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An Inventory of its Records

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Creator: Young Men's Christian Association of Metropolitan Minneapolis
Title: General administrative records
Date: 1886-2006 (bulk 1970-1999)
Collection Number: Y.MPL.006
Abstract: Records documenting the administration and evolution of the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis organization, including committee minutes, finances, campaigns, general correspondence, reports, international and World Service activities, programs, and marketing and public relations materials.
Quantity: 30 cubic feet (30 boxes)
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


1866 The YMCA Minneapolis is organized by Russell Conwell; a young lawyer recently arrived to the Minneapolis area. Conwell, with a few other local businessmen, begin a noon-day prayer meeting in his office. The first YMCA offices are located in the Center Block building at Intersection of Hennepin and Nicollet Avenues (assembly and meeting rooms).
1877 The first Articles of Incorporation are adopted on June 11, 1877. The organization's legal name is "Young Men's Christian Association of Minneapolis."
1883 An amendment to the first Articles of Incorporation is recorded in the office of the Registrar of Deeds of Hennepin County, on July 9, 1883. The organization's legal name is changed to "The Young Men's Christian Association of the City of Minneapolis."
1885 The first boys-specific meetings begin as a Friday night prayer group. An official Boys Branch/Junior Department for Boys is established later the same year, with a minimum age of 12.
1891 As the original paperwork was not filed properly with the state, on July 15, 1891 the organization's paperwork is re-filed under the new act passed through the state legislature recognizing defectively organized existing corporations, such as the YMCA of Minneapolis.
1892 The importance of having a physical space for the YMCA to conduct services and programs is ever a concern. Branches are formed based on the individual needs of each community, but the first building built and owned by the organization is on the corner of Tenth Street and Mary Place, is purchased in 1887 and finally complete in 1892.
1900 The first Minneapolis YMCA Boys Camp is held on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, with 47 boys attending.
1908 The first Minneapolis YMCA-owned resident camp, Icaghowan, opens with five acres on Green Lake near Chisago City, Minnesota.
1909 Hi-Y Clubs are organized in the fall. Short for "High School Y," Hi-Y clubs are designed to extend high standard of Christian living among the students of each of the five Minneapolis high schools. Participation is limited to boys selected for their leadership in academics, athletics, social life and other student activities.
1914-1918 World War I affects the YMCA both on the national and local level. In Minneapolis, more than 185 men and women are recruited for active War service of the Y. Creation of programs during this time are designed to aid in the war effort, including the increase of civilian food supplies and the University of Minnesota YMCA student army program.
1917 The University of Minnesota YMCA, established in 1887 as a separate entity, joins the Minneapolis YMCA organization, serving as one of several branches serving the Minneapolis community.
1919 The main branch of the Minneapolis YMCA, Central/Downtown, moves to a new building at 9th and Mary Place (now LaSalle Avenue). Full facility and residence.
1922 Camp Menogyn, Chippewa for "to grow everywhere", is added to the YMCA Minneapolis camping program. Wilder than Camp Icaghowan, this camp is located 35 miles north of Grand Marais, Minnesota.
1927 Camp Warren is purchased - two hundred acres of virgin timberland near Evelyth, Minnesota, near Half Moon and Pleasant Lakes.
1929 Camp Ihduhapi is established. Totally 31.18 acres, the heavily wooded site located on Lake Independence has a 600-foot bathing beach.
1936 A book written by YMCA insiders S. Wirt Wiley and Florence Lehmann, entitled "Builders of Men: A History of the Minneapolis Young Men's Christian Association: 1866-1936" is published, outlining the history of the organization up to 1936.
1938 In 1938, Minneapolis became the first Association to establish the Christmas Tree Sales program – selling Christmas trees to support YMCA camp opportunities for disadvantaged children. The program is created by John Werness, a member of the first Y-Men's Club here in Minneapolis. The program spreads across the YMCA footprint, raising more than $20 million worldwide by 1995.
1946 YMCA Youth in Government program is established in Minnesota, based on the New York YMCA program. The original purpose of the program is to prepare young men for political leadership by providing "guidance, training, and experience in theory and practice of determining public policy."
1947 Indian Guide program is established in the Twin Cities. Designed for grade-school age boys, this program is created to foster relationships between fathers and sons by providing joint activities focused on learning and engaging with Native American cultures.
1950 The first day camp property – Green Triangle – is established on a few acres of Camp Committee member Don Willis' farm, near Orono, Minnesota. It becomes the first day camp recognized by the American Camp(ing) Association, a community of camp professionals who ensure the quality of camp programs.
1960-1969 Girls are integrated into the Minneapolis YMCA Youth programs.
1964 The YMCA Minneapolis executes a re-organization, recognizing "a growing and expanding YMCA serving in a progressive metropolitan community must be forward thinking and flexible enough to meet the challenges of today as well as those of tomorrow..." Amendments to the Association's By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation are applied. One of the major changes involves another name change, this time to "Young Men's Christian Association of Metropolitan Minneapolis." Major changes include: voting rights were extended to additional members; the creation of a governing body of 600 members; creation of a Governor's Council, which includes "key" men within the community to represent the Minneapolis community at large; closer coordination of the organization and the branch locations; Branch Board of Management Chairmen become voting members on the General Board' and leadership responsibilities of the Association's chief lay officer is divided between a "President of the Association" and a "Chairman of the General Board."
1966 The organization celebrates 100 years serving the Minneapolis community.
1968 Urban Department is formed. The program is designed to provide inner city youth with a variety of positive activities, experiences, and role-models. Junior Sports and the Summer Olympics programs are offshoots of this group.
1988 Model United Nations program begins. A sister program to the Minnesota Youth in Government, the Model UN focuses on conflict resolution, art of negotiation, diplomacy, and a respect for diversity.
1990 The Downtown branch full facility building opens at 30 S. Ninth Street in downtown Minneapolis.
2006 To celebrate 140 years of service to the Minneapolis community, a book entitled "Breaking New Ground, Building Strong Lives: 140 Years of Youth Work with the Minneapolis YMCA" is published. Written by Paul Hillmer, the book outlines the history of the Minneapolis YMCA, focusing on the Boys' work and youth services.
2012 The YMCA Minneapolis and YMCA St. Paul merge on January 1, 2012, becoming the fifth largest YMCAs in the nation. The YMCA of Greater Twin Cities operates 22 full-facility YMCAs, six community program sites, seven overnight camps, 10 day camps and more than 90 child-care, preschool and school-age care locations across 13 counties stretching into Western Wisconsin.

