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George Williams College:
An Inventory of Its Records

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Creator: George Williams College (Downers Grove, Ill.).
Title: George Williams College records,
Date: 1856-1987 (bulk 1880-1985)
Collection Number: Y.GWC.1
Abstract: Records documenting the operations, administration, and academic output of George Williams College from its origins in the 1880s to its eventual merger with Aurora University in the mid-1980s, especially including dissertations and theses.
Quantity: 140 cubic feet (140 boxes).
Location: See Detailed Description section for box listing.


The origins of George Williams College date back to the 1880s, when the YMCA established a series of week-long institutes to train men going into YMCA work. By that time Robert Weidensall, a YMCA leader who had been commissioned to develop the YMCA movement in the western sector of the United States had for several years been pressing for the idea of a permanent training institute that he envisioned would one day play the same role for YMCA professionals that law school played for those entering the profession of law and medical school for those desiring to practice medicine. Land was purchased on Geneva Lake in Wisconsin, on Williams Bay, a quiet area suitable for retreat, reflection, visioning, and planning. Known as the "Western Secretarial Institute," programs included special institutes for physical educators, run by Luther Gulick from the only other institution dedicated to the purpose of training YMCA workers, Springfield College in Massachusetts. There were also very popular student conferences, where college students who were tied to the YMCA (or YWCA) on their campuses would come for a week. Then, in 1890, when full-time YMCA work was becoming professional, requiring more intensive training, a year-round "Training School" was established under the same leadership. The new school was located in Chicago, Illinois and was greatly influenced in its human service mission by the social and educational changes going on in that rapidly growing, industrial city. While evangelism and "Christian work" was clearly at the heart of both the YMCA and the training school, the work of the association was never dissociated from a social service purpose. The service mission was one of sensitivity to problematic social situations young men faced as they migrated from the rural families and communities to an urban industrial environment.

Known at first as the Training School of the YMCA (1890-1896) and subsequently as the Secretarial Institute and Training School (SITS) (1896-1903), the Institute and Training School of the YMCA (ITS) (1903-1913), and the YMCA College or Association College (1913-1933), it was finally named George Williams College in 1933 in honor of the man who founded the YMCA movement in 1844. It continued to maintain the Williams Bay campus in the Lake Geneva area, which was used for its educational purposes as well as for outside groups. By the 1930s, the college was a national center for the development of group work as a profession. It was also an early pioneer in the idea of holistic health, with the integration of body, mind and spirit that was key concept within the YMCA movement.

In the late 1960s, the college moved to a western suburb of Chicago, Downer's Grove. The move from inner city to the mostly white suburbs brought racial tensions, already heightened nation-wide during this period, to the fore. Local residents were suspicious and hostile to the appearance of so many black college-age students in their neighborhood, and fault lines emerged within the school, which by the late 1960s was about 20% African American, over issues such as curriculum and the racial balance of the faculty and staff. The radically different environment also influenced the culture of the college. With the change in location came a change in experiential learning, characterized by a shift from a societal focus to an introspective, personal focus.

George Williams College, as an independent college in Downers Grove, closed in 1985 for financial reasons. Two of its programs, social work and recreation, both strongly tied to the human services mission of the college, continued under the auspices of Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois. In 1992 a formal affiliation agreement was established between the two institutions so the name and legacy of George Williams College could continue on and alumni would have a "home." It was not until 2000 that George Williams College fully merged the programs at both the Aurora campus and the historic Williams Bay campus with Aurora University.

Historical information was quoted in large part from Strong Roots: A Group Memoir of George Williams College (Williams Bay, WI: George Williams College Press, 2007) by Sandra Alcorn.


Records documenting the operations, administration, and academic output of George Williams College, an institution started by the YMCA as a training school, from its origins in the 1880s as a summer school and institute, to its eventual merger with Aurora University in the mid-1980s. The collection includes administrative records such as correspondence, minutes and reports, as well as course catalogs, yearbooks, and records of the college's accreditation review process, student organizations and athletic activities, and a 1977-78 self-study. A significant portion of the collection consists of a comprehensive set of theses and dissertations written by students. Extensive files also document the construction of the Downer's Grove campus in the 1960s. Additional highlights include records of the college alumni association, material related to its relationship with the YMCA, and a series of printed material from the library collection.


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The following section contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection. To request materials, please note the corresponding box number.

Box 1 George Williams College archives classification, circa 1970.
Anniversaries of George Williams College, 1900-1940.
Programs and other materials for 17th, 25th, and 50th anniversary celebrations.
Articles of incorporation and by-laws, 1890-1977.
Commencement convocations, 1892-1986. 3 folders.
Time capsule contents 1915 cornerstone, 1915. 1 copper box.
Includes bulletins, annual reports and various other pamphlets.
Time capsule contents 1926 cornerstone, 1926. 1 copper box.
Includes bulletins, directories, commencement programs, pamphlets and other material.
Box 2 Counseling and Human Relations Center pamphlets, 1971-1979.
Counseling and Human Relations CUES II survey, 1973.
Developmental learning program report, 1971.
Counseling psychology department pamphlets and brochures, 1969-1975.
Current Counseling Communication, 1971-1979.
Newsletter of the counseling psychology department.
Heart Times, 1980-1983.
Newsletter of the George Williams College exercise program.
Career Suggestions for George Williams College Undergraduate Students, 1979.
Dissertation handbooks, 1939-1969.
Humanities division minutes, 1975-1977.
H & P. E. Division Newsletter, 1969-1970.
Newsletter of the health and physical education division.
Home study program, 1954-1967.
Undergraduate administrative cabinet minutes, 1974-1978.
Includes minutes of combined meetings with the graduate administrative cabinet.
University year for ACTION, undated.
Brochure for service learning program.
International intercultural studies program, 1971-1978.
Box 2 Graduate administrative cabinet minutes, 1970-1978.
Box 2 Library, 1899-1976.
Correspondence, lists of library holdings, clippings, brochures and other material related to the George Williams College library.
Recreation Resources, 1943. 1 bound volume.
Catalog of program resource materials in the library of George Williams College.
Annual report of the library, 1922-1984. 3 bound volumes and 3 folders.
Friends of the library papers, 1968-1969.
Robert Vaughan Thomas library fund, 1933-1954.
Box 3 Faculty bulletin, 1956-1985. 23 folders.
Homecoming, 1935-1969.
Programs, brochures, committee minutes and reports and other materials related to homecoming activities.
Box 3 Alumni directory, 1899-1964.
Alumni roster, 1962. 1 bound volume.
Alumni and former students in YMCA work, 1954-1967.
Class of 1930 reunion, 1980.
Biographical sketches and cassette tape of the class of 1930 business meeting.
Box 4 Alumni annual fund, 1923-1974.
Reports, newsletters and donor lists.
Distinguished alumnus citations, 1962, 1965.
Names and addresses of persons prominent in the history of George Williams College, 1962.
Alumni Notes newsletter, 1964-1983.
Alumni News newsletter, 1928-1963.
Y Views from George Williams College newsletter, 1970-1985. 2 folders
Public relations, 1886-1981. 14 folders.
Brochures, pamphlets, clippings, letters requesting donations and programs from the Institute and Training School of the YMCA, YMCA College and George Williams College.
Box 5 Committee on educational policy minutes and reports, 1941-1960. 5 folders.
Lake Geneva:
Box 5 Lake Geneva summer camps and conferences brochures and pamphlets, 1890-1978. 7 folders.
Annual report of the director of the Lake Geneva campus, 1891-1910, 1950-1965.
Lake Geneva campus brochures, bulletins and handbook, 1965-1978.
College Camp on Lake Geneva Golden Jubilee, 1933. 1 bound volume.
Commemorative book.
Lake Geneva Sunday services schedules, 1903-1916, 1957.
Summer music association music by the lake programs, 1951-1952, 1967.
Resident outdoor program brochures and newsletters, 1973-1977.
Use and development of the Lake Geneva campus, 1970-1973.
The College Camper newsletter, 1920-1923, 1926-1927.
Office of continuing education brochures and programs, 1970-1980.
Development office brochures, 1982.
Development office campaign brochures, 1975-1985.
Development office program for the new George Williams College, 1963-1972.
Brochures and reports regarding the building of the new George Williams College campus.
Community annual fund guide, circa 1984.
Center for extended programs Elderhostel, 1984.
Brochure for George Williams College academic programs for senior citizens.
Extension education management council, 1975.
Minutes, reports and job descriptions.
Box 6 Leadership challenge program, 1968-1972.
Brochures, newsletters and other publications.
Highlights newsletter, 1951-1959.
Admissions office brochures, 1984.
Financial aid report and brochures, 1972.
Field work and placement reports, 1938-1939, 1959-1960.
Memoranda concerning the school graduates, 1905-1923.
Who's who among the graduates, 1928-1941.
Mini-biographies, 1972.
Short biographies of the class of 1972 graduates.
Life development services publications and brochures, 1979-1982.
Handbooks and other orientation information, 1929-1983.
Residence hall handbook, 1971.
Student rights and responsibilities, 1969-1979.
Student events lecture series, 1965-1984.
Gymnite programs, 1896-1938.
Jenkins lectures, 1939-1961.
The GWC Wattsnews Weekly, 1985.
1 activities newsletter
Treasurer's reports, 1894-1917, 1963.
Operating staff personnel policy, 1964-1968, 1977.
Secondary school teaching methods project handbook, 1977.
West suburban intercollegiate council annual report, 1975-1980.
West Suburban Intercollegiate Council Reporter, 1973-1985. 1 bound volume and 1 folder.
Conference on developing the arts of teachers and learners, 1974.
Applied behavioral science study of undergraduate curriculum in group work, May 1969.
Group work papers, 1960-1961.
