Health League of YMCA's: proposal and miscellaneous, 1910-1912.
Health League of YMCA's: bulletins, 1911-1914.
National Amateur Athletic Federation: miscellaneous, 1920-1922.
Amateur Athletic Federation of Cook County Handbook, 1929-1930.
Amateur Athletic Union: minutes and annual meetings, 1909, 1947-1965. 6 folders.
Box 38 National Recreation Association: conference programs and proceedings, 1931-1932.
Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletics of America: proceedings, 1915.
National Conference on Outdoor Recreation: bylaws, proceedings, and reports, 1924-1926.
Physical Education Congress: Cleveland, OH, 1951.
Physical Education Committee, 1964.
Physical education program: Dayton, OH, 1935-1936
Friermood, H. T., trip to Rochester, NY, physical education retreat, 1941. 2 folders.
Box 39 Indiana State Physical Directors Society, 1940.
50th Anniversary Dinner, 1935.
Dayton, OH, Celebrating a Golden Jubilee, 1935.
Dayton, OH: Golden Jubilee Year publicity, 1935.
Dayton, OH: Golden Jubilee Year communications research material, 1935.
Dayton, OH: Golden Jubilee Year, 1935. 2 folders.
Association selections clippings, 1920s.
Lawson YMCA, 1930s
Developing YMCA Leaders for Physical Education Service, 1954.
Box 40 Physical educators handbooks and conferences, undated, 1956, 1961.
International Olympic Committee, 1960, 1968.
YMCA and the 1968 Olympics, Mexico City, 1960s.
Huntington Avenue YMCA Circus, 1947.
Swim Classes, 1938.
YMCA aquatic program, 1960s.
YMCA National Aquatic Committee, undated.
Friermood, H. T., Physical education study, 1937.
Amateur circus- Chicago Park district, undated.
Centennial celebration, 1951.
Friermood, H. T., Physical education policy, 1959, 1962.
Box 41 List of physical education reports, studies, et cetera, ca. 1972.
Professional Recognitions Committee: Titles of technical papers, March, 1971.
Inter Agency Consultation on the Future of Physical Education and Physical Recreation in Volunteer Agencies Advisory Council on Fitness and Amateur Sports, November 23, 1969.
Alldrich, W. A., The Swimming Pool of the YMCA with Emphasis on the Small Plant, 1927.
Amann, William X., Better Physical Department Planning from the Experience of Other Associations and Similar Studies, 1959.
Armour, T. C., National Leader's Corps of the YMCA's, undated.
Arnold, Lloyd C., A Study of the Operational Costs of the Physical Education Department of the Rochester Central Branch YMCA, 1962.
Bagley, A. E., The Relationship of the Association Physical Director to the Church, undated.
Bartley, John W., Various Pieces of Equipment, Apparatus, and Installations and their Ratings by YMCA Physical Directors, 1955.
Bickel, H. A., Developing a Year-Round Outdoor Program, undated.
Borden, C. J., Health and Recreation in Industry, ca. 1924.
Bowman, F. D., Use of a Volunteer Staff in YMCA of San Francisco, 1933.
Boyea, Douglas P., A Physical Director's Manual for Teaching Foil Fencing, ca. 1951.
Broussard, Rollen N., Comparative Values in Resuscitation Methods, 1959.
Bunce, H. Ross, Motivations in the Physical Directorship, 1930.
Campbell, Adelbert L., A Study of the Health Practices, Policies, and Problems in Selected Branches of the YMCA in New York City, 1951.
Catt, O. L., Leaders Manual for Recreational Programs, Picnics, and Outings, 1950.
Clevett, Melvin A., A Suggestive Course for Recreation Leaders, 1930.
Box 42 Garniss, George W., Educational Health Service for Business Men, 1950.
Hafemeister, Ray H., Reasons for the Shift of Physical Education Directors Into the Field of General Administration, 1949.
Hakanson, Walter L., Manual on Present Day for the Young Men's Christian Association Physical Director, 1928.
Hallock, Elwyn R., Manual of the City-Wide Athletic League for Men, 1947.
Harding, A. M., Which Way YMCA Summer School in Canada, 1947.
Hartman, Paul C. and Hanna, C. R., Manual for Conducting National Volleyball Championships, 1953.
Iannacone, Dominick Joseph, The Geographic Distribution of Committee Members Serving the National Physical Education Program of the National Council, 1950.
Johnson, John R., A Method of Self Evaluation in Physical Education Programs, 1953.
Johnson, Prescott K., Application of a Motor Fitness Test for Uruguayan Youth, 1965.
Karch, Richard, Sea Horse Aquatic Program for Use Between Shark Level and Life Saving, 1959.
Kern, Rene J., Calisthenics and the Brooklyn Central YMCA, undated.
Knudsen, Charles L., Municipal and Private Agency Contribution to Industrial Recreation, 1946.
Kopf, Herbert, The Use of the National Athletic Achievement Program, 1965.
Krause, J. Theodore, Fishing in the Gym, undated.
Leseine, David, Analysis of YMCA Aquatic Championships, ca. 1950.
Box 43 Olympic Games, 1924-1963, 1976. 4 folders.
Bulgarian Olympic Committee: Bulletin, 1971-1976. 2 folders.
Tokyo Olympics, 1964.
Box 44 Fleming, Roy A., Junior Leader Club Primer, 1950.
Training YMCA Leaders for Physical Education Service, 1951.
A Decade of YMCA Physical Education Leadership, 1943-1953, ca. 1953.
Developing YMCA Leaders for Physical Education Service, 1954.
Miscellaneous physical education leader materials, 1950s - 1960s.
Eastern region physical education conferences, 1922-1923.
Northeast Region Physical Education Society: Reports and Publications, 1972-1974.
Reports of state physical education committees, 1972-1974.
Box 45 HPE Office: National Y physical fitness, 1970, 1971.
Cardiovascular project, 1970s.
Physical YMCA youth sports philosophy: Fair play, undated.
Cardiovascular fitness, 1970s. 3 folders.
Miscellaneous Olympic materials, 1960s - 1970s.
Communikit, 1980.
Resume: Rosewarren, Leonard, 1970s.
Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport, 1970s.
Manuals, 1979, undated.
Box 46 Local physical education reports and programs, 1949-1959. 6 folders.
Box 47 Reports of state physical education committees, 1928-1930.
Reports of state physical education committees, 1928-1930.
Report of the Western Region Physical Education Committee, Minutes of the Fourth Annual Meeting, 1928-1930.
State and region Physical Education Committee reports, 1930-1940. 2 folders.
Centennial Conference on Physical Education: Reports and publications, 1944. 2 folders.
Physical education conferences, 1944.
Physical Education Committee: Workshop in education for health and fitness, July, 1947.
Box 48 National YMCA fitness clinic, 1955.
Health and fitness education work kit, 1961.
YMCA Pan American physical education consultation, 1959.
Miscellaneous Friermood records, 1953-1971.
Manuscript re: A. A. Stagg, October, 1950.
Developmental files for Elmer L. Johnson's A History of Physical Education in the YMCA, undated. 3 folders.
Box 49 National Consultation of Health and Physical Education in the YMCA, 1967.
Cardiovascular fitness project, 1970s. 4 folders.
125th Anniversary Run, 1968.
National YMCA Physical Fitness Council, New Orleans, March 15-17, 1973.
Peoria YMCA: Physical Fitness in Business and Industry, undated.
Project Aquatics main streaming planning meeting, 1976.
YMCA Alcohol program development, 1970s. 2 folders.
Box 50 "8 to 18" Physical Fitness Program for Boys, 1953.
An Overview of Physical Education and Athletics in the USSR, 1979.
Phys Edit, ca. 1975.
HPE Memorandum, February, 1973.
Chicago meeting, Red Carpet Club, O'Hare Airport, October 29, 1976.
Boyden, E. Douglas, and Burton, Roger G., Staging Successful Tournaments, 1957.
Minutes of the extended fall meeting of the NYPEC, 1965.
YMCA Physical Education Society Shared Conference, June, 1950.
Heroic Service Award: Finnerty, Frank. 1958.
Southern Area YMCA Physical Education- Joint Meeting, 1949.
Athletic Achievement Program, Malden YMCA, 1963.
Box 51 Miscellaneous international correspondence, workbook, 1967-1976.
Physical education management team, 1972-1974.
Clayton Myers, 1972-1978. 3 folders.
Cardiovascular health program, minutes, 1978.
Bowling, 1977
A "New" Parent/ Infant Water-Movement-Parenting Experience, 1978.
PEMT - Correspondence, 1972.
International Conference of Ministers for Physical Education, 1976.
Olympic games, 1972.
Aquatics, 1977-1978.
Scientific Congress, Munich, Germany, 1972.
Orozco, Robert, 1976-1979.
Project Aquatics, Grace Reynolds, 1974.
Project Aquatics, Floyd C. Arnold, 1974.
Physical directors orientation program, Klischer, undated.
Physical education management team, 1974-1976.
Physical education management team, minutes, 1973-1980. 2 folders.
Physical education staff, 1969-1970.
Gymnastic meeting, November 19-21, 1976.
Warren Tom Mount, 1977.
Study of the Stratton Branch of the Memphis and Shelby County YMCA, Tennessee, undated.
Proposal on karate program, 1975.
Main streaming, books 1-3, 1980.
Volleyball, 1972.
A Request for a Grant to Establish a Nationwide Educational Program Using a Multimedia Approach and a Sports Oriented Theme, 1972.
John Wooden's Pyramid of Success Project, 1972.
Training program for masseurs, 1972.
Stratton Branch of Memphis and Shelby County, 1976.
Consultation on health and physical education-program, 1976.
World YMCA Health and Physical Education Consultation, Montreal, Canada, 1976.
Project Aquatics, San Diego, California, 1976.
National "Y" water polo, 1976.
National education management team, 1976.
Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education, Final Report, 1976.
PEMT, October 21-23, 1974.
Reinstatement, 1976.
Reinstatement: Paul Vesterstein, 1963.
Reinstatement: Frank Arbaugh, 1963.
