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An Inventory of Its Scrapbooks and Photographs

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Creator: National Board of the Young Men's Christian Associations. Armed Services Dept.
Title: Scrapbooks and photographs.
Date: 1863-1981 (bulk 1900-1960).
Collection Number: Y.USA.4-5
Abstract: Photo albums, scrapbooks, and photographs documenting YMCA work with the United States Armed Forces, primarily documenting World War I and World War II. The scrapbooks contain some photographs and ephemera, but contain mostly newspaper clippings.
Quantity: 77 cu. ft. (151 boxes).
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


This collection provides a visual overview of the work of the Army and Navy Department and the Armed Services Department. The Scrapbooks and Photo Albums series highlights work during World War I, including rosters of YMCA workers, scrapbooks from the American Expeditionary Forces in Koblenz, Germany, photo albums of work in Russia, women workers and canteens, as well as an extensive collection of newspaper clippings from around the United States collected by the War Work Council concerning their work in Europe. Also of interest in this collection are photo albums of Mexican Border work in the 1910s, as well as work in prisoner and resettlement camps in Europe during the World War II era. Armed services work in the Far East is documented in this collection, with a series of photo albums from the Chefoo (Yantai), China Naval YMCA, dating from the 1920s-1930s. The Photographs series documents both national and international activities between from 1901 to 1978, with the bulk of the photographs documenting the Armed Services during World War I and World War II.


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Processed by: Chan Harries, February 2004.
Photograph series processed by Carly Lawrence, December 2014.
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The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding box number.

Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Box 1-AV Fort Totten YMCA, scrapbook, 1936-1940.
Box 2-AV Newspaper clippings, scrapbook, August-December 1916.
Box 3-AV David Holmes, Italy scrapbook, 1919.
Box 4-AV Women YMCA workers in WWI, photo album, undated.
Box 5-AV Josiah Poeton, Children's camp in France, scrapbook, 1919.
Box 6-AV Josiah Poeton, war records and souvenirs, volume V, scrapbook, 1919.
Box 7-AV New York City Army & Navy YMCA, photo album, undated.
Box 8-AV Camp Obereselsberg, Bavaria, refugee camp, photo album, 1953-1954.
Box 9-AV Isabelle Wilkie, scrapbook, undated.
Box 10-AV Peking, China, Legation Guard YMCA, scrapbooks, 1925, 1926. 6 volumes.
Box 11-AV Chefoo, China, Naval YMCA, photo album, 1932.
Box 12-AV Chefoo, China, Naval YMCA, photo albums, 1925, 1938, 1939. 3 volumes.
Box 13-AV Armed Expeditionary Forces, newspaper clippings, 1918.
Box 14-AV Armed Services YMCA, newspaper clippings, 1981-1982.
Box 15-AV Newport, RI, Navy YMCA, scrapbook, 1903-1933.
Box 16-AV Fort Totten, photo album, undated.
Box 17-AV Shanghai, China, Navy YMCA, statistical and financial reports, including photographs, 1924-1925.
Box 18-AV Official roster of Armed Expeditionary Forces YMCA workers, 1919. 3 volumes
Box 19-AV American Forces in Germany, photo album, 1920-1921.
Box 20-AV YMCA/YWCA refugee resettlement, photo album, undated.
Box 21-AV YMCA/YWCA refugee resettlement, photo album, undated.
Box 22-AV YMCA/YWCA refugee resettlement, photo album, undated.
Box 24-AV Opera di Fratellanza Universalle Case del Soldato, Italy, photo album, undated.
Box 25-AV Uriah Brubaker, England photo album and scrapbook, 1918-1919.
Box 26-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, scrapbook, 1902-1910.
Box 27-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, visitors register, 1899-1912. 2 books.
Box 28-AV UNRAA team 117, Displaced persons camp at Fritzlar, Germany, photo album, 1945.