Committee Minutes and Reports:
Box 6 Admissions and evaluation policy committee minutes, 1977-1981.
Athletic policy committee minutes, 1978-1983.
Campus commemoration committee minutes, 1966-1967.
Committee on the evening course program minutes, 1977-1979.
Executive committee minutes, 1969-1978.
Senate executive committee minutes, 1978-1980.
Extension education policy committee minutes and reports, 1974-1980.
Faculty personnel committee policies, 1972-1985.
General studies curriculum committee minutes, 1975, 1984.
Graduate curriculum committee minutes, 1970-1972.
Graduate educational policy committee minutes, 1974-1978.
Committee on graduate study minutes and memos, 1963-1970.
Committee on graduate study annual reports, 1938-1943.
Box 7 Academic planning committee report, Spring 1982.
Ad hoc commission on the academic handbook minutes, 1974-1975.
Minutes of the COEP, April 15, 1963.
Alcohol study committee report, 1970.
Task force on athletic philosophy and policy minutes and reports, 1972.
Campus commemoration committee minutes and correspondence, 1966-1967.
Chicago agency educational advisory committee minutes and correspondence, 1950-1951.
Committee on committees reports, 1969.
Curriculum committee memos and reports, 1929-1930.
Curriculum task force committee minutes and memos, 1971-1972.
Task force for curriculum study report, July 1976.
Faculty constitution committee correspondence, memos, reports and constitutions, 1969-1971.
Five year policy commission minutes and reports, 1920-1922.
Freshmen programs committee memos, 1974-1975.
Committee on future development of the college minutes and reports, 1944-1945
Future plans and development, 1960, 1967-1968.
Committee to resolve graduate and undergraduate organization memos and report, 1974, 1978.
Ad hoc committee on grading and evaluation reports, 1974.
Leisure and creative arts committee report, 1968.
Committee of nine memos and reports, 1933.
Planning and development committee reports, memos and minutes, 1970-1971.
Renewal committee report, 1969.
Ad hoc committee on structure for planning memos, 1971.
Task force on teacher education reports, 1972.
Report on urban youth development project findings and recommendations, 1968.
Ad hoc committee on writing skills report, 1974.
Task force on larger learning, 1967-1968.
Materials on the physical environment of the George Williams College campus.
Turned on day planning and working papers, 1968.
Turned on day lists of proposals, concerns and goals, 1968.
Task force on larger learning report to the president, 1968.
Task force on larger learning documents and minutes, 1967-1968. 2 folders.
Task force on larger learning progress report, 1966-1967.
Festival of living arts papers, 1967.
College development and planning working documents, 1962.
President's conference on the 70s, 1970
Box 8 George Williams College historical, undated.
Histories of the college and college camp covering the period 1890-1933.
Campus history and description, undated.
Histories of the college covering the period 1886-1970.
William E. Lewis correspondence and other early correspondence, 1877-1933.
George Williams College: The Biography of a College manuscript, 1939.
George Williams College history, 1938
Histories of the college covering the period 1886-1937.
Reports on college camp historical projects and memorial and dedication programs, 1939-1964.
Reports on archives and other projects relating to camp history, including a survey of camp properties and map as well as Clarence B. Willis obituary, Sir George Williams Memorial Room brochure and Robert William Huck memorial sundial dedication information.
College camp historical manuscripts by Burt, Brown, Hansel, Hotton and Dunlop, 1887-1947. 1 bound volume.
Laying the Foundations, 1935.
Manuscript of the history of the college camp.
Historical data of college camp, 1884-1964, 1964. 1 bound volume.
College camp archives and history, 1933-1964.
Reports on camp archives, clippings and histories of the college camp.
Lake Geneva campus possible sales, 1969-1970.
Letters opposing sale of Lake Geneva camp, 1969-1970.
Lake Geneva campus, 1960-1965.
Correspondence, brochures, reports and program information.
Map of Lake Geneva, undated.
Student government association constitution, 1954-1976.
Folk dancers brochure and clipping, 1964.
International students' association minutes, September 1975.
Phi Zeta Taulk, 1942-1943.
Newsletter of Phi Zeta Tau.
Publications board minutes, March 1974.
Student songs, 1921-1960.
Administration majors newsletter, 1970.
B. S. A. and United Soul, 1970, 1973-1974.
Newsletters of the black student alliance.
Applied English Advertiser newsletter, November 1917.
"W" club constitution, correspondence and banquet. 1934.
Black students association tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, 1968.
Programs and clipping.
Brainstorms poetry book, 1970.
Image newsletter, 1968.
The April committee newsletter and political program, 1969.
Time has a form poetry book, 1965.
The Woman's Advocate newsletter, 1974.
Smoke Signals newsletter, 1968.
Woman's Exchange Newsletter, 1983-1984.
Zeitgeist, 1969, 1971.
Social science journal written by George Williams College students.
YMCA Service Organization newsletter, 1981-1985.
Box 9 Faculty Senate minutes, 1968-1974. 6 folders.
Former faculty personnel records, 1949-1955.
Faculty conferences, 1959-1984. 26 folders.
Box 10 Student and faculty confrontation, 1969.
Memos, steering committee minutes, proposals and working papers largely addressing racial tension on the campus.
Letters in response to confrontation, 1969.
Student protest and campus governance, 1969-1970. 2 folders.
Clippings, reports, newsletters, programs, articles and memos regarding protest and governance at George Williams College and other schools.
Historical highlights, undated
Chronologies, names and addresses and clippings covering the period 1884-1964.
Downers Grove campus, 1961-1981.
Clippings, certificates, brochures, correspondence and maps.
Proposed rehabilitation and additions to George Williams College, 1955-1957.
Includes architectural plans.
Kendell College merger, 1935.
Correspondence and brochures.
YMCA Chicago buildings publications, 1916, 1944, 1976.
"The Chicago Home of the Young Men's Christian Association described by Peter B. Wright," "The George Williams Memorial Room," and Chicago Architects.
Andrew R. Dole estate, 1925-1947, 1961.
Memorial, board of trustee minute excerpts and correspondence.
Downers Grove pre-college history, 1887, undated.
Article, photographs and warranty deed.
Historical sketch of the institute and training school of the Young Men's Christian Association, 1904.
Early deeds of the institute and training school, 1903.
Traditions of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, undated.
College Camp on Lake Geneva Golden Jubilee, 1933. 1 bound volume.
Commemorative book.
College camp land purchases, 1886 to 1945 and data regarding buildings. 1932-1950. 2 bound volumes.
Lake Geneva, 1918, 1933, 1937.
Clippings and minutes of the Lake Geneva committee.
Meyer Lodge correspondence, 1956-1958.
College camp historical manuscripts by Burt, Brown, Hansel, Hotton and Dunlop, 1887-1947. 1 bound volume.
Historical data of college camp, 1884-1964, 1964. 1 bound volume.
Biographical Materials and Papers:
Box 11 Barner, Harold Woodward biographical materials, 1961.
Brown, Isaac Eddy tribute, undated.
Deaver, G. G. physical therapy monographs, 1929.
Dimock, Hedly S. writings and memorial, 1932-1959.
Edgren, Harry biographical materials, 1937, 1954.
Paper on sports skills tests and 30th anniversary celebration.
Grinker, Roy R., "'Mentally Healthy' Young Males" study, 1962.
Healey, Peter, A Study of Predictors of First-Year Cumulative Grade Point Average of Freshmen Entering George Williams College, 1973.
Jackson, Manuel L. memorial, 1979.
Joseph, Jack J., Experimental Gym Therapy for Emotionally Disturbed Children, 1956.
Kirmiz, John P. paper and profile, 1944, circa 1963.
Paper is in French.
Misener, David E., "Symbolism and Education," 1955
Kallenberg, Henry F. biographical materials, 1899-1918, 1945.
Magazines, writings, handbook and articles.
Kurtz, Charles J., Tonsillectomy, undated.
Nelson, Emery M. biographical materials, 1964-1973, undated
Memorial, citation, correspondence, photographs and lecture notes.
Reitzes, Dietrich C. writings, 1961-1968.
Rhee, Charles Hangtai article, 1971.
Brown, I. E. genealogy and will, 1904-1926.
Brown, I. E. Illinois YMCA state secretary correspondence and papers, 1888. 3 folders.
Brown, I. E. Western Secretarial Institute correspondence and papers, 1886-1937. 2 folders.
Brown, I. E. scrapbook, 1880-1886. 1 bound volume.
Scrapbook mainly consists of correspondence.
Brown, I. E. correspondence and papers, 1880-1909. 2 folders.
Box 12 Steinhaus, Arthur H. correspondence and papers, 1937-1966.
Steinhaus, Arthur H. and Norris, Jeanne E., Teaching Neuromuscular Relaxation, 1964.
Steinhaus, Arthur H. personal papers, 1938-1970. 4 folders.
Correspondence, clippings, newsletters, writings and memorials by or about Arthur H. Steinhaus.
Steinhaus, Arthur H., Neuromuscular Relaxation: A Course in Fifteen Lessons, undated.
Steinhaus, Arthur H. and Grunderman, Florence M., Health Reasons: Tobacco and Health, 1939.
Letters from servicemen, 1942-1950. 5 folders.
Correspondence between Arthur H. Steinhaus and former students serving in the military.
Chi Delta Phi:
Box 12 Correspondence, 1950-1959.
Constitution and ceremonies, 1928-1947.
Newsletters, 1927-1955. 2 folders and 2 bound volumes.
Membership lists, 1924-1950.
Minutes, 1931-1957. 4 folders and 3 bound volumes.
President's folder, 1956-1959. 1 bound volume.
Contains constitution, committee information, events, rosters, reports and various other material related to the activities of Chi Delta Phi.
Scholarship committee report, 1957.