Reinstatement: Bobby James Lawrence, 1963.
Reinstatement: Augustine Ortiz, Jr., 1963.
Reinstatement: Frank Edward Cox, 1967.
Pacific Northwest: Petition for eligibility certificates, 1966.
North Central: Petition for eligibility certificates, 1966.
For You and Youth, resources manual, undated. 2 folders.
YMCA Leadership manuals, 1972-1973. 2 folders.
Box 52 Athletic League handbooks, 1897-1905.
Athletic League handbooks, 1906-1907.
Athletic League handbooks, 1910-1915.
U.S. Volleyball Association: Sanctions, 1944-1950. 3 folders.
U.S. Volleyball Association, 1950. 3 folders.
U.S. Volleyball Association: Finances, organizations. 1950.
U.S. Volleyball Association: Procedure Manuals for the Certification of USVBA Regional/National Referees, 1953-1960.
Manual for Conducting National Volleyball Championships, 1953-1959. 2 folders.
U.S. Volleyball Association, 1955-1958.
U.S. Volleyball Association: Des Moines, Iowa, 1956-1959.
U.S. Volleyball Association, 1957-1958.
U.S. Volleyball Association: Organizations, 1948-1950.2 folders.
U.S. Volleyball Association: Official guides, 1950-1974.
U.S. Volleyball Association: International volleyball review, 1975-1980.
Aquatic materials exhibit, 1954. 2 folders.
Aquatics: SCUBA, 1965.
Aquatic film strip, 1959-1960.
Chicago Aquatic Conference, 1959. 2 folders.
YMCA aquatic conferences, 1963-1964.
A Professional Outlook on Group Education, 1938.
Aquatic national conferences, 1959.
Waterproof Your Child, undated.
Drown Proofing/Mouth-to-mouth, 1966.
Portable swimming pools, 1966.
Aquatics: safety certificates, 1945-1954.
Aquatic forms, 1966.
Box 53 Aquatics: Swimming tests and badges, 1966.
Camp aquatics, 1964.
Aquatic conference report, 1954.
Aquatics Association: To do, 1961.
Aquatics conferences, 1959-1964, 1959-1961.
Report of the Workshop for Aquatics SCUBA Commissioner, 1966.
Memorial Lifesaving Award, Kenneth C. Gillette, Jr., undated.
New Dimensions in Aquatics Meeting, 1966
Aquatics in the 70s National conference, 1970.
National YMCA aquatics conferences, 1970-1979.
Aquatics Committee, 1966.
Aquatics YMCA's, meetings, 1966.
Aquatics YMCA's, safety, 1965.
Aquatics Committee, 1965.
National Safety Boating Week, 1965.
Aquatics: meetings/camp, 1962-1964.
Chicago aquatic kit, undated.
Aquatics YMCA's: meetings, camp, miscellaneous, 1964-1965.
New Experimental Skill Levels, YMCA Aquatic Program, 1966.
Aquatic program, minnow club, undated.
Aquatics program, porpoise club, 1965-1967.
Diving, SCUBA, porpoise certificates, cards, undated.
YMCA Aquatic certificates, 1966.
Aquatics: CPR, SCUBA, 1966.
YMCA Aquatic program cards, undated.
YMCA Aquatic award cards, undated.
Aquatic conference report, George Williams College Camp, 1966.
Chicago Aquatics Committee, 1966.
Boating safety, 1964.
Aquatics: SCUBA, 1964-1965.
Aquatics: Beginning training manual and conference, Nebraska, 1964.
Aquatics: Guides and handbooks, 1966.
YMCA National Aquatics Conferences, 1963-1964.
Aquatics field agents meeting, 1963.
SCUBA Diving: Conferences, 1960-1964.
SCUBA, 1962-1964.
YMCA aquatic physical education, resources and supplies, undated.
Aquatic forms and applications, undated.
Aquatics meetings and conferences, George Williams College, 1963.
Aquatics conference resolutions, 1964.
Recommendations from 5th national YMCA aquatics conference, 1964.
Report and Request for Action to YMCA Physical Education Committee by National YMCA Aquatic Committee, 1964.
Minutes of the extended summer meeting of Physical Education Committee national board, 1964.
Aquatic conferences, 1964.
5th National YMCA aquatic conference, minnow/porpoise clubs, 1964.
5th National YMCA aquatic conference, Friermood, 1965-1966.
5th National YMCA aquatic conference, resolutions, Friermood, 1964.
Heroic Service Awards, recognition, 1965.
Aquatics: Cartoons, undated.
YMCA aquatic leader, examiner, preparatory training course, 1962. 2 folders.
Swimming: Safety, 1961-1965.
Aquatics: Water skiing, 1963.
Aquatics: Films, 1962.
5th National YMCA aquatic conference, May 17-21, 1964. 5 folders.
Box 54 Non YMCA swimming handbooks, 1919-1963. 3 folders.
Health, fitness, education, 1948-1964.
Smoking, health, and saunas, 1963.
NYHPE assembly and indoor soccer, 1967.
AAU age group medals/awards, physical education field staff workshop, 1960-1968.
Emblems, 1960.
National YMCA Aquatic Executive Committee Meeting, September 18-19, 1963. 2 folders.
Basketball Hall of Fame, 1966-1967.
Buildings and furnishings service, 1965.
Aquatics: Safety and synchronized swimming, 1965-1967.
Aquatics: Porpoise, 1966-1967.
Aquatics: Correspondence, 1967.
Aquatics: Miscellaneous, boating, swimming, basketball, 1950-1962.
Swimming pool survey, 1961.
YMCA aquatic program, undated.
YMCA water safety and lifesaving, 1957.
Camp aquatics, 1951.
Aquatics: SCUBA et cetera, 1964-1967.
Aquatic workbook and SCUBA, 1967.
Fitness books, Viking Press, 1967.
Budget and finance [contributors] physical education, 1967-1968.
Cross country running article, Culver Alumnus, 1967.
Article for Parks and Recreation Magazine, September 1966.
George Williams College, paper by Karl C. H. Oermann, 1967.
Health and physical education notes, 1950-1963.
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Physical education meeting, Charlotte, NC, 1967.
AAU and physical education: Olympics, Pan Am, Boxing, Aquatics, Nutrition, et cetera, 1943-1953.
Physical fitness miscellaneous, 1962-1967.
Aquatic workbook tests, 1942-1957.
Skin Diver Magazine, January 1962,
Promotion and publicity kit, boating, 1963.
National Safety Council, Public Safety Committee, boating safety, October 26, 1962.
Promotion and publicity kit, boating, June 30 - July 6, 1963.
Promotion and publicity kit, boating, June 28 - July 4, 1964.
Aquatics: Swimming, 1967.
Boating and Red Cross, National Jewish Welfare Board, 1954-1961.
Small boating safety, 1960-1967.
Report on fourth national YMCA conference, undated.
Workbook from third national YMCA conference, 1958.
Aquatic conference report, 1954.
National YMCA aquatic program and swimming materials, 1940-1945. 3 folders.
Pre-Season Conditioning Drills For Swimmers and Divers, 1957.
Aquatics: Lifesaving, skin and SCUBA swimming, 1954-1958.
Box 55 Fourth national aquatic conference of the YMCA, August 23-28, 1959.
Aquatics: Memos, swim meets, clubs, 1963-1964.
Aquatics: Minutes, Conferences, Meetings, 1961-1964.
Aquatics: Conferences, Ohio-West Virginia, 1959-1964.
Aquatics: Miscellaneous, swimming, SCUBA, lifesaving, 1961.
Aquatic committee minutes, Chicago, Illinois, 1959.
Aquatics production, annually, 1957-1965.
Fourth national YMCA aquatic conference materials, 1959. 2 folders.
Aquatics: Programs, clubs, workbooks. 1958-1966.
Aquatic program survey, 1969.
Swimming pools, construction and upkeep, 1954-1966.
Aquatics: Programs, supplies, brochures, 1950 - 1960s.
Aquatics: Certificates, awards, 1966.
Aquatics: Leadership training and certificate, 1955-1964.
New Aquatic Workbook, Friermood, 1958.
YMCA Aquatic Research Committee, minutes, 1960-1961.
Health Department activities, in drowning prevention, undated.
Aquatic award cards, undated.
Aquatic progress cards, undated.
Dr. T. Cureton, aquatics, 1963.
YMCA aquatic conference report, 1964-1965.
Aquatics: Workbooks, skin and SCUBA, 1964-1965.
Aquatics: Skin and SCUBA, 1961.
Aquatics: CNCA Yale YMCA breakfast, 1960.
Program review, Aquatic Committee, 1964.
Aquatics: SCUBA, workbooks, miscellaneous, 1954-1962.
Diving News, 1961.
YMCA aquatic workbooks, swim, pools, diving, 1958.
Learn to swim campaign, 1946.
YMCA aquatic conference, 1964.
Aquatics, bulletins, workbooks, correspondence, 1958-1959.
Swim defense, spring boarding, aquatic programs, 1963-1965.
Aquatics: competition, swimming pools, 1946-1951.
Aquatics: Applications for leadership certificates, undated.
Better Programming with Men and Women in the YMCA, 1963.
Aquatics: Lifesaving, 1961-1965.
YMCA aquatic workbooks, history, equipment, materials, 1958.
Aquatics: Competition for women/girls, undated.
Teach to Swim, and How to Drown-proof Your Family, 1957.
National YMCA Aquatic Program, 1948.
YMCA lifesaving and water safety handbooks, undated.
Box 56 YMCA Aquatic Workbook, memos and supplementary material, 1959.
National YMCA life savings and water safety, test and syllabus, practical water ability test, 1942-1946.
YMCA Aquatic Safety and Lifesaving ManualCharles G. Arnold, 1979.
Project Aquatics Main streaming (PAM), 1978, 1979. 3 folders,
Progressive Swimming, Robert W. Freeman, undated.
Aquatics program, lifeguard training, 1971-1972.
Aquatics: Lifesaving, 1973.
Revision of aquatic materials- members and test cards, memoranda, 1971-1973.
Lifeguard requirements, 1971.