(Information taken from Breaking New Ground, Building Strong Lives: 140 Years of Youth Work with the Minneapolis YMCA by Paul Hillmer, 2006; from Builders of Men: A History of the Minneapolis Young Men's Christian Association: 1866-1936 by S. Wirt Wiley and Florence Lehmann; and from the collection).


Administration, committee minutes, correspondence, reports, campaigns, World Service activities finances, programs, marketing and public relations materials, organizational history documents, and other records documenting the programs devoted to the evolution of the branches in the Minneapolis YMCA, covering the years of 1884 to 2011. The bulk of the series material covers the years 1970 to the 1999.


These documents are organized into the following sections:
Annual Reports Records
Board Materials Records
Budget and Financial Records
Correspondence Records
Department and Committee Records
International/World Service Activities
Marketing and Public Relations Activities
Miscellaneous Administrative Records
Personnel and Human Resources Records
Programs, Activities, and Events Activities


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Annual Reports

Box 83 140th annual report, 2005.
Annual reports, 1884-1901, 1915-1946, 1948-1969. 7 folders.
Box 84 Annual reports, 1884-1901, 1915-1946, 1948-1969. 12 folders.
Annual reports, 1895-1913.
Annual reports, 1920-1999.
Annual reports, 1938-2006. 4 folders.
Box 85 Annual reports, 1938-2006. 7 folders.
Annual reports, 1950-1970. 19 folders.
Box 86 Annual report, 1965.
Annual report, 1988.
Annual reports, 2001-2006. 3 folders.
Annual report, 2011.
Annual reports, commemoration founders, 1965-1966.
Annual reports, national council reports, 1973-1975.

Board Materials

Box 86 Annual board reports, 1960-1963.
Annual meeting minutes, general board of directors, 1975.
Community board survey results, 2009.
Executive committee of the board, 1954.
General board, executive committee minutes, 1980-1988. 20 folders.
Box 87 General board, executive committee minutes, 1980-1988. 4 folders.
General board, executive committee minutes, 1989-1997. 22 folders.
Box 88 General board, executive committee rosters, 1964-1997.
Meeting minutes, 1866-1913. 3 folders.
Meeting minutes, 1898-1926.
Meeting minutes, 1929-1946. 4 volumes.
Meeting minutes, 1946-1961. 6 volumes.
Meeting minutes, 1958-1959.
Meeting minutes, 1954.
Meeting minutes, 1960-1961.
Meeting minutes, 1961-1971. 14 folders.
Box 89 Meeting minutes, 1961-1971. 10 folders.
Meeting minutes, 1972-1979. 19 folders.
Box 90 Meeting minutes, 1972-1979. 9 folders.
Meeting minutes and agendas, 1945, 1948.