Box 29-AV G. S. Phelps, photo albums, 1918-1919. 2 volumes and 2 folders.
Includes loose photographs, an album presented to Phelps by the Czech Army in Siberia, and a photo album of YMCA work in Siberia.
Box 30-AV Displaced persons work, 1946, 1948.
Team 9 services for displaced persons and prisoners of war in the British sector
Box 31-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, scrapbook, 1902-1924.
Box 32-AV Centennial scrapbook, 1960-1961.
Box 33-AV Russia, photo album, circa 1919.
Box 34-AV War Work Fund, New England newspaper clippings, November 1917.
Box 35-AV News clippings, September 1918.
Box 36-AV Vals les Bains, register, December 1918 - May 1919.
Box 37-AV Publicity Bureau scrapbooks, 1917.
England, Italy, Germany and Mesopotamia
Box 38-AV Chefoo, China, Navy YMCA, photo albums, 1926, 1933. 2 volumes.
Box 39-AV Report of the China District Army and Navy YMCA, scrapbook, 1926.
Box 40-AV Services to displaced person, photo album, 1945-1950.
Box 41-AV Chefoo, China, Navy YMCA, photo albums, 1931, 1935. 2 volumes.
Box 43-AV Marguerite Cockett, scrapbook, 1917-1918.
Box 44-AV Yugoslav prisoner camp, photo album, undated.
Box 45-AV Russian work, photo albums, ca. 1917-1919
Box 46-AV William Jessop, Egypt photo album, 1915-1918.
Box 47-AV AEF, Koblenz, Germany, scrapbook, 1919-1920.
Box 48-AV AEF, Koblenz, Germany, scrapbook, 1920-1921.
Box 49-AV John Burkhart, prisoner of war, photo album, undated.
Box 50-AV John Burkhart, prisoner of war, photo album, undated.
Box 51-AV Presidio, San Francisco, Army YMCA, photo album, 1912.
Box 52-AV Camp Lewis, Tacoma, Washington, photo album, 1919.
Box 53-AV Prisoner of war photo albums, undated. 2 volumes.
Oflag V-XVIII and Stalag V-XVIII
Box 54-AV Canteens in France, photo album, undated.
Box 55-AV Navy YMCA, photo albums, 1940, 1943. 3 volumes.
Norfolk, Virginia; Navy Wives club.
Box 56-AV William Reynolds Civil War scrapbook, 1864-1960.
Reproduction of collection held at the Peoria, Illinois public library.
Box 57-AV Armed Services clubs, scrapbooks, 1938, 1939. 2 volumes.
Fort Hancock, New Jersey and Fort Monroe, Virginia.
Box 58-AV AEF official rosters, 1919.
Box 59-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, photographs, undated. 3 folders.
Photographs of interior and exterior of building.
Box 60-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, photographs, 1900-1925.28 photographs.
Large and small group photographs.
Box 61A-AV AEF, Koblenz, Germany, scrapbook, 1921.
Box 61B-AV Claude Hudson, pay record book and scrapbook, 1918-1919.
Box 61C-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, photographs, undated. 20 photographs.
Box 62-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, photographs, undated. 25 photographs.
Box 63-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, photographs, undated. 21 photographs.
Box 64-AV World War I related activities, scrapbook, 1918.
Box 65-AV Fort Marcy, VA YMCA, scrapbook, 1863.
Box 66-AV AEF, Koblenz, Germany, scrapbook, 1920.
Box 67-AV War work clippings, west coast, 1917.
Box 68-AV Chefoo, China, Naval YMCA, photo album, 1934, 1937. 2 volumes.
Box 69-AV Chefoo, China, Naval YMCA, photo album, 1929.
Box 70-AV Chefoo, China, Naval YMCA, photo album, 1930, 1936. 2 volumes.
Box 71-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, photographs, undated. 5 photographs.
Exterior, interior, physical education and ships.
Box 72-AV Displaced persons camps, photo albums, undated. 4 volumes.