Aquatic leadership, 1970-1971.
Swimming for the Handicapped, 1971.
Revision- diving program, 1971-1972.
Aquatics: Safety, 1972.
New lifesaving program, Bethlehem, PA, July 6, 1972. 2 folders.
Synchronized swimming, symbols, undated.
Revision: Synchronized Swimming, 1971. 2 folders.
Progressive synchronized swimming program, 1972.
YMCA synchronized beginner, undated.
Revision: Surfing, 1972.
Lifesaving and Water Safety, Rodney Brown and Charles M. Pead, 1969-1971.
Recognition of achievement and certification of eligibility, 1976-1978.
Physical education appraisal, 1962. 2 folders.
Certified YMCA SCUBA instructors' directory, 1974-1975.
Lifesaving committee, 1971-1973.
Lifesaving- safety (pool), 1973.
Revision: Lifesaving, 1973.
Aquatics: Infant Swim, 1971.
Health and Fitness Education Work Kit, 1971.
Swimming and Diving Series, Barbadillo and Murphy, 1972.
Aquatics: Teaching the Very Young to Swim, 1971-1972.
Developing Membership Policies, A Guide for Local YMCA's, 1952.
Aquatics: Certificates, undated.
Aquatics: Swimming correspondence, 1927-1935. 2 folders.
Aquatics: Swimming correspondence, 1919-1938.
National YMCA aquatic conference, 1978.
Aquatics: Project Aquatics Main streaming (PAM), 1980.
Box 57 Aquatic production annual reports, 1943-1963, 1970-1972. 3 folders,
Aquatics conferences reports, 1969-1972.
Conference call- PEMTDecember 18, 1973.
Aquatic Conference (pictures), VII, Denver, CO, 1972. 2 folders,
Aquatics: Historical summaries, undated.
Project Aquatics workshops, November, 1975 - March, 1976. 4 folders.
Handicapped swimming program, report and correspondence, 1968-1975. 4 folders.
Project Aquatics Main streaming (PAM), 1979.
Project Aquatics Main streaming, January 22-24, 1979.
Main streaming-personal values, undated.
Project Aquatics Main streaming, 1970s. 2 folders.
Project Aquatics: Workshops, November 1975 - March 1976. 2 folders.
Project Aquatics Main streaming: Reports and correspondence, 1966-1970, 1976-1979.
Box 58 Swimming and Diving Championships, materials, 1923-1929, 1930-1934, 1935-1939, 1940-1941, 1946, 1948-1957, 1959-1973. 29 folders.
Box 59 Swimming and Diving Championships, materials, 1974-1978, 1990, 1993, 1995. 6 folders,
Minutes of CNCA Steering Committee meeting, 1951.
Minutes of YMCA secretaries meeting for aquatics, 1955.
The Conference for National Cooperation in Aquatics, 1960.
Swimming Hall of Fame, dedication year, 1968.
Conference / Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics (CNCA):
Box 59 CNCA 16th national conference, challenges and changes, 1970.
CNCA 15th national conference, Long Beach, CA, November 20-21, 1968.
CNCA 17th conference, CCFA. 1st, 1972.
CNCA 18th conference, Phoenix, AZ, 1974.
CNCA annual meeting, 1966.
CNCA 14th anniversary meeting, 1964.
CNCA 12th annual meeting, 1962.
CNCA 9th annual meeting, Washington D.C., 1959.
CNCA 8th annual meeting, New Haven, CT., October 22-25, 1958.
CNCA 7th annual meeting, Yale University, October 23-26, 1957.
CNCA review, Washington, D.C., 1951-1956.
Project Aquatics: Workshops, November, 1975- March, 1976. 2 folders.
CNCA 5th annual meeting, New Haven, CT., October 26-29, 1955.
The Learning of Swimming by Senior Citizens, Berlin, 1960.
Conference for National Cooperation in Aquatics, November 14-16, 1961.
Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics, Inc., 1975-1976.
CNCA 7th annual meeting, October 23-26, 1957.
CNCA 4th annual meeting, October 27-30, 1954.
CNCA 3rd annual meeting, October 29-31, 1953.
Resolution to support a broad aquatic program, October 30- November 1, 1952.
Weightlifting, 1970-1974. 3 folders.
Volleyball, 1980.
Volleyball championship, May 16-20, 1978.
Volleyball, 1976-1977.
Weightlifting championship, 1978-1979.
Weightlifting- powerlift, 1981.
Volleyball, 1970, 1971. 2 folders.
Health and jogging, 1968-1979.
Judo championships, 1973.
YMCA gymnastic championships, 1972-1979.
Box 60 National YMCA basketball championship, 1972-1973.
See How They Run...Health paper, 1975.
National handball championships, 1972-1980.
National YMCA athletic achievement commissioners guide, 1965.
Athletic achievement winners, 1972-1975.
Swimming and diving, 1973.
Headquarters and field services, unit objectives, 1977-1978. 2 folders.
Gymnastics, 1974.
Gyms in the workplace, 1975.
Fitness in Business and Industry, undated.
Fitness has Many Facets, 1959.
Calisthenics leaders manual, undated.
Men's physical fitness programs, 1967-1968.
Heart disease prevention, Des Moines, Iowa, undated.
Aerobics, Houston, TX, undated.
YMCA gymnastics, 1971-1980.
Exercise Leaders Manual,1971.
Women and fitness, 1971.
National Aquatic Committee meeting minutes, 1960-1970. 2 folders.
Field Agent and Commissioner Aquatic Commission Handbook, undated.
Aquatic programs, reports and publications, 1909-1972. 5 folders.
SCUBA miscellaneous, 1925, 1972-1978. 2 folders.
SCUBA: Ascent Lines, newsletter, 1922-1977.
Report of the workshop for Aquatics SCUBA Commission, 1966.
SCUBA: Ascent Lines, 1978-1980 (Incomplete). 2 folders.
YMCA skin an SCUBA diver training, 1964.
Aquatics program general materials and manuals, 1972-1975. 4 folders.
Box 61 Aquatics: Forms, reports, correspondence, 1950-1970s. 5 folders.
Pentathlon: U.S. volunteer life saving corps, 1909-1931.
New YMCA Aquatic Workbook, 1958. 2 folders.
Aquatics manuals, non-YMCA, 1930s - 1960s.
Aquatic Committee meetings, 1925-1961. 2 folders.
Aquatics: Programs for Handicapped, 1970s. 4 folders.
Miscellaneous aquatics reports and publications, 1937-1962. 3 folders.
Miscellaneous aquatic reports, 1960-1970. 4 folders.
Lloyd Arnold memos, 1965-1973.
Physical education management team, minutes and meeting materials, 1976-1979. 2 folders.
Box 62 Physical education appraisal kit, 1962.
Weightlifting, 1975.
Volleyball meetings, June 24-30, 1973.
Yoga project, 1975.
Miscellaneous: Leaders Club, undated. , 1973.
Aquatic program: Swimming, lifesaving, boating, canoeing, administration, (Boy Scouts), 1960.
Great Lakes region health, physical education recreation newsletters, 1973.
Leaders School Memories, 7th annual Silver Bay leaders school, 1962.
Sports, physical education, miscellaneous, 1951-1979.
Olympic training squad selectors, 1976.
Aquatic programs: Safety reports, 1950s - 1960s.
Leader's Club, 1968.
Mid-America region leader's school, 1971.
Projects and proposals, 1971-1973.
Aerobic fitness for women, 1979.
Physical education management team, minutes and meetings materials, 1977-1979.2 folders.
Reinstatements, 1964, 1965.
Aquatic program materials, 1954.
Aquatics, Chicago, IL, 1967.
Aquatics: Miscellaneous, reports, correspondence, 1965-1966.
"Progress through Cooperation," Friermood, undated.
Aquatics: Chicago, IL, meeting correspondence, 1966-1967.
Comprehensive school and community health education project, November 9-11, 1979.
Corrective Physical Education Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation, Jirka, Rudolf, undated.
Physical Education miscellaneous, 1970s.
The Athletic Institute of Chicago catalogue, 1972.
Physical Education and mental health, gymnastics, 1976.
Lloyd Arnold: Miscellaneous, minutes, meetings, correspondence, 1967-1973.
Finnish basketball team visit, 1973.
Development of a Conceptual Content for the In-Service Training for YMCA Physical Directors, Arnold, Lloyd C., 1975.
Dr. Steinhaus, Arthur H., George Williams Collage, 1970-1974.
Personal Strategies for Health, Dr. Stallones, 1979.
Proposal for the Employment of a National YMCA Aquatic Program Director, 1973.
Aquatics: Final reports, summaries of conferences. 1963-1964.
John do Barbadilo, York YMCA, 1960-1971.
National Council on YMCA's Meeting on "Fair Play," 1976.
Conferences, conventions, meetings, health, 1977-1979.
WLRA bulletin, 1977.
43rd national YMCA men's indoor swimming and diving championships, April 16-18, 1970.
Movement is Conversation without Talking," 1924.
Eight Station Battery Fitness Testing Program, Milwaukee, WI, undated.
Basketball: National BB program director, John Ferrell, 1975.
Atlanta, GA, tax case, 1970.
Health: Great lakes region, 1980-1981.
Job descriptions, resumes, 1975.
Correspondence: G, H, I, 1970.
HPE office: Minutes, special national HPE planning meeting, 1971-1972.
Health and physical education coordinating council, 1970-1972.
Friermood, Harold, 1967-1964.
Health and physical education national committee, 1958-1968.
Health and physical education advisory council, 1975.
HPE commission minutes, July 17-19, 1972.
HPE office: Minutes of meeting, November 29, 1971.
HPE office: Report of special meeting, April 10, 1972.
HPE office: Staffing, rationale, job description, et cetera, 1970-1974.
Box 63 Health and physical education agreements made, 1970-1971.
Health service directors questionnaire, 1970.
Health Service Directors Society training project, 1971-1972.
HPE: Staff team, 1972.
Inter-allied games, YMCA medal, 1969.
Ikehara, Akira J. (Ike), 1977.
Covello, Leonard, 1965.