Budget and Financial Records

Box 90 Accounting procedures, 1962.
Accounting records, 1953-1958. 4 volumes.
Accounts receivable, ledger, undated.
Accounts receivable, ledger, 1940-1948.
Audit reports, accounting department, 1962.
Audit reports, 1963.
Authorizations for borrowing, 1970.
Bills and requisitions, 1961-1962.
Budget, 1945-1953. 5 folders.
Budget, 1970-1979. 5 folders.
Budget and Finance Committee:
Box 91 Correspondence, 1972.
Minutes, 1974-1975.
Minutes and correspondence, 1971-1973.
Suggested commissions, corporate authorization, 1966.
Budget hearing, 1973-1975. 3 folders.
Budget summary, revised, 1971.
Budgeting manuals, 1970.


Box 91 54 Ford bus donation, correspondence, 1972.
Black book, correspondence, 1890-1899.
Dayton, George, letter to family, 1931.
Donations transferred, correspondence, 1963.
Donhowe, Orlin, correspondence, 1975.
Elwood, Curtis, correspondence, 1974.
Equipment correspondence, 1962.
General agency service model, correspondence, 1971.
General Correspondence:
Box 91 General Correspondence, memos, 1966-1973. 8 folders.
General Correspondence A-Z, 1965-1973. 4 folders.
Box 92 General Correspondence A-Z, 1968-1969. 9 folders.
General Correspondence A-Z, 1970. 2 folders.
General Correspondence A-Z, 1971. 2 folders.
General Correspondence A-Z, 1972. 2 folders.
General Correspondence A-Z, 1974. 6 folders.
Glezen, Harper, carbon copies of letters written, 1963.
Gray Book, correspondence, 1890-1899.
Koehler, Frank: Helen, correspondence, 1950-1969.
Leslie, Arnett, correspondence, 1950-1959.
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1899-1916, 1965.
Monday metro memos, 1975.
Perara, Boyd, correspondence, 1974-1975.
Policy regarding Negroes, correspondence, 1929-1944.
Staff memos, 1963. 2 folders.
Tele-Dex correspondence, 1971.

Department and Committee Records

Box 92 Advisory committee of suburban capital facilities, 1968.
Area program services committee, 1968-1969.
Box 93 Club services committee, minutes, 1956.
Core committee, responsibilities, undated.
Devotional committee, 1897.
Food service committee, minutes, 1953.
House committee minutes, 1948.
Information for metropolitan insurance committee meeting, 1973.
Metropolitan investment committee, 1969.
Metropolitan Program Committee:
Box 93 Meeting minutes, 1962-1963.
Meeting minutes, 1970-1989. 2 folders.
Miscellaneous historical, 1948-1971. 2 folders.
Plans and schedules (E.G. Williamson), 1962-1963.
Physical department, annual report, undated.
Physical department, fitness program general file, 1947-1952. 2 folders.
Promotion committee, 1972.
Public information committee, 1953.
Public relations committee, annual meeting, 1970-1971. 2 folders.
Railroad department, 1883, 1886.
Second century planning committee, 1965-1967. 6 folders.
Second century planning committee, report, 1965. 1 volume.
Urban Department:
Box 93 Correspondence and releases, 1968-1969. 2 folders.
Reviews and guidelines, summer, 1968-1969. 2 folders.
Urban department focus, presentation at YMCA staff seminar, undated. 1 volume.
Van accident, 1968.