Includes Dassel, Erlangen, Frankfurt and Hagen.
Box 73-AV Displaced persons camps, Konsulhackenfeldhaus, Bremen, photo albums, 1959. 3 volumes.
Box 74-AV Mexican Border Work, photo albums, 1916-1917. 2 volumes.
Box 75-AV Chefoo, China, Naval YMCA, photo album, 1924.
Box 76-AV Chefoo, China, Naval YMCA, photo album, 1926, 1928. 2 volumes.
Box 77-AV Chefoo, China, Naval YMCA, photo album, 1927.
Box 78-AV YMCA in France, photo album, circa 1917-1919.
Box 79-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, photographs, undated.
Box 80-AV Southern department, photo albums, undated. 2 volumes.
Fort Bliss, Fort Sill, Camp MacArthur, Call Field, Camp Bowie.
Box 81-AV Army Library, Koblenz, Germany, photographs of educational bulletin boards, 1922. 4 volumes.
Box 82-AV K. Brooke Anderson, scrapbook, 1917.
Army YMCA training camp at Blue Ridge, NC; Army YMCA work at Camp Oglethorpe.
Box 83-AV Sandston, Virginia, USO, photo album, 1943.
Included in this box are reproductions of U.S. Christian Commission images, which are undated.
Box 84-AV Canteens in France, photo albums, circa 1917-1919. 2 volumes.
Box 85-AV War Work Council National Campaign, scrapbook, November 1917.
Volume III, state
Box 86-AV War Work Council National Campaign, scrapbook, November 1917.
Volume IV, city
Box 87-AV Brooklyn Navy YMCA, business and program forms, 1920-1942.
Box 88-AV Women's work in WWI, photo album, circa 1920.
From the estate of Mrs. F. Louis Slade
Box 89-AV Rantoul, IL, Armed Services YMCA, 120th anniversary of Armed Services YMCA, 1981.
Box 90-AV Hankow, China, photo album and reports, 1924, 1927.
Box 91-AV Tietsen, China, Army YMCA, scrapbook, 1925.
Box 92-AV United War Work Campaign, scrapbook, 1918.
Original-preservation copy can be found in the World War I records.
Box 93-AV USO, photo album, circa 1950-1960.
Box 94-AV USO, photo album, circa 1950-1960.
Box 95-AV Long Beach Army & Navy YMCA, scrapbook and photo album, 1935-1946.
Box 96-AV Gleason Hibbard, Manchuria photo album, 1905.
Box 97-AV Gleason Hibbard, "With the Mikado's Army in Manchuria", photo album, 1905.
Box 98-AV Mexican Border work, scrapbook, 1916-1917.
Box 99-AV War Prisoners Aid art work, undated.
Box 100-AV Civil War Trumpeter, sketch, undated; Ipswich Board of Management and building, photograph, 1970.
Box 101-AV Zerah C. Collins, scrapbook, undated.
References are made to Puerto Rico and Christian Commission in news clippings.
Box 102-AV W. L. Tucker, watercolor paintings album, undated.
Box 103-AV Siberian work, scrapbook, 1919-1921.
Box 104-AV Newspaper clippings, 1916.
Box 105-AV War Work news clippings, July-August 1916.
Box 106-AV War Work news clippings, April-November 1917.
Box 107-AV War Work news clippings, June 1918 - September 1919.
Box 108-AV War Work news clippings, July-August 1918.
Box 109-AV War Work, criticisms, 1919.
Box 110-AV United War Work Campaign, magazine clippings, 1918.
Box 111-AV War Work, magazine articles, April 1918 - February 1919.
Box 112-AV War Work news clippings, Alabama-Connecticut, 1917-1918.
Box 113-AV War Work news clippings, Delaware-Georgia, 1917.
Box 114-AV War Work news clippings, Iowa-Louisiana, 1917.