Cords, Frederick O., 1965.
Indian guides, fitness program, 1967.
Youth fitness program of New York, 1969.
Movement education testing program, Peoria, IL, undated.
Comité Olympique Bulgare, bulletin, 1971-1975.
Report of IOC commission on South Africa, 1968.
The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 1967.
IOC Olympic bulletins, 1968-1975.
Pan-American Games, 1975.
Bulletin of the National Olympic Committee of the German Democratic Republic, 1968-1972.
Comité Olympique Bulgare, bulletin, 1968-1972.
Asian Journal, June, 1964.
Mexico City, 1968.
Mexico City, correspondence, 1967-1968.
Library magazines, Mrs. Downes, 1964-1966.
Fourth YMCA World Consultation on Health and Fitness, 1956.
World Alliance world tours, 1964-1966.
YMCA centennial, 1951.
Research as a Method of Providing a Factual Base for YMCA Physical Education, Fox, James,
Volleyball histories, 1958-1995.
Volleyball magazine, July-August, 1995, April-June, 1995, 1940-1975. 2 folders.
Volleyball rules, 1903, 1914.
Volleyball guides, 1916-1958. 13 folders.
Box 64 Volleyball guides, 1959-1981, 1987-1988, 1999-2000. 11 folders.
Volleyball championships, programs, reports, correspondence and committee minutes, 1927-1956. 16 folders.
Box 65 Volleyball Championships: Program, reports correspondence, and committee minutes, 1957-1963, 1965-1969, 1975-1977. 14 folders.
Joint volleyball committee, minutes and reports, 1921-1928.
U.S. Volleyball Association, minutes and reports, 1929-1959, 1963. 8 folders.
Volleyball: Friermood correspondence, 1950-1975.
Biographical tribute to Robert E. Laveaga, ca. 1970.
Volleyball championships, miscellaneous, 1934-1960.
Volleyball 35th senior YMCA, 30th National OPEN USVBA, Dallas, TX. May 11-14, 1960.
Box 66 Boating guides, 1964-1966.
First professional football player, 1961.
Bowling championships, 1915-1953. 5 folders.
Play and religion bowling, 1914.
National YMCA traveling bowling league, 1967.
Hexathalon championships, 1920-1931.
Hexathalon reports, junior and senior, 1915-1923. 3 folders.
Wrestling, 1947-1954, 1968-1969. 2 folders.
Wrestling guides, 1944-1965.
Wrestling championships, 1970, 1974, 1979-1981. 2 folders.
Wrestling championships: Programs, reports, articles, 1928-1970. 7 folders.
Weightlifting guides, 1949-1955.
Weightlifting, physical education, 1951-1958.
Weightlifting championships: Programs, reports, articles, 1950-1963, 3 folders.
Juro-kai karate center handbook, undated.
Box 67 Youth Basketball Association, 1970s. 2 folders.
Play Gymnastics, McClow, 1933.
Gymnastics kit (self-taught), Rich Harris, 1963.
Calisthenic Handbook for Directors, undated.
National gymnastics championships, 1960s.6 folders.
National YMCA gymnastics newsletters, 1976-1980 (incomplete).
National YMCA Progressive Gymnastic Program, 1978.
National YMCA gymnastics championships, 1938, 1954-1956, 1960. 5 folders.
National YMCA Gymnastics Committee, reports and championships, 1939-1959. 2 folders.
Calisthenic Handbook for Physical Directors, 1960.
Comprehensive Gymnastics Guide, 1973.
Calisthenics, 1946. 2 folders.
National Gymnastics Newsletter, 1981.
National YMCA gymnastics championships, 1980.
Gymnastics: compulsory exercises, 1971.
National YMCA progressive gymnastic program for youth, 1978.
Gymnastics: director's pocketbook 1887-1929.
Gymnastics guides, 1945-1966.
Gymnastics Exercises, Martin, 1908-1925. 3 folders.
Box 68 Handball rulebooks, correspondence, articles, 1930-1979. 2 folders.
National handball championships, 1925-1953. 3 folders.
Handball senior championships, 1954-1977. 3 folders.
National YMCA junior handball championships, 1947-1980. 6 folders.
National YMCA contenders handball championship, 1966-1968.
Handball: Correspondence and publications, 1968, 1969. 2 folders.
Handball Magazine, 1969, 1971-1972, 1994. 2 folders.
Judo championships, 1979.
Softball, 1948, 1969.
Boxing, 1929-1950.
Code-ball, 1929-1957.
Football fatalities, 1931-1955.
Badminton committee and championship reports, 1938-1962.
Squash championships reports, 1938-1947.
National water polo championships, 1976.
NCAA football rules, 1923.
A Practical Primer on Billiards, undated.
Tennis- Builder of Citizenship, 1943.
Baseball rules booklets, 1947, 1965.
Fencing rules and manual, 1965.
Box 69 History of basketball: Reports, correspondence and press releases, 1893, 1935-1937.
National basketball championships master list, 1923-1970.
National basketball championships, 1923-1963, 1966, 1968. 40 folders.
Orilla blackball basketball tournament, 1960.
Gold medal basketball tournament, 1948.
Church men's basketball (honor), 1949.
National basketball committee of U.S. and Canada executive committee, 1933-1940.
Chartered boards of approval, basketball officials, 1921-1935. 2 folders.
Joint basketball committee, executive committee officers and rules, 1914-1936.
Basketball hall of fame: Reports and correspondence, 1941-1961. 2 folders.
Youth basketball association staff notebook, undated. 2 folders.
Communications resource package, basketball centennial, 1991.
Youth Basketball Association, 1970s, undated. 4 folders.
Centennial of basketball articles, Sports Illustrated, 1991.
Basketball Classic 101, materials, 1992.
Basketball centennial: Communications resource package, 1991.
Box 70 Weightlifting championships, reports, programs, articles, 1965-1975. 2 folders.
Track and field athletics, tests, 1911-1919. 2 folders.
Track and field, reports and publications, 1927-1949. 2 folders.
Slim Lifeline/Trim Talk, 1977-1980. 2 folders.
Health and physical education notes, 1943-1972. 16 folders.
Phys Edit, July 1973, 1974-1981. 4 folders.
Physical education newsletters, YMCA directors, Great Lakes region, 1965-1976.
First national YMCA aquatic conference, official report, 1937. 3 folders.
Box 71 Second National YMCA Aquatic Conference, 1949. 2 folders.
Third National YMCA Aquatic Conference, 1954. 6 folders.
Fifth National YMCA Aquatic Conference, 1964. 2 folders.
Supplement to the Fifth National YMCA Aquatic Conference, 1964.
Health and physical education assemblies: correspondence and reports, 1967-1971. 2 folders.
Cardiovascular health program: reports, newsletters, correspondence, 1973-1979. 8 folders.
Action in aquatics conference, Phoenix, AZ, 1974.
Aquatics in the 70s conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, November 17-20, 1970.
Wide world of aquatics conference, Long Beach, CA, November 20-21, 1968.
New dimensions in aquatics conference, Purdue, IN, November 19-17, 1966.
Conference for National Cooperation in Aquatics, 1955, 1961, 1962. 3 folders.
Box 72 Conference for national cooperation in aquatics, 1954, 1957. 3 folders.
Fifth national YMCA aquatics conference, 1964.
National swimming and diving championships, 1993.
Sixth national YMCA aquatics conference, 1970. 3 folders.
Seventh national YMCA aquatics conference, 1972. 2 folders.
Ninth national YMCA aquatics conference, 1978. 2 folders.
New YMCA aquatic workbook, 1967. 2 folders.
National YMCA competitive swim council- physical education management team, 1976.
YMCA swim officials certification training course, 1972-1975. 3 folders.
Third national YMCA aquatic conference, 1954. 5 folders.
Aquatic commissioner's workbook, 1969.
Swimming conference: 110th anniversary. 1995.
Advanced Aquatic Training Manual, Griffin, undated.
Appraising Physical Education in the YMCA, Walters, 1944.
Swimming pentathlon, 1929-1931.
George A. Cooper Foundation heroism and achievement programs, 1953.
An Instructor's Outline for a Station-to-Station for Teaching the Crawlstroke, 1967.
A Description and Full Explanation of Program Procedures and Work Materials, 1948.
YMCA swim officials training course, 1973, 1974. 2 folders.
Southern area YMCA aquatic achievement program: boys section, 1955.
Box 73 Coaching swimming and diving: miscellaneous, 1980s.
Coaches manual YMCA competitive diving and swimming, undated.
Physical education committee membership records, 1964.
Physical education congress, 1951.
Physical education committee: correspondence, 1929. 2 folders.
United States Olympic Committee, 1955-1968.
Junior leader's school planning meeting, 1968. 2 folders.
Junior leadership school: report, 1965.
The City of Everywhere, Hughes, 1965.
Papers and thesis on leadership, 1929-1936.
YMCA Junior Leaders Competitions and Social Activities, Friermood, 1930.
Training YMCA Leaders for Physical Education Service, 1951.
Leadership Training, 1954-1955.
Leader's training, 1929.
Standard Leader's Club examinations, 1930-1932, 1926-1928.
Leader's committee report, 1932.
Leader's Club examinations, 1948.
Leader's Club: miscellaneous, 1928-1945.
Club officer's handbook, undated.
Developing YMCA Leaders, 1954.
GSS news, 1962.
Physical director's pamphlets, 1890-1912.
Physical education committee: minutes, correspondence, 1922-1928, 1930-1935. 8 folders.
Box 74 Physical education committee: minutes, correspondence, 1936-1941. 2 folders.
Sexual Education Kit, 1956-1975.
National Athletic Achievement Reports, 1948-1973. 4 folders.
Youth Basketball Association, YBA, 1975-1977. 2 folders.
NBA-YMCA, 291 Broadway, NYC, January 6-7, 1975. 2 folders.
Softball guides, 1951-1965.
The Conference for National Cooperation in Aquatics, 1961.
Wide World of Aquatics Conference, November 20-21, 1968.
CNCA 14th Anniversary Meeting, 1964.