International/World Service Activities

Box 93 African alliance YMCAs' youth gender workshop, 1997.
Box 94 Applications and correspondence, 1983-1984.
Around the World Campaign:
Box 94 Around the world, 1966.
Correspondence, 1966.
Far Eastern tour, around the world, 1966.
Games around the world, undated.
International correspondence, 1965-1966. 2 folders.
Miscellaneous material, 1966.
Post file, 1966.
Ayers, Jerusalem YMCA, 1978.
Content Note: This material documents a visit to Minneapolis by a YMCA Jerusalem administrator, who gave a presentation to the YMCA Minneapolis group in 1978.
Brazilian visitor, 1983-1984.
Buildings for Brotherhood Campaign:
Box 94 Buildings for brotherhood, 1957-1959. 2 folders.
Committee lists, 1958.
Correspondence, 1960-1969.
Publicity, 1960-1969.
Camp Naivasha project, 1990-1999.
Foreign YMCA accommodations, brochures, undated.
Ghana, 1980-1999.
Content Note: This material documents the partnership between Ghana YMCA and the Minneapolis YMCA, which has been in place since an international call to large urban YMCAs for help in crisis areas in Africa during 1970-1979.
Ghana/Sioux Indian YMCA, posters, undated.
Ground zero firebreaks 2, war and peace game, 1984. 2 folders.
Indo-China emergency fund (ICEF), 1975.
International Committee:
Box 94 Annual report, 1978.
General reports, 1988-1994.
General reports, 2002. 2 folders.
Goals, 1978.
List of interpreters, undated.
Mailings, 1973-1978. 2 folders.
Meetings, 1976.
Meetings, 1977. 2 folders.
Box 95 Miscellaneous, 1977-1978.
Miscellaneous, 1978-1979.
Year-end report, 1976.
International division assembly, Newport Beach, California, 1977.
International division committee, 1980-1982.
International Program Campaign:
Box 95 Campers, 1970-1973.
Development position, 1977-1978.
Goals, 1978.
Marketing plans, undated.
Miscellaneous, 1977.
Request for support, 1983-1984.
Resource manual, 1980-1989.
International program center, 1977-1978.
International program center, miscellaneous correspondence, 1983.
Ireland, Fiji, South Africa, Columbia, 1980-1999.
Jamaica and Sweden, 1980-1999.
Peace education, peace poles, 1985.
Peacemaking workshop, 1985.
Walking together program marketing materials, undated.
Walking together/working together program, 1983-1984. 2 folders.
International resource people, undated.
International staff task force, 1974.
Montijo, Elias, Sao Paola, Brazil, 1978.
International year for youth, 1983-1985.
Sudan, 1982.
Partnerships, Uruguay and Ghana, 1978.
Russian student visit, 1977.
Russian Tour 1969:
Box 95 Finances, 1969.
Franke incident, 1969.
Information and regulations 1969.
Planning and constituency, 1969.
Santiago project, 1963-1964.
South American branches of Minneapolis-based corporations, undated.
St. Louis Israel trip, 1982-1983.
Statesmanship, 1973-1975.
United Nations Association, newsletters and information, 1978.
Box 96 USSR Group, 1983.
USSR youth visit, exchange program, 1982. 2 folders.
USSR/USA exchange program, 1983-1984.
World ambassadors, West Africa, 1981. 2 folders.
World affairs center, 1977.
World alliance, South America, 1977.
World ambassadors, 1981. 2 folders.
World ambassadors, general, 1979-1983.
World Communique, 1974, 1976-1978. 4 folders.
World Communique, renewal order, 1973.
World federalists association, 1983-1984.
World Service Campaign:
Box 96 Budget, 1981, 1983-1984. 3 folders.
Campaign, 1947-1949.
Campaign, 1950-1952.
Campaign, 1954-1955.
Commitment, money sent, 1977.
Goals, 1979.
Herb Mikkelson correspondence and news, 1978.
Payments and accounting, 1969-1978.
Promotion, 1969-1976.
Refugees, 1975.
World service, 1973-1976. 4 folders.
World service and international education committee commission, 1960.
World youth fund campaign, 1948.
World youth peace 4 conference, 1977.
YMCA global education work book, undated.