Box 115-AV War Work news clippings, Massachusetts-Minnesota, 1917.
Box 116-AV War Work news clippings, Mississippi-Montana, 1917-1918.
Box 117-AV War Work news clippings, North Carolina-Oregon, 1917-1918.
Box 118-AV War Work news clippings, Rhode Island-Vermont, 1917.
Box 119-AV War Work news clippings, Virginia-Wisconsin, 1917-1918.
Box 120-AV War Work news clippings, New York state, volume I, 1917.
Box 121-AV War Work news clippings, New York state, volume II, 1917-1918.
Box 122-AV War Work news clippings, New England states, 1917.
Box 123-AV War Work news clippings, New York City, April-December 1917.
Box 124-AV War Work news clippings, New York Herald, 1917-1918.
Box 125-AV War Work editorials, 1917-1918.
Box 126-AV United War Work Council, news clippings, Northeast and East departments, New York City, 1918.
Box 127-AV United War Work Council, news clippings, Southeast, South, Central and Western departments, 1918.
Box 128-AV War Work Fund, news clippings, November 1917.
Box 129-AV National War Work Council campaign, news clippings, November 11-19, 1917.
volume I: national
Box 130-AV National War Work Council campaign, news clippings, November 11-19, 1917.
volume II: department
Box 131-AV National War Work Council, Victory Boys/Victory Girls Earn and Give Divisions, scrapbook, 1918.
Box 132-AV National War Work Council, Victory Boys/Victory Girls Earn and Give Divisions, scrapbook, 1918.
Box 133-AV National War Work Council, Victory Boys/Victory Girls Earn and Give Divisions, scrapbook, 1918.
Box 134-AV George Rateau, scrapbook and photo album, undated.
Box 135-AV Army and Navy of the Panama Canal Zone, photo album, circa 1920s.
Box 136-AV National War Work Council, scrapbook, 1918.
Box 137-AV Cristobal, Canal Zone, renovation, photo album, 1973-1976.
Box 138-AV AEF, Koblenz, Germany, scrapbook, 1921.
Box 139-AV Fort McKinley, Philippines, photo album, 1918-1920.


Box 140-AV 1st Decade, 1901-1910.
1st Decade, 1901-1910.
2nd Decade, 1911-1920.
3rd and 4th Decades, 1921-1940.
5th Decade, 1941-1950.
A.S. Branches Building Photos, 1978.
A.S. Department Committee, undated. 2 folders.
Activities, undated. 3 folders.
Adolescents, undated.
Advertising, undated.
Air Force, undated. 2 folders.
Alaska, undated.
Alaska, Anchorage, undated. 2 folders.
Alaska, Fairbanks, undated.
Alaska-Earthquake Disaster, 1964.
Alaska-Entertainment, undated.
American Indian, undated.
Anniversary (Birthday, Termination, etc.), undated.
Arkansas, Walnut Ridge, undated.
Armed Forces Day, undated. 2 folders.
Army- N-AVy YMCA, undated. 2 folders.
Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, undated.
Box 141-AV Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, undated. 2 folders.
Athletics, undated. 2 folders.
Baby Pictures, undated.
Black Work, undated.
Bratisl-AVa, Czechoslovakia, undated.
Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, undated.
Britain, undated.
Buildings, undated. 2 folders.
California, Long Beach, undated. 2 folders.
California, Monterey, undated.
California, San Diego, undated. 3 folders.
California, San Francisco-Embarcadero, undated. 2 folders.
California, San Francisco-Presidio, undated.
California, San Pedro, undated.
California, Vallejo, undated. 5 folders.
Camp Shows, undated.
Camp Tr-AVis, Texas, undated.
Campaigns/Benefits, undated.
Camps, undated.
Canal Zone, undated.
Box 142-AV Canal Zone, Balboa, undated. 4 folders.
Canal Zone, Cristobal, undated. 3 folders.
Carnivals, undated.
Casablanca, French Morocco, undated.