The Conference for the National Cooperation in Aquatics, October 26-29, 1955.
National YMCA Swimming and Diving Championships, 1958-1977. 7 folders.
Athletic achievement program manuals, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1955-1964. 5 folders.
U.S. Area Y's Week-Ender, newsletter, 1974-1975.
The College Physical Education Association, 1952.
Report of World YMCA Consultation on Health and Physical Education, Finland, 1952.
Steinhaus letter, 1966-1967.
Physical Fitness Manual for the U.S. Navy, 1943.
Box 75 Minutes of the physical department staff meetings, 1920-1926. 4 folders.
Physical Fitness Workbook, T. E. Cureton Ph.D., 1942.
Health science clinic, Dayton, Ohio, August 15-20, 1943.
Rules for track and field athletics, undated.
Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, handball, undated.
Mountain Lake Park papers, 1902.
Official bulletin, Keds Sports Department, undated.
Miscellaneous correspondence, history, development, 1947.
Physical Training, James C. Boykin, undated.
Physical education pamphlets, 1916-1937.
Appraising Physical Education in the YMCA, 1944.
Methods of Conducting Surveys of the Department of Physical Education in the YMCA, 1928-1929[?]
Better Physical Department Planning from the Experience of Other Associations and Similar Sources, 1959.
Minimum Standard Practices for Physical Education in the YMCA, 1944.
Fitness and physical education pamphlets, 1896-1920.
The Changed Outlook on Professional Education in Health and Physical Education and Recreation with a View to Changing Society in America, T. K. Cureton Jr. 1936.
The Opportunities of Social Recreation in the YMCA, Edgren, 1962.
Some Problems for Research in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Larson, undated.
Report of committee on scientific management physical department, G. M. Martin, 1915.
YMCA sports catalogue, 1969-1970.
Trophies and awards suppliers, undated.
The "Y's" Forms, Glenesk, undated.
International YMCA School of Physical Education, Geneva, Switzerland, 1925-1930.
International YMCA Yearbooks, 1931-1933.
International YMCA Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Switzerland, 1927-1933.
An Appraisal of the Personnel History Record of Physical Directors of YMCA, Devenny, 1928.
Physical directors, 1915-1975.
Physical directors pamphlets, 1890-1929.
Rulebooks, badminton and track and field, 1937-1965.
Leadership training, 1951-1977. 3 folders.
Good practice study group, leader training, 1953.
A Plan for the '80s 1975.
National YMCA swimming and diving championships, 1967-1969, 1971-1972. 4 folders.
Box 76 National YMCA swimming and diving championships, 1969, 1974-1988. 18 folders.
YMCA Swim officials certification training course, 1974. 2 folders.
Swimming and diving rulebooks, 1981-1982.
Coaches manual for competitive swimming and diving, 1981.
Aquatic coaches manual, undated.
YMCA Progressive swim program, April, 1971.
SCUBA lifesaving program, undated.
YMCA national lifeguard requirements, undated.
Aquatic training workbook: lifesaving, undated.
Wisconsin YMCA competitive swimming handbook, 1979-1980.
Tiny-tot preschool aquatic program, 1969.
Physical recreation and activity for the handicapped, 1970.
Physical education and recreation for handicapped children, undated.
American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education meetings, 1886, 1892, 1894. 2 folders.
NCAA yearbooks, 1944, 1947.
New England area YMCA Sports Council, 1965-1966.
Emergency in aquatics, 1951.
Box 77 Effective ways of interpreting YMCA physical education, 1953.
Recreational swimming activities, 1930.
Indoor and outdoor athletics, a guide for GSS chapter officers, 1930-1956.
Mental abuse/drug abuse in physical education, 1931-1976.
Annual progress report, 1954.
Tests and measurements in physical education, 1917-1925.
Problems with health future of man, 1940-1941.
"Exercise Without Movement," Bob Hoffman, 1962.
"Conditioning Gymnastics," S. T. Staley, 1927.
"Planning Facilities for Health, Physical Education and Recreation," 1958.
"Planning Facilities for Athletics, Recreation, and Health Education," 1948.
Fitness of American youth, 1958.
Physical fitness for a stronger America, 1965.
"A Guide to Tests and Measurements in Health and Physical Education," T. K. Cureton, 1936.
Conference on physical fitness of youth, 1960-1961.
Physical fitness of American youth- booklets, 1961-1962. 2 folders.
American Association for Health and Physical Education - convention booklets, 1885-1952. 2 folders.
Fitness in America's youth - booklets, 1945-1956.
National YMCA Aquatic Program, 1938.
Toronto convention of the Physical Directors Society of the YMCA of North America, May 26-29, 1939.
Athletic Achievement Program - boys section, 1950.
"An Analysis of Adult Physical Fitness Testing in the YMCA," 1964.
"Amateur Sports - Athletic Registration Commissioners Manual," 1954.
City-wide volunteer leadership training, 1943-1954.
SUMMA - Hi-Y Donald Kent in Kern County, 1962-1963.
Games, events, and national championships, 1920-1945.
Tom Cureton correspondence papers, 1946-1957.
"Studies and Devotions for Leaders' Clubs," undated.
Leaders Club applications, 1966. 2 folders.
Paddle rackets report, 1963.
Handball consultation, 1962.
Evaluation of Physical Education YMCA, undated.
National swimming and diving championship, 1944-1954.
Conference of volleyball activities, 1954.
Physical Directors Society Conference at Lake Geneva, WI, 1958.
"The Development of a National YMCA Standard Springboard Diving Test," 1961.
"National Report on Athletic Achievement Program," 1965-1966
"Physical Educators Handbook," undated.
Fitness programs, 1970s.
Box 78 Group work at group work agencies, 1937.
"The City Church in the War Emergency," by H. Paul Douglas, 1945.
"Christian Skills and Social Influence and Learning Goal Techniques," 1964.
"The Randal Lectures," 1957
"Character Potential Record of Research,"1963-1964. 2 folders.
The Character Education Workshop, 1948.
Continuing Liberal Education, 1955-1957
Leadership manual booklets, 1961-1964.
"Adventures in Character Education," 1956-1959.
"A Group Leaders Manual," 1945.
Youth fitness misc. correspondence, manuals, and programs, 1950-1957.
"Leadership in Voluntary Enterprise," 1961.
Adult Education Council of Denver, 1957-1958.
A Directory of National Organizations, 1954.
"First Annual Report of the Adult Education Association of the USA," 1952.
Social Change through Social Welfare and the Law conference, May, 1965.
"Into All the Villages," by Willis Lamatt, 1943.
Missionary Research Library bulletins, 1960.
World Reconstruction Papers student volunteer movement, undated.
"Report from Hamburg", 1949.
"Nature and Needs of the Adolescent," 1955.
Physical Education Committee:
Box 78 Commissions, 1925-1931.
Membership lists, 1926-1947.
Minutes, correspondence, and reports, 1930-1945.
Records, 1893-1968. 8 folders.
Papers, records, and correspondence, 1939-1973.
Correspondence, budget, reports, and papers, 1957-1961.
Leadership Development:
Box 78 Leadership development, 1960-1970.
Papers, correspondence, and manuals, 1969-1971.
Northeast division (misc.), 1969-1970.
Northeast and southwest divisions, 1969-1970.
Box 79 Leadership development, 1928-1963.
Junior Leaders School planning meeting, Feb. 1965.
"Bibliography: Physical Educational Theory and Christianity," 1950, undated.
National Federation of State High School Athletic Association, 1967.
National Intercollegiate Christian Council, 1957.
"Recreation: A Quest for United Action," 1968.
"Basic Ice-Skating Skills," 1968.
Aquatic Conference:
Box 79 Correspondence, 1959.
Correspondence, undated.
4th national conference, 1959. 12 folders.
"Training Instruction Manual," aquatic, 1958.
Aquatic manual, 1957-1958.
"Advanced Aquatics Training Manual," undated.
"Lifesaving and Water Safety YMCA Instruction," 1959-1960.
Lifesaving examination, 1953-1960.
Lifesaving instructions, 1959.
Aquatic leadership examinations, 1960.
5th national conference, 1965.
Amateur Athletic Union of the United States (AAU), 1935-1976. 3 folders.
Youth Basketball Association (YBA):
Box 79 Consultation and final agreements, 1953-1976.
History, 1976-1980.
Players Association correspondence, 1980-1983.
Selected news stories, 1979.
YBA Operating Board agenda, minutes, and correspondence, 1976-1981.
Leaders manual, undated.
Youth sports development programs, undated.
Box 97 Basketball players and directors manuals, 1929-1980.
Basketball guide and rule books, 1916-1954. 2 folders.
Materials, 1970-1979. 3 folders.
Leaders manual, 1979.
Box 98 Working Towards Common Goals, undated.
Newspaper clippings, 1975-1976.
ABA-USA booklet, 1979.
Box 80 Handball, 1958-1969. 2 folders.
Rulebooks, 1932-1962.
Individual health service studies, 1934-1936.
Simple games and relays, undated.
Advanced games (includes SCUBA handbook), undated.
AAHPER Board of Directors:
Box 80 Minutes, April 1960-1961. 2 folders.
Report, April 1960.
John deBarbadilla, York, PA, undated.
Aquatic papers, ca. 1930-1960.
Aquatic Folio, Sept. 1946.
"An Instructor's Outline for a Station-to-Station Method for Teaching the Crawlstroke," 1967.
Physical Education Committee, 1973.
Physical Education Society of the YMCAs of North America:
Box 80 Constitution, minutes, roster, and finance, 1965-1971.
Correspondence, 1965-1971.
Physical Education Society of the YMCA's of North America, 1965-1971.
AAPHER 1966 Convention and reports, 1965-1971.
National Health Council and National Recreation Association:
Box 99 National Recreation Association manuals and booklets, 1928-1932.
Includes "The P.R.A.A. in 1928" (1928), "A Challenge to America" (1930), "Athletic Badge Tests for Boys and Girls" (1931), and "Mrs. Mara -- The 'R' Boys -- And Others" (1932).