Marketing and Public Relations Activities

Box 97 140th anniversary youth work book, 2006. 10 folders.
Content Note: This contains research materials used to document and write the "Breaking New Ground, Building Strong Lives: 140 Years of Youth Work with the Minneapolis YMCA, 1866-2006", by Paul Hillmer.
Box 97 Policy and procedure regulating, use of name and insignia in sale of products, 1967.
PR committee minutes and reports, 1985-1995. 10 folders.
Reports, committee minutes, agendas, and memos, 1956-1969.
Reports, committee minutes, agendas, and memos, 1969-1970.
Reports, committee minutes, agendas, and memos, 1971-1972.
Public relations manual, 1980-1999. 2 folders.
Service evaluation forms, 1971.
Task force, 1969.
Association highlights, Harold Mezile articles, 2003-2005. 1 volume.
Education brochures, 1917-1930.
Family memo, 1961-1975. 2 volumes.
Content Note: Family memo is the President's newsletter.
First anniversary pamphlets, 1867.
Flyer, undated.
Media Relations:
Box 97 Access to jobs, news articles, 1987.
Hunger, newspaper articles, undated.
Media and Crisis Communications, 2007-2010.
News articles note book, undated.
News paper articles, undated.
News releases, 1919.
News releases, 1966.
News releases, 1969.
News releases, 1970.
News releases, 1971. 2 folders.
News releases, 1972-1973. 2 folders.
News releases, 1973.
News releases, 1974-1975. 2 folders.
Newspaper articles, 1918.
Press conference, George Pennock announcement, 1973.
St. Paul Pioneer Press, Dispatch, 1992.
Sunday newspaper supplement, "A $25 Million response to Social and Human Needs" , 1973.
Miscellaneous newsletters, 1907.
Newsletters, 1974-1983. 3 folders.
Newsletters, summer programs, 2005-2006. 3 folders.
Organizational History:
Box 97 Basketball history, 1964.
Facts by John Kessler, 1972. 4 folders.
Facts of the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis, undated. 1 volume.
Historical material, 1987-1994. 6 folders.
Content Note: This contains various historical publications.
Box 98 Historical material, undated. 1 volume.
History, 1866-1996. 10 folders.
History, 1886-1995.
History, 1990-1999.
History, 1866-1996.
History, 1866-1996.
Content Note: This contains historical summaries from Jim Gilbert, who served as an Executive Director of the Minneapolis YMCA, as well as a guide (1949), Assistant Director (1956) and Director (1957-1962) of Camp Menogyn.
History, Wirt Wiley notes, 1966-1999.
History scroll, 1880-1999. 2 folders.
Miscellaneous historical papers, 1955-1977.
Miscellaneous history, 1986-1990.
Testimonials, Harper Glezen, 1968.
President's memo, 1975-1995. 5 folders.