Box 13 Training Programs, undated.
From New Zealand and U.S. YMCA.
Physical Education Programs, 1944-1970.
Program development, 1950-1976.
Program in urban life, undated.
YMCA and YWCA relationships in joint use of buildings, 1959.
YMCA and religion pamphlets, 1963, 1983, 1985.
YMCA Singapore annual report, 1980.
Study guide for the YMCA world youth conference, 1960.
YMCA Bangkok annual report, 1981.
Ecumenical policy, 1962-1963, 1984.
London Central YMCA report and brochures, 1955, 1983.
YMCA Ghana, 1983.
GRA-Y clubs manual and brochure, 1942.
YMCA Great Britain pamphlet, 1949.
Hi-Y club manuals, undated.
History, 1944-1966.
World Alliance, 1955-1984. 2 folders.
World Service, 1970, 1980.
World Service Directory, 1983.
World's committee reports, 1949-1954.
Y-Gradale manual, 1958.
Y-Indian guides program, 1946.
Handbook for the Y-little brave program, 1968.
Program guide for father and son Y-trail blazers, 1973.
Young adult work, 1978.
YWCA administration, 1940-1953.
First YWCA West African conference, 1954.
YWCA of metropolitan Chicago brochure and report, 1980.
YWCA prairie homesteaders, 1974.
Report of the commission on new directions in student YWCA, circa 1969.
YWCA U.S. national board annual report, 1969-1970.
Eight world council of YMCAs, 1981.
Towards the ninth world council of YMCAs, 1983.
YMCA reports, mission and programs, 1935-1979. 2 folders.
Administration, 1937-1976. 2 folders.
George Williams Room:
Box 14 Drawing of gaslight for George Williams Room, undated.
Photographs and postcards, undated.
Unlabeled portraits, photographs and postcards of the George Williams Room in Chicago and sites in London and Dulverton.
Dulverton, England, undated, 1994. [Box 14]
George Williams replica room, undated, 1916.
Portraits of George Williams, photograph of original room and specifications for replica.
George Williams memorials, 1904, 1921.
Includes copies of writings by Williams.
Notes on the George Williams Room, 1920.
George Williams Room descriptions and commemoration of George Williams and YMCA founding, 1917-1944.
Programs, articles, pamphlets.
Correspondence regarding the George Williams portrait for the George Williams Room, 1923-1925.
George Williams Room, 1915-1966. 3 folders.
Correspondence, financing, dedication and descriptions.
YMCA work with the armed forces in Europe, 1915-1923. 3 folders.
George Williams College Student Wives Organization:
Box 14 Rummage sale and bake sale flyer, November, 1965.
Correspondence, 1962-1964.
Minutes and agendas, 1962-1964.
Constitutions, 1960-1964.
Addresses, 1962-1966.
Financial, 1967-1968.
Record of activities, 1968-1969.
Receipts, expenditures and members, 1942-1943. 1 notebook.
Miscellaneous, 1960-1963.
Constitution, invitations, social calendar and members list.
Social chairman's report, 1960-1961. 1 bound volume.
Officers' reports and activities, 1959-1965. 1 bound volume.
Record of activities, 1966-1967. 1 bound volume.
Constitutions, minutes and financial reports, 1933-1954. 1 binder.
Community day, 1973-1982.
Institute for environmental awareness, 1974-1982.
Acclimatization workshops, 1977-1978.
Perceptual motor training laboratory, 1966-1969.
Institute on urban sociology annotated bibliography, 1967. 1 bound volume.
Conference on human appraisal, 1930.
Institute on urban sociology, 1967-1968.
Language immersion weekend brochures, 1975-1978.
Physical education institute brochures and proceedings, 1934-1940.
Urban institute for youth and community service, 1973-1977.
Youth leaders weekend, 1958-1965.
Box 15 Conference on the association profession, 1950, 1952, 1960.
Chicago services, 1963, 1972.
Chicago annual meeting, 1958, 1961.
Chicago annual report, 1980-1981.
Chicago board of managers, 1972.
Chicago detached worker program, 1957-1966.
Chicago statement of membership policy, 1960.
Christian emphasis, 1942-1983.
Community work, 1929, 1976.
Manual for work in small cities and article.
Chile-Milwaukee YMCA partnership, 1982.
Histories and report of the YMCA in China, 1939, 1956, 1974.
In English and Chinese.
YMCA College for Leadership Training, Melbourne, Australia, 1975-1976.
YMCA Hong Kong annual report and newsletter, 1983-1984.
In English and Chinese.
YMCA India statements, 1975.
"Serving the Youth of Nagpur," 1954.
International association of Y's men's clubs, undated.
International division reports, 1970.
History of YMCA Dublin, 1950.
The Japan Focus newsletter, March 1984.
Jr. Hi-Y clubs, undated.
"The Origin, Development and Effect of YMCA Junior Leaders Schools on Physical Education in the United States and Canada," 1968.
Libraries, undated, 1881,
Article from The Journal of Library History and YMCA conference paper.
Membership, 1958-1962.
National Center for Youth Outreach, 1969.
National council constitution, 1969-1971.
National youth project using mini-bikes brochure and application, 1974.
Pittsburgh annual report, 1982.
Pensions plan guide, 1974.
Phalanx club brochure, undated.
YMCA Manila annual report, 1981.
YMCA relations with the community fund case study, undated.
First West African area conference of the YMCA, 1953.
Aquatic program codes and standards, 1946, 1955, 1972.
Armed services department, 1956-1984.
Brochures, history, report and newsletter.
Leadership training in the YMCA in South and East Asian countries report, 1970-1971.
Program commemorating 125 years of YMCA service to the Black community, 1978.
Buildings, 1946, 1958.
The Relative Effectiveness of YMCA Branches with Various Types of Buildings study and "Buildings for Brotherhood" promotional pamphlet.
National Council of Canada annual report, 1975.
Armed services department annual reports, 1962, 1971.
Report of the 100th anniversary recognition program and international assembly of the transportation department, September 1972.
Tri-Hi-Y club manual, 1961.
Urban work, 1958, 1972.
Study kit and achievements.
Recruiting group leaders guide, undated.
Work with boys club leader manuals, 1939, 1943.
Juvenile justice services, 1978.
Work with families reports, 1962, 1965, 1980.
Work with industrial workers reports and manuals, 1943-1954.
Report on work with refugees and migrants, 1964.
Reports on work with refugees, 1963-1971.
Programme ideas for student work, 1968.
Box 16 Miscellaneous George Williams College and YMCA Training School materials, 1890-1966.
Clippings regarding Downers Grove campus and informational booklet as well as poster, certification, report and brochure for the YMCA College and Training School.
Author and subject index to early YMCA periodicals, 1971. 2 bound volumes.
Visitor register of the George Williams Memorial Room, 1921-1986. 3 bound volumes.
Theses and Dissertations:
A detailed list of theses and dissertations, including author names and titles, is also available. >> Go to the inventory
Box 17 Theses and dissertations,1895-1904. 61 volumes.
Box 18 Theses and dissertations,1904-1907. 49 volumes.
Box 19 Theses and dissertations,1907-1910. 43 volumes.
Box 20 Theses and dissertations,1910-1914. 44 volumes.
Box 21 Theses and dissertations,1915-1918. 40 volumes.
Box 22 Theses and dissertations,1918-1922. 30 volumes.
Box 23 Theses and dissertations,1922-1923. 27 volumes.
Box 24 Theses and dissertations,1923-1924. 27 volumes.
Box 25 Theses and dissertations,1924-1932. 28 volumes.
Box 26 Theses and dissertations,1932-1933. 28 volumes.
Box 27 Theses and dissertations,1934-1940. 19 volumes.
Box 28 Theses and dissertations,1940-1942. 21 volumes.
Box 29 Theses and dissertations,1942-1946. 20 volumes.
Box 30 Theses and dissertations,1945-1948. 18 volumes.
Box 31 Theses and dissertations,1948-1949. 17 volumes.
Box 32 Theses and dissertations,1949-1950. 20 volumes.
Box 33 Theses and dissertations,1950-1952. 23 volumes.
Box 34 Theses and dissertations,1952. 19 volumes.
Box 35 Theses and dissertations,1952-1954. 21 volumes.
Box 36 Theses and dissertations,1954-1956. 18 volumes.
Box 37 Theses and dissertations,1956-1957. 22 volumes.
Box 38 Theses and dissertations,1957-1958. 23 volumes.
Box 39 Theses and dissertations,1958-1959. 20 volumes.
Box 40 Theses and dissertations,1959-1960. 22 volumes.
Box 41 Theses and dissertations,1961. 21 volumes.
Box 42 Theses and dissertations,1962-1964. 19 volumes.
Box 43 Theses and dissertations,1964-1966. 23 volumes.
Box 44 Theses and dissertations,1966-1967. 22 volumes.
Box 45 Theses and dissertations,1967-1968. 24 volumes.
Box 46 Theses and dissertations,1968-1969. 23 volumes.
Box 47 Theses and dissertations,1969-1970. 24 volumes.
Box 48 Theses and dissertations,1970-1971. 24 volumes.
Box 49 Theses and dissertations,1971. 25 volumes.
Box 50 Theses and dissertations,1971-1972. 26 volumes.
Box 51 Theses and dissertations,1972-1975. 24 volumes.
Box 52 Theses and dissertations,1975. 25 volumes.
Box 53 Theses and dissertations,1975. 25 volumes.
Box 54 Theses and dissertations,1975-1976. 24 volumes.
Box 55 Theses and dissertations,1976. 22 volumes.
Box 56 Theses and dissertations,1976. 25 volumes.
Box 57 Theses and dissertations, 1976. 19 volumes.
Box 58 Theses and dissertations,1976. 19 volumes.
Box 59 Theses and dissertations,1976-1977. 21 volumes.