National Recreation Association manuals and booklets, 1933, 1936
Includes "Recreation and Unemployment," and "Life More Abundant is the Impulse of Our Time: The National Recreation Association in 1933, A Report" and "Recreation: A Major Community Problem: The Why, the What, and the How of Public Recreation" (1936).
National Recreation Association manuals and booklets, 1939, 1942-1943.
Includes "Can't Something be Done" (1939), "Music and Men," 2nd edition (1942), "Teen Trouble: What Recreation Can Do About It" (1943), "Standards for Neighborhood Recreation Areas and Facilities" (1943), "Let Freedom Sing: A Wartime Guide for Music Leaders" (1943).
National Recreation Association manuals and booklets, 1944.
Includes "Recreation and the Church: A Manual for Leaders," and "Suggestions for Youth Recreation Programs."
National Recreation Association pamphlets and booklets, undated and 1946, 1951.
Includes "At Your Service," "New Neighbors in Your Community," "28th National Recreationg Congress Program" (1946), "Schedule for the Appraisal of Community Recreation" (1951), and "Emergency Recreation Services in Civil Defense" (1951).
National Recreation Association annual report, 1935
Box 94 "When the Siren Sounds," 1942.
National Recreation Association, 1930-1949. 3 folders.
"Recreation and the Church," 1946.
"Proceedings of the First National Workshop in Recreation for Leaders in Religious Organizations," 1952.
National Health Council1948-1955. 3 folders.
National Advisory Committee on Local Health Units, 1951.
"Where Do We Stand on Local Health Units?," 1945.
"The Local Health Department Services and Responsibilities," 1950.
Health and physical education correspondence, papers, and programs, 1947-1954. 2 folders.
"Day Camping and Leisure Time Recreation Activities for the Mentally Retarded," 1964.
National Health Forum, 1954-1955. 3 folders.
Box 95 Tobacco and smoking studies (non-YMCA), 1964-1968. 3 folders.
Convention programs for health and fitness, 1958-1959.
International relationship, 1959.
Research council, 1954-1959. 2 folders.
William G. Anderson award, undated.
AAHPER (American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation):
Box 95 Committee minutes, 1944-1961. 2 folders.
Relationships, 1958.
Mobilization conference, 1951.
Convention programs, 1952-1954.
AAU (Amateur Athlete Union) minutes, 1948-1959. 2 folders.
AAU meeting agreements, 1945.
AAU convention programs, 1946, 1960, 1962. 2 folders.
Box 96 Health and fitness consultations, 1971-1972. 5 folders.
Journal of Physical Education, March - April 1972.
Amateur athletic registration, 1966-1969. 4 folders.
"YMCA Health and Physical Education; a Plan for the 80s," 1975.
Coordinating Council of NYHPEA (National YMCA Health and Physical Education Assembly), 1969.
Non-YMCA rural youth studies, 1938.
Tobacco and smoking studies, non-YMCA, 1919-1968.
Box 100 "Workshop in the Woods" report, 1947.
"Educating for a Better World Now: Report of United states Olympic Academy VIII," Eugene, Oregon and Los Angeles, California, 1984.
Finnegan, Maurice, correspondence, 1975.
"How do you Compare with a West Point Cadet" poster, undated.
"Ten Years Ahead in YMCA Physical Education," special consultation of leaders, 1956.
International Conference on Physical Education & Sports Rally organizational chart, 1938.
Early Risers Health Club exercise chart, undates.
"Development of the Sub-Strength Individual," by H. Harrison Clarke, 1951.
Centennial Conference on YMCA Physical Education program and schedule, 1944.
Thirty-seventh Conference of the Employed Officers of the Young Men's Christian Associations memorial service program, Silver Bay, New York; memorandum concerning the need for a manual on principles and preactices of YMCA-sponsored industrial recreation, 1912, 1952.
YMCA Health and Physical Education: A Plan for the 80s Conference, 1974-1976. 9 folders.
Box 101 Pamphlets concerning health and fitness for older americans, 1960-1963.
Swimming and Diving Championship in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 1997-1999.
Swimming and Diving Nationals results from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 2000-2001. 2 folders.
National Long Course Swimming Championship final results from College Park, Maryland, 1999-2001.
Active Older Adult, undated.
Youth Sports promotion, undated.
Swimming miscellaneous pamphlets, undated.
YMCA Aquatics, undated. 2 folders.
Basketball, undated.
Aquatics programs, undated.
Physical Work workbooks, 1947-1957.
Leadership and Communications resource materials, 1989-1991.
Youth Sports Administrator's Manual, 1990.
The Y's Way to Physical Fitness: Fitness Assessment Software, 1985.
YMCA Swimming Coaches Manual, undated.
Instructor Guide for the Y's Way to Strength Training Program, 1986.
Active Older Adults and other health and fitness print material, undated and 1987.
Activate America, undated.
Miscellaneous swimming pamphlets, undated.
National YMCA Life Saving and Water Safety Tests and Syllabus, 1945.
National YMCA Swimming and Diving, undated.
Physical Education Committee, undated.
YMCA Pool Operations Manual, 1989.
Millard Freeman correspondence concerning Scuba Leadership, 2008.
Box 113 YMCA Aquatics materials, 1989-1993.
"Chicago Book Clinic: 48th Book and Media Show," 1999.
Includes award for Y Swim Lessons book design.
Aquatic Facility Manager design, undated.
"On the Guard II: The YMCA Lifeguard Instructor Manual," 1994-1995. 5 folders.
"On the Guard: The YMCA Lifeguard Manual," 1986.
"YMCA Progressive Swimming Instructor's Guide," 1986.
"Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatic Program (AFYAP) and AFYAP Plus Trainer's Guide," 1990-1992.
"Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatic Program (AFYAP) and AFYAP Plus Instructor's Manual," 1990.
"Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatic Program (AFYAP) and AFYAP Plus Guidelines and Procedures," 1993.
Water Exercise training design master, 1993-1995.
"Y's Way to Water Exercise Leader's Guide," undated.
Water Exercise training design, 1993.
Marketing the YMCA, 1995.
Arthritis Aquatic Program, 1985.
"Principles of YMCA Aquatic Leadership Training Design," 1997.
Box 114 Pool instruction galleys, undated.
YMCA Master's National Championship Swimming Meet, 1994.
Swim Official's Certifications, 1991.
AFYAP trainer update, 1996.
Lifeguard trainers, 1997.
Lifeguard Instructor training design, 1994.
Aquatic Facility Manager original material, 1988.
Principles of YMCA Aquatic Leadership, 1996.
YMCA Aquatics material, 1998.
"YMCA Splash: Teaching Kids and Families to be Safer in and around Water," 1997.
"YMCA Progressive Swimming Instructor's Guide," 1992.
"Instructor Manual for On the Guard II 4th Edition," undated. 2 folders.
Box 116 Swimming Progress cards and awards, undated. 2 folders.
Water safety and lifesaving materials, 1958-1960.
Aquatics certification cards, undated.
Boating materials, undated and 1963.
National YMCA Aquatics materials, 1958-1985.
Swimming and Diving Championship materials, 1959-1973.
National Volleyball Championship materials, 1949-1963.
Bulletin of the National Olympic Committee of the German Democratic Republic, 1972.
YMCA Institute Guidelines and Outlines, 1991.

Marge Murphy Files

Box 81 Misc. aquatics, 1965-1977.
Preschool aquatics, 1980s.
Misc. safety, 1980s.
Boating safety, 1980s.
General program, 1980s. 2 folders.
Skippers resources, 1970s.
Aquatic institutes/workshops, 1970-1974. 2 folders.
1974 National Swimming and Diving Meet, 1974.
Learn to swim programs, 1970s.
Handicapped aquatics, 1970s.
Skills resources, 1970.
National Synchronized Swim Committee, 1960.
PACAA, 1975. 4 folders.
1st National Masters Synchronizing Championship, 1975.
United States Swimming Foundation, 1974-1976.
1st Annual YMCA Invitational Masters Aquatic Championship, April 30, 1976.
New England region P.E. Society, 1970-1974. 2 folders.
Pre-school aquatics, 1970s.
Handicapped, undated.
Misc. correspondence, 1970s. 2 folders.
Mid-east region director's training conference, 1977.
"Red Cross Swim: Handicapped manual," 1965-1970.
Project Joy, 1978-1980.
CNCA and CCCA, 1951-1979.
Aquatic conference correspondence, 1975-1976. 2 folders.
Aquatic Institute resources, undated. 2 folders.
New Progressive Program, 1973-1974.
Institute planning information, 1972-1976.
"Teaching Physically Handicapped to Swim," 1967.
Pre-school children and swimming, 1972.
"Teaching the Very Young to Swim," 1972.
1st class and training, 1974.
"Y's Way to a Healthy Body," 1974.
Synchronized swimming, 1973-1975. 4 folders.
Swimming, diving and boating information and manuals, 1950s - 1970s. 2 folders.
Box 82 CNCA Conference, 1976.
Northeast District Physical Education Committee, 1967-1974.
Swimming correspondence, 1967-1968.
Swimming misc., 1968-1972.
American Swimming Coaches Association misc., 1967-1972.
Physical Directors Conference report, 1975-1977.
Girls' Leaders School, 1972.
Mid-American Leaders School, 1971-1972.
Fitness program manuals, 1968-1970.
Fitness, 1974-1979.
Physical Fitness Workshop, 1967-1968.
Northeast Region Physical Education Society, 1971-1973. 2 folders.
Family Focus Workshop, 1973.
National YMCA Aquatic Conference, 1970-1972.
Swim instructors statements, 1971-1978. 2 folders.
Tadpole Institutes, 1974-1975. 2 folders.
"Advisor's Guide for a Challenge to Destiny," 1970s.
"How to Stand Up for What You Believe," 1966 - 1970s.
Leaders meeting, June 1976.
Conferences, APPD and misc., 1970-1980.
Pamphlets, brochures and newsletters, 1970s.
Leadership Institutes, 1972.
Denver, CO., 1979.
Programs for the handicapped, 1974. 4 folders.
Show programs, 1958-1968.
New life-saving programs, 1970s.