Miscellaneous Administration Materials

Box 98 A corporate planning process, undated. 1 volume.
A study of the administrative and supervisory organization of the YMCA, 1955.
A survey of The YMCA, 1951. 2 folders.
Abstracts for social workers, 1970. 2 volumes.
Adjusted reports, 1962.
Administrative and supervisory organization, Minneapolis study, 1956.
Administrative manual, 1980-1989.
Box 99 Administrative manuals, 1980-1989. 2 folders.
Administrative procedures, bylaws, 1960, 1968. 2 folders.
Administrative reports, 1916-1921. 5 folders.
Aids education, undated.
American Public Radio, undated.
Americans for generational equality, 1987-1988.
An orientation to the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis, undated. 1 volume.
Annual meetings, 1964-1997. 4 folders.
Aquatics standard, staff manual, 2000.
Association goals, branch plans, 1993.
Assorted campaign booklets, 1970-1979.
Cabinet meeting, 1947-1953.
The Case for the YMCA in the 60's, 1960-1969. 1 volume.
Census tract street index for Hennepin county, 1972. 1 volume.
Centennial, 1966.
Centennial observance, 1966.
City of Minneapolis maps, undated.
City-wide and fund statements worksheets, 1963.
Community board development, 2005.
Community board development, checkups 2003-2004. 2 folders.
Community board development, Emily's board binder, 2002-2004. 3 folders.
Community fund, correspondence and reports, 1919-1923.
Community survey of social and health work in Minneapolis for the Council of Social Agencies, 1938.
Constitution research group, 1987.
Box 100 Corporate planning process, capital development program, undated.
Cost study, 1956. 2 folders.
Current expense subscribers, 1939.
Custody account and camp fee worksheets, 1963.
Date of organization, 1867.
Development education, 1980-1989.
Donor and customer profile data, 2001. 2 folders.
Dormitory records, 1966. 3 folders.
Effective leadership training, 1962.
Effective leadership training, 1984. 2 folders.
Equipment rentals, 1984. 2 folders.
Facilities planning, 1978-1979. 2 folders.
Facilities planning survey, Booz Allen Hamilton consultants, 1961. 2 folders.
General agency support, 1973.
General board task force reports, 1969-1974. 4 folders.
George Williams College, 1965-1969.
Information and rules of organization papers, undated. 1 volume.
Inventories, 1963.
Investment pool, 1974.
Investment record, 1930-1949. 2 volumes.
Kettering Foundation, 1989.
Long range planning project, 1982.
Marecek and Cairns, undated.
MCSI program directors institute, 1990.
Metropolitan Minneapolis YMCA, 1970-1979.
Mid-continent dialogue on the changing world economy, 1979.
Miscellaneous building blueprints, undated.
Miscellaneous list of companies, undated.
Miscellaneous program summary reports, national council reports, 1965.
Night security reports, 1959-1961. 2 folders.
Box 101 Night security reports, 1959-1961. 2 folders.
North commons water park agreement, 2007.
Open door policy on the use of YMCA facilities by outside organizations, 1951-1965.
Operational guidelines, for using sensitivity training and the laboratory method in the YMCA, undated. 1 volume.
Organizational survey, summary report, 1948.
Part 3, the official roster of employed offices, national council report, 1963-1968.
Permit bond, travelers, instillation and maintenance of tank in YMCA building, 1966.
Phonation book, 1981.
Planning counsel, 1968-1971.
Planning survey, Booz, Allen and Hamilton Management consultants, 1961. 3 folders.
Portraits and progress reports, building program, 1973-1995.
Progress report, Booz, Allen and Hamilton Management consultants, 1961.
Project reports, 1989-1996. 2 folders.
Proposed national YMCA insurance programs, 1968.
Proposed Robin Wood business commercial apartment development, undated. 1 volume.
Recognition party for Harper Glezen, 1968.
Record book, efficiency, 1914.
Record book, sales, 1913-1914.
Report and list of subscribers to YMCA million dollar campaign, 1916. 2 folders.
Report of company organizations, Bureau of the Census, 1972.
Residence council, 1959. 1 volume.
Rolidex, undated. 2 volumes.
Seminar report, work with volunteers, 1977. 1 volume.
Site acquisition fund, questions and answers, undated.
Social investment forum, 1991.
Special building committee materials (Vern Ratcliff), 1957-1959.
Special voucher, order for check, 1968.
St. Martin's Table, 1987.
Box 102 St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, 1974-1975.
St. Paul Companies, 1979-1980.
St. Paul Mayor's Office, 1979.
Statistical reports and correspondence, 1970.
Supervisors meeting, vulnerable youth reports, 1997.
Supervisors meeting on United Way, 1997.
Survey of work done, YMCA, 1905-1910, 1914. 2 folders.
Sustaining membership, 1969.
Sustaining membership manual, undated. 1 volume.
The YMCA report, 1985.
Toastmasters Club #75, 1981.
Twin Cities peace coalition, 1984.
Twin Cities personnel managers association, 1957-1958.
United Way, A guide to preparing program descriptions, 1982.
United Way, Agency relations manual, accounting, 1974.
United Way, Agency relations manual, general, 1974.
United Way, Agency relations manual, priorities, 1974.
United Way, Budget presentation hearing, 1973.
United Way, Special hearing, 1972.
United Way, Agreement with YMCA, 1953.
Volunteerism and the YMCA manual, 1997.
Y-Builders, association, news publications, 1946-1996. 7 folders.
Y-Partners, 2000, 2002. 2 folders.
Y-Partners campaign, 2003.
YMCA miscellaneous information, 2001.
YMCA scholarships to branches, 1993.
YMCA CAA all star award, undated.
Box 103 YMCA Minneapolis, list of firms, undated.
YMCA Minneapolis, lists, 1962.
YMCA mission workshops, Jim Gilbert material, 1984-1991.
YMCA nominating convention, members convention pamphlets, 1895, 1920.
YMCA residence registration, 1965. 11 folders.
YMCA voucher record, 1953-1956. 1 volume.
YMCA week, Sunday bulletins, 1964-1996. 4 folders.

Personnel and Human Resources

Box 103 Alexander and Alexander Insurance, 1973.
Allendale Mutal Insurance Company:
Box 103 Correspondence, memos of record, 1973.
Fire insurance inspection reports, 1974.
Property insurance, 1973.
American Mutual Insurance Company, Y insurance plan, 1971.
Awards, miscellaneous, undated.
Blackstone Mutual Insurance Company, 1963. 1 volume.
Board of directors, 1963.
Board, staff workshop, 1969.
Boys war fund campaign, 1917.
Charles Sexton Company insurance, correspondence, 1967-1969.
Monthly time book, 1906.
Time book,1896-1897.
Time book and payroll, undated.