Box 60 Theses and dissertations,1977. 22 volumes.
Box 61 Theses and dissertations,1977. 15 volumes.
Box 62 Theses and dissertations,1977. 24 volumes.
Box 63 Theses and dissertations,1977-1978. 23 volumes.
Box 64 Theses and dissertations,1978. 22 volumes.
Box 65 Theses and dissertations,1978. 21 volumes.
Box 66 Theses and dissertations,1978. 16 volumes.
Box 67 Theses and dissertations,1978. 17 volumes.
Box 68 Theses and dissertations,1978-1979. 21 volumes.
Box 69 Theses and dissertations,1979. 17 volumes.
Box 70 Theses and dissertations,1979. 19 volumes.
Box 71 Theses and dissertations,1979-1980. 19 volumes.
Box 72 Theses and dissertations,1980. 22 volumes.
Box 73 Theses and dissertations,1980-1981. 22 volumes.
Box 74 Theses and dissertations,1981. 19 volumes.
Box 75 Theses and dissertations,1981-1982. 20 volumes.
Box 76 Theses and dissertations,1982-1983. 22 volumes.
Box 77 Theses and dissertations,1983-1984. 19 volumes.
Box 78 Theses and dissertations,1984-1985. 21 volumes.
Box 79 Chicago Secretarial Institute and Training School correspondence, September 10, 1890-January 7, 1897. 3 bound volumes
Correspondence of General Secretary John W. Hansel.
Box 80 Chicago Secretarial Institute and Training School correspondence, January 21, 1897-July 18, 1898. 3 bound volumes.
Correspondence of General Secretary John W. Hansel.
Box 81 Chicago Secretarial Institute and Training School correspondence, July 18, 1898-October 19, 1899. 3 bound volumes.
Correspondence of General Secretary John W. Hansel.
Box 82 Chicago Secretarial Institute and Training School correspondence, October 23, 1899-January 8, 1901. 3 bound volumes.
Correspondence of General Secretary John W. Hansel.
Box 83 Chicago Secretarial Institute and Training School correspondence, January 8, 1901-September 13, 1901. 2 bound volumes.
Correspondence of General Secretary John W. Hansel.
Box 84 Lake Geneva Summer School records, A-C, 1908-1929. 1 bound volume.
Bulk of the volume is student grade reports, some items at the beginning with course information for 1908-1909.
Box 85 Lake Geneva Summer School records, D-H. 1908-1929. 1 bound volume.
Student grade reports.
Box 86 Lake Geneva Summer School records, Mc-R, 1908-19291 bound volume.
Student grade reports.
Box 87 Downers Grove campus groundbreaking and founders day, 1964-1966.
Photographs, programs, addresses and other material related to groundbreaking ceremonies as well as programs for the 1966 founders day.
Edward Wilder Emery Hall dedication, October 1965.
Programs, dedication speech, photographs and invitations.
The Linking Pin, 1975-1984.
Administration and organizational behavior newsletter.
DuPage Award invitation and program, 1975.
Dedication and cornerstone ceremonies, 1915-1972.
Programs, invitations, addresses, correspondence and other material related to dedication and cornerstone ceremonies.
Preview of classes, 1981-1985.
Summer school bulletins, 1939-1977.
Division directors' council minutes, 1974-1983. 7 folders.
Athletics, 1964-1978.
Flyers, brochures, press books and other material related to athletics as George Williams College.
Student image of George Williams College public relations report, March 1962.
George Williams College athletics coaches handbook, 1981-1982.
Scholarships, awards and honors reports and programs, 1925-1936, 1985.
Dean's staff meeting minutes, 1972-1975.
Dean of the college memoranda, 1975-1982.
All-college calendars, 1961-1979.
GWC Community News newsletter, May-June 1970.
Public relations memorandum, September 1985.
On Campus public relations office newsletter, 1973-1984.
Sports news press releases, 1984-1985.
September camp, 1956.
Menu and cost, final exam and itinerary.
Student handbook of the graduate department in administration and organizational behavior, 1977-1978.
Box 88 National Center for Interpretive and Environmental Research press conference, December 1972.
Environmental park proposals, 1972-1973.
Admissions office master plan, 1971-1975.
Box 88 Undergraduate assembly minutes, 1979-1985. 7 folders.
Graduate assembly minutes, 1977-1985. 8 folders.
Graduate faculty minutes, 1971-1973.
Senate minutes, 1974-1986. 10 folders.
Health committee annual reports, 1936-1945.
Committee on higher degrees, 1930-1937.
Reports, degree candidates and degrees granted, policies, minutes.
Board of intercollegiate athletic control, 1973-1980.
Memos, reports, policies, minutes.
Fall faculty conference minutes, reports and papers, September 1976.
Admissions and records master plan and handbook, 1975-1980. 5 bound volumes.
Admissions research, 1975-1976. 1 bound volume.
Box 89 Committee on junior curriculum, 1947-1951.
Minutes, memos, supporting documents.
Library committee minutes, 1971-1975.
Student personnel services committee minutes, 1948-1949, 1966-1974.
Student personnel services committee, 1956, 1963-1967, 1974-1979.
Minutes, memos, papers, policy, constitutions.
Open house policy, 1968
Scholarship and financial aid committee, 1974-1984.
Minutes, data, procedures and other supporting documents.
Scholarship fund reports, 1956-1966.
Joint student affairs policy committee minutes and report, 1979-1980.
Student rights and responsibilities proposed statement, 1969.
Undergraduate assembly executive committee minutes, 1978-1979.
Undergraduate academic policy committee minutes and reports, 1978-1985.
Graduate faculty minutes, 1970-1973.
Adult fitness program brochure, circa 1985.
Social sciences division brochures, undated.
Special topics in consumer economics course flyer and management studies concentration brochure.
Faculty Women and Wives Club:
Box 89 A history of the faculty wives of George Williams College, 1920-1952. 1952.
George Williams College Faculty Wives' Newsletter, 1962-1964.
Faculty women and wives club miscellaneous, 1959-1982.
Yearbooks, program flyers, financial.
George Williams College Faculty Women and Wives Newsletter, 1970-1981.
Faculty women and wives club records, 1963-1970.
Financial, members, minutes, constitutions
Comments, 1964-1966.
Health and physical education newsletter.
Physical education department minutes, 1919-1931.
A. Wakefield Slaten papers, 1918-1921, undated.
Writings, memos, correspondence, committee reports and minutes.
Improving College and University Teaching journal, Winter 1975.
Includes article by Suzanne J. Stock.
Stone, Ursula B. resume and clipping, Undated, 1985.
Virkau, Vyautas, Ex Libris exhibit reception poster, 1982.
Laveaga, Robert E. autobiography, 1970.
Writings collected posthumously from Laveaga's personal files.
Senior vice president memorandum, November 1985.
Class of 1914 round robin letters, 1914-1915, 1922-1925.
Association College Physical Education Research Society papers, 1924-1925. 1 bound volume.
Class of 1915 Class Letter newsletter, 1915, 1917, 1922.
Wilson Connell, Jr., "The Visible and the Invisible College," 1963.
Remarks before the faculty of George Williams College.
Theater productions flyers and programs, 1972-1984.
Undated program circa 1920s and another undated program circa 1930s.
Banner Players premiere, 1975.
Correspondence, press releases, invitations.
Banner Players programs and publicity, 1975-1978, 4 folders.
Student event brochures, 1968-1969.
Graduate student organization minutes, February 24, 1979.
Kappa Delta Phi honor society, 1969.
Newsletter and brochure.
Interpretive services administration masters degree brochure, undated.
Zerfoss, Karl F. biographical materials, 1932, 1946, 1958.
Writings and honors.
Box 90 Faculty minutes, 1933-1964. 18 folders.
Faculty and school proceedings, 1910-1923. 3 folders.
Box 91 Faculty minutes, 1958-1968. 10 folders.
Faculty book, 1967. 2 folders.
Policies, facts and regulations.
Undergraduate educational policy committee, 1963-1978, 1980-1982. 9 folders.
Minutes and supporting documents.
Box 92 Library acquisitions, undated. 4 bound volumes.
Box 93 Library acquisitions, 1967-1985. 4 cardboard sleeves.
Box 94 News releases, 1966-August 1978. 37 folders.
Box 95 News releases, September 1978-1985. 12 folders.
Sports releases, 1967-1983. 19 folders.
Task force committee on curriculum planning, 1964-1966. 3 folders.
Reports, memos, course information
Task force curriculum study, 1976-1977. 2 folders.
Box 96 Task force curriculum study, 1976-1977.
Self Study Reports:
Prepared for the North Central Accreditation Review
Box 96 Department of administration and organizational behavior, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Social Sciences, November 1977. 1 bound volume
Division of physical education, December 1977. 1 bound volume.
Division of natural and health sciences, December 1977. 1 bound volume.
Division of the humanities, December 1977. 1 bound volume.
Applied behavioral science and social work education, November 1977. 1 bound volume.
Student services, December 1977. 1 bound volume.
Library, November 1977. 1 bound volume.
Center for continuing education, February 1978. 1 bound volume.
Development, December 1977. 1 bound volume.
Business office unit, December 1977. 1 bound volume.
Admissions and records, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Box 97 Leisure and environmental resources administration, December 1977. 1 bound volume.
Counseling psychology, December 1977. 1 bound volume.
University year for action, November 1977. 1 bound volume.
Purpose statement, general education, general studies, international intercultural studies, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Urban institute, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Lake Geneva campus, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Natural resources, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Student organizations and activities, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Other data of faculty, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Downers Grove Campus Construction:
Box 97 New campus dedication programs and correspondence, 1966.
Photographs, undated.
Space and cost studies, 1963. 1 bound volume.
Building progress reports, 1965. 1 bound volume.