A self-assessment process for volunteer programs, 1977.
"Y into the Eighties," undated.
Standards for adult programs at the Y, June 1956.
Journal of Physical Education and Recreation, 1977.
Leaders School, 1969-1974. 4 folders.
National Physical Education Society, 1973-1975.
Women's issue and Physical Department Conference, 1979.
Murphy publications, 1971-1975.
Box 83 Northeast region Girls Leaders School, 1974.
Association of Profession Directors meetings, 1974-1975.
Joy certificates, 1978-1980.
Tadpole swimming, 1969-1972.
Lifesaving, 1970s.
New Aquatic Program, 1972.
Character development, 1971-1973.
Swimming Instructions values, 1971-1975.
Pre-school swimming, 1971. 3 folders.
Synchronized swimming, 1969-1979. 9 folders.
Madison College/Vanderbilt, 1976-1979.
Aquatic conferences, 1974.
Aquatic Committee, 1966-1970.
National Physical Education Society correspondence, 1973-1975. 3 folders.
Ray Williams, 1974-1975.
Herbert records, 1966-1967.
Open Door Conference, 1978.
Box 84 Synchronized swimming, 1961-1978. 4 folders.
CNCA., 1973-1977. 3 folders.
4th National YMCA Aquatic Conference, 1959. 5 folders.
5th National YMCA Aquatic Conference, 1964. 2 folders.
"Indian Guide Program and Resource Manual," 1965. 2 folders.
New aquatic folio, 1944.
A YMCA historical folio, undated. 2 folders.
Aquatics misc., 1974-1980. 2 folders.
Student guidelines and forms, 1980.
Senior citizen swimming, 1983.
YMCA of USA National Program Institute, 1984. 2 folders.
"YMCA/Coast Guard Skippers Swimming Instruction Manual," undated.
Aquatic papers, 1984-1985.
SCUBA diving, surfing and boating, 1966-1974.
Aquatic programs, 1968-1973. 2 folders.
Pre-school swimming, 1971-1976. 2 folders.
Box 85 Pre-school/Infant aquatics, 1972-1977.
Notes, misc., Oct. 1972.
Girls guidebook, 1974.
"The Maverick," April 1974.
Girls Leaders Club, 1967.
Aquatic summer camp, 1986.
Certificates and awards, undated.
Pool care and safety booklets, undated. 2 folders.
APD Emergency Assistance Fund, 1977.
NWSA manual, undated.
"Swimming Pool Water and its Chemical Treatment," undated.
YMCA Association evaluation manual, 1984-1986.
The Northeaster, 1971-1972.
"CNCA Action in Aquatics," 1974. 2 folders.
National YMCA Aquatic Crossover Program, Aug. 1983.
Innovations in aquatics, May 1979.
Aquatic pamphlets and booklets, 1950s - 1970s.
"Arts Program Survey," June 1987.
Swimming, 1980.
National Youth Project, 1984-1985.
Youth conference reports, 1979.
"Lets Drown-proof America," 1974.
3rd National YMCA Program Conference, 1973.
Pool Administration, 1972.
Physical fitness through water exercise, undated.
Training volunteer leaders, 1974.
"The Art of Negotiating," 1978.
6th National YMCA Conference, Nov. 1970.
"Opportunities in Aquatics," 1984.
Personal policies and practices, 1979.
National Aquatic Program, 1976.
Guidebook, 1971.
"YMCA Childcare Quality Check," undated.
CNCA, 1971.
Sports in the 1980s, 1980.
Swimming and diving championships, 1980.
Aquatics in the 1970s Conference, Nov. 1970.
YMCA Aquatic Institute, 1976.
"Wide World of Aquatics," 1968, 1978.
Box 86 "The YMCA Aquatic Handbook," 1980, undated. 3 folders.
Field agent aquatics, undated.
7th National YMCA Aquatics Conference, 1972.
Supervising Management course, 1980.
Programming for special populations, 19832 folders.
JOY training workshops, 1978.
Help-a-Kid boys club, 1975. 2 folders.
Boys of America Club, 1975.
CNCA correspondence and minutes, 1970s.
Physical education programs, undated.
Aquatics, undated.
The Northeaster, 1971-1983.
Teaching techniques and procedures, undated.
Rescue methods, undated.
"Keys for Good Program Practices," undated.
Negotiating and administrating federal grant programs, 1974, undated. 2 folders.
Management center, 1982-1984.
National Physical Education Society, 1973.
Aquatics meetings and conferences, 1984.
"The Youth Employment Situation," 1986.
PEP (Progressive Education Program), 1986. 2 folders.
Box 87 Sports in the 1980s, 1980.
Aquatic safety and life-saving, undated.
Aquatic seminar, 1987.
Conference presentation on skippers, undated.
Aquatics misc., 1980s. 3 folders.
S.K.I.P.P.E.R.S., 1986, undated. 2 folders.
Report on aquatic system, 1982-1984.
Aquatics meetings, conferences, and correspondence, 1983-1984.
Infant/Pre-school aquatics seminar, March 1984.
Correspondence, 1986-1987. 3 folders.
International Workshop Program and correspondence, 1986-1987. 9 folders.
Olympics, 1988.
South American report, 1987, undated. 2 folders.
Caribbean report, 1987.
Aruba, 1986-1987.
Honolulu and Japan, 1986-1987. 2 folders.
Saipam YMCA, 1985-1986.
Taiwan, 1986-1987.
Japan and Taiwan, 1987. 2 folders.
Japan, 1987. 3 folders.
CURACOA, 1987.
Santo Domingo, 1987.
Port of Spain, 1986-1987.
Box 88 Central America/Caribbean, 1987.
Correspondence, 1986-1987. 2 folders.
Reports on international trips, 1986-1987.
International Workshop Program reports, correspondence, and outlines, 1986-1987.
General materials and pictures, 1944-1946.
Aquatics material, undated.
Health and physical education notes, 1958-1962. 5 folders.

Ed Griffin Files

Box 89 Hall of Fame, 1974.
Outline history of YMCA aquatics, 1885.
Aquatic workbooks, 1958-1960. 3 folders.
Manual for swimming, 1948.
Drown-proof swimming, 1955.
Teaching swimming materials, 1973-1974.
SCUBA books and pamphlets, 1958.
Life-saving and water safety books, 1937-1968. 2 folders.
Boys Club aquatic books, 1956.
2nd National Aquatics Conference, 1944. 3 folders.
Boy Scouts of America aquatic materials, 1962. 2 folders.
1st Women Swimming and Diving Championships, 1966.
SwimNastics, 1967.
Aquatic program manuals, Nov. 1966.
Aquatic SCUBA commissioner's report, Nov. 1966.
YMCA indoor swimming pools, undated.
New YMCA aquatic workbook, 1962. 2 folders.
YMCA purpose and objective, 1950.
Aquatic commissioner's workbook, 1969.
Outline of history and development in YMCA physical education, 1950.
YMCA historical material, 1963-1964.
Southern Area Aquatic Achievement Program, 1951.
Aquatic Leadership Training Institute, 1965. 2 folders.
Indian guidebook, 1963.
Box 90 "SCUBA II," 1962.
"Fitness is a Year-Round Thing," undated.
YMCA historical information, 1920s-1970s. 4 folders.
"YMCA Aquatic News," 1949-1960. 2 folders.

Harold Friermood Files

Harold T. Friermood (1902-) began his career with the YMCA in 1920 as the assistant physical education director of the Division Street YMCA in Chicago. From 1925 to 1929 he was associate physical director of the Sears Roebuck YMCA in Chicago, and from 1929 to 1943 he was associate and senior physical education director in Dayton, Ohio. From 1943 to 1967 he was senior secretary for health and physical education of the National Board. Throughout his YMCA career he was an active speaker and promoter of athletics especially volleyball and swimming. He was also editor of The Journal of Physical Education (a YMCA publication) from 1936 to 1942. He retired from the YMCA in 1967. Friermood was a member of the U. S. Olympic Committee from 1944 through the 1960s. After his retirement from the YMCA he was appointed executive director of the Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics.
Box 91 Physical Education Committee agendas and meetings, 1954-1962. 6 folders.
Memos, 1952-1955. 4 folders.
Physical Education (P.E.) memos, 1956-1962. 8 folders.
YMCA Physical Education mailings, 1962.
Newsletters and notes, 1943-1957. 6 folders.
The Maverick, 1971-1976. 4 folders.
Box 92 The Maverick, 1974-1975. 2 folders.
Articles written by Friermood, 1944-1956.
Health service, 1943-1945.
North American Conference, undated.
Association administration, 1923.
Study of churches at YMCA, 1927.
The Youngster Club, 1927.
Small Cities Secretaries Conference report, 1924.
"The Function of Experts in a National Organization," 1924.
Papers, pamphlets, and misc., 1920s.
Swimming for handicapped, undated.
International study, 1966.
Study of psychological tests, 1962.
"Thirty Days in the U.S.S.R.," 1960.
Facts about delegates, 1954.
"A Consultation of the Association Program for Professional Development," 1969.
ADS Conference, 1951.
Boys work booklets, 1931-1953.
Fitness courses, 1968.
Relationships and contracts, undated.
Organization of study, 1966.
P.E. notes, 1968.
Program Related Committee, undated.
P.E. reserve reference, 1962-1963.
Area/State commissioner's work, undated.
Program Services Department, 1962.
Older and retired persons, 1955.
Four months report, 1956-1957.
YMCA effective conferencing, 1956.
Physical education programs, 1960s.
Recreation papers and pamphlets, 1920-1940.
Comprehensive, scientific YMCA appraisal, 1962.
Petitions for certificates, undated.
Circus materials, 1920s-1930s. 2 folders.
Gymnastics instructions, undated.
Health and Fitness Education work kit, 1958.
Physical Education Committee, 1956-1963. 10 folders.
Box 93 Physical Education Committee, 1944-1955. 11 folders.
"Educating for a Better World Now," 1984.
Paul Malone Grist, D. H., 1986. 3 folders.
Welch book materials, 1983-1991.
Codeball, 1935-1967. 2 folders.