Chairman's Report, undated.
Chaplains, undated.
Child Welfare, undated.
China, Chefoo, undated.
China, Hankow, undated.
China, Peking, undated.
China, Shanghai, undated. 2 folders.
China, Tientsin, undated.
China, Tsingtao, undated.
Christian Commission, 1861-1899.
Christmas, undated. 7 folders.
Box 143-AV Civilian YMCAs, undated.
Clubs, undated.
Committees of Management, undated.
Community Cooperation, undated. 2 folders.
Conferences, undated. 3 folders.
Connecticut, New London, undated.
Counseling, undated.
Dances, undated. 3 folders.
Dinners, undated.
Discussion Groups, undated.
Disneyland, undated.
Display Photos, undated.
Dormitories and Diner, undated.
Dramatics, undated. 2 folders.
Easter, undated.
England, Ipswich, undated. 2 folders.
England, King's Lynn Area, undated.
England, London, undated.
Entertainment, undated.
Exhibit, undated.
Facilities, undated. 4 folders.
Flop Neg, 1967.
Box 144-AV Florida, Pensacola, undated.
Foreign Groups, undated. 2 folders.
Foreign Servicemen, undated.
Fort Hancock, NJ, undated. 2 folders.
Fort Pierce, Fla, undated.
France, undated.
Games, undated. 2 folders.
Georgia, Columbus, undated.
Groups, undated.
Girls Serivce Organization (GSO), undated. 7 folders.
Guam, undated. 2 folders.
Halloween, undated.
Hawaii, Honolulu, undated.
Box 145-AV Hawaii, Honolulu, undated. 5 folders.
Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, undated.
Holiday Hills, undated.
Hospital Services, undated. 2 folders.
Hospitality, Family, undated.
Housing, undated.
Human Interest, undated.
Idaho, Sandpoint, undated.
Individual Services, undated.
Industrial Armed Forces, undated.
Informal Groups, undated. 3 folders.
Information Service, undated.
Italy, undated.
Japan, Okinawa, undated. 3 folders.
Kansas, Fort Le-AVenworth, undated.
Kentucky, Louisville, undated.
Killeen, Texas, undated.
Korea, undated.
Literature, undated.
Logo images, undated.
Box 146-AV Maneuvers and Mobile Services, undated.
Manila, Philippines, undated.
Maryland, South Baltimore, undated.
Massachusetts, Charlestown, undated.
Mediterranean Area, undated. 3 folders.
Military Personnel, undated.
Miscellaneous, undated. 11 folders.
Mother's Day/Father's Day, undated.
Movies, undated.
Music, undated. 2 folders.
National Golf Day, undated.
National Guard, undated.
N-AVy, undated.
Nebraska, Lincoln, undated.
Negatives, undated.
Nevada, Reno, undated.
New Jersey, Fort Hancock, undated.
Box 147-AV New Jersey, Red Bank, undated.
New Mexico, Fort Bayard, undated.
New Mexico, Fort Stanton, undated.
New Years, undated.
New York, Brooklyn, undated.
New York, Fort Hamilton, undated.
New York, Fort Jay, undated.
New York, Fort Slocum, undated.
New York, Fort Totten, undated. 3 folders.
North Carolina, Oteen, undated.
North Carolina, Wilmington, undated.
Ohio, Dayton, undated.
Oklahoma, Lawton, undated.
Oregon, Salem, undated.
Outdoor Activities, undated. 3 folders.
Outside Groups, undated.
Overseas, undated. 2 folders.
Parties, undated. 5 folders.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, undated.
Personnel, undated.
Personnel-Silver Bay Conferences, undated.
Philippine Islands, undated. 2 folders.
Photographs-General, undated.
Box 148-AV Photos, undated.
Photos from 1800s, undated.
Prison Camp, undated.
Program Councils, undated.
Publicity, undated. 2 folders.
Publicity (USO in Action), undated.