Edward Emery Hall dedication, 1965-1966.
Historical data, 1960-1964.
Groundbreaking, building plan drawings and report, clippings, articles on fund raising.
General furnishings orders, 1966.
Richard E. Hamlin correspondence, 1965-1966.
Key facts regarding new campus building, 1964-1965.
Subcontract 2430, 1965.
Subcontracts, 1964-1966.
New campus bills, 1965-1966.
Letter regarding old college memorabilia, July 19, 1966.
Miscellaneous documents regarding the new campus, 1964-1965.
Progress reports, correspondence, contracts, minutes.
Correspondence, 1964-1965.
June board meeting documents, 1965.
Building planning, June-August 1964. 3 folders.
Appraisals of buildings, 1964.
Space budgets, 1963-1964.
Housing and Home Financing loan, 1963-1954.
Mittelbusher and Tourtelot architects correspondence, 1959-1964. 2 folders.
Folder two also includes proposal and several drawings.
Box 98 Mittelbusher and Tourtelot proposals and surveys, 1960-1963.
R. C. Wieboldt Company contracting proposal, 1964
Turner Construction Company, 1963-1964.
W. E. O'Neil Construction Company, 1963-1964.
Sherman Olson, Inc. contracting, 1964.
A. L. Jackson Company builders, 1962-1964.
George A. Fuller Company, 1964.
Contractor selection, 1964.
Administrative floor of the library layout, 1963-1964.
Campus center notes and drawings, 1963-1964.
Food service menus, 1964
Committee on college development and planning, 1962-1963.
Proposals, memos, minutes, notes.
Faculty and staff housing, 1964.
Library and administration building construction, 1964-1966.
Residence hall planning, 1963-1964.
Natatorium planning, 1963.
Gymnasium field house planning, 1963.
Library planning, 1963-1964.
Mechanical plant planning, 1964.
Site development correspondence, 1964.
Building committee meetings, October 1964.
Budget for the new George Williams College, February 1964. 1 bound volume.
Cost studies based on sketches for the new George Williams College, 1963.
Supplementary specifications for new buildings, 1966.
Ground breaking guest book, September 1964.
New campus telephone contracts, 1963-1964.
Personnel correspondence, 1965-1966.
Turner Construction Company expense analysis, contract 2415, 1965-1966.
Turner Construction Company contract 2415, 1965. 2 folders.
Century equipment correspondence, 1966.
New campus miscellaneous, 1962-1964.
Correspondence, memos, drawings.
Sidley, Austin, Burgess and Smith Law Office reviews, 1964.
Sears Roebuck Company correspondence, 1964-1966.
Corbin Wood Products literature, 1965.
Wallace and Company contract furnishings correspondence, 1964-1965.
Building committee minutes, 1963-1965.
Building committee correspondence, 1963-1966.
"How to Meet your Construction Deadlines" article, 1963.
Building committee specifications and drawings, 1963-1965.
Air conditioning correspondence and costs, 1964.
Building "A" arts and science correspondence, 1963-1966. 2 folders.
Building "C" leisure and creative arts correspondence and drawings, 1964-1966.
Building "D" correspondence, maintenance and drawing, 1966.
Building "E" correspondence, drawings and slides, 1965-1966.
Buildings "F" to "K" correspondence and equipment manual, 1965-1966.
Residence hall buildings correspondence and punch list, 1965-1966.
Buildings "L" to "M" correspondence, 1965-1966.
Site work phase I correspondence, tests and proposals, 1964-1966.
Site work phase II correspondence and plan, 1965.
Box 99 Contract change orders, 1965. 3 folders.
Bookstore planning, 1965-1966.
Chester Electronic Laboratories, Inc. correspondence and product literature, 1965-1966.
Commonwealth Edison Company correspondence and contract, 1964-1965.
Estey Corporation correspondence and product literature, 1964-1965.
General Fireproofing Company product literature and receipt, 1966.
Hilliker Associates correspondence, 1965.
Illinois Bell Telephone, 1964-1965.
Correspondence, product literature, drawings, surveys, directory.
Kewaunee Laboratory Equipment, 1964-1966.
Correspondence, drawings, product literature, contracts.
Punch lists, 1965-1966.
Mittelbusher and Tourtelot correspondence, 1963-1964.
Building "A" equipment schedules, undated. 1 bound volume.
Building "B" equipment schedules, undated. 1 bound volume.
Building "E" equipment schedules, undated. 1 bound volume.
Buildings "F" to "K" equipment schedules, undated. 1 bound volume.
Equipment estimate resource, undated. 1 bound volume.
Furnishing budgets, 1965-1966. 1 bound volume.
File indexes, undated. 1 bound volume.
Equipment inventory, July 1965. 1 bound volume.
Firman Wood new campus notes, 1963-1964. 1 bound volume.
Magazine index, 1961-1964. 1 bound volume.
Tables of contents from magazines.
Building spaces rooms and furnishings, undated. 1 bound volume.
Architect's representative responsibilities, 1964-1965. 1 bound volume.
Daily job reports by architect's representative, 1965-1966. 1 bound volume and 1 folder.
Directory and phone lists, 1963-1966. 1 bound volume.
Conference minutes, undated. 1 bound volume.
Box 100 Turner Construction Company contract and exhibits, 1964. 1 bound volume.
Architect's contracts, 1962-1964. 1 bound volume.
Architectural drawings, 1963.
Chicago campus, undated.
Photographs, layout of buildings, fact sheets.
Chicago campus sale and decision to move, 1961-1967.
Correspondence and clippings.
The Collegian, 1935-1940, 1943-1965. 20 folders and 3 bound volumes.
Downers Grove Campus Construction:
Box 100 Furnishing and construction company correspondence, 1963-1966.
Contract negotiation data, 1964.
New campus contracts, 1962-1965.
North marsh preservation correspondence, 1962-1964.
Early development plans, 1963.
Planning stage materials, 1963.
Correspondence, minutes, clipping, reports.
New dormitory facilities layouts and drawings, undated.
Owner-Architect-Contractor's minutes, January-February 1966.
Mittelbusher and Tourtelot correspondence, 1964.
Architect's job reports, 1964-1965.
Faculty office assignment and blueprint layouts, 1966.
Executive faculty, 1964-1965.
Minutes, correspondence, personnel policy.
Board of trustees minutes, 1964-1966.
Furnishing layouts, undated.
Preliminary material color schedules, 1965.
Equipment schedules, undated.
Box 101 Kitchen furnishings orders, 1965-1966.
Physics lab power distribution system correspondence, 1965-1966.
Laboratory furnishings and correspondence, 1964-1966.
Equipment inventory, July 1965.
Correspondence regarding new campus furnishings, 1964-1965.
Key facts regarding new campus furnishings, undated.
Form regarding equipment schedules for new campus furnishing, undated.
YMCA furnishing specifications, 1955-1957.
Furnishing budgets, undated.
A. C. Saw newsletter, 1921-1922.
The Collegian, 1922-1935, 1949-1953, 1962-1979. 27 folders and 2 bound volumes.
Box 102 The Collegian, 1979-1985. 6 folders.
North Central Accreditation:
Box 102 Institutional profile for accreditation review, 1968.
Basic institutional data for accreditation review, 1968. 3 folders.
Correspondence and data regarding accreditation review, 1968. 2 folders.
North Central Accreditation review report, 1968.
Institutional data for accreditation review, 1968. 3 folders.
Accreditation review memos, correspondence and reports, 1977.
North Central Accreditation review correspondence, memos and publications, 1977-1981.
Accreditation self study correspondence, 1977-1978.
Self study strengths and weaknesses questionnaire, 1977.
Accreditation historical information, 1968-1970.
Correspondence and reports.
North Central Accreditation team visitation, 1978.
Self study report of the division of natural and health sciences, December 1, 1977.
Self study external review team's reports, 1977-1978.
Arthur H. Steinhaus, 1939-1961.
Articles and clippings.
Carl Diem citation for Doctor of Letters address, 1961.
The Downers Grove Reporter newspaper, June 1, 1966.
George Williams College campus dedication.
Richard E. Hamlin tribute, 1981.
George Williams College Bulletin, March 1970.
Admissions report research, 1970-1975.
Convocations booklet, 1967-1970. 2 folders.
Correspondence, programs, minutes.
Feasibility study, June 1980.
Work book on organization development of George Williams College, January 1947.
Update, 1977-1978.
Newsletter of the Parents and Families Council.
Pictures, circa pre-1922. 2 folders.
Box 103 Emery M. Nelson memorial, 1973.
Summary of historical data of College Camp, 1884-1955. 1 bound volume.
Undergraduate administrative cabinet, 1976-1977.
Memos, proposal, minutes and supporting documents.
College board association charter constitution policies and regulations, 1957.
Women's club, 1938-1947. 2 folders.
Reports, constitutions, activities, finances, directories.
Student cabinet and student association minutes, 1934-1942.
Group life committee minutes and reports, 1934-1944.
College association minutes and finances, 1932, 1945-1947.
College association papers, 1934-1957. 2 folders
Calendar, reports, studies
Sigma Delta Alpha:
Box 103 Pledging notes, circa 1960s.
Miscellaneous papers, 1961-1967. 4 folders.
Minutes, drawings, newsletters, promotional materials, reports.
Newsletters, 1961-1963.
Correspondence and newsletters, 1960-1968
Alumni list, undated.
Songs and history, undated.
Members and pledge schedules, 1975-1978.
Pledge packets, circa 1979.
Constitutions and bylaws, 1920-1960s. 2 folders.
Pledge classes and programs, 1961-1963.
Miscellaneous papers, circa 1967-1968.
Correspondence, minutes, policies, elections, skits, songs.
Meetings and newsletters, 1964-1965.
Pledge class file updates, 1978.