Programs, Events and Activities

Box 103 Annual program reports, national council reports, 1975.
Black archiver's project, 2000.
Branch programs, plans and policies, 1937-1951. 5 volumes.
Box 104 Branch programs, plans and policies, 1937-1951. 8 volumes.
Bridges program, general material, undated.
Bridges program, history, 1972.
Bridges program, material, 1971-1972.
Building Fund:
Box 104 Assets, liabilities, 1985-1990. 2 folders.
Audit and transmittals, 1962.
Building fund, 1970.
Building program, undated. 1 volume.
Building program, 1961-1962.
Campaign, central area, 1962.
Campaign, north area, 1962.
Campaign, south area, 1962.
Campaign, west area, 1962.
Campaign cabinet, 1962.
Campaign expenses budget, 1962.
Cash deposits with treasure, form, undated.
Expense statements, 1962.
Financial statements, 1962.
Financial statements, goals, reports and meetings, 1962.
Income tax reports, 1962.
Information on suspension of program, 1962.
Letters for billing after suspension, 1962.
Letters received, 1963.
Letters sent out, 1962.
Letters sent out, no responses, 1963.
Material for presentation to the United fund solicitations committee, 1961. 1 volume.
Pattern gifts, 1962.
Pattern gifts work book, 1962. 2 volumes.
Box 105 Pattern gifts work book, 1961-1962. 2 volumes.
Pattern gifts work book, undated.
Plans, 1962.
Progress reports, 1962.
Recognition dinner, correspondence, 1962-1963.
Recruiting progress reports, 1962.
Reports, 1935-1948.
Schedules, 1961-1962.
Speakers bureau, correspondence, 1962.
Special gifts reports, undated.
Special gifts, 1962.
Subscribers, undated. 3 volumes.
Suspension of pledges, 1963.
Capital campaign, 1981. 3 folders.
Capital campaigns, general, 1960-1979. 2 folders.
Centennial building fund, reports, 1963.
Centennial building fund, statement of expenses, 1963.
Central, the young men's division, 1925-1926.
Child care update, 2009.
Citizens league, 1972.
City program reports, 1942-1953. 2 folders.
Commitment to serve conference, 1987. 1 volume.
Committeemen's conference, 1937-1945.
Developing Leaders For A Golden Age conference, 1990.
Earth service corps, 1998.
East-west conference follow up, 1975.
General war fund campaign, 1917.
Box 106 Hennepin County community chest campaign, 1945-1950.
Heritage club, 2005-2006.
Higher Education Consortium For Urban Affairs (HECUA), 1984-1989.
Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, conference, 1983.
Humphrey leadership readings, 1984. 2 folders.
Ideas for inter-generational programs, undated.
Information on suspension program, 1963.
Inner-city programs, proposals, 1965-1972.
Leisure Time League, correspondence and meetings, undated.
Measured mile, 1963.
Minneapolis Bible and culture club, undated.
Minnesota development action group, 1982-1983.
Northland recreation labs, 1971. 2 folders.
Plans and policies, 1912-1938. 4 folders.
Plans and policies, Frank Koehler, 1925-1932. 2 folders.
Second century dinner, 1966.
Miscellaneous YMCA programs, undated.
Mix Masters, 1958.
National Activities:
Box 106 Assets, liabilities, 1985-1990. 2 folders.
Annual reports, national council reports, 1960-1963.
Annual reports, national council reports, 1964-1993. 5 folders.
Box 107 Annual reports, national council reports, 1964-1993. 27 folders.
National board, financial development task force, 1973.
National board, task force, national percentage financial support, 1972-1975.
National board of YMCAs, proposal development, undated.
National board planning group, 1970-1980.
National board site selection committee, 1972-1973.
National conference of black and non-white YMCA secretaries (BAN-WYS), 1971-1974.
National council meeting, 1979. 1 volume.
Box 108 National council meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1966.
National council membership, 1924.
National council of YMCA, constitutions and bylaws, undated. 1 volume.
National support, financial report, 1960-1961.
National war fund, state war chest, 1943-1946.
National YMCA association of professional directors, Jim Gilbert material, 1970-1999. 2 folders.