Handball, 1961-1978. 10 folders.

YMCA Scuba Files

Box 101 National and regional materials, 1976-1982. 3 folders.
Box 102 YMCA Scuba general, 1990-1995. 4 folders.
"Kayak Diving: The Complete Guide to Outfitting and Using Your Dive Kayak," 1998.
"Divers Alert Network Report on Diving Accidents and Fatalities," 1992.
"Ocean Sea Divers: Worldwide Diving Directory," 1992-1993.
"Diver's Almanac: Guide to the Bahamas and Caribbean," undated.
Program materials, undated.
Minutes, 1989-1995. 2 folders.
Frankie Wingert correspondence, 1985-1995.
National Scuba Committee Meeting minutes, 1977-1988.
Box 103 Print material, undated.
"National Speleological Society Cave Diving Manual," 1986.
"The New Science of Skin and Scuba Diving," 1985.
"Sport Diving: The Instructional Guide to Skin and Scuba," 1985.
"Basic Skin and Scuba Diving Education: A Programmed Instruction Guide," undated.
Medical print material, 1984-1986.
"The Working Diver," 1978.
"Open Water Sport Diver Workbook," 1978.
Decompression print material, undated and 1984.
"Basic Underwater Cave Surveying," 1987.
Scuba first aid handbooks, 1977-1980.
"U.S. Navy Diver's Handbook," 1989.
Scuba manuals and workbooks, 1980-1987.
"Diving for Fun: A Complete Textbook for Students, Instructors and Advanced Divers," 1974.
"Sport Scuba Diving In Depth: An Introduction to Basic Scuba Instruction and Beyond," 1985.
"Wreck Diving: A Guide for Sportdivers," 1982.
"Open Water Sport Diver Workbook," 1992.
"Controlling Diver Stress and Panic," undated.
"Scuba School International Instructor Manual," 1985.
Box 104 "Marine Archaeology and The Diver," 1985.
"Diving and Recreational Guide to Florida Springs," undated.
"Scuba Equipment: Care and Maintenance," 1983.
"Shipwrecks: Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic," 1985.
"Programmed Instruction Training: Basic Diver," 1984.
"Scuba Diving with Disabilities," 1987.
"Oceans and Oceanography," 1970.
"Scuba Life Saving: A Comprehensive Guide to Scuba Safety and Rescue Techniques," 1985.
Frankie Wingert correspondence, 1985-1989. 2 folders.
"YMCA Pool Operator on Location Instructor Manual," 1990. 2 folders.
"YMCA Swimming Coaches Manual," undated.
Project Aquatics Mainstreaming National Institute, 1979.
"On the Guard: The YMCA Lifeguard Manual," 1986. 2 copies.
The Polliwog Swim Book, 1990.
The Minnow Swim Book, 1990.
The Guppy Swim Book, 1990.
"YMCA Risk Management Program: Fire, Vehicle, Physical Department, Swimming Pool, Building Interior/Exterior, Parking Lot and Camping," 1983.
"Parents' Guide to Y Skippers: Helping Your Child in the Five and Under Aquatic Program," 1987.
"Coaching Swimming Successfully," 1995.
"Teaching Boating Safety," 1989. 2 copies.
"YMCA Progressive Swimming Instructor's Guide," 1986. 2 copies.
"American Coaching Effectiveness Program: Sport Rehabilitation," 1991.
"American Coaching Effectiveness Program: Sport Rehabilitation Workbook," 1991.
"The Physics and Engineering of Diving: A Text for Advanced Divers and Instructors," 1981.
"National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Diving Manual: Diving for Science and Technology," undated.
"The Fifteenth Undersea Medical Society Workshop: Emergency Ascent Training," 1977.
"National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Instructors Manual," undated. 2 folders.
Box 105 Medical questionnaire packet, 1989.
National YMCA Scuba Program, Key West, Florida Guest Register, 1976-1982.
"Sunken History," 1963.
"Palaces Under the Sea," 1993.
"U.S. Navy Diving Manual," 1970.
YMCA Diver Medic Course Syllabus, 1979.
"Open Water Sport Diver Manual," 1992.
YMCA Scuba Program, 1993.
"The New Science of Skin and Scuba Diving," 1986.
"Underwater Search and Recovery: A Complete Manual for Training and Operations," 1979.
Print material, 1980-1982.
"Cleveland Lakefront District Scuba Council Presents: Skin and Scuba Diving Information," undated.
"Y's Way to Water Exercise," 1988.
"Y's Way to Water Exercise Instructor's Guide," 1988.
"Instructor Crossover Prep Manual," 1992. 2 folders.
"Scuba Program Leadership Prep Manual," 1995. 2 folders.
YMCA Scuba Leadership Manual:
Box 105 Contents, cover and clip art, 1991.
Part I: Introduction and General Information, 1991.
Part II: Certification Standards and Procedures, 1991.
Part III: Policies, Procedures and Recommendations, 1991.
Part IV: Teaching Methods, 1991.
Part V: Course Organization and Promotion, 1991.
Part VI: Special Reference Material, 1991.
"Buddy Lines," 1992-1995.
Recreational Scuba Training Council, 1995-1996.
Certificates, 1994-1997.
Box 106 Diver's Alert Network: Shaping the Future of Dive Safety, 1996.
Study Guide for Oxygen Administration in Scuba Diving Emergencies, 1990.
Program materials, 1989-1995.
Dr. Ralph Johnson Files:
Box 106 Correspondence sent, 1993-1994.
Correspondence received, 1993-1994.
Y Scuba text organizational material, 1993-1994.
Contributor's agreements, 1993.
Contributor's citations, undated.
New and re-written sections and chapters, 1993-1994.
Field and National Committee critiques, 1994-1995.
Instructor resource kit, 1994.
Chuck Hines documents, 1981-1987.
Underwater Search and Recovery, 1993.
YMCA Program Leadership, 1990.
Leadership Manual, 1993.
DEMA Market Research Report: A Market Research Study of the Scuba Diving Industry, 1993.
Instructor Crossover Prep Manual, 1992.
Leadership Prep Manual, 1992 and 1998.
National YMCA Scuba Program Marketing Plan, 1995.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Diving Safety Course Syllabus, 1977.
Salvamento y Manejo de Accidentes en Buceo, 1988.
Program materials, undated.
The Y's Way to Fun and Safe Skin and Scuba Diving, undated.
Scuba Book materials, 1992-1994.
Open Waters Scuba Diving for Everyone: A Guide to Making Scuba Diving Training Accessible to People with Disabilities, 1994.
Manual de Lideres Scuba, undated.
Open Water Diving Instructor Manual, 1995.
Box 107 "Ascent Lines," 1978-1987.
"Buddy Lines," 1981-1991. 2 folders.
Program materials, 1986-1992.
Box 114 Standards and Procedures Manual, 2000 Edition, 2000.
Tom Leaird file (advisory board vice chairman), 1990-1998.
Program Instructor Trainer Faculty Manual, 1996.
Skin Diver Instructor Guide, 1999.
Instructor Trainer Manual Phase III and Instructor Crossover, 1999.
Enriched Air Nitrox Diving, 2001.
Publicity material, undated and 1998-2000.
"Piggy Divers Wreck our Reefs," 1993.
Sport diving table, undated.
Box 108-AV Assorted photographs, undated.
These photographs are, for the most part, unfoldered and include documentation of scuba certification classes and conventions.
Box 109-AV Assorted photographs, undated and 1975-1980. 50 folders.
Includes photographs of scuba certification classes and conventions.
Box 110-AV Assorted slides, undated.
Includes slides of scuba certification classes and conventions.
Box 111-AV Learn Snorkeling, undated.
Legend of a Bullheaded Boater, 1988.
Scott Carpenter Y Convention, 1996.
How to Use Dive Tables: A Complete Instructional Program, 1986.
Sea TV: A Brand New Kind of Sports Television, undated.
SLAM, undated.
Piggy Divers Wreck Our Reefs, undated.
Fantasea Scuba and Aquatic Center, undated.
Denna LaSusa-Hotchner Tuna Net Tape, EPIC 1st Tape Winner, undated.
Scuba Training Cold Water Rescue Pool Skills 1-5, undated.
Divers Down Open Waters, undated.
The Call of the Deep, undated.
Unknown, undated.
YMCA SLAM in Paris, Texas, undated.
Texas SLAM, 1988.
National YMCA SLAM Scuba Program, undated.
Mits by Walt, 1996-1997. 2 copies.
Y's Way to Water Exercise, 1987.
Sprint Freestyle, Distance Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke, undated.
YMCA Progressive Swim Program, undated.
YMCA SLAM Program, undated.
Skin and Scuba:
Box 111-AV Introduction to Scuba, Basic Equipment and Diving Techniques, undated.
Tanks and Valves, Regulators and Miscellaneous Equipment, undated.
Ascent Physiology and Descent Physiology, undated.
Dive Tables Decompression and Summary of Gas Laws and Physics, undated.
First Aid, Diving Environment and Dive Plan, undated.
Box 112-AV Dive Refreshed -- Lloyd Bridges, undated.
YMCA Scuba Safety TV Spots, undated.
Miscellaneous training film, undated. 4 copies.
Box 112-AV Presentations from YMCA Aquatic Centennial Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1986. 6 tapes.
Piggy Divers Wreck Our Reefs: Audio-Visual Presentation, 1993.
This material is a kit that includes slides and print material.
Sport Diver Course:
Box 112-AV Using Skin Diving Equipment, 1976.
Using Scuba Diving Equipment, 1976.
The Diver Underwater, 1976.
The Diver at Depth, 1976.
Underwater Environment, 1976.
Underwater Life, 1976.
How to Protect Yourself and Still Make the Sale, undated. 3 copies.
Tom Burbank "Swim America," 1988.
Refresher tape, undated.
Box 115-AV Scrapbook, undated.
Includes print material and photographs of conferences.

A collection of plaques, patches, and other realia related to the SCUBA program have been removed from the Physical Education Program Records collection and cataloged as part of the YMCA Archives Memorabilia Collection.


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