George Williams College photo inventory, undated.
Photograph, December 22, 1914.
The photograph is unidentified but looks like a cornerstone laying ceremony.
Pamphlets about social work at George Williams College, 1968-1969.
Department of social work education correspondence and brochures, 1968-1985.
History and class rosters, 1968-1985.
Overseas alumni, 1960s. 2 folders
Photographs, clippings, reports, biographical sketches.
Box 104 Miscellaneous, 1968-1985.
Newsletter, Institute on Urban Sociology program, art objects on campus, planning
Library "Finding Out About" subject guides, circa 1980.
Annual report of the director of library services, 1971-1984.
Arthur H. Steinhaus agreement letter and lectures, 1961, 1976.
Arthur H. Steinhaus geology notes, circa 1920.
Arthur H. Steinhaus botany notes, 1919.
Catalogs and handbook, 1982-1983.
Black student association incident, 1969.
Clipping, memos, reports, steering committee minutes, letters
Division of Social Work Education:
Box 104 Social welfare policy and services curriculum, 1967.
Supervised field instruction curriculum, 1967.
Seminar in social work methods curriculum. 1967.
Human behavior and social environment curriculum, 1967.
Program skill practicum I and seminar in social work methods curriculum, 1967.
Research sequence curriculum, 1967.
Application to the commission on accreditation council on social work education, 1968-1969. 3 folders.
Field instruction curriculum, 1969.
Program skill practicum II curriculum, 1969.
Program review of master of social work degree, 1983. 6 folders.
Box 105 The Crucible yearbook, 1909-1917. 29 bound volumes.
Box 106 The Crucible yearbook, 1929-1929. 24 bound volumes.
Box 107 Enrollment, contributions and budget, 1935-1967.
Short course for new executive and general secretaries, 1954. 4 folders.
Physical directors short course, May 22-27, 1955.
Conducting competitive swimming training course, undated.
Town and country summer school (county work) reports, 1912-1928.
Includes photographs.
Physical education institute proceedings, 1934-1938, 1940. 4 folders.
Physical education papers, brochures and newsletters, 1922-1975.
Physical education correspondence, papers and brochures, 1939-1976.
Graduates, 1928-1941, 1969.
Teaching of team sports manual, undated.
Girls in Middle Childhood: A Review of Research Literature, 1966.
Address of the Industrial-Railroad Conference on "New Ideals in Industrial Betterment," 1916.
Annotated bibliography on resource books on urban sociology, 1967.
Newsletters, 1968-1971.
From the Quadrangle and Y Views from George Williams College.
National YMCA parent-daughter study survey and final report, 1967, 1969.
Papers from the Midwest summer school of the association of secretaries of the YMCA, 1946.
Group work papers from the division of group work and recreation, 1960-1961.
YMCA Citizenship Education, 1963. 1 bound volume
Report of findings from inquiry schedule on practices in the supervision of recreation and informal education, undated.
George Williams College progress report, 1962.
Physical education workshops, 1947-1948.
"College for a Day" program, 1958.
Program, poster, photographs, brochure.
George Williams College professional education article and brochures, 1958.
Support of George Williams College, 1958.
The Hyde Park Herald- "Here is Final Renewal Plan!," February 19, 1958.
Data on graduate placements in the YMCA, 1954-1958.
Enrollment data, 1953-1957.
Recruitment, 1958.
Alumni fund, 1956-1958.
Box 108 The Crucible yearbook, 1930-1932, 1935-1936, 1945-1946. 12 bound volumes.
Camper, 1941. 1 bound volume.
Lake Geneva camp yearbook.
Embers yearbook, 1950-1958. 20 bound volumes.
Box 109 YMCA pamphlets, 1880-1921. 1 cardboard sleeve.
Event invitations and programs, 1966, 1969, 1977.
Miscellaneous, 1952-1976.
George Williams pamphlet, George Williams College report, brochure, article and statement of purpose.
People and Progress newsletter, 1974-1975.
George Williams College campus opening program prospectus, June 5, 1966. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College archives classification and acquisitions, 1969-1985.
Data sheet for the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collection, 1964.
The King of Desks: Wooton's Patent Secretary, 1969. 1 bound volume.
By Betty Lawson Walters.
How to Keep Fit and Like it, 1957. 1 bound volume.
By Arthur H. Steinhaus.
Annual report of George Williams College, 1970-1972. 2 bound volumes.
Contribution reports, 1965.
Public relations, 1896-1913. 1 bound volume.
Collection of YMCA Institute and Training School pamphlets and brochures.
Lake Geneva summer school faculty minutes, 1896-1909. 1 bound volume.
YMCA Institute and Training School faculty and council minutes, 1903-1909. 2 bound volumes.
Box 110 Embers yearbook, 1959, 1961-1966, 1968. 14 bound volumes.
George Williams College yearbook, 1973-1976. 7 bound volumes.
Box 111 I. E. Brown subscription record book, 1923-1930. 1 bound volume.
I. E. Brown diaries, 1860-1910. 24 bound volumes.
Box 112 The College Camper, 1922-1923, 1926-1928, 1931. 7 bound volumes.
Yearbook of the YMCA College camp at Lake Geneva.
The Camper, 1938, 1947, 1952, 1954-1956, 1958, 1962, 1964-1966, 1971. 12 bound volumes.
Yearbook of the George Williams College camp at Lake Geneva.
The Spectrum, 1899. 1 bound volume.
Gettysburg College yearbook.
Spotlight, 1978. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College yearbook.
Ishiuwinen, 1977. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College yearbook.
Labor Pains poetry book, 1971. 2 bound volumes.
The Eye of the Hurricane poetry book, 1972. 2 bound volumes.
Box 113 I. E. Brown correspondence, 1880-1882, 1886-1888. 3 boxes.
Box 114 YMCA College catalog and annual announcement, 1906-1925, 1931-1933. 10 bound volumes.
Contains general information on the school and descriptions for courses and plans of study.
Lake Geneva summer school catalog, 1913-1920. 1 bound volume.
Contains general information on the school and descriptions for courses and plans of study.
Box 115 Volleyball, 1950-1967. 18 folders.
Correspondence, expense reports, rosters, season and tournament evaluations, scores, clippings, programs, eligibility and some yearbook pictures and photographs.
Volleyball applications, 1934-1965.
Volleyball, 1932-1982.
Expense reports, correspondence, yearbook pictures, programs, results, eligibility, schedules.
Volleyball publications, 1951-1962.
Volleyball bibliography note cards, undated.
Harold T. Friermood Papers:
Box 115 Athletics Purchasing and Facilities journal, August 1979.
Includes article "How Volleyball Became the Game it is Today" by Harold T. Friermood.
Relationship between Participation in Competitive Athletics and the Development of Moral Character, 1964.
Outline of Ed.D research document "Health Clubs in the YMCA," 1950. 1 bound volume.
Forms for Sports Being a Study of the Selection, Adaptation, Development and Use of Forms in the Conduct and Administration of Sports and Athletics, 1939. 1 bound volume.
Harold T. Friermood Master of Science thesis.
National YMCA Aquatic News newsletter, 1950-1959.
YMCA physical education national committee 1953, 1962-1968. 3 folders.
members, policies, minutes, reports and papers.
Children's physical education program, 1944-1960.
Newsletter, brochures, articles
Correspondence, 1967-1968.
Basketball Hall of Fame, 1965-1968.
Correspondence, articles, brochures.
YMCA committee on program leadership needs and resources, 1963.
Correspondence and progress report.
YMCA National Board, 1966-1968.
Reports, also includes YMCA world committee article.
Box 116 YMCA Dayton, Ohio, 1938-1943
Sports and clubs announcements, programs, correspondence, minutes, scores, participants,
National YMCA board, committees and administration, 1942-1944.
YMCA program committee organization system, 1966.
Tilden Harrison correspondence, January 1968.
Miscellaneous publications, 1959, 1972.
International Council of Sport and Physical Education "Declaration on Sport," Tahper Journal, "A Look at YMCA Physical Education (USA) by Harold T. Friermood.
Exercise and positive health symposium, April 25-26, 1969.
J. Wesley McVicar correspondence and photograph, 1967-1968.
American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation 83rd anniversary convention address, 1968.
"My Fifty Years in Recreation so Far" by George Hjelte.
United States Olympic Committee directory, 1973-1976. 1 bound volume.
YMCA world 7th annual consultation on health and physical education, Mexico City, 1964-1968. 4 folders.
Correspondence, brochures, ephemera, brochures, minutes, newsletters.
YMCA College catalog, 1923-1931. 1 bound volume.
Contains general information on the school and descriptions for courses and plans of study.
George Williams College catalogs, 1938-1941, 1948-1960. 5 bound volumes.
Contains general information on the school and descriptions for courses and plans of study.
YMCA Reports and Pamphlets:
Box 117 Reports from the 39th and 42nd international conventions of the YMCA, 1916, 1925. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Annual report of the Milwaukee YMCA, 1880-1894. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
World Student Christian Federation conference, Lake Mohonk, 1913. 1 bound volume in 1 box.
World Student Christian Federation reports, reviews and handbook, 1902-1921. [Box Several bound volumes in 2 boxes. ]
Church Union and Council on Religion and International Affairs publications, YMCA handbook and 37th annual report, 1891, 1963-1966. Several bound volumes in 1 box.
Report of the commission on YMCA young men's program and YMCA 6th annual convention report, 1925, 1927. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Wisconsin YMCA reports, 1897-1926. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Box 118 Minnesota YMCA reports, 1881-1897. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Some reports include North and South Dakota as well.
Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisiana YMCA reports, 1879-1925. Several bound volumes in 1 box.
Oregon and Iowa YMCA reports, 1882-1932. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Michigan YMCA reports, 1881-1930. Several bound volumes in 1 box.