Publicity-N-AVy, undated.
Puerto Rico, San Juan, undated.
Puerto Rico-Caribbean Maneuvers, 1951-1953.
Race Relations, undated.
Recreation, undated. 6 folders.
Red Bank, NJ; New London, CT, 1944.
Religious Activities, undated. 3 folders.
Rhode Island, Newport, undated. 2 folders.
Scotland, Dunoon, undated.
Service Women, undated.
Servicemen on Campuses, undated.
Servicemen Participation, undated.
Servicemen Returning, undated.
Servicemen, Miscellaneous, undated.
Servicemen's Families, undated.
Servicemen's Families, Wives, undated.
Servicemen's Participation, undated.
Ships, undated. 3 folders.
Box 149-AV Sight-seeing Tours, undated.
Signs, undated.
Snack Bar, undated. 2 folders.
South America, undated.
South Carolina, Beaufort, undated.
South Carolina, Charlestown, undated.
Special Days, undated.
Sports, undated. 3 folders.
Sweetheart Contest, undated.
Tennessee, McKenzie, undated.
Texas, El Paso, undated.
Texas, San Antonio, undated.
Texas, Wichita Falls, undated.
Thanksgiving, undated.
Turkey, Constantinople, undated.
United Nations, General, undated.
United Nations, United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), undated.
United Service Organization, (USO) undated. 3 folders.
United Service Organization (New London, Connecticut), undated.
United Service Organization (Red Bank, N.J.), undated.
United Service Organization: Christmas Celebrations, undated.
United Service Organization: Cleveland, Ohio, undated.
United Service Organization: Industrial, undated.
USO, undated.
Box 150-AV USO, undated. 9 folders.
USO Organizing Meeting, undated.
USO: Anniversary, 1952-1954. 3 folders.
USO: Committees of Management, undated.
USO: General, undated.
USO: Headquarters, undated.
USO: Letter Week, undated.
USO: Overseas, undated.
USO: Pal Day, undated. 2 folders.
USO: Recreation, undated.
USO: Sailors, undated. 2 folders.
USO-Art, undated.
Valentines Day, undated.
Veterans Programs, undated.
Virginia, Fort Monroe, undated.
Virginia, Norfolk, undated. 2 folders.
Box 151-AV Volunteers, undated. 4 folders.
Woman's Auxilary Army Corps (WAACs)/Woman Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (W-AVES), undated.
War Production Workers , undated.
Washington, Bremerton, undated.
Washington, D.C., undated.
Washington, Seattle, undated.
Washington, Tacoma, undated.
West Indies, undated. 2 folders.
World Service, undated.
YMCA's Serving Military Personnel, undated.
Youth Program, undated.


Additional materials documenting YMCA work during the first World War are separately cataloged in the Armed Services World War I-related records.
Additional photographs of YMCA-operated USO clubs can be found in the separately cataloged Armed Services United Service Organization-related records.
An extensive collection of photographs documenting YMCA work with the armed services can be found in the Kautz Family YMCA Archives photo collection.


See the summary inventory for the YMCA Armed Services Records for information on other Armed Services records in the Kautz Family YMCA Archives. >> Go to the summary inventory


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Canteens (Establishments).
Prisoners of war.
Refugee camps -- France.
Refugee camps -- Germany.
World War, 1914-1918 -- War work -- Young Men's Christian Associations.
World War, 1914-1918 -- War work -- Russia.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons.
Young Men's Christian Associations -- China.
Young Men's Christian Associations -- United States.
Siberia (Russia).
Yantai (Shandong Sheng, China).
Mexican-American Border Region.
National Board of the Young Men's Christian Associations. Armed Services Dept.
National War Work Council, Y.M.C.A. of the United States.
United States. Army. American Expeditionary Forces -- Germany -- Koblenz.
Young Men's Christian Associations of North America. International Committee. Army and Navy Dept.
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