National YMCA association of retired directors, Jim Gilbert material, 1970-1999.
National YMCA branch buildings, general correspondence, committee minutes, 1920-1957.
Program descriptions, undated.
Program plans, schedules, and promotions, 1951-1970. 21 volumes.
Program plans, schedules, and promotions, 1951-1970. 1 folder.
Program priorities, task force reports, 1970-1975. 1 volume.
Box 109 Program reports, group activities, 1966-1968, 1970. 4 folders.
Program reports, national council reports, 1966.
Content Note: This material includes reports both done for the National Council by the Minneapolis YMCA, as well as reports done by the National Council for the metro YMCA organizations.
Program resource manual, 1980-1989.
Program secretaries conference, 1941-1953.
Program service committee, 1979-1982.
Program services, 1990-2009. 2 folders.
Program services committee minutes, 1962, 1966, 1969, 1971. 3 folders.
Program and member statistics, 1980-1999.
Lifestyles/Lifespace program, 1989-1990. 2 folders.
Activities in branches, 1922-1935.
Bible class records, 1894.
Record of religious work records, 1907-1908.
Friday night workers training class records, 1894.
Gymnasium men's Bible class records, 1893-1894.
Talks and club meetings records, 1912.
Soweto breakfast, 1978.
Statistical reports, group activities, 1965.
Stone Arch building dedication,1991.
Urban action programs, undated. 1 volume.
Walk for Mankind, 1972, 1974-1975. 3 folders.
War work, 1917-1918.
War work, 1920-1945.
Program evaluation sheets, undated.
Historical rosters, 1960-1969.
Membership listings, 1907-1908.
Membership, correspondence, list, 1975.
Membership reports, 1989-1990.
Box 110 Miscellaneous pledges and checks, 1962.
New pledges, 1963.
Pledge record, 1962.
Pledges, cash refunds, 1963.
Pledges received, pledge cards, 1961. 4 trays.
Rebuilding Fund:
Box 110 Campaign, 1953.
Campaign, Borton group and Jewson group, 1953.
Campaign, building fund payment cards, 1953. 2 volumes.
Campaign, building fund payment cards, 1953. 3 volumes.
Campaign, building fund payment cards, 1954. 2 volumes.
Campaign, building fund payment cards, 1955-1960. 2 volumes.
Campaign, follow-up steering committee, 1953-1955. 2 folders.
Campaign correspondence, 1953-1955. 2 folders.
Campaign, letter of intent follow-up correspondence, 1953-1954.
Correspondence, 1952-1954. 3 folders.
Correspondence, 1962.
Equipment, 1953.
Follow-up correspondence, 1952-1953.
Mail canvas, 1953.
Miscellaneous, 1953.
News releases, 1961.
Newspaper articles, 1961. 2 folders.
Pattern gifts, 1953.
Pattern gifts prospect list, 1952. 2 folders.
Publicity, 1962.
Box 111 Rebuilding campaign, Harper Glezen, 1962.
Rebuilding campaign, report forms, 1953.
Rebuilding fund, 1952-1954. 4 folders.
Rebuilding fund, refunds, 1963.
Receipts, 1962.
Special gifts, 1953.
Special gifts prospects, 1953.
Special gifts, thank you letters, A-L, 1953.
Special gifts, thank you letters, M-Z, 1953.
Steering committee, 1953.
Transfers, sustaining memberships, 1953.
Refund vouchers, undated.
Summer program report, 2007.
Study of membership trends, 1954-1964.
Unpaid pledges, 1944.
Unpaid pledges, 1945. 1 volume.
Unpaid subscription expenses list, 1941.
Unpaid subscription list, 1942.
United Fund:
Box 111 Allocations, 1971-1972.
Budget, drafts, 1971. 2 folders.
Budget hearing material, 1973.
Budget hearings, general material, 1969-1972.
Budgets, financial need and subsidy recommendations, 1972.
Budgets, preliminary draft, 1972.
Comparative study, 1973.
Emergency repair assistance, correspondence, 1972.
General correspondence, 1972.
Insurance, 1954.
Miscellaneous, 1964-1969. 1 volume.
Policies, building use, 1959.
Presentation, 1973.
Presentation on Urban/ West Central branch, 1972.
Survey of relationships, 1974.
Sustaining membership survey, 1970.
Changes to pledges, 1962.
Directing sustaining membership campaigns, undated. 1 volume.
Youth development, 2009-2010.


See also the Publications and ephemera records of Metropolitan Minneapolis, separately catalogued in the Kautz Family YMCA Archives.


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