World's Student Christian Federation, Lake Mohonk conference, 1913. 1 bound volume in 1 box.
Ohio YMCA reports, 1856-1890. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Wisconsin YMCA convention reports and minutes, 1879-1887. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Southern conference on human relations in industry reports, 1932-1947. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Southern Industrial relations conference reports, 1948-1966. Several pamphlets in 2 boxes.
Colorado YMCA reports, 1882-1883, 1891-1892. 5 pamphlets in 1 box.
Vermont YMCA reports and minutes, 1868-1893, 1930. Several pamphlets in 1 box.
Box 119 The Annual Health Examination in the Young Men's Christian Association: A Manual of Procedure,1931. 1 bound volume.
Harrison Samuel Paynter dissertation.
Student projects on health education, 1937-1943. 2 bound volumes.
From the Universities of Colorado, California and Wisconsin.
Civilian Physical Fitness: A Workshop Experience, 1942. 1 bound volume.
Taught at George Williams College.
Course Catalogs:
Box 119 YMCA encampment, 1903-1912. 1 bound volume.
Collection of course catalogs and announcements for the YMCA College camp at Lake Geneva.
George Williams College catalog and announcements, 1949-1962. 10 bound volumes.
Undergraduate programs and course descriptions, 1971-1972. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College catalog of graduate and undergraduate programs, 1979-1981. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College catalog, 1974-1976. 1 bound volume.
Graduate health education program outline and catalog, 1982-1983. 1 bound volume.
Graduate program at George Williams College overview and catalog, undated. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College graduate school of management and organizational behavior program outline and catalog, 1983-1984. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College leisure and environmental resources administration graduate program outline and catalog, 1983-1984. 1 bound volume.
YMCA Conferences and Reports:
Box 120 Report of the ninth international conference of the YMCA, 1881.
Journal proceedings of the first annual convention of the YMCAs of the U.S. and British Provinces, 1854. 1 bound volume.
YMCA annual convention proceedings, 1863-1869. 1 bound volume.
YMCA world service policy study papers, 1962. 2 bound volumes.
from the plenary meetings of the international committee of YMCAs.
Report of the commission on student work of the national council of YMCAs, 1942. 1 bound volume.
Proceedings of the fourth annual meeting of the national council of the YMCA, 1927. 1 bound volume.
Report of the international committee of YMCAs of North America, 1924. 1 bound volume.
Record of the 25th annual meeting of the national council of YMCAs, 1951. 1 bound volume.
Record of the 20th annual meeting of the national council of YMCAs, 1946. 1 bound volume.
YMCA historical library reports, 1960-1966. 4 bound volumes.
Proceedings of the 59th annual conference of the association of secretaries of the YMCAs of Great Britain and Ireland, 1956.
Finding and Sharing God, 1929.
Report of the 5th annual spiritual emphasis conference of the YMCA.
Report of the 2nd national convention of the YWCAs of the US and Canada, 1889.
Fifteen Years of Association Physical Education in South America, 1926.
New Horizons in the Caribbean: Report of the Third Caribbean Consultation of YMCAs, 1958.
YMCA Training School:
Box 121 YMCA Training School catalogs and announcements, 1904-1910. 1 bound volume.
Bound with other publications and brochures from the YMCA Training School.
YMCA Training School summer session catalogs and announcements, 1901-1910.
YMCA Training School papers, 1902-1905. 1 bound volume.
YMCA Training School catalogs, reports, brochures, commencement programs and papers, 1890-1903. 1 bound volume.
YMCA Training School catalog and announcements, 1901-1905. 1 bound volume.
Western Secretarial Institute Lake Geneva programs, correspondence, reports and brochures, 1886-1896. 2 bound volumes.
YMCA Training School catalog and annual report, 1891-1899. 1 bound volume and 1 folder.
YMCA Print Materials from the George Williams College Library:
Box 122 Young Men and Young Women: New Insights on Becoming an Adult, 1963. 1 bound volume.
YMCA national council summary report of organization survey, 1943. 1 bound volume.
A Survey of YMCA Parent-Daughter Programs, 1967. 1 bound volume.
Preparing for the Seventies: Report of the Work of the National Board of YMCAs, 1968. 1 bound volume.
A Study of YMCA Strategy in Small Towns and Rural Communities, 1950. 2 bound volumes.
YMCA national council organizational survey, 1948. 1 bound volume.
Research and Studies II: Abstracts of Enterprises within the YMCA, 1930. 1 bound volume.
Research and Studies: Abstracts of Enterprises within the YMCA, 1929. 1 bound volume.
A Study of the Membership and Program of the Industrial Management Clubs, 1964. 1 bound volume.
Illinois Area Council YMCA "Youth and Government" program youth legislature bill book, 1957-1958. 2 bound volumes.
Testing Hi-Y and Tri-Y Operating Assumptions Against Results, 1967. 1 bound volume.
Programs for Boys and Young Men: A General Survey and a Study of Fifteen Agencies, 1931. 2 bound volumes.
Study of Branch By-laws of the Seattle YMCA, 1957. 1 bound volume.
Seattle YMCA Downtown Residence Hall Study, 1959. 1 bound volume.
Seattle YMCA 1958 Day Camp study and its Comparison with the 1957 Study, 1959. 1 bound volume.
Seattle YMCA Armed Service Program Study, 1958. 1 bound volume.
Current Income of City YMCAs: A Study of the Sources and Changes in Income from 1932-1953, 1955. 1 bound volume.
The YMCA in the Suburban Community, 1953. 1 bound volume
Report of Survey of the YMCA of Albany, New York, 1928. 1 bound volume.
Study of Seattle YMCA, 1935. 1 bound volume.
Seattle YMCA Hobby School Study, 1958. 1 bound volume.
YMCA Greater Seattle Community Study, 1958. 1 bound volume.
Survey Techniques in Studying Local YMCAs, 1952. 1 bound volume.
Program and Administration Study of Lynn, Massachusetts, 1927. 1 bound volume.
A Study of the Work and Policy of the Bergen County YMCA, New Jersey, 1930. 1 bound volume.
A Study of the Financial Characteristics of Twenty-one Larger YMCA Schools for the Years 1923-1924 to 1927-1928 with Interpretations of Trends and Requirements, undated. 1 bound volume.
A Study of the Operations Costs of the Physical Education Department of the Rochester Central Branch YMCA, 1962. 1 bound volume.
Survey Techniques in Studying Local YMCAs, 1952. 1 bound volume.
Box 123 Organization and Program of a Young Men's Industrial Club: A Manual for YMCA Young Adult Leaders, 1957. 1 bound volume.
The Junior Secretaryship in the YMCA, 1958. 2 bound volumes.
Basic Areas of Professional Competence in the YMCA Secretaryship, 1953. 1 bound volume.
In-Service Training, 1948-1949. 2 bound volumes.
Model Personnel Policy and Employee Benefits Guide for YMCAs, 1983. 1 bound volume.
Resources and Standards of YMCA Colleges, 1925. 1 bound volume.
Developing YMCA Program for the Small Community, 1954. 1 bound volume.
Guide Lines for Developing a YMCA Budget by Functions or Fields of Service, 1973. 1 bound volume.
Teacher Education at George Williams College: Tenth Year Review Report of the Illinois Office of Education, 1978. 1 bound volume.
Physical Education Demonstrations in the YMCA, 1947. 1 bound volume.
Exploring Values Through YMCA Parent/Child Programs, 1976. 1 bound volume.
The YMCA at Work with Older Adults, 1963. 2 bound volumes.
Working Together: Democratic Procedures in Association Administration, 1940. 1 bound volume.
Basic Areas of Professional Competence in YMCA Secretaryship, 1955. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College student handbook, 1971-1976, 1978-1979, 1981-1985. 8 bound volumes and 1 folder.
Managing a YMCA State Youth and Government Program: Guidelines for Committee Members and YMCA Staff, 1987. 1 bound volume.
Interracial Practices in the YMCA: A Guide for Officers and Leaders of Local YMCAs, 1953. 1 bound volume.
The Traveling Secretary: Papers on the Work of General Agency Secretaries of the YMCA, 1945. 1 bound volume.
Manual for a Graded Progressive Program of YMCA Boys' Physical Education, undated. 1 bound volume.
Developing YMCA Leaders for Physical Education Service: A Manual for Leaders, 1954. 1 bound volume.
National YMCA Athletic Achievement Program, 1950. 2 bound volumes.
"Standards for the Guidance of Local Associations in their Physical Education Program for Women and Girls," 1953. 2 bound volumes.
YMCA New Administrator's Kit, 1978. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College student handbook, 1983-1984. 1 bound volume.
Examining our Faith: A Book of Questions for YMCA Leadership, 1980. 1 bound volume.
YMCA retirement fund annual reports, 1960-1967, 1969-1982. 22 bound volumes.
Box 124 YMCA Western Secretarial Institute Seventh Report, 1890. 1 bound volume.
YMCA retirement fund annual reports, 1938-1959. 4 bound volumes.
Literature of the Institute and Training School of the YMCA, 1896-1913. 1 bound volume.
Collection of promotional pamphlets.
Arthur H. Steinhaus collected writings, 1923-1946. 1 bound volume.
Henry F. Kallenberg tribute, 1927. 1 bound volume.
Collection of letters to Kallenberg regarding his retirement from the YMCA College Physical Education Department.
Summary of the Survey Report of the YMCA of Pittsburgh, April-June 1948. 1 bound volume.
The 1970 YMCA Constituency Study, 1970, 1 bound volume.
The Survey of the YMCA of the City of New York, 1925-1926. 1 bound volume.
"The Campus YMCA: Highlights from a National Study," 1960. 1 bound volume.
Perspectives for Social Relevance in Long-range Planning for Use by YMCAs and other Voluntary Organizations, 1973. 1 bound volume.
A New Look at Executive Responsibilities, 1956. 2 bound volumes.
Report of the 1956 general secretaries triennial conference of the association of secretaries of the U.S. and Canada.
"Special Commission on the Strategy of Recruiting and Training for the YMCA Secretaryship," 1960. 1 bound volume.
"The Campus YMCA: Highlights from a National Study," 1960. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College student handbook, 1968-1969. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College general information for faculty and students, 1939-1940.
Women and Girls in the YMCA, 1946. 1 bound volume.
Report of YMCA Secretaries of Ireland and Great Britain, 1954. 1 bound volume.
Let's Make Training Count: Report of the Consultation on the Education and training of YMCA Secretaries, 1963. 1 bound volume.
Box 125 The Survey of the YMCA of Brooklyn and Queens, 1927-1928. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College library self study, 1977. 3 folders.
A Self-Study Report of George Williams College, February 1978. 1 bound volume.
Prepared in advance of the North Central Accreditation Review.
The Years Ahead: A Plan for the Canadian YMCA in the Next Decade, 1945. 2 bound volumes.
Report of the General Board of YMCAs of India, Burma and Ceylon, 1938-1947.
Report on Visit to South America and Mexico, 1959. 1 bound volume.
Africa is Here: Report of Dr. Tracy Strong on Africa Journeys, 1954-1956. 2 bound volumes.
Guideposts to Effective YMCA Management, 1949. 1 bound volume.
"Pioneer Achievements:" An Interpretation of the Christian Citizenship Program, 1926. 1 bound volume.
7th YMCA World Council Workbook, 1977. 1 bound volume.
Workbook for the 8th World Council of YMCAs, 1981. 1 bound volume.
Box 126 YMCA Canada Physical Education Department Workbook, 1943.
Hi-Y and Tri-Y Club Officers Leadership Training, undated. 1 bound volume.
Enlisting and Developing Volunteer Group Leaders, circa 1960. 1 bound volume.
Briefing and Orienting the Group Leader, circa 1960. 1 bound volume.
Working with the Group Leader: A Manual for Supervisors, 1948. 1 bound volume.
Fitness for Living leaders manuals, grades 3-6, undated. 5 bound volumes.
"Studies and Devotions for Leaders' Clubs," courses 1-4, undated. 4 bound volumes.
Leaders Club Manual, 1981. 1 bound volume.
YMCA Program Principles for Boys 9-11 Years and their Fathers, 1959. 1 bound volume.
Handbook for physical directors, 1955.
Management by Values: A Process to Help YMCAs Stay "On Target," 1980. 1 bound volume.
"Special Commission the Strategy of Recruiting and Training for the YMCA Secretaryship, 1960. 1 bound volume.
Survey Report of the YMCA, Worthington Minnesota, 1950. 1 bound volume.
The International Committee of YMCAs 21st Annual Plenary Meeting report, 1966.
YMCA world service plenary highlights, 1947, 1958, 1960-1961. 4 bound volumes.
Report on the YMCA Indo-China Emergency Fund Program, circa 1975. 1 bound volume.
Report on the World Conference of YMCA Secretaries, 1955. 1 bound volume.
Introduccion a la Obra de la Associacion Cristiana de Jovenes, 1963. 1 bound volume.
In Spanish.
North Central YMCA survey reports, 1949-1950. 5 bound volumes.
Duluth, Mankato and Minneapolis West Lake Branch, Minnesota and Sioux City and Newton, Iowa
YMCA International Convention Reports, 1925. 1 bound volume.
"George Williams Memorial Room" 1944. 1 bound volume.
YMCA International Conference, 1855. 1 bound volume.
World Conference of YMCA Workers Among Boys Report, 1923. 1 bound volume.
A Survey of Policies, Practices and Judgements Relating to Co-Educational and Women's and Girl's Work in Selected Midwestern YWCAs. 1942. 1 bound volume.
Minutes of conferences of Illinois YMCA state secretaries, 1892-1908. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College physical education institute proceedings, 1934. 1 bound volume.
Box 127 George Williams College physical education institute proceedings, 1935-1936, 1938, 1940. 3 bound volumes.
The City of London Association News, 1887-1888. 1 bound volume.
Report of the 1967 YMCA Consultation on Student Work, 1967. 1 bound volume.
Fit for Life: Report on a Consultation on Physical Education in the YMCA, 1958. 1 bound volume.
Report of World YMCA Consultation on Health and Physical Education, 1952.
YMCA secretaries conferences proceedings summaries, 1889-1898. 1 bound volume.
Records of the U.S. YMCA annual meetings, 1936, 1940, 1943, 1960-1971. 15 bound volumes.
Second Century Horizons, 1947. 1 bound volume.
Report of the 8th North American Assembly on YMCA work with boys.
Living Together: Guide to Study and Discussion for the World Conference of Older Boys, 1955. 1 bound volume.
Jesus Christ: The Way, The Truth and the Life, 1930. 1 bound volume.
Report of the 6th annual spiritual emphasis conference.
We are not Alone: Guide to Study and Discussion for the World Conference of Young Men, 1955. 1 bound volume.
Henry F. Kallenberg health and physical education writings, 1922.
YMCA College physical education manuals, 1915.
"YMCA Boards and Committees of Management," 1953. 1 bound volume.
"The YMCA in the Next Decade," 1968. 1 bound volume.
"The YMCA, The Church and Christian Unity," 1957. 1 bound volume.
"Basic Issues in YMCA Ecumenical Policy and Practice," 1962. 1 bound volume.
YMCA North American assembly on work with boys reports, 1944, 1950. 2 bound volume.
The "Y" Secretary and Social Issues: Case Studies in Social Leadership, 1943. 1 bound volume.
"Facts about YMCA Youth Program," 1953. 1 bound volume.
"The Marks of Good Boys' Work: Procedures for the Administration of National Standards for YMCA Boys' Work," 1950. 1 bound volume.
Report of the Consultation on Ecumenical Policy and Practice for Lay Christian Movements, 1962. 1 bound volume.
Forward Together in Faith: Report of the Fifth Asian YMCA Leaders Conference, 1959. 1 bound volume.
Varieties of Service but the Same Lord: Report and Minutes of the Fourth World Council of YMCAs, 1965. 1 bound volume.
Called to New Things: Report and Minutes of the Third World Council of YMCAs, 1961. 1 bound volume.
Box 128 North American assembly of YMCA workers with boys proceedings, 1920-1941. 3 bound volumes.
The Southwest Area Council of YMCAs: A Study of a Decade of Service, 1948. 1 bound volume.
YMCA Southwest area council 22nd annual meeting program, 1959. 1 bound volume.
West Central area council of YMCAs annual meeting programs, 1961-1962, 1964-1965, 1967, 1970. 6 bound volumes.
West central area council of YMCAs 29th annual meeting report, 1964. 1 bound volume.
Missouri YMCA 14th annual convention program, 1890.
YMCA historical library annual report, 1967-1968. 1 bound volume.
Strengthening our Programme of Education and Action on International and Interracial Questions, 1953. 1 bound volume.
Reports brought to and actions by the plenary meeting of the YMCA world's committee.
George Williams physical education institute proceedings, 1934. 1 bound volume.
The Distance Between Two Triangles: Report of the Commission on Cooperation between the YWCA of Canada and the National Council of YMCAs of Canada, 1973. 1 bound volume.
First YMCA-YWCA International Training Institute, 1952. 1 bound volume.
Picture Story: C. A. work on Chapel, undated. 1 bound volume.
Collection of photographs.
Arthur H. Steinhaus scrapbook, 1968-1970. 1 bound volume.
Newsletter, clippings and memorials. Also contains tributes to Emery M. Nelson, Lester W. Bartlett and James F. bunting, Robert W. Harlan
Loring Wilbur Messer travel letters, 1913-1914. 1 bound volume.
Photographs from presentation to Richard Earhart and James A. Kennedy, 1961. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College new classroom and laboratory building proposal, circa 1958. 1 bound volume.
George Williams College September camp programs, 1954-1955. 2 bound volumes.
September camp photograph scrapbook, 1954-1955. 1 folder and 1 bound volume.
Box 129 George Williams College student handbooks, 1936-1943, 1947-1953. 11 folders.
Box 130 Women's Athletic Association scrapbook, 1938-1969. 1 bound volume.
Chi Delta Phi scrapbooks, 1936-1938, 1940, 1950-1959. 3 bound volumes.
Box 131 Lake Geneva college camp scrapbooks, 1934, 1939. 2 bound volumes.
Box 132 Faculty and board of trustees meeting minutes, 1890-1906. 1 bound volume.
Box 133-AV Faculty and student body photograph, 1938. 1 mounted photograph
12" x 44" photograph mounted on particle board.
Box 134-AV George Williams College photographs, 1895-1958.
Box 135-M George Williams College room drawings, undated. 1 package.
Box 136-M Benjamin F. Felt Memorial Library plaque, undated. 1 package.
Box 137 Emperor Mushito of Japan funeral procession picture book, circa 1912. 1 bound volume.
In Japanese and English.
Emperor Mushito of Japan funeral clippings, 1912. 1 bound volume.
1923 Japan earthquake picture book. 1923. 2 bound volume.
In Japanese and English.
Secretary of the Navy Knox mission to Tokyo photograph, 1912.
The Japan Advertiser enthronement edition, 1928. 1 bound volume.
Box 138 DuPage County, Illinois atlas, 1874. 1 bound volume.
Box 139 Index to theses and dissertations,1895-1985. 5 boxes.
Arranged by subject and authors' last name.
Box 140 Index to theses and dissertations,1895-1985. 2 boxes.
1 box arranged by subject and 1 box of miscellaneous index cards